American Chopper - Season 7

Discovery Channel (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Fired
    Episode 17
    Tensions are high at PJD as Odie back talks Junior. Junior fires Odie who then turns to Senior for counsel, and hopefully, a job. PJD pulls off a double-unveil for Universal Property Insurance while OCC unveils a bike to an enthusiastic crowd at Bic.
  • Foreclosure
    Episode 16
    Despite rumors that OCC is in foreclosure, the mood is celebratory as Senior unveils a bike for St. Jude Hospital. Junior takes on Universal Property Insurance as a new client, but tempers flare at PJD, such that an employee may lose his job.
  • Lee Returns
    Lee Returns
    Episode 15
    Lee drops in on OCC, seeking advice from Senior regarding his new business. Then OCC unveils its HEADRUSH bike, while PJD unveils their top-secret FARO bike.
  • Invitation Accepted
    Invitation Accepted
    Episode 14
    Senior and Junior are both invited to Jason's wedding. Junior gets a build from a longtime OCC client, frustrating Senior. OCC unveils the Hair Club bike in front of a roaring crowd in Washington.
  • A Crew Divided
    A Crew Divided
    Episode 13
    The crew takes us on a behind the scenes look at the show and how producing it has changed since the Senior and Junior split.
  • California Carports Bike Part 2 and Hair Club for Men Part 1
    PJD continues to work on the Carolina Carports bike, as the Hair Club for Men hires Senior and OCC. When Mikey confesses to Junior that he is losing hope in Senior, Junior advises his brother to protect himself. Senior finally agrees to Mikey's terms and visits a therapist, but Mikey's not impressed. Finally, Junior travels to North Carolina to unveil his bike to a crowd of 400,000.moreless
  • Chicago Blackhawks Bike Part 2 and Carolina Carports Bike Part 1
    The OCC crew continues building the Blackhawks bike while Junior meets with representatives from Carolina Carports who want PJD to build a bike for their company. Later, Senior makes an important decision agreeing to meet with a therapist for Mikey.
  • Chicago Blackhawks Bike Part 1 and Bling Star Bike Part 2
    OCC gets a bike build for the Chicago Blackhawks to celebrate wining the Stanley Cup. However, a miscommunication leads to the crew scrapping the build and starting over from scratch. Meanwhile, Senior rushes his dog to the emergency room.
  • Fallen Heroes Bike/Bling Star Bike 1
    It's wedding bell bliss as Paul Jr. prepares to head down the aisle while PJD becomes swamped with e-mails from people interested in his bikes. But will Junior regret inviting his dad to the festivities?
  • Lawless Drag Bike Part 2, PJD Bike Part 4, and Geico Bike Part 3
    OCC and PJD arrive at Sturgis to face off for the first time to see who will have the better bike. Junior wonders whether Senior will show his support by attending one of his reveals, but Senior has no interest in seeing either of his son's first bikes.
  • Lawless Drag Bike Part 1, PJD Bike Part 3, and Geico Bike Part 2
    The pressure is on at OCC and Paul Jr. Designs as both shops race to complete their bike builds in time for the famous Sturgis bike rally.
  • PJD Bike Part 2/Geico Bike Part 1/FBI Bike
    Senior and the team at OCC are tapped to build a bike for the FBI and the local Newburgh Police Department. Meanwhile the guys at PJD are furiously attempting to fabricate both the Geico bike and the Anti-Venom bike in time for the bike rally in Sturgis, SD.
  • PJD Bike Part 1
    PJD Bike Part 1
    Episode 5
    OCC builds a ramp to launch a dummy dressed as Junior over a creek. Meanwhile, Junior and his team begin fabricating their very first chopper. Junior realizes that he needs help in the paint department so he recruits his old friend Nubs to the team.
  • Meteorite Men Bike
    Meteorite Men Bike
    Episode 4
    The guys at OCC are tapped to build the ultimate vehicle for the Science Channel's Meteorite Men. A tragic accident at Paul Jr. Designs prompts Senior to put his differences with his sons aside and he reaches out to Junior and Mikey.
  • ESAB Bike
    ESAB Bike
    Episode 3
    Sr. and Jr. find themselves in front of a judge because Sr. is suing Jr. for his 20% ownership of OCC. Meanwhile, the team at OCC is hard at work on a chopper for ESAB, one of the oldest welding equipment companies in the country.
  • Window World Bike
    Window World Bike
    Episode 2
    Paul Jr and team are hard at work trying to get the new shop in order. Senior is in total disbelief that Junior will be able to compete with OCC. Also Senior get's angry when Junior starts going after OCC's vendors.
  • Domani Studios Bike
    After such a big battle, you'd think the show would be done. But it's back, in this season premiere of Senior vs. Junior. Senior is well-rooted for battle, but Junior plans on destroying his dad's business regardless; by building a rival shop just around the corner. Of course Mikey will be there along with an old friend Vinnie.moreless