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  • Favorite part..

    the bikes by far. Good show.
  • I wanted jesse to win the build off these days people dont want to see people spend big chunks of money to order custom wheels and every thing else jr had people make for his jesse james copper bike knock off , bring jesse back


    i wanted jesse to win does his own work probababy could have smoked jr if he wanted to sent every thing out spent a million to have it custom made like jr did ,but he didnt did it himself, thats what i like, , tired of the american chopper reruns after the first year, jrs is full of himself

  • Senior is the biggest jerk, cries over his dog but has 3 sons he won't even talk to, now his half his gae sweetheart us gonna be a bike builder--rather watch the Paul Jr and Mikey show

    Senior treats the dog better than his own kids. Paul Jr is a 20% owner and Senior lets the staff make remarks about him. The way Senior always treated Jr. was ridiculous. Now he is trying (poorly) to make a show of it to keep the money rolling in. Not only is he a jerk, he is a rotten father. To cry over the dog being sick and take everyone out to dinner to celebrate that the dog will live is really poor. Show won't last long. If I own 20% of a business that my dad owns the rest I would think I can show up late or leave early--- not Paul Jr. The way he berates his kids on the show is dishonorable---show won't last long. Paul is the biggest jerk on T.V and acts like a 6 year old. Seeing his stupid mustache and his sleevless shirts is getting old. As far as the crew goes, if I were JR. I watch the show and than fire the entire crew for the disparaging remarks about the owner. No wonder Mikey was a drunk with a father like senior. Did he ever visit him in Rehab? What a louse Paul Sr. is
  • Americian Chopper

    I've watched the show from the start and I think its time for Paul retire...!!! He has been riding on his son Paul Jr's ability to build Fantastic looking machines...Paul Sr. is trying to take the cedit for the show being the success it is...Without Paul Jr.the show is can see just how closed minded Paul Paul Jr. is written back into the show I am going to watch something else..I've talked to many people about this and they all agree that its time for Paul Sr. to Go Or Suck up his Ego and let his son do what he is SOOOO Great doing..Building Beautiful Bikes...!!!....Brian Swarts
  • Jr in competition! Sr still argogant, but his kids are bigger spoilt wasters than ever.

    Sr now really bitter, Jr buys more shops, more cars, more offices. This guy blows money like Paris Hilton and thinks he is just as famous thanks to dad's business. Sooner or later dad's legacy must run out and Jr and Mickey can finally hit the gutter and get a real life. Jr moves to his next hairbrain idea, spends a ton of money as usual, and beings in Mickey to help, maybe as substance abuse manager? This show has devolved into the worst case of grown men behaving like spoilt kids, complaining and backstabbing. Jr talks even more kiss ass double talk than ever, should be in politics talking a lot and saying nothing. Definately lost me now...
  • Is the show losing the plot

    - - - - Is the show losing the plot - - - - I really enjoy this show. But as the show/company seems to becoming more about the commercial elements rather than it's original appeal the "Human Factor!" and the actually bike builds.

    I want to see more about the production and the paint (as it seems 80% of the featured bikes are simple stock bikes with an awesome paint job!!)

    - - - Hope the show gets a reality check soon!!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • I've watched this since the very beginning and yet season after season it gets better and better.

    This show not only shows the building of custom choppers, but it also shows the real life drama's of a family owned business. With the new shop, new machines and many new faces on the show its going to get quite awesome to see how creative like minds can get; if all the drama doesn't get in the way first. It's funny to always see everybody fighting -doing stupid stuff- ,but when everybody puts there mind too it some bikes may begin to get too nice to just give to any old company. This show will last forever due to its ever changing conditions, so I look forward to what's too come.
  • Awesome and entertaining

    It is totally awesome. Showing you how things work on bike with some humour and family disfuntions. Paul Snr is always giving the orders but rarely do you see him busy worky on the bikes. Paul Jnr trying to be like his old man and survive with the help of vinnie. Mickey (my favourite out of them all) always doing what he wants and never seems so ingrossed with the work like the others. Yoy either see him chilling or watching them make the bikes. The best thing is they give back to the community which is such rare. Also the bikes that they make is of top quality.
  • Craftsmanship, family loyalty and screaming. What more could you want?

    This show profiles the Teutels, a family who run a motorcycle shop in Orange County, New York. Paul is the dad, who owns the shop, and his sons help him out. Or just try to survive the day with him. Mike is always doing things the way his father can't stand; Paul Jr. is the younger kid and seems to be a bit of a teacher's pet at times. The family spend the day building custom designed motorcycles. The results are beautiful bikes anyone would dream to own. It's fun to watch how the bikes are put together. It's kind of scary to watch the people fight all the time. Nevertheless, they always stick together, and you'll find yourself rooting for them.
  • Since American Chopper began, we have seen the OCC crew turn out some amazing bikes. However, the joy of the show isn't in the finished product, its in the way that these one of a kind motorcycles are made by ordinary, all American working class guys.

    Who doesn't like to watch men building things? It's human nature. You just know that there were people standing around 5000 years ago watching the pyramids go up.

    Although the show focuses upon custom theme bikes and one-off specials, every bike that OCC builds is essentially the same. That can get a bit tedious at times but that's OK, because this show is more about the people than the product anyhow.

    Every son who has ever had to learn anything from his father knows the dynamic at work in this show. Every father who has tried to teach his son anything knows it too. They feud, they fight and they fuss, but at the end of the day they are family and they find a way to get by. I have never been able to watch this show without recalling my own father and I bet it is the same for a lot of guys.

    Other reality shows have tried to repeat American Chopper's success and, in my opinion, they have all pretty much failed. What they lack is that family dynamic and that instant identification you get with everyone in the shop. Even if you don't like choppers, this is a good show to watch with your kids. You might both learn something.
  • Just wanted to say, Cool show. And ask, If they ever would do something like (Trick my truck,Pimp my ride) But call it , Finnish My Bike/ Complet My Roller, you get what I'm saying.

    Great show I love the bikes they do. Watch every chance I get. I wish I had enough money to have mine done. I have a Rolling Kit bike From Ultima Choppers , bare primer frame ,tank,fenders,and wire spoke wheels. No motor or tranny. Would love to see what these guys could do with it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..... . . .. ... . .. .... .... ..... .. .
  • The OCC (Orange County Choppers) gang creat awesome custom built bikes for anyone with the cash.

    OCC (Orange County Choppers) is a quite interesting programme about the building of their very own custom built bikes. Together the gang build amazing looking bikes which they put on show and take to film premiers. The builds have strict dates on which the bikes should be revealed. This can creat tension within the group especially with the main man Mr. Paul Senior who tends to have a short sharp temper. It is interesting to be able to see the bikes progress through production up to the finnished model with paint and crome. If you are into this sort of thing then you will most likely enjoy it if not then im not soo sure.
  • Cool in the beginning...

    This show was unlike any other. I tuned in to see what it was like building a motorcycle. It was the third episode ever and I was hooked. I taped every episode since and the pattern is obvious. TLC ruined it. The essence of the show shifted from father and son and crew building kickass bikes to father and sons visiting Russell Crowe and Danica Patrick. For some reason it became the Jason Poole, Jim Quinn, and Nub show with the Teutels skeet shooting or bungee jumping or whatever the hell else TLC has them do. It has nothing to do with the show getting too popular or the business getting too big it's just this "Turbo TLC" in your face attitude that ruined it for all of us. Not to mention all the awful commercials for that retarded "Miami Ink" show which no one who can read or write would ever watch. Terrible, terrible, terrible.
  • American Chopper is the best.I really love the show.Paul Sr.and his sons are the best.

    American Chopper is the greatest show about bikes that I have ever seen.I love to see Paul Sr.and Paul Jr.have there disagreements.I don't know what is wrong with Mikey though.He sometimes seems to be lazy.He is a cool guy also.Vinnie,Cody,and the rest really know how to build a bike.I love the way that they build them.They really don help alot of people.Especially children with disabilites,and veterians.They all have very big hearts.I love Paul Sr. mother.She is so sweet.He is very lucky to still have his mother.I know that they help alot of people.They have also helped out the NYC firemen to.They do alot of work for the disabled vets too.I hope they keep up their good work.They are the best.
  • An absolutely thoroughly enjoyable program which I hate missing. The arguments between Paul senior and Paul junior always seem to have a humorous outcome. The bikes that are customised are really good in particular Jay Lenos and NASAs motor cycles

    This is a really first rate programme which has one big fault. We see many episodes where some lucky person has won the raffle and won the bike but its always America. How about a raffle in the UK which I am sure would be really well supported and some lucky person here would have a life long dream fulfilled. The episode featurimg their holiday in Scotlaand was outstanding.
  • Have to watch.

    This show is OK. I love it. It just what I need when I get home from a bad day at work. It’s entertaining full of laughs and makes me want to never move again. It really captures the free spirit of media and keeps you wanting and guessing for more. It’s the kind of show that you don’t need to constantly watch in order to get the whole spectrum of what’s going on, I really like that, that way you can do multiple things at once. If you feel like it that is. This is defiantly one of my favorite shows.
  • a bunch of crazy bikers in a reality show where they make bikes not only for ordinary people but also for stars or movies. although they get into fights and start killing each other they manage to complete thier objectives no matter what

    i always enjoy watching the episode on the eragon bike, they went to a convention about the olden times when knights where around jousting, they even got a chain mailer to create a design for them that is something you don't see on bikes and i really enjoyed seeing them holding their own jousting competition killing each other on their bikes he he.
  • greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!

    the show is great. bikes are art, all the people in the shop are caring funny and very talent people. what i would do for one of those bikes. keep the show going you have a top fan here!!!!!#1 show out there #1 show out there #1 show out there #1 show out there #1 show out there #1 show out there #1 show out there #1 show out there #1 show out there #1 show out there #1 show out there #1 show out there #1 show out there #1 show out there #1 show out there #1 show out there
  • while I like this show it can be a little "set up" for my liking

    I love the premise for this show and I do enjoy the bikes they make but there are times that I do wonder how much is scripted and how much is actually real!

    Many a time I've just thought what on earth as Snr and Jnr have started in on each other and as for Mikey I'm sure if it wasn't that his dad owned the company he would be living on the street!

    the other day I saw the flowjet bike and they were doing a filming with some of their bikes one being the black widow, while doing a ride along parts of the bike broke off I find it disturbing that if just riding one of their specials will break, how badly are the rest of their bikes made?
  • One of the more fun and informitive shows that is on t.v. The family is always up to something.

    This family is crazy about building bikes and driving each other mad. One of the reasons this show is popular is that this family is so darn interesting. The way that even the littlest thing can set any of them off is the shows greatest strenghth. From Paul jr. and Sr., to Mikey, right on dowm to the top mechanic Vinny, the laughs just keep coming. That's where the problem rises for the show though, hard core bike fans who turn into the show for information and to see the awesome bikes that are created could feel alienated by the shows constant family bickering. Though they can't switch up the menu too much becouse that is what got them to the popularity that they have reached.Overall this show is solid.
  • The OCC gang used to keep people watching their show, just because there was no way of knowing what kind of chopper they would build, or what kind of family situation would come up next... How this show has fallen from grace.

    What a great reality TV show. Such a shame how it has gone downhill.

    Therefore, to review this show at it's best, you have to go back to seasons 1 and 2. These were, and still are the best episodes of American Chopper that were veer produced.

    What made this show so brilliant, was the real-life issues, work and family, that this show revealed. It was fascinating to see how much hard work, sweat, and strife went into designing, assembling, and producing these bikes. All of that wonderful work done in such a small work area, and all of that family working in the same area. There was always a recipe for disaster somewhere in the works!

    What was also interesting to see, was the working relationship between Paulie and Paul Sr. They both come from two different schools of bike building, old skool, and new skool. They also had two very different ways of building the bikes. Paul Sr. would always want to get right down to business, right to the grit. Whereas Paulie would spend a lot of time looking at the bare bike frame, creating the bike in his mind, way before he even put his fuel tank of choice on the frame. Yet, they were both geniuses in their building and design techniques, as both old and new skool bikes were bad and beautiful.

    Even aside from Paulie and Sr., the working relationships of others was good to see. The friendship working partnership of Vinnie, and Paulie was very nice, as they both were experts in their fields (Paulie-design, Vinnie Electrics) and they would both respect and work well with each other.

    The pressures of the hard work and ridiculously short deadlines, made for some tense viewing. I recall very well Paul Sr. getting on Paulie’s back for not keeping the shop tidy, and subsequently, Vinnie was almost sent home from work. Arguments over delivery shipment deadlines was also a big part of the show, seeing as Paulie barely kept record of the various companies he talked to in order to get custom made parts done. Despite all of these pressures though, they still managed to build legendary bikes.

    The methods of bike building were far better in the first two seasons of the show. Before the days of their huge industrial Flow-Jet machine, that allows them to create all manner of weird and wonderful shapes and patterns conceivable by man, they used to do more dirty work. More cutting, more grinding, more working and re-working steel…it really was excellent to see. They made what they could, and what they needed, they had made for them in collaboration with other companies. When re-assembling the bikes, after the finishes had been put on the various parts, there was more tribulation, as parts that fit perfectly before, suddenly didn’t fit, sometimes, the wheels didn’t even track properly!
    BUT, they completed them in the end, and the bikes were the stuff of dreams.

    The hyjinks of the OCC crew were also great, and added a light hearted humour to the show. Times like when OCC played basketball with the Orange County Ironworks, and lost. When a soap-box derby car was made for the county event. When OCC went snow tubing. When Sr. and Pauli went to the NY Giants training camp.When Mikey shot all those clay pidgeons. When Paul Sr. couldn’t find his drill bits…the list goes on and on. Their
    friendship, chemistry, and Mikey made it funny, and made it work.

    Now, though, the present shows don’t have the confrontations, the laughs, and the rough work that made it Discovery Channel’s flagship show. Everything is done in house now, all the bikes are designed on computer before a tool is even picked up, parts are literally made for them, and what laughs there are are few and far between. They became so successful, that they lost their roots. Discovery Channel might as well do a reality TV show on the Ford Motor Company’s production line in Detroit. The only difference would be that that Ford make cars, and not choppers. American Chopper is now only about bike production, hence the people behind them almost fade into obscurity.

    The Jet bike, the Fire bike, the Statue of Liberty bike, the Snap-On bike, the Miller welding bike, the Mikey bike, and my personal favourite, the POW MIA bike. All these bikes were made before their new easy mass-production methods, and in my view, they were the best.

    American Chopper jumped the shark in season 3 and it just gets worse and worse. Just watch the first two seasons, there is no point in watching the rest.
  • The first few series were excellent. It kinda screwed up after that.

    When I first watched AC, I liked it, almost as much as I liked Mythbusters, but the latest series has had me flicking onto other channels. I'm not exactly sure what, but there is something missing from the show now, which drew me to it before.

    I talked to a friend about this and he agreed. We believe that it is the fact that the show is now all about the bikes. Wereas the original series saw them put down their tool and go bowling or shooting or (my personal favourite) play basketball againt the Iron works team.

    There are hardly any laughable moments anymore. Such as the "Bits" that Paul Sr kept loosing.

    "Hey Mikey! Have you seen my bits?"
    "What is this, an ongoing saga with you?"
    "Look! I dont have time for this but I will still smash your head against that wall!"
    "Bring it on old man. I've been in the office all day on the phone with idiots on the other end of the line!"
    (Phone Rings)
    "Hello OCC"
    "Yes, I would just like to enquire whether this is Orange County New York or Orange County California"
    "... your guess is as good as mine"

  • This show is sweet, one of my personal favorites.....i watch it whenever i can, when i stay home i watch it

    I started watching this show, and i never seen that whole episode, but i like this show already. I have watched it ever sinc then. This always had some sort of action as i will call it (senior and jr. fighting) which is rather funny at times becuase it gets so bad at times with them. but overall i like the show and watch it as much as i can. My personal favorite show was the NASA bike, they made that think look really sweet!!! All the bikes they make they put alot of detail into it and they dont really have to, do that extra little thing to make it look SWEET!!
  • The show changed for the worse when they moved.

    Its still ok, but its well on its way to dullsville. Even Paul Sr. doesnt wig out as much any more. Its pretty clear that most of what did go on wouldnt have if the cameras were not around.

    Its getting to the point where youve seen them build so many bikes they are all starting to look the same.

    Another bad sign is increasing reliance on celebrity guests like Jay Leno, and the time Bill Murray hung around annoying everyone.

    I think once they got the new huge shop it changed the feel of the show. Its running out of gas. Even the tension between Paul Jr. and Paul Sr. seems forced and theres less of it. Every so often Paul Sr. wakes up and yells at people to get to work but thats getting old.

    They build great bikes and Im sure the business will be strong, at least as long as Paul Jr. is around.
  • American Chopper

    This is the best show ever made by Discovery channel and i dont think they regret it ethier. I hope this show goes on for ever because this is one of the most watched shows ever I think they sould have mikey do his own show and so mikey is doing nothing but through the years he has been getting better so hopefully he does do something and im also glad there doing production bikes to for the average citizen you know i think if they dont do 5-6 bikes they mite loss the show because people want to see new ones.
  • Now that's entertainment.

    This show rocks and rolls. One of the best documentaries I've ever seen. The way Paul Sr and Paul Jr fight all the time is always popular and who doesn't like Mickey. The bikes they build are out of this world and are always unique. The only flaw is it takes two episodes to finish a bike but oh well. Not to be confused with American Hot Rod which is another good show. Definitely a show any guy will love and anyone who likes motorcycles. The best think is they don't just build choppers all day but also muck around with hilarious results.
  • American Chopper is the best show in the world.

    I have never seen a show nearly as good as American Chopper their motorcycles are the best! My favorite part is when Paul Jr. and Paul Sr. get in fights. The I Robot Bike is definately OCC's best chopper yet. My favorite episode is definately the Fire Bike. That is also a very good chopper. My favorite character on the show is Paul Sr. he does a really good job keeping things in line at OCC and heis a really nice guy. Paul Jr. is also an awesome Motorcycle builder him and Paul Sr. i think make the most best custom motorcylces in the world!
  • this show is soo awesome. i just love all of the occ crew, and paul jr. and is hot as hell

    the show rocks. I love all the different bikes that they build. I think that Mikey is just so funny. The guys at OCC do way more than just build awesome bikes. They do things for charities and other things for the town that they live in. But my favorite show was the one were Mikey got to build him a bike with Vince and some of the others. I like that Cody is in involved with the making of some of the bikes that the Occ crew builds. The arguments between Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. are the best part of all the shows
  • I enjoy this show because of the designs.

    American Chopper is a cool show if you enjoy motorcycles. The only thing I do not like about this show is that Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. fight entirly way too much. I think if they would spend less time fighting or yelling at each other they would probably not be in such a rush to build the bike like they mostly are all the time. They have quite a bit of talent in designing the bikes they build. My favorite bike so far was the copper statue of Liberty bike. I think they did a great job on it. I also like how every bike is different than the others.
  • This is a great show.

    This is a great show. I love bikes, especially custom ones, and it’s great to see how they’re built. In my opinion, Orange County Choppers are the best bike builders anywhere in the world. The show is also very funny, especially when Paul Sr. gets mad because the others have not cleaned up, or starts arguing with Paulie about even the smallest details. It’s great that the show is not only concerned with the bikes themselves, but with the people who build them for a living. The people are all very different and entertaining in their own way – Paulie works very hard, but is often picked on by his father, while Mikey hardly ever does anything, except make people laugh.
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