American Chopper - Season 3

Discovery Channel (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Eragon Bike 2
    Episode 33
    An oversight by Cody and unexpected news about its planned debut threaten the completion of the Eragon Bike.
  • Eragon Bike 1
    Episode 32
    OCC suits up, and lays siege to their latest project, a dragon-rider bike inspired by the movie Eragon; Mikey takes on a crusade of his own and organizes a jousting tournament uniquely OCC.
  • LUGZ Bike 2
    Episode 31
    The custom leather design for the Lugz bike poses new challenges for the crew.
  • LUGZ Bike 1
    Episode 30
    The Teutuls begin work on their next project, for the Lugz footwear company; OCC bids farewell to a valued employee.
  • OCC Production Bike
    Episode 29
    The OCC crew decide to mass produce a bike for the public.
  • OCC Road Show
    Episode 28
    The OCC crew builds a custom chopper on stage for their fans.
  • Bill Murray Bike 2
    Episode 27
    As assembly of the bike goes underway, issues with paint, chrome and the usual family drama threatens to derail this special chopper from making its sunny Florida debut.
  • Bill Murray Bike 1
    Episode 26
    Actor Bill Murray asks the OCC crew to build him a chopper inspired by his "Caddyshack" character, Carl.
  • Sunoco Bike 2
    Episode 25
    OCC continues working on their latest build, a bike for Sunoco that will be auctioned off to benefit the Victory Junction Gang Camp. When the bike is sent to paint and powdercoat, the guys head back to Lowe's Speedway and take turns going around the track.
  • Sunoco Bike 1
    Episode 24
    OCC teams up with Sunoco and NASCAR driver Kyle Petty to build a bike that will benefit the Victory Junction Gang Camp. The guys head down to North Carolina to meet Kyle Petty and to tour the camp. While there, they get the opportunity to hang out and spend time with some of the kids. After that, the Teutuls head to Lowe's Speedway where they take turns going around the track. Once back in the shop, they continue working on this latest chopper.moreless
  • Wendy's Bike 2
    Episode 23
    The guys continue their work on a bike for Wendy's that will be auctioned off to benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.
  • Wendy's Bike 1
    Episode 22
    The guys build a bike for the fast food company Wendy's, to be auctioned off for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.
  • Billy Joel Bike
    Billy Joel Bike
    Episode 21
    The OCC crew builds a vintage Indian bobber motorcycle for musician Billy Joel.
  • Never Before Seen Special
    Mikey and Vinnie host a series of their favorite clips that never quite made the show.
  • 3/6/06
    The guys of OCC continue working on Senior's vintage chopper, while Chris Matthews finishes restoring an old classic. When the front end of the vintage chopper comes back from powdercoat the wrong color, the guys scramble to finish the bike on time. Senior's vintage chopper is unveiled at a photo shoot for Barnett's magazine.moreless
  • 2/27/06
    After his trip to Europe where he saw some impressive vintage motorcycles, Senior feels inspired and decides to start his own collection of vintage bikes. When the guys try to restore an old classic, they run into some obstacles and need to call on the help of an expert. Senior has everyone working on this project and he decides to build a chopper with a vintage feel as well. Mikey even pitches in, but when he gets pushed too far, he throws a temper tantrum and walks out.moreless
  • FANtasy Bike 4
    Episode 17
    Bryan King is a truck driving, car customizer out of California, and the one thing he wants more than anything is to have his own chopper. Only one small problem: he's in a wheelchair. Overcoming this hurdle is one of many problems that plagues the guys as they design a tike-bike to accommodate Bryan and make this FANtasy Bike one to remember.moreless
  • FANtasy Bike 3
    Episode 16
    Joseph McClendon has always been a lover of motorcycles, especially choppers. But when he had to sell his hog to help pay for his mom's hospital bills, his mom made him promise that he would build another chopper that meant as much to him as the other. Thanks to the Discovery Channel FANtasy Bike contest, he just may get one. But when Junior and Senior get into a more personal argument, will it threaten the final completion of this chopper?moreless
  • FANtasy Bike 2
    Episode 15
    Susan Morisset is an insurance claim adjuster from Bruceville, Texas who's been wanting to ride an OCC bike because "somtimes a girl just needs to be in the driver's seat." And the Teutles are the kinda guys to give her their first girl bike. Between blowing stuff up, and Junior and Senior's biggest argument to date, things quickly spiral out of control and may threaten the completion of this FANtasy Bike.moreless
  • FANtasy Bike 1
    Episode 14
    Jeff Clegg is a military man turned civil engineer and his number one dream is to own a custom motorcycle. And thanks to the FANtasy Bike Contest from Discovery Channel, he's gonna get his wish. With a military theme to work with, and the words "Corporal Punishment" emblazoned on the bike's seat, this build will make any fan proud.moreless
  • Make-A-Wish Bike
    Episode 13
    The holiday season is upon OCC again, and instead of a Christmas-themed dream machine, the guys decide to build a bike honoring one of their favorite charities: The Make-a-Wish Foundation. There are presents galore as Paul Sr., Paul Jr., and Mikey invade FAO Schwartz in search of the perfect gift for each Make-a-Wish kid. Even Nub gets in on the fun when he has kids fingerpaint the bike's fenders and oil and gas tanks.moreless
  • History of the OCC
    Episode 12
    See the history of the Teutels for the first time ever. Learn about the origins of O.C. Ironworks and how it expanded to OCC, and beyond. Hear first account stories of Paul Sr., the father and their family life. All this and more on this special episode of American Chopper.
  • 11/21/05
    Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes? Find out in this special episode as Mikey films the film crew and travels to L.A. to find out about the post-production work needed to make this one-of-a-kind show come together. Watch interviews with the producer, cameramen, editors, and, begrudingly, the executive producer.moreless
  • 11/7/05
    The guys second week in Europe rolls on as they leave Jolly Old England and head for Ireland, but not before visiting Stonehenge and drive some tanks. Once in Ireland, Senior kisses the Blarney Stone, but they must quickly bid farewell and say "bonjour" to France.
  • 10/30/05
    The guys decide that it's time for a vacation and what better place than jolly old England? After an all-night flight, Senior, Junior, and Mikey are treated to a double-decker bus tour of London, which puts Senior to sleep. Next they visit the Tower of London, and the numerous torture devices found within may spark some ideas for motivation around the shop.moreless
  • 10/24/05
    The final days of fabrication come down to the wire as Rick's old school chopper get sent out to paint, powder coat, and chrome. The mood around the shop takes a 180 when Cody leaves to attend the AMI motorcycle school in Florida to become a licensed mechanic.
  • 10/17/05
    Rick is given the oppurtunity of a lifetime when Paul Sr. gives him the go-ahead to design his own bike. Rick tries for different designs for the exhaust and brakes, but its push-comes-to-shove when Paul Sr. disagrees with Rick over his gas tank.
  • 10/10/05
    The boys at OCC complete and deliver the NASA space shuttle bike and get a suprise visit from a fellow bike designer.
  • 10/3/05
    The Teutels go into the wild blue yonder when they get the chance to build a bike to commemorate the launch of the space shuttle Discovery. After their visit to NASA, Paul Jr., Vinnie, and Rick bang away on the bike's fabrication. Tensions run rampant when Paul Sr. finds his son spending more time in Jason Pohl's office than actually fabricating. Will the build be scrubbed, or will it be salvaged?moreless
  • Yankees Bike 2
    Yankees Bike 2
    Episode 4
    The final days of assembling the Yankees Bike come down to the wire when parts come back from paint and powder coat, but Paul Jr. is pushed to his limits when parts go missing. Ulitmately, it falls on Mikey to take the gas tank from New York to Milwaukee to have the Yanks sign it without scratching it.moreless
  • Yankees Bike 1
    Yankees Bike 1
    Episode 3
    OCC is given the oppurtunity to build a Yankee-inspired bike for the Jorge Posada Foundation. Paul Jr. takes to the field in designing a one-of-a-kind baseball themed bike that includes bat-shaped handlebars and a primary cover with an etching of Yankee Stadium. Struck with inspiration, Paul Sr. arranges for a softball game between OCC and Orange County Ironworks.moreless
  • Military Bike 2
    Episode 2
    The competition heats up as Senior and Junior compete to assemble and complete their bikes when they come back from paint, powdercoat, and chrome. When Senior pulls ahead, Junior gets the last laugh when he manages to get his bike started with the absence of a gas tank and a rear wheel.moreless
  • Military Bike 1
    Episode 1
    The Teutuls are given the opportunity to participate in a charity auction to benefit the familes of wounded or dead soldiers. Paul Jr. and Sr. compete to design two different bikes to be auctioned off and a tense competition is underway. Meanwhile, Paul Sr. gives his mom back her 1984 Cadillac Deville, completely restored.moreless