American Chopper

Season 3 Episode 31

LUGZ Bike 2

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2006 on Discovery Channel
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Episode Summary

The custom leather design for the Lugz bike poses new challenges for the crew.
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  • This week, OCC completes the Lugz shoes bike.

    This week, Paulie finally gets out to Danny Gray's in California. There, he consults with the craftsmen and they decide how best to cover the tank in leather to represent the image that Lugz footware is hoping for.

    Meanwhile back at the shop, work on the bike goes forward as Rick, Vince and even Paul Sr. get in on the act. Without Paul Jr. there, the whole thing is rather anti-climactic.

    It doesn't even matter when Paulie gets back because Mikey becomes the focus of the show. First he messes up on a little job his dad assigns him and second, he requests a contract that better defines his working hours and job duties. I don't know why other reviewers felt that Mikey got special treatment or that he was being lazy in asking for a contract. Like Paul Sr. said in one of the interviews, Mikey's contract has consequences for bad behavior -like showing up late- and should actually work to strengthen his role in the company. This could be a good thing for him.

    To round out the episode, the whole gang goes out to a lake to do a 10 minute SeaDoo commercial and then goes back to finish the bike. After resolving one small problem they finish the bike and Paulie goes out for a ride with only a helmet, T shirt and shorts on - why do I find it funny that the bike is wearing more leather than the rider?

    The end result of all their effort has a lot of "Lugz" logos and a big laced up leather gas tank that looks like a giant football. Overall, I think the finished product looks ridiculous. Still, watching it go together was fun enough, so I give it a 7, but I will skip this episode if it comes back in a re-run.moreless
  • i really liked this chopper

    Okay..big shock. I'm a girl, and i love bikes. get over it, please. so the bike looked really good, with the symbols from Lugz and the feather, but that's not the reason i decided to write a review.

    the episode also dealt with Mikey's new contract. He decided that since he works 10 hour per day (at least he thinks so, but thats not really the thing we see on tv), he wants a new contract, so he asked his lawyer to write a new one. He wanted to work 40 hours per week and instead of starting at 7, his idea was that he wanted to come in at 9. Since he's late from work (most of the time), Paul and Paulie agreed to his conditions, and they signed his contract. But they still didn't take Mikey seriously. And that's when I realized that Mikey and I have a lot in commin. Okay, not our bodyparts :) but we're both lazy, and can't really concentrate on things. we start a lot of things, but finish only a few. noone takes us seriously, we're the clowns of our families. thats one of the reasons i like this show so much. it seems so real to me.moreless

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