American Chopper

Season 3 Episode 32

Eragon Bike 1

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2006 on Discovery Channel

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  • This week the OCC crew put on their armor and create a bike for the movie Eragon.

    An Eragon themed chopper? A bike built around the central theme of dragons, with swords, armor, shields, mail, knives and battleaxes thrown in for good measure? It sounds like a match made in heaven but, oddly enough, when I first saw what they were going to do, I thought it wasn't going to work. I thought it was going to be one big medieval cliche.

    Fortunately, I was wrong. Even though this is only the first episode, I already think this bike is shaping up to be one of Orange County Choppers' best looking bikes to date. There is a huge amount of detail going into this bike, and that means that most of this episode, the parts that showed actual work being done anyway, was devoted to design, hand fabrication and a whole lot of work on the flow jet.

    The guys also take some time out to have some fun too. Of course they meet with the stars of the movie, but that is a fairly minor part of the show. Then they head out to a renaissance fair and have some fun role playing and watching knights fight it out in the hopes it will inspire them. And inspired they get! Inspired to have their own jousting tournament with home made armor, card board lances and motor scooters. The whole scene is amazing, they could sell it as a comedy sketch.

    I like the fact that this episode really takes the time to focus up the design process and takes us away from a lot of the more mundane activities that we have already seen a thousand times. I also really enjoyed watching the guys have fun and ham it up. It seemed like it really was a spontaneous thing that guys in a chopper shop would do, not a made for TV moment. I gave this episode a 10, and in my opinion this is the best episode of American Chopper ever.
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