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  • Senior is the biggest jerk, cries over his dog but has 3 sons he won't even talk to, now his half his gae sweetheart us gonna be a bike builder--rather watch the Paul Jr and Mikey show

    Senior treats the dog better than his own kids. Paul Jr is a 20% owner and Senior lets the staff make remarks about him. The way Senior always treated Jr. was ridiculous. Now he is trying (poorly) to make a show of it to keep the money rolling in. Not only is he a jerk, he is a rotten father. To cry over the dog being sick and take everyone out to dinner to celebrate that the dog will live is really poor. Show won't last long. If I own 20% of a business that my dad owns the rest I would think I can show up late or leave early--- not Paul Jr. The way he berates his kids on the show is dishonorable---show won't last long. Paul is the biggest jerk on T.V and acts like a 6 year old. Seeing his stupid mustache and his sleevless shirts is getting old. As far as the crew goes, if I were JR. I watch the show and than fire the entire crew for the disparaging remarks about the owner. No wonder Mikey was a drunk with a father like senior. Did he ever visit him in Rehab? What a louse Paul Sr. is