American Chopper

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Episode Guide

    • Top Ten Bikes
      Top Ten Bikes
      Season 8 - Episode 18

      Senior and Junior count down their favorite top ten theme bikes.

    • Best Pranks
      Best Pranks
      Season 8 - Episode 21

      Dummies come to life, spitballs fly and air horns blast in this behind-the-scenes special. But what's a workplace without air-gun war, scooter jousting and helicopter drops?

    • PJD Muscle Car
      PJD Muscle Car
      Season 8 - Episode 30

      Junior seeks to take his company in an entirely new direction by making a custom kit for a muscle car that will be unveiled at Daytona Bike Week.

    • Malaysian Adventure
      Malaysian Adventure
      Season 8 - Episode 35

      Senior, Jason, Jim and Steve travel to Malaysia, where they not only unveil their latest bike, but also encounter wildlife, swim under waterfalls and barter at the central market.

    • Eragon Bike 1
      Season 3 - Episode 32
      OCC suits up, and lays siege to their latest project, a dragon-rider bike inspired by the movie Eragon; Mikey takes on a crusade of his own and organizes a jousting tournament uniquely OCC.
    • Eragon Bike 2
      Season 3 - Episode 33
      An oversight by Cody and unexpected news about its planned debut threaten the completion of the Eragon Bike.
    • Craftsman / Die Hard 2
      Season 5 - Episode 8
      OCC continues on their latest double build--custom bikes for Craftsman Tools and Die Hard Batteries. After a jam session with rock 'n' roll legend Chubby Checker gets OCC doing the twist, both teams race into assembly and the Senior-Junior rivalry heats up. But as Team Craftsman is delayed, Team Die Hard pulls ahead and Mikey moves forward with his latest project, recruiting Senior to lend a hand. Once Mikey's unusual creation passes its test, Senior and his team must rally to get their Craftsman project done.moreless
    • Ornge Rescue Bike
      Season 6 - Episode 16
      OCC has been commissioned to build a chopper for medical transport company Ornge. The team struggles to figure out how to build a sidecar capable of carrying the same kind of stretcher found in an ambulance. Junior works on a project for Paul Jr. Designs.
    • Silver State Choppers' Chopper 1
      Silver State Choppers' Chopper 1
      Season 4 - Episode 19
      OCC hovers over their next project--a sleek, custom creation for Silver State Helicopters. But aspects of the bike's design present new challenges for the crew, and forces Paul Jr. to confront creative obstacles of his own.
    • BSN Bike
      Season 5 - Episode 11
      OCC works on a custom bike for BSN, a nutritional-supplement manufacturer, and members of the company's spokes model team, Girls of BSN, arrive to help out. Also, Senior and Junior butt heads over missing tools
    • The Best of American Chopper: Sr. vs. Jr.
      Taking time out of their busy day, Paulie and Big Paul host a series of clips from their show as they talk about their different styles, destroying things, what Mikey does around the shop, and Paulie tending to disappear.
    • Silver State Choppers' Chopper 2
      Silver State Choppers' Chopper 2
      Season 4 - Episode 20
      With fabrication complete on the bike, the boys at OCC take time out to inspire the troops and take to the sky in a Silver State Chopper. But when problems with chrome threaten to ground this latest chopper, can the guys solve the problem and get it assembled for its world debut?moreless
    • Byron Nelson 1
      Season 4 - Episode 17
      OCC hits the links for their latest project: three EDS sponsored choppers honoring the career and charitable work of golf legend Byron Nelson.
    • Junior Vs. Senior - Part 2
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      The design contest between father and son continues, with fans picking the winner. Paul Sr. goes old school while Jr. puts together a new spider-web design.
    • Viega Corporation Bike
      Season 5 - Episode 10
      OCC works on a project for plumbing-and-heating technology company, Viega Corporation, but starting issues cause problems, hindering progress and creating tension.
    • Aaron Bike
      Season 5 - Episode 24
      OCC gets into some heavy machinery with an industrial themed bike for Aaron Equipment Company. Senior isn't happy when one Teutul is a no show for the visit to Aaron. With the tension thick the gears start turning as the guys crank up fabrication.
    • OCC Production Bike
      Season 3 - Episode 29
      The OCC crew decide to mass produce a bike for the public.
    • Junior's Dream Bike 2
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      As Paulie finishes the Web Bike, completing the trilogy, Rick and Vinnie get the opportunity of a lifetime and take a ride in an F-16. Meanwhile, Mikey, Senior and crew pitch in to create a new sign for Orange County Choppers.
    • Gillette Bike 1
      Season 2 - Episode 22
      The guys around the shop are looking a little scruffy, and it's a good thing they're getting free razors for their next project: designing a chopper for the Gillette Razor comapny. Paul Jr.'s latest designs have him going sleek, stealthy, and cutting edge for this one.
    • Mercedes AMG
      Season 5 - Episode 18
      The Teutuls get inspired by some high-end automotive engineering and build a luxury-performance bike for Mercedes Benz-AMG. Senior taps a local artist to immortalize his kids in ink, and then takes some time to get away, with his best friend Gus.
    • Production Bike Showcase
      Season 5 - Episode 13
      The motorcycle industry picks OCC for an award, but there are no production bikes available to display in the awards showcase, so the crew scrambles to build some in time for the event.
    • Strike Ten Entertainment
      Season 5 - Episode 19
      OCC takes on a bowling-themed bike for Strike Ten Entertainment. Rick rolls a strike with his bowling ball tank, while Senior takes Mikey to the farm and makes like a matador. The guys get into the spirit of the build and make an outing to the local lanes.
    • OCC Road Show
      Season 3 - Episode 28
      The OCC crew builds a custom chopper on stage for their fans.
    • The Best of American Chopper: Micheal Teutul as Himself
      In this latest special, Sir Michael Joseph Teutel, Sr. (Mikey) showcases several clips and bloopers never before seen, along with some memorable Mikey moments. See Star Wars own Ewan MacGregor stop by the shop and take a chopper for a test ride, and watch Mikey caddie for Davis Love III.
    • Sikorsky Bike
      Season 5 - Episode 17
      Senior recruits J.Q. and Jason Pohl to build a tribute bike for the Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. But fabrication hits some turbulence as issues with the backbone and tank have the guys spinning out of control.
    • Now or Never
      Season 9 - Episode 3

      "Brought together by a father-son bike build, Junior and Senior begin to open up. While their relationship grows away from the shop, OCC starts a bike for Wildgame Innovations and PJD unveils a five-wheeled trike for Loopster.

    • Top Ten Fights
      Top Ten Fights
      Season 8 - Episode 14
      The cast and crew countdown the ten best fights on the show.
    • Mikey's Favorite Moments
      Mikey's Favorite Moments
      Season 8 - Episode 15

      Mikey hosts a retrospective of his favorite moments on the show, be it the good, the bad, or the ugly.

    • Go Daddy 2
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      As work continues on the chopper for, Mikey and Paul Sr. take a trip to the racetrack, where Mikey gets to show off his racing skills to Danica Patrick.
    • Junior's Dream Bike 1
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      Paul Jr. decides it's time to build himself a bike, but not just any bike. Taking some design cues from the Spider-Man Bike and the Black Widow, he sets out to create an original web-theme bike.
    • Bill Murray Bike 2
      Season 3 - Episode 27
      As assembly of the bike goes underway, issues with paint, chrome and the usual family drama threatens to derail this special chopper from making its sunny Florida debut.
    • Times are tough at the OCC shop with Senior and Junior still not getting along. Senior and the rest of the OCC team clown around at the circus, and build a bike to honor the music festival held at Woodstock.
    • American Chopper I - Jet Bike
      American Chopper I - Jet Bike
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      OCC prepares to hit the Laconia Bike Show in New Hampshire and Paul Sr's thinking theme bike. Paul Jr. comes up with the idea of making a chopper based on an Air Force jet, and has only 45 days to fabricate, get out to paint, and assemble.
    • 12/17/09
      Mikey is back from rehab and ready to make amends. Junior meets with John Byrnd Jr. about the possibility of designing a new brand campaign for John's indy racing team. OCC builds a Black Widow Bike for pool champion Jeanette Lee, aka "The Black Widow."
    • Gears of War
      Gears of War
      Season 8 - Episode 11

      OCC starts a build for Wyotech, a school for budding mechanics. PJD continues work on their Gears of War 3 trike. Wyotech students visit OCC to help out while the understaffed PJD crew wonders how to find talented mechanics.

    • Peavey Bike 2
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      OCC continues on their custom chopper for Peavey Electronics. The double build winds down as the guys travel to Las Vegas to unveil the Go Fast bike, and then on to Anaheim for the Peavey reveal.
    • Military Bike 1
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      The Teutuls are given the opportunity to participate in a charity auction to benefit the familes of wounded or dead soldiers. Paul Jr. and Sr. compete to design two different bikes to be auctioned off and a tense competition is underway. Meanwhile, Paul Sr. gives his mom back her 1984 Cadillac Deville, completely restored.moreless
    • Gander Mountain 1
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      OCC packs their gear and hikes into their next project--a custom chopper for Gander Mountain, an outdoor lifestyle company. As design gets underway, Junior decides to go with an off-road theme. But a disagreement over fabrication leads to a full-scale blowout that brings the project to a screeching halt. OCC then ventures out into the wilderness to test their survival skills.moreless
    • Space Shuttle Tribute Bike 1
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      The Teutels go into the wild blue yonder when they get the chance to build a bike to commemorate the launch of the space shuttle Discovery. After their visit to NASA, Paul Jr., Vinnie, and Rick bang away on the bike's fabrication. Tensions run rampant when Paul Sr. finds his son spending more time in Jason Pohl's office than actually fabricating. Will the build be scrubbed, or will it be salvaged?moreless
    • Gander Mountain 2
      Season 5 - Episode 6
      OCC continues on their latest custom creation--a street bike/motocross hybrid for the outdoor company Gander Mountain. The Teutuls travel to Brazil to unveil a special bike...and find themselves invited to the presidential palace. Back at the shop, doubts about Pohl's abilities quickly resurface, and his inexperience test Senior's patience. Mikey steps in and challenges the old man to a competition that fosters some father-son bonding.moreless
    • NY Giants Bike
      Season 5 - Episode 15
      Paul Sr. gets the green light for Paul Jr. to design and build a custom chopper honoring the World Champion NY Giants. As Junior's freeform style inspires the build, OCC prepares for the grand opening of their new World HQ.
    • My Name is Earl 2
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      As work continues on the Earl bike and the Michigan U. chopper, the guys at the shop decide to have a little fun: namely a pie-eating contest courtesy of Mikey. With the fun and games over with, the Michigan bike makes its debut at a Wolverines-Buckeyes game in Ohio, then it's off to L.A. to unveil the My Name Is Earl in L.A., where Senior gives a ride to actress Jamie Pressley.moreless
    • Byron Nelson 2
      Season 4 - Episode 18
      OCC hits the links for their latest project: three EDS sponsored choppers honoring the career and charitable work of golf legend Byron Nelson.
    • Gillette Bike 2
      Season 2 - Episode 23
      As the final days of fabrication come to an end, the Gillette Bike is then sent out for paint and chrome. It then becomes a mad scramble to get this latest OCC creation assembled and in time for its debut.
    • Lincoln Mark LT Bike 2
      Season 2 - Episode 16
      As work continues on the Lincoln Bike, Mikey pitches in to complete some extra features and to keep the guys on schedule. Then, after the bike goes out for its paint job, Junior and crew travel to Washington, D.C., to visit injured troops at Walter Reed Memorial Hospital. Back in New York, the rivalry between Orange County Choppers and Orange County Iron Works is played out in a hardcore game of dodge ball. But too much play and little work means a final scramble to finish the build when the crew encounters huge problems during the bike's final assembly.moreless
    • HP Bike 1
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      OCC boots up their latest custom chopper--a computer-themed creation for the HP Corporation. With the build underway, the OCC crew makes a call to the tattoo artists of Miami Ink to discuss getting some new tattoos.
    • Peavey Bike 1
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      OCC amps it up as they start on their latest custom creation--a guitar-themed chopper for Peavey Electronics. But when Senior brings in a second build, for the Go Fast Energy Drink company, the work piles up and the company's resources are spread thin.
    • Klipsch Bike
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      OCC builds a bike for Klipsch Audio Technologies but staffing shortages in the shop has the crew scrambling and Senior must hire new people.
    • Return Of The Black Widow
      Return Of The Black Widow
      Season 8 - Episode 9
      Junior and Vinnie venture into enemy territory to pick up the coveted Black Widow bike. Senior is frustrated he hasn't seen Mikey post-settlement. PJD assembles the FIST bike while OCC creates the Power Probe bike.
    • The Settlement
      The Settlement
      Season 8 - Episode 8
      Senior and Junior finally sit down to settle the two-year lawsuit that has torn their family apart. Amidst the drama, PJD starts a new bike for FIST enterprises while OCC builds a rock and roll inspired bike for Hard Rock.
    • Sunoco Bike 2
      Season 3 - Episode 25
      OCC continues working on their latest build, a bike for Sunoco that will be auctioned off to benefit the Victory Junction Gang Camp. When the bike is sent to paint and powdercoat, the guys head back to Lowe's Speedway and take turns going around the track.
    • Michigan Bike/My Name is Earl 1
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      OCC creates two new bikes. The first one is for the University of Michigan football team to help the children's hospital. Mikey goes to the University of Michigan to get design ideas. Junior builds the bike and Mikey and Jason design. The second bike is an old school design for the NBC sitcom My Name Is Earl. Designed by Senior and Jason and built by Senior.moreless
    • Carroll Shelby Bike 1
      Carroll Shelby Bike 1
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      "The American chopper meets the American muscle car..." Truer words were never spoken as the Teutel men head down to Dallas, Texas to check out Mustang legend, Carroll Shelby's show room and race track. Proposed with the idea of making a chopper based on Carroll Shelby's Mustang hot rods, Paul Jr. nails out some of the finer points of the bike, and calls for some of the most extensive fabrication to date.moreless
    • Military Bike 2
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      The competition heats up as Senior and Junior compete to assemble and complete their bikes when they come back from paint, powdercoat, and chrome. When Senior pulls ahead, Junior gets the last laugh when he manages to get his bike started with the absence of a gas tank and a rear wheel.moreless
    • McCuff Industries
      Season 5 - Episode 20
      A custom bike build begins for McCuff Industries, but a miscalculation on the frame and problems during assembly threaten the process.
    • Space Shuttle Tribute Bike 2
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      The boys at OCC complete and deliver the NASA space shuttle bike and get a suprise visit from a fellow bike designer.
    • OCC 10th Anniversary Bike
      Season 6 - Episode 5
      To mark the occasion of OCC's 10th anniversary, Senior designs a bike for the masses. He also appears on some late night talk shows in order to promote his new book. Meanwhile, Junior is working on opening a woman's fashion boutique with his girlfriend, Rachel.
    • Gladiator Garage Works
      Season 6 - Episode 23
      The guys at OCC work to create the first ever diesel powered chopper for the Monster Diesel Inc. Jr. attends the grand opening of the new dog park he's designed for his hometown of Newburgh, NY. Mikey sets his fears aside to perform his stand up routine.
    • Caterpillar Bike 2
      Caterpillar Bike 2
      Season 2 - Episode 21
      After butting heads on Mike Campo's fender and exhaust system, it's back to the drawing board for Paul Jr., much to the charign of his old man. Despite the problems with design, Paul Jr. has other worries to contend with: the paint and powder coat don't match.
    • FANtasy Bike 3
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      Joseph McClendon has always been a lover of motorcycles, especially choppers. But when he had to sell his hog to help pay for his mom's hospital bills, his mom made him promise that he would build another chopper that meant as much to him as the other. Thanks to the Discovery Channel FANtasy Bike contest, he just may get one. But when Junior and Senior get into a more personal argument, will it threaten the final completion of this chopper?moreless
    • Carroll Shelby Bike 2
      Carroll Shelby Bike 2
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      It's moving day for OCC when the guys move out to a bigger facility closer to Montgomery, New York. The final stages of fabrication on the Carroll Shelby Bike become complicated when Keith has the equipment moved right out under Vinnie and Rick's noses. After moving into the bigger facility, the bike snaps together but when engine problems similar to those that plagued the Comanche threaten to pull the plug on this Mustang-inspired masterpiece for its unveiling at a Las Vegas auto show. Episode Highlights: -Gus locks Paul Sr. out of his Hummer. -Mikey and the guys trash the old shop. -Paul Sr. runs his Expedition through the old shop. -New York Governor George Pataki visits the new OCC shop.moreless
    • Sunoco Bike 1
      Season 3 - Episode 24
      OCC teams up with Sunoco and NASCAR driver Kyle Petty to build a bike that will benefit the Victory Junction Gang Camp. The guys head down to North Carolina to meet Kyle Petty and to tour the camp. While there, they get the opportunity to hang out and spend time with some of the kids. After that, the Teutuls head to Lowe's Speedway where they take turns going around the track. Once back in the shop, they continue working on this latest chopper.moreless
    • Downsizing
      Season 8 - Episode 10

      PJD works on a build for Gears of War 3 while the OCC crew builds a bike for Feather Free Zone. Meanwhile, with the OCC headquarters in foreclosure, Senior decides to build a new shop at the front of his property.

    • Yankees Bike 1
      Yankees Bike 1
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      OCC is given the oppurtunity to build a Yankee-inspired bike for the Jorge Posada Foundation. Paul Jr. takes to the field in designing a one-of-a-kind baseball themed bike that includes bat-shaped handlebars and a primary cover with an etching of Yankee Stadium. Struck with inspiration, Paul Sr. arranges for a softball game between OCC and Orange County Ironworks.moreless
    • Never Before Seen Special
      Never Before Seen Special
      Season 3 - Episode 20
      Mikey and Vinnie host a series of their favorite clips that never quite made the show.
    • Cadillac Build-Off Part 2
      Cadillac Build-Off Part 2
      Season 8 - Episode 7
      OCC and PJD rush to finish their Cadillac bikes for the build-off, then race CTS-Vs at the Monticello Raceway. And at long last, Junior and Senior face each other when they unveil their bikes at General Motors.
    • Schussler Bike
      Season 5 - Episode 26
      Jason Pohl gets tapped to scout out OCC's most magical client ever, Schussler Creative. When Schussler's outrageous bike ideas push OCC to the brink, the guys dig in with the goal of creating the wildest '57 Chevy bike ever built.
    • Stewart-Haas Racing Bike
      Season 6 - Episode 25
      Senior and the guys design a NASCAR inspired chopper for the Stewart-Haas racing team. Mikey puts his physical capabilities to the test and heads to Death Valley to participate in JDRF's Ride to Cure Diabetes. And Paul Jr. pitches a new line of dog toys.
    • Iraq Star Foundation Bike
      Season 6 - Episode 18
      OCC is asked to build a bike for the Iraq Star Foundation which provides U.S. soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan with free reconstructive surgery. Kristy Swanson, Gary Sinese, Jon Voight and other Hollywood stars turn out to support the cause.
    • Mark Buerle Bike
      Season 6 - Episode 17
      OCC has been commissioned to build a bike for Mark Buerle of the Chicago White Sox. Mark pitched a perfect game, and his wife wants to surprise him with a special gift, an OCC chopper. Junior continues working on a project for his biggest client Coleman.
    • DECA and Col-Met
      Season 6 - Episode 3
      Senior is having some work done on the shop and in return he's building bikes for the contracted companies, DECA and Columet. Everyone at OCC is trying to adjust to life in the shop without Paul Jr.
    • 1/7/10
      OCC is commissioned to build a special wheelchair-accessible chopper for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.
    • Police Bike 2
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      It's crunch time for OCC as they rush to complete their tribute to the boys in blue. Tensions in the shop rise to complete this one of a kind bike in time. Episode highlights: Mikey drowns a pick-up truck in a pond, and Rick and Vinnie try out the effectiveness of the Police Bike's sirens.moreless
    • Manitowoc Crane Company Bike
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      OCC builds an industrial-themed bike for the Manitowoc crane group. Also, Mikey gives a lecture to a group of second graders.
    • Lincoln Mark LT Bike 1
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      The Lincoln motor company. A name that means elegance and superior handling. So how does a subsidiary car company of Ford celebrate the release of their first pick-up truck? Get OCC to build a custom chopper, of course! In a day full of test rides and crashing trucks, Paulie, Vin, and Rick nail out some of the details on this bike and test out their new FloJet machine.moreless
    • Senior's Vintage Project
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      After his trip to Europe where he saw some impressive vintage motorcycles, Senior feels inspired and decides to start his own collection of vintage bikes. When the guys try to restore an old classic, they run into some obstacles and need to call on the help of an expert. Senior has everyone working on this project and he decides to build a chopper with a vintage feel as well. Mikey even pitches in, but when he gets pushed too far, he throws a temper tantrum and walks out.moreless
    • LUGZ Bike 2
      Season 3 - Episode 31
      The custom leather design for the Lugz bike poses new challenges for the crew.
    • Caterpillar Bike 1
      Caterpillar Bike 1
      Season 2 - Episode 20
      OCC's next project has them building a chopper based on a Caterpillar bulldozer, but things don't go as well at the shop when Paul Jr. and Mike Campo can't agree on the bike's design.
    • FANtasy Bike 4
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      Bryan King is a truck driving, car customizer out of California, and the one thing he wants more than anything is to have his own chopper. Only one small problem: he's in a wheelchair. Overcoming this hurdle is one of many problems that plagues the guys as they design a tike-bike to accommodate Bryan and make this FANtasy Bike one to remember.moreless
    • On the Road: Europe Part 2
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      The guys second week in Europe rolls on as they leave Jolly Old England and head for Ireland, but not before visiting Stonehenge and drive some tanks. Once in Ireland, Senior kisses the Blarney Stone, but they must quickly bid farewell and say "bonjour" to France.
    • History of the OCC
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      See the history of the Teutels for the first time ever. Learn about the origins of O.C. Ironworks and how it expanded to OCC, and beyond. Hear first account stories of Paul Sr., the father and their family life. All this and more on this special episode of American Chopper.
    • FANtasy Bike 1
      Season 3 - Episode 14
      Jeff Clegg is a military man turned civil engineer and his number one dream is to own a custom motorcycle. And thanks to the FANtasy Bike Contest from Discovery Channel, he's gonna get his wish. With a military theme to work with, and the words "Corporal Punishment" emblazoned on the bike's seat, this build will make any fan proud.moreless
    • Craftsman / Die Hard 1
      Season 5 - Episode 7
      OCC charges up there latest double build: Senior's custom creation for Craftsman tools, and Junior's two-wheeled showpiece for Die Hard batteries. The guys travel to South Africa, where they immerse themselves in the local bike culture...and head to the bush to make new friends. But back at the shop, Craftsman drops the hammer and sends Senior and Pohl back to the drawing board.moreless
    • OCC Trike Bike
      Season 6 - Episode 19
      OCC has been commissioned to build a custom chopper trike for a private client. Senior learns that Mikey is in rehab and having battled his own drug and alcohol related demons he wonders if there is any hope of salvaging their strained relationship.
    • Schneider Electric
      Season 6 - Episode 22
      The guys get commissioned to build an electric-hybrid chopper.
    • Dodge Ram Bike
      Season 5 - Episode 25
      OCC goes heavy duty with a bike for Dodge Ram. Needing help with the design, the guys take a trip to a farm for inspiration from the real thing. Back at the shop, Senior leads the charge on the build but when Junior gets involved, the two Teutuls butt heads.
    • Silent Treatment
      Silent Treatment
      Season 8 - Episode 16

      PJD works on a build for Dekalb while OCC builds a charity bike for Cell Buckle. The harmony is disrupted at OCC when Jason is offended by Senior's design critiques, resulting in a mangled bike that must be rebuilt.

    • The Build-Off
      The Build-Off
      Season 8 - Episode 22

      In this two-hour special, Senior, Junior and Jesse James compete in a no-holds-barred three-way build-off to determine whose bike reigns supreme. The winner — determined by viewers, in a vote immediately following the show — earns bragging rights as the best bike builder in the world.

    • Uncharted Territory
      Season 10 - Episode 5
      PJD starts a build for technology company QUBX while OCC assembles and unveils a bike for Wildgame Innovations. Meanwhile, father and son continue their collaboration on a re-vamped version of an old school bike.
    • Billy Joel Bike
      Billy Joel Bike
      Season 3 - Episode 21
      The OCC crew builds a vintage Indian bobber motorcycle for musician Billy Joel.
    • Yankees Bike 2
      Yankees Bike 2
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      The final days of assembling the Yankees Bike come down to the wire when parts come back from paint and powder coat, but Paul Jr. is pushed to his limits when parts go missing. Ulitmately, it falls on Mikey to take the gas tank from New York to Milwaukee to have the Yanks sign it without scratching it.moreless
    • Firebike 2
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Tempers run hot and sirens scream as Paul Sr sounds the alarm, and his son forges a heart-felt tribute out of raw steel. The OCC Crew kicks it into high gear and races to the scene with their latest artistic triumph.
    • Behind the Scenes Special
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes? Find out in this special episode as Mikey films the film crew and travels to L.A. to find out about the post-production work needed to make this one-of-a-kind show come together. Watch interviews with the producer, cameramen, editors, and, begrudingly, the executive producer.moreless
    • LUGZ Bike 1
      Season 3 - Episode 30
      The Teutuls begin work on their next project, for the Lugz footwear company; OCC bids farewell to a valued employee.
    • NAPA Drag Bike
      Season 2 - Episode 25
      The OCC crew designs a bike for NAPA Auto Parts.
    • Iowa Farm Bureau Bike 2
      Season 4 - Episode 22
      OCC continues on their innovative ethanol-powered bike for the Iowa Farm Bureau. But the mood in the shop quickly turns somber, when a long-time member of the crew calls it quits.
    • Junior Vs. Senior Part 1
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      When Orange County Chopper breaks ground on their new shop, Paul Sr. challenges Paul Jr. to a design contest.
    • Firebike 1
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      The Teutuls take their act on the road and have a little fun in the sun in Flordia's very own Gator World. After feeding, and riding, a few gators, the heat is on when Paul Jr. builds a custom theme bike to honor NYC's greatest heroes.
    • Army National Guard 2
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      Now finishing up the bike for the troops, OCC's next job is to present it to them.
    • NAPA Drag Bike 2
      Season 2 - Episode 26
      The Napa Auto Parts bike is finished and Vinnie races it in an actual drag race.
    • American Chopper II - Biketober (Cody Bike)
      After the sucess of their first special, OCC gets another shot in front of the Discovery cameras. The subject this time? Fabricating prodigy Cody and the machine he builds with Paul Jr., and the unveiling at Biketober.
    • HP Bike 2
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      OCC continues on their computer themed chopper for the HP Corporation. Meanwhile, Ami and Chris from Miami Ink continue their custom body art on Senior and Beth. The guys encounter problems at the bike's reveal and Senior narrowly avoids a mishap.
    • Communication Breakdown
      Communication Breakdown
      Season 8 - Episode 17

      Mikey and Senior both say they want to meet up, but go back and forth about the conditions under which they will meet. Then, OCC works until the last second to complete their bike for US Biker, while PJD unveils their bike for Dekalb.

    • Senior Reaches Out
      Senior Reaches Out
      Season 8 - Episode 12

      Post-settlement, Senior tries to commission a painting from Mikey, but gets mixed signals from his son. OCC starts a build for Beck's, a family-owned hybrid-seed company that wants to build a reverse trike, while PJD works on a modern design for Cepheid, a medical diagnostics company.

    • Police Bike 1
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      After dedicating a bike to the firefighters of America, OCC decides it's time to do one for the boys in blue. After visiting a police training facility in upstate New York, and pepper spraying Keith, Paul Jr. and Vinnie nail out the details of this one of a kind bike, such as a sidecar and the intricate lighting system.moreless
    • Bill Murray Bike 1
      Season 3 - Episode 26
      Actor Bill Murray asks the OCC crew to build him a chopper inspired by his "Caddyshack" character, Carl.
    • Pilot Pen Bike/Ducati Bike
      Season 6 - Episode 9
      In an effort to continue their business expansion, OCC partners up with industry giant Ducati. The guys in the shop put their unique spin on one of these Italian bikes as they prepare to celebrate at OCC's four day long 10th anniversary bash.
    • Rick's Dream Bike 2
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      The final days of fabrication come down to the wire as Rick's old school chopper get sent out to paint, powder coat, and chrome. The mood around the shop takes a 180 when Cody leaves to attend the AMI motorcycle school in Florida to become a licensed mechanic.
    • American Chopper Special
      American Chopper Special
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      Mikey and Vinnie embark on a quest to obtain New England lobsters for the guys at the shop.
    • Australia 1
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      It's another OCC family vacation as the Teutuls go walkabout in the 'land down under' where Russell Crowe asks the guys to build an Australia-themed chopper.
    • Monster Diesel Bike
      Season 6 - Episode 24
      Senior and the guys at OCC work to create the first ever diesel-powered chopper for the Monster Diesel Inc. Junior attends the grand opening of the new dog park he's designed for his hometown of Newburgh, NY. Mikey sets his fears aside to perform his stand up routine in front of a packed house at a NYC comedy club. Senior invites his wife Beth and her two sons to the shop to help him work on a personal project.moreless
    • Old Rivals
      Old Rivals
      Season 8 - Episode 20

      A three-way build-off is announced and contender Jesse James throws down the gauntlet by sending vulgar cakes to OCC and PJD. OCC works on two bikes and Junior unveils the biggest build of his career at Ground Zero in NYC.

    • Free Rick
      Free Rick
      Season 8 - Episode 19
      OCC builds a bike based on an Arabian horse for a client who wants to remain anonymous and Rick sits down with Senior, as rumors abound about his discontent with OCC. While PJD starts work on the World Trade Center tribute bike for the restoration of Ground Zero, Cody receives some good news from Paul Jr. Meanwhile, Mikey starts a new campaign for charity.moreless
    • Mikey's Decision
      Mikey's Decision
      Season 8 - Episode 13

      Deciding he'd like to commission painting, Senior continues to reach out to Mikey, who seeks counseling from Vinnie. In Atlanta, PJD reveals the bike for Cepheid, a medical technology company, to an impressed crowd, while in Indianapolis, OCC unveils the all-custom reverse trike for Beck's Hybrids as well as a bike to be used to raise money for the We Care for Orphans charity.

    • Wendy's Bike 2
      Season 3 - Episode 23
      The guys continue their work on a bike for Wendy's that will be auctioned off to benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.
    • Rick's Dream Bike 1
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      Rick is given the oppurtunity of a lifetime when Paul Sr. gives him the go-ahead to design his own bike. Rick tries for different designs for the exhaust and brakes, but its push-comes-to-shove when Paul Sr. disagrees with Rick over his gas tank.
    • Flowjet Bike 2
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      OCC continues work on the chopper for the Flow International Corporation, putting their new five axis machine to the test. Meanwhile, the crew goes to a paintball course to let off a little steam, OCC-style. Also, with the show getting ready for its new home, the guys team up with rocker Joan Jett to complete their new opening title sequence.moreless
    • Lawless Drag Bike Part 2, PJD Bike Part 4, and Geico Bike Part 3
      OCC and PJD arrive at Sturgis to face off for the first time to see who will have the better bike. Junior wonders whether Senior will show his support by attending one of his reveals, but Senior has no interest in seeing either of his son's first bikes.
    • Common Ground
      Season 9 - Episode 2
      Senior and Junior reminisce as they work together on a 'bonding' project to create a bike based upon the first they ever built together. PJD builds a trike for Loopster, while OCC build a charity bike for Trusted Choice insurance and the Make A Wish Foundation.
    • Steve Wyrick & Icee Bikes
      Season 5 - Episode 23
      OCC takes on two builds: a custom bike for illusionist Steve Wyrick and a custom bike for ICEE. The guys have a hard time pulling off their first trick - an invisible gas tank. And the crew cools off by bringing their family to work for a sweet treat.
    • Dixie Chopper 2
      Season 1 - Episode 31
      With business booming at OCC, Senior splurges for an expansion to the cramped garage ... and a custom Harley for son Paulie. Back in the shop, the crew hustles to get the Dixie Bike ready for its Daytona debut. But with the clock ticking and the realization that the rear fender is hopelessly bent, the guys are going to have to come up with a creative solution to get this grass-kicking hog to the show on time.moreless
    • Wendy's Bike 1
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      The guys build a bike for the fast food company Wendy's, to be auctioned off for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.
    • Sleigh Bike
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      Continuing a tradition last year, Paul Sr. gathers his faithful elves Rick, Mike, and Mikey to create a one of a kind sleigh to be hitched to the Santa Bike. As the sleigh gets painted. Paul Jr. and girlfriend Whitney hit the Montgomery Toys "R" Us to buy presents for unfortunate families in the area. All goes without a hitch, as Elf Paulie and Santa Mikey deliver presents for the children this Merry day.moreless
    • Invitation Accepted
      Invitation Accepted
      Season 7 - Episode 14
      Senior and Junior are both invited to Jason's wedding. Junior gets a build from a longtime OCC client, frustrating Senior. OCC unveils the Hair Club bike in front of a roaring crowd in Washington.
    • David Mann Bike 2
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      The David Mann tribute takes on new meaning for Paul Sr. upon learning that David Mann passed away. More problems emerge when Paul Sr. gets fed up with JB Graphix taking too long with the paint job and not getting it right the first time. Things look up when Paul gets the idea to have an artist make a painting of the completed bike in David Mann's style, and run off three-thousand prints to be auctioned off to help pay for David Mann's hospital bills. Dedicated to the memories of David Mann (9/10/42-9/11/04) and Indian Larry (3/28/49-8/30/04).moreless
    • Intel 2
      Season 4 - Episode 16
      The guys finish off work on a high-tech bike for Intel featuring the latest in motorcycle and computing gadgetry.
    • FANtasy Bike 2
      Season 3 - Episode 15
      Susan Morisset is an insurance claim adjuster from Bruceville, Texas who's been wanting to ride an OCC bike because "somtimes a girl just needs to be in the driver's seat." And the Teutles are the kinda guys to give her their first girl bike. Between blowing stuff up, and Junior and Senior's biggest argument to date, things quickly spiral out of control and may threaten the completion of this FANtasy Bike.moreless
    • I, Robot Bike 2
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      It's California dreaming as the boys of OCC get their latest creation ready for its red-carpet debut out West. While they're waiting for paint and chrome work to be completed, Paulie and Vinnie get to work souping up Mikey's "chick magnet" — his 50-cc scooter. But comedy turns to drama when a few missing parts prevent final assembly of the Robo-Bike.moreless
    • On the Road: Europe Part 1
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      The guys decide that it's time for a vacation and what better place than jolly old England? After an all-night flight, Senior, Junior, and Mikey are treated to a double-decker bus tour of London, which puts Senior to sleep. Next they visit the Tower of London, and the numerous torture devices found within may spark some ideas for motivation around the shop.moreless
    • Go Daddy Part 1
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      OCC designs and builds a high-tech chopper for, but Jason and Paul Jr. can't agree on a design, so Senior has to step in.
    • Unique Machine
      Season 6 - Episode 4
      Senior takes a trip up to Alaska to research a bike and ends up meeting with Governor Sarah Palin. Then it's off to Finland in an attempt to bring OCC to Europe.
    • Winners and Losers
      Winners and Losers
      Season 8 - Episode 24

      In the aftermath Chopper Live, Junior celebrates his win while fulfilling an order for an overseas client, while Senior focuses on the future with a big build and an even bigger opportunity: a spot on Celebrity Apprentice.

    • PJD Bike Part 1
      PJD Bike Part 1
      Season 7 - Episode 5
      OCC builds a ramp to launch a dummy dressed as Junior over a creek. Meanwhile, Junior and his team begin fabricating their very first chopper. Junior realizes that he needs help in the paint department so he recruits his old friend Nubs to the team.
    • Australia 2
      Season 4 - Episode 13
      The Teutuls continue their adventures in the Great South Land. After arriving at Uluru, the guys find themselves immersed in Aboriginal culture.
    • Web Bike: Special Edition
      Season 5 - Episode 22
      Before fabrication, it's all hands on deck to move a massive new machine into the shop. The new press is put to work right away, as Paulie creates a bold new look for OCC's Web Bike production chopper. Meanwhile, Senior signs himself, Mikey and Paulie up for fencing lessons. What can go wrong?moreless
    • Lance Armstrong Bike 1
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      A tribute to six-time Tour De France winner and cancer survivor, Lance Armstrong and his Livestrong Foundation.--MCE highlights: -Mikey puts his old car to sleep, he and the rest of the crew trash his old car. -Rick gets his hand ground up in the drill press. He gets a cast put on it and is still able to work.moreless
    • Australia 3
      Season 4 - Episode 14
      Final part of 3 part series. The Teutel's take a two week trip to Australia and create a down-under themed bike.
    • Dryvit Bike
      Season 5 - Episode 14
      OCC moves into their new World Headquarters and takes on their first build in the new shop; a penguin-themed chopper for exterior insulation manufacturer, Drvyit Systems.
    • Sieman's Electric Bike
      Season 6 - Episode 15
      The Teutul dynasty is crumbling and the guys are struggling in the face of an uncertain future. OCC takes on a one of a kind electric chopper build for Siemen's Electric company. Meanwhile, Junior continues to work on building his new company.
    • Davis Love III Bike
      Davis Love III Bike
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Pro golfer Davis Love III gets a one-of-a-kind birthday present when his wife Robin gets the Teutuls to build him a custom old-school chopper to contradict the easy-going personality he has on the green.
    • Mikey/ Vinnie Bike 1
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      With Junior and Senior heading out of town to be on The Tonight Show, Mikey and Vinnie get the opportunity to create their own one-of-a-kind chopper and the good times come to a halt when OCC's new Director of Operations, Keith Quill, expects the bike to be finished in time for a New Orleans bike show around the corner.moreless
    • PJD Bike Part 2/Geico Bike Part 1/FBI Bike
      Senior and the team at OCC are tapped to build a bike for the FBI and the local Newburgh Police Department. Meanwhile the guys at PJD are furiously attempting to fabricate both the Geico bike and the Anti-Venom bike in time for the bike rally in Sturgis, SD.
    • B2 and NHL
      Season 6 - Episode 1
      The guys of OCC have their work cut out for them with two new projects: a B-2 Bomber bike for Northrop Grumman and one for the NHL. The company's foundation is rocked as Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. go head to head in a no holds barred argument.
    • Black Widow 1
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Sparks fly and temper's flare as Paul Jr spins a creative web and puts his metal to the test. It's a race against time as the Orange County Choppers Crew battles to build a one of a kind dream machine. The pain. The pressure. The pandemonium.
    • Make-A-Wish Bike
      Season 3 - Episode 13
      The holiday season is upon OCC again, and instead of a Christmas-themed dream machine, the guys decide to build a bike honoring one of their favorite charities: The Make-a-Wish Foundation. There are presents galore as Paul Sr., Paul Jr., and Mikey invade FAO Schwartz in search of the perfect gift for each Make-a-Wish kid. Even Nub gets in on the fun when he has kids fingerpaint the bike's fenders and oil and gas tanks.moreless
    • Teutul Triumph Bike
      Season 6 - Episode 6
      Junior and Senior's relationship is rocky at best, and now that Junior is no longer an employee of OCC, Paul Sr. tries his best to make amends. He invites Paul Jr. and Mikey up to his house to work on a Triumph Bike, not for a client, but just for fun.moreless
    • Intel 1
      Season 4 - Episode 15
      The guys start work on a high-tech bike for Intel featuring the latest in motorcycle and computing gadgetry.
    • Change Of Heart Part 2
      Change Of Heart Part 2
      Season 8 - Episode 37

      OCC finishes the Italian Sports Car Bike and PJD unveils the Skil Bike. Then, Mikey leaves the show once and for all, and Junior goes to OCC to confront Senior face to face.

    • Mikey Out?
      Mikey Out?
      Season 8 - Episode 34

      OCC starts a build that will be unveiled to the prime minister of Malaysia, while PJD finishes a pimped-out bike for baseball player Aaron Rowand. And Mikey drops an unexpected bomb when he considers quitting the show.

    • Back In Time
      Season 9 - Episode 2

      Senior and Junior brainstorm bike styles for their upcoming collaboration and decide to recreate the first bike they ever built together. Then PJD unveils the Geico Armed Forces tribute bike and OCC reveals the Cafe bike at the opening of the OCC Cafe.

    • The Build Is On
      The Build Is On
      Season 9 - Episode 1

      Senior proposes that he and Junior combine forces to build a bike for charity, but Junior is unsure how to respond. But when Rick's wedding brings the two together, Junior gets the reassurance he needs to make a decision once and for all.

    • Window World Bike
      Window World Bike
      Season 7 - Episode 2
      Paul Jr and team are hard at work trying to get the new shop in order. Senior is in total disbelief that Junior will be able to compete with OCC. Also Senior get's angry when Junior starts going after OCC's vendors.
    • Mikey's Bike 1
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      Mikey is given a chance to work on his own bike, with a blues theme. Paul Sr. gives Mikey free reign on this project with one rule: Paul Jr. has to help him fabricate and assemble it, which hinders the process.
    • POW/MIA Bike 1
      Season 1 - Episode 21
      To honor those who have fallen in the armed forces, Paul Sr. enlists Rick, Mike, and even Mikey, to begin construction of a one of a kind tribute on wheels.
    • Fired
      Season 7 - Episode 17
      Tensions are high at PJD as Odie back talks Junior. Junior fires Odie who then turns to Senior for counsel, and hopefully, a job. PJD pulls off a double-unveil for Universal Property Insurance while OCC unveils a bike to an enthusiastic crowd at Bic.
    • Race Car 1
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      The OCC Crew is at it again. 150 grand is on the line as Paul Jr designs a custom chopper of one of NASCAR's biggest events. The pedal's to the metal, the pressure's on to build a tricked-out, revved-up speed machine.
    • Mikey Special
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      In a day off from the hustle and bustle of the shop, Mikey gets to host a series of his favorite moments from the show, including his dad and brother waging war on a nearby bees nest and the stress of the Comanche Bike.
    • Flowjet Bike 1
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      While Orange County Chopper begins work on a custom bike for the Flow International Corporation, Mikey starts on a secret project of his own. Also, Senior, Junior and Mikey head out to California to shoot a new opening for the show as it moves to TLC.
    • Commanche 2
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      It's a battle of wills and a war of words as time runs out on the Commanche Bike Project. The OCC Crew hits the highway and says good bye to the Big Apple, and hello to The Big Easy(New Orleans). The Passion, the pride, the praise. The OCC Crew finishes the Commanche bike, pack up and move out to Mertyl Beach in New Orleans. They also display the Firebike at the Superdome. Paul Sr gives Mikey some flowers for Secretary Appreciation Weekmoreless
    • Cadillac Build-Off Part 1
      Cadillac Build-Off Part 1
      Season 8 - Episode 6
      Cadillac enlists both OCC and PJD to build a bike in a father-son build-off. But even as the competition heats up, Senior reaches out to Junior with a second settlement offer...and this time, without lawyers.
    • Old School Chopper 1
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Class is in session, Old School style, as Paul gives Cody a crash course in the art of classic chopper design. It's business as usual between father and son, and the family spends some quality time Teutel-style. The Lessons, the laughter, the lunacy. Paul Sr helps Cody make an Old School Chopper. subplot: The Teutels help make a playground for Gabriella's first Easter Sunday.moreless
    • Race Car 2
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      OCC's reputation is on the line as they race to complete a $150,000 custom chopper, but last minute changes and costly delays push tensions to the boiling point and put the brakes on the Race Car Project. The Race Car Bike gets completed but, a major problem puts the bike in big trouble and only by working late into the night, do they manage to pull it off?moreless
    • Lance Armstrong Bike 2
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      The Tour de France is in its final stages as work continues on Lance Armstrong's Livestrong bike. With their deadline looming, the team struggles to put the finishing touches on the exhaust system in time to get the chopper to Justin and Nub Grafix for paint. But when the bike returns, engine problems linger, putting the pressure on Junior to fix the mystery problem before OCC presents the gift to Lance on The Tonight Show.moreless
    • Domani Studios Bike
      Domani Studios Bike
      Season 7 - Episode 1
      After such a big battle, you'd think the show would be done. But it's back, in this season premiere of Senior vs. Junior. Senior is well-rooted for battle, but Junior plans on destroying his dad's business regardless; by building a rival shop just around the corner. Of course Mikey will be there along with an old friend Vinnie.moreless
    • Commanche 3
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      It's do-or-die time for Paul Jr and Vinne as they battle to complete their latest project. The OCC Crew flies high in Mertyl Beach untill bad luck clips their wings and the Commanche Bike hovers on the brink of disaster. Vinnie and Paul Jr get the parts back from the painter and asemble the bike. Paul Jr takes it for a test ride and it passes, but when they get there, something goes terribly wrong and they finally get the bike up and running at the last minute in time for the unveiling. Paul Sr gives Lucy(Paul Sr's girlfriend) a custom made choppermoreless
    • POW/MIA Bike 3
      Season 1 - Episode 23
      With the deadline closing in on Paul Sr.'s POW/MIA bike, the OCC crew joins forces to complete the heartfelt tribute before its public debut. But more last-minute delays and unexpected setbacks leave its fate hanging in the balance.
    • Old School Chopper 2/Commanche 1
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      It's graduation day for Cody's old-school bike and OCC gets a new home. Paul Jr's imagination takes flight with a radical new concept that gives a whole new meaning to the word "chopper"
    • Liberty Bike 2
      Season 1 - Episode 29
      The Liberty Bike quickly goes down as the hardest bike ever to assemble and finish when parts go missing, and Paul Jr. having to reject Mike Campo's Statue of Liberty face fender. To add to the fire, Paul Jr. has to fabricate a third exhaust system for the custom carburetor and contend with his father's impatient attitude in finishing this bike.moreless
    • The Call
      The Call
      Season 8 - Episode 28

      After weeks of silence, Junior calls Senior to give his condolences on Helen's passing. Then PJD starts a charity build for the March of Dimes while OCC finishes a two-bike build for John Christner Trucking.

    • The Apprentice Bike
      The Apprentice Bike
      Season 8 - Episode 25

      Senior deals with the death of his mother and is hurt when he doesn't hear from Junior or Mikey. Then, while PJD starts a build for One Call Concepts, OCC unveils a gold bike for Donald Trump.

    • Mikey/ Vinnie Bike 2
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      The Mikey/Vinnie Bike steadily reaches completion, despite Keith acting like Paul Sr. and sending Mikey home for being late for work. The hard work pays off when the bike is ready for its debut, with one small problem: It won't start.
    • POW/MIA Bike 2
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      It's into the homestretch of final fabrication and assembly on the POW/MIA Bike. With the paint ideas done, the OCC crew decide to celebrate a special occaison: Paul Jr's, and his mom's, birthday.
    • Senior's Vintage Project 2
      Season 3 - Episode 19
      The guys of OCC continue working on Senior's vintage chopper, while Chris Matthews finishes restoring an old classic. When the front end of the vintage chopper comes back from powdercoat the wrong color, the guys scramble to finish the bike on time. Senior's vintage chopper is unveiled at a photo shoot for Barnett's magazine.moreless
    • Mikey's Bike 2
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      Deadlines, delays and disagreements strike a familiar chord as the OCC Crew struggles to complete their musically themed dream machine, but setbacks, stress and sibling rivalry get in the way and leave Mikey singing the blues. The lack of Paulie's presence and lack of initiative in the shop, makes Mikey aggravated and out of sorts. Christian steps up and helps Mikey put his bike together. The bike gets completed but one more test awaits.... Mikey also tries to pass the road test for his motorcycle lesson Subplot: The Teutels take time off to go fishing, and Paul Sr gets a new tattoomoreless
    • I, Robot Bike 1
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      To commemorate the release of Will Smith's new 20th Century Fox movie, I, Robot, the OCC crew is kicked into high-gear to come up with a unique design to display at the movie's Hollywood premeire. Arguments over design and time strike a familiar cord that may threaten this bike reaching its star-struck debut.moreless
    • Miller Electric 1
      Season 1 - Episode 24
      To celebrate the Miller Electric Company's 75th anniversary, the Teutels are given the oppurtunity to put together a custom chopper. Problems reign high as Paul Jr. takes pieces off his dad's Lucy Bike and Vinnie deals with being a father for the first time.
    • ESAB Bike
      ESAB Bike
      Season 7 - Episode 3
      Sr. and Jr. find themselves in front of a judge because Sr. is suing Jr. for his 20% ownership of OCC. Meanwhile, the team at OCC is hard at work on a chopper for ESAB, one of the oldest welding equipment companies in the country.
    • Daytona Bike Week
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Taking a break from building the Fire Bike, the OCC crew head down to Daytona for fun, sun, and an awesome bike show. The Black Widow gets entered into a bike show, and a little piece of Cody is driven off, while rain dampens everyone's spirits.
    • Liberty Bike 1
      Season 1 - Episode 28
      How do you honor the greatest monument in American history? You build her a custom chopper, of course! And that's exactly what happens for OCC when they get the task of creating a bike that symbolizes American freedom and the Statue of Liberty, with one of Paul Jr.'s daring ideas to date: coat the entire bike in Statue of Liberty copper.moreless
    • Dixie Chopper 1
      Season 1 - Episode 30
      After 25 years, the Dixie Chopper lawn mower company decides to celebrate their anniversary the only way they know how: get a one of a kind theme bike from Orange County Choppers. The guys come down to their plant, and the ideas start flowing, namely using a lawn mower engine to power the Teutel's latest bike.moreless
    • Drastic Action
      Drastic Action
      Season 8 - Episode 29

      Mikey launches a "Fill the Diaper" fundraising campaign for March of Dimes, OCC starts an eco-friendly build for CIMA Green and PJD unveils the March of Dimes bike. Meanwhile, Senior takes bold steps to reunite with his sons.

    • Operation Reconciliation
      Operation Reconciliation
      Season 8 - Episode 26

      OCC builds a bike for Veterans Airlift Command and PJD finishes a bike for One Call Concepts. Then, more determined than ever to reconcile with Mikey and Junior, Senior invites Mikey to join him at a painting class.

    • A Meeting Is Set
      A Meeting Is Set
      Season 8 - Episode 32

      OCC starts a 1970s-themed build for MyPillow, while PJD puts the finishing touches on a bike for Newmont Mining. Then, in a promising move, Senior and Junior agree to meet in person.

    • Rick's News
      Rick's News
      Season 8 - Episode 27

      Rick's news? He's ENGAGED! Meanwhile, Junior decides to revamp the Black Widow Bike he recently reclaimed from Senior, and OCC works on a two-bike build for John Christner Trucking.

    • Tool Bike 1
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      The OCC crew gets down to the nuts-and-bolts of building bikes when Paul Jr. creates a custom chopper for Snap-On from the tools of the trade. But disagreements and last-minute delays ratchet up the tension and throw a wrench in the works.
    • OCC Holiday Special (Santa Bike)
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      After receiving a call from Ol' Saint Nick, Paul Senior rallies OCC elves Rick and Mike Campo, plus Mikey, to make a one of a kind Christmas bike for the children who lost their parents in the 9/11 tragedy.
    • NY Jets Bike
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      To commemorate the start of the New York Jets new season, OCC is given the task of fabricating a custom chopper to be unveiled at the Jets' stadium.
    • Meteorite Men Bike
      Meteorite Men Bike
      Season 7 - Episode 4
      The guys at OCC are tapped to build the ultimate vehicle for the Science Channel's Meteorite Men. A tragic accident at Paul Jr. Designs prompts Senior to put his differences with his sons aside and he reaches out to Junior and Mikey.
    • Miller Electric 2
      Season 1 - Episode 25
      Paulie and the boys hit the hardwood for a game of hoops against the guys from OCC Ironworks in what can only be described as a comedy of errors. But back in the shop, it's all business: Big Paul blows up at Vinnie for leaving the shop in disarray and nearly sends him home for the day. However, once Senior gets a look at the Miller Bike's patriotic paint job and the outrageous tow-behind welder, all is forgiven.moreless
    • Lawless Drag Bike Part 1, PJD Bike Part 3, and Geico Bike Part 2
      The pressure is on at OCC and Paul Jr. Designs as both shops race to complete their bike builds in time for the famous Sturgis bike rally.
    • Lee Returns
      Lee Returns
      Season 7 - Episode 15
      Lee drops in on OCC, seeking advice from Senior regarding his new business. Then OCC unveils its HEADRUSH bike, while PJD unveils their top-secret FARO bike.
    • Tool Bike 2
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      Battle lines are drawn and accusations fly as father and son push each other to the breaking point. Tempers reach a fevered pitch when Paul Sr. tightens the screws and the deadline closes in on OCC's latest creation.
    • Chicago Blackhawks Bike Part 1 and Bling Star Bike Part 2
      OCC gets a bike build for the Chicago Blackhawks to celebrate wining the Stanley Cup. However, a miscommunication leads to the crew scrapping the build and starting over from scratch. Meanwhile, Senior rushes his dog to the emergency room.
    • 10/22/09
      Life at OCC is forever changed now that Junior and Mikey have been squeezed out of the business. Even with all the drama, the guys must forge ahead as they build a bike for the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe.
    • Change Of Heart Part 1
      Change Of Heart Part 1
      Season 8 - Episode 36

      PJD starts a build for Skil Tools while OCC begins a bike based on an Italian sports car. Then Junior makes a huge decision that could finally end his estrangement from Senior once and for all.

    • No Cameras
      No Cameras
      Season 8 - Episode 33

      Junior and Senior ditch the cameras and finally meet face-to-face to discuss their relationship. Meanwhile, at the shops, OCC finishes a bike for MyPillow and PJD starts a build for MLB outfielder Aaron Rowand.

    • Breakthrough
      Season 8 - Episode 31

      After receiving a puzzling text from Mikey, Senior calls Junior to make amends. PJD starts a build for Newmont Mining while OCC unveils a bike for CIMA Green. Then, Junior asks Senior for a face-to-face meeting, sans cameras.

    • Mikey's Art Opening
      Mikey's Art Opening
      Season 8 - Episode 1
      PJD starts a build for Jared Allen's charity while OCC works on a custom build for Supernatural Cymbals. Junior meets with lawyers to stay on top of a new lawsuit from his Dad. Mikey gets a taste of the limelight at his successful art gallery opening.
    • Abu Dhabi Police Bike
      Season 6 - Episode 11
      OCC lands an important international client as they are hired to build a bike for the Abu Dhabi police department. Seeing a good business opportunity, Senior travels to the Middle East in an attempt to expand OCC's international reach.
    • Chesapeake Energy Bike
      Season 6 - Episode 12
      The guys at OCC put their skills to the test as they attempt to build the first natural gas powered chopper. While Junior is busy getting his new company off the ground, Mikey questions his relationship with his father and his role at Orange County Choppers.
    • David Mann Bike 1
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      A trip down memory lane while at Sturgis inspires Senior to build a tribute to biker legend and artist (and one of Senior's personal heroes) David Mann. But throughout the build Senior struggles with problems, from Paulie showing up late to work to never-ending fights with Mike. Then, after a trip to the dentist leaves Mike in an anesthetized stupor, Senior and Rick are left to work on the handlebars without his input. Will his empty spot slow down the build, or will Senior and Rick survive on their own?moreless
    • Foreclosure
      Season 7 - Episode 16
      Despite rumors that OCC is in foreclosure, the mood is celebratory as Senior unveils a bike for St. Jude Hospital. Junior takes on Universal Property Insurance as a new client, but tempers flare at PJD, such that an employee may lose his job.
    • Leno Bike 2
      Season 1 - Episode 27
      It's crunch time for OCC as they press to complete fabrication and assembly on the Leno Bike project, but when thicker-than-usual powdercoat slows down Paul Jr. and Vinnie's progress, can they get the bike finished in time for its Tonight Show debut?
    • RJR Memorial Car Show
      Season 5 - Episode 21
      OCC hosts the RJR Memorial Car show. Junior asks the local fire department for help with a pancake breakfast and Mikey travels to the city to get help for an idea of his own.
    • Leno Bike 1
      Season 1 - Episode 26
      The Teutuls go Hollywood when Tonight Show host Jay Leno commissions a modern version of his favorite classic bike: the 1939 Brough Superior. But back at OCC, the excitement fades when Paulie discovers that the bike's frame is too small to accommodate the oil tank. And when the motor and wheels arrive late, it creates a host of technical difficulties that threaten to put the Leno Bike on hiatus.moreless
    • Deadliest Catch Bike
      Deadliest Catch Bike
      Season 8 - Episode 5
      The OCC crew heads up to Alaska to meet up with the Hillstrand brothers from Deadliest Catch. Then the Deadliest Catch Bike is built and unveiled at the CatchCon fan convention in Seattle.
    • Iowa Farm Bureau Bike 1
      Season 4 - Episode 21
      OCC shucks some corn and plows into their next project, the world's first renewable fuel chopper for the Iowa Farm Bureau. The Teutuls check in on OCC's new world HQ, and NASCAR champ Tony Stewart stops by to check on his bike.
    • California Carports Bike Part 2 and Hair Club for Men Part 1
      PJD continues to work on the Carolina Carports bike, as the Hair Club for Men hires Senior and OCC. When Mikey confesses to Junior that he is losing hope in Senior, Junior advises his brother to protect himself. Senior finally agrees to Mikey's terms and visits a therapist, but Mikey's not impressed. Finally, Junior travels to North Carolina to unveil his bike to a crowd of 400,000.moreless
    • Darien Lake Bike
      Season 5 - Episode 16
      OCC twists and turns into their next project: the OCC Motocoaster bike for the Darien Lake Theme Park Resort.
    • Offer Denied
      Offer Denied
      Season 8 - Episode 4
      As Senior makes an offer that he claims Junior rejected - and Junior claims Senior took off the table - both parties wonder whether the other really wants to move forward. PJD starts their charity-bike build for CrankyApe, one of two they are building for the company, while at OCC, the crew is underway with a triple bike build for Trans Am Depot. Then, Senior's dog dies and Junior reaches out to his father.moreless
    • A Crew Divided
      A Crew Divided
      Season 7 - Episode 13
      The crew takes us on a behind the scenes look at the show and how producing it has changed since the Senior and Junior split.
    • Howe Caverns
      Season 6 - Episode 8
      The guys from OCC head to Howe Caverns to face their fears and explore some caves deep under ground. While Paul Jr. continues his work as a consultant for OCC, he sets his sights on his own projects outside the shop.
    • Mountain Creek Bike
      Season 6 - Episode 7
      Paul Sr. is out of the shop as he continues to promote his new book on some popular talk shows. In order to keep the production of the Mountain Creek Bike running smoothly, he calls Paul Jr. in as a consultant to help out.
    • Chicago Blackhawks Bike Part 2 and Carolina Carports Bike Part 1
      The OCC crew continues building the Blackhawks bike while Junior meets with representatives from Carolina Carports who want PJD to build a bike for their company. Later, Senior makes an important decision agreeing to meet with a therapist for Mikey.
    • Fallen Heroes Bike/Bling Star Bike 1
      It's wedding bell bliss as Paul Jr. prepares to head down the aisle while PJD becomes swamped with e-mails from people interested in his bikes. But will Junior regret inviting his dad to the festivities?
    • Jon & Kate Plus 8 Bike
      Season 6 - Episode 10
      Jon Gosselin, of the hit TLC series Jon & Kate Plus 8, has commissioned the guys at OCC to build him a bike. To get a better idea of how the father of eight wants his bike to look, the Teutuls take a trip to Jon and Kate's house to see how the family of ten live.moreless
    • Army National Guard 1
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      OCC locks and loads as they pay tribute to the troops with a custom bike for the Army National Guard. Then, Senior takes a walk down the aisle with Beth.
    • Judgement Day
      Judgement Day
      Season 8 - Episode 3
      Senior visits Mikey's gallery and is affected by paintings depicting their strained relationship. While both shops work on respective builds, Junior learns he has won his appeal of Senior's lawsuit. Senior decides to make Junior a settlement offer.
    • The Kobalt Bike
      Season 6 - Episode 26
      The guys at OCC are tapped by Kobalt to build them a custom chopper. With a brand new set of tools, Senior and his team get busy designing and building an incredibly unique chopper. Junior gathers the family together and makes a truly life changing announcement.
    • Big Guns
      Big Guns
      Season 8 - Episode 2
      OCC builds a bike for a long time client while Junior and Mikey head to Louisiana to consult with Will of Red Jacket Firearms on a custom gun design. Senior announces his reconciliation with one son and hopes he can make amends with Junior and Mikey too.
    • The Build-Off: Chopper Live
      The Build-Off: Chopper Live
      Season 8 - Episode 23

      The results are in, and revealed live from Las Vegas, the winner of the three-way bike build off.

    • OCC Band Bike
      Season 6 - Episode 14
      Even though things are tense between Paul Sr. and his sons the three of them decide to put their differences aside to make an appearance on CNN's Larry King Live. Paul Jr. heads to the mid-west to make his first solo appearance now that he's left OCC.
    • Black Widow Bike 2
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Paul Teutul, Sr., and his son Paul of Orange County Choppers create an incredible Black Widow theme motorcycle. They battle an impossible deadline, last minute problems and each other as they race to complete this one of a kind masterpiece.