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Real or show?

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    [1]Apr 17, 2009
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    Those of you who followed the show probably noticed that they fight alot. So what im starting to wonder is the fights real or just for the show couse the fight is much of the humor in this show. Why im wondering is becouse the cameraman always seem to have the perfect angels and shots for every fight.

    And another reason for my wondering is did paulie really get fired? Heard them both say tons of times that their partners, you cant fire your partner (you can buy him out though). This whole thing of firing him just seems a little over the edge and how they film at their homes and talk about the fight makes it all look a little made up. So is it real or not? Is he fired?

    Anyone who knows? Would prefer non guess answers but ideas might be nice to.

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    [2]Apr 19, 2009
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    Snr will have majority holding in OCC, Jnr and possibly 1 or 2 others having smaller shares. Snr could opt to buy Jnr out but he doesnt need to he can just fire him and Paulie will just play a bit-part in the business if he wishes to i guess. You dont have to be an employee to have a stake in a company and whoever has the largest peice of the cake will have the final say, which is why Paul Snr could fire him and Paulie has little say in the matter.

    I know what you mean about the real/show stuff though, like at the end of Ep6-01 where Snr turns up at stupid AM (4:30ish iirc) and they just happen to be there to film him turn up and walk through the door? Im sure there are plenty of innocent re-takes for episodes, and things staged for the cameras such as the crew being ready just as celebs walk through the door or nub turns up with a freshly painted tank etc, but i highly doubt the fights are faked, you only have to look at them on stage unveiling a bike to see they're no actors and it usually looks uncomfortable for them to a degree, so to stage the passion they put into those fights... i dont believe their done for the benefit of ratings.
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