American Chopper - Season 8

Discovery Channel (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Change Of Heart Part 2

    OCC finishes the Italian Sports Car Bike and PJD unveils the Skil Bike. Then, Mikey leaves the show once and for all, and Junior goes to OCC to confront Senior face to face.

  • Change Of Heart Part 1

    PJD starts a build for Skil Tools while OCC begins a bike based on an Italian sports car. Then Junior makes a huge decision that could finally end his estrangement from Senior once and for all.

  • Malaysian Adventure
    Malaysian Adventure
    Episode 35

    Senior, Jason, Jim and Steve travel to Malaysia, where they not only unveil their latest bike, but also encounter wildlife, swim under waterfalls and barter at the central market.

  • Mikey Out?
    Mikey Out?
    Episode 34

    OCC starts a build that will be unveiled to the prime minister of Malaysia, while PJD finishes a pimped-out bike for baseball player Aaron Rowand. And Mikey drops an unexpected bomb when he considers quitting the show.

  • No Cameras
    No Cameras
    Episode 33

    Junior and Senior ditch the cameras and finally meet face-to-face to discuss their relationship. Meanwhile, at the shops, OCC finishes a bike for MyPillow and PJD starts a build for MLB outfielder Aaron Rowand.

  • A Meeting Is Set
    A Meeting Is Set
    Episode 32

    OCC starts a 1970s-themed build for MyPillow, while PJD puts the finishing touches on a bike for Newmont Mining. Then, in a promising move, Senior and Junior agree to meet in person.

  • Breakthrough
    Episode 31

    After receiving a puzzling text from Mikey, Senior calls Junior to make amends. PJD starts a build for Newmont Mining while OCC unveils a bike for CIMA Green. Then, Junior asks Senior for a face-to-face meeting, sans cameras.

  • PJD Muscle Car
    PJD Muscle Car
    Episode 30

    Junior seeks to take his company in an entirely new direction by making a custom kit for a muscle car that will be unveiled at Daytona Bike Week.

  • Drastic Action
    Drastic Action
    Episode 29

    Mikey launches a "Fill the Diaper" fundraising campaign for March of Dimes, OCC starts an eco-friendly build for CIMA Green and PJD unveils the March of Dimes bike. Meanwhile, Senior takes bold steps to reunite with his sons.

  • The Call
    The Call
    Episode 28

    After weeks of silence, Junior calls Senior to give his condolences on Helen's passing. Then PJD starts a charity build for the March of Dimes while OCC finishes a two-bike build for John Christner Trucking.

  • Rick's News
    Rick's News
    Episode 27

    Rick's news? He's ENGAGED! Meanwhile, Junior decides to revamp the Black Widow Bike he recently reclaimed from Senior, and OCC works on a two-bike build for John Christner Trucking.

  • Operation Reconciliation

    OCC builds a bike for Veterans Airlift Command and PJD finishes a bike for One Call Concepts. Then, more determined than ever to reconcile with Mikey and Junior, Senior invites Mikey to join him at a painting class.

  • The Apprentice Bike
    The Apprentice Bike
    Episode 25

    Senior deals with the death of his mother and is hurt when he doesn't hear from Junior or Mikey. Then, while PJD starts a build for One Call Concepts, OCC unveils a gold bike for Donald Trump.

  • Winners and Losers
    Winners and Losers
    Episode 24

    In the aftermath Chopper Live, Junior celebrates his win while fulfilling an order for an overseas client, while Senior focuses on the future with a big build and an even bigger opportunity: a spot on Celebrity Apprentice.

  • The Build-Off: Chopper Live

    The results are in, and revealed live from Las Vegas, the winner of the three-way bike build off.

  • The Build-Off
    The Build-Off
    Episode 22

    In this two-hour special, Senior, Junior and Jesse James compete in a no-holds-barred three-way build-off to determine whose bike reigns supreme. The winner — determined by viewers, in a vote immediately following the show — earns bragging rights as the best bike builder in the world.

  • Best Pranks
    Best Pranks
    Episode 21

    Dummies come to life, spitballs fly and air horns blast in this behind-the-scenes special. But what's a workplace without air-gun war, scooter jousting and helicopter drops?

  • Old Rivals
    Old Rivals
    Episode 20

    A three-way build-off is announced and contender Jesse James throws down the gauntlet by sending vulgar cakes to OCC and PJD. OCC works on two bikes and Junior unveils the biggest build of his career at Ground Zero in NYC.

  • Free Rick
    Free Rick
    Episode 19
    OCC builds a bike based on an Arabian horse for a client who wants to remain anonymous and Rick sits down with Senior, as rumors abound about his discontent with OCC. While PJD starts work on the World Trade Center tribute bike for the restoration of Ground Zero, Cody receives some good news from Paul Jr. Meanwhile, Mikey starts a new campaign for charity.moreless
  • Top Ten Bikes
    Top Ten Bikes
    Episode 18

    Senior and Junior count down their favorite top ten theme bikes.

  • Communication Breakdown

    Mikey and Senior both say they want to meet up, but go back and forth about the conditions under which they will meet. Then, OCC works until the last second to complete their bike for US Biker, while PJD unveils their bike for Dekalb.

  • Silent Treatment
    Silent Treatment
    Episode 16

    PJD works on a build for Dekalb while OCC builds a charity bike for Cell Buckle. The harmony is disrupted at OCC when Jason is offended by Senior's design critiques, resulting in a mangled bike that must be rebuilt.

  • Mikey's Favorite Moments

    Mikey hosts a retrospective of his favorite moments on the show, be it the good, the bad, or the ugly.

  • Top Ten Fights
    Top Ten Fights
    Episode 14
    The cast and crew countdown the ten best fights on the show.
  • Mikey's Decision
    Mikey's Decision
    Episode 13

    Deciding he'd like to commission painting, Senior continues to reach out to Mikey, who seeks counseling from Vinnie. In Atlanta, PJD reveals the bike for Cepheid, a medical technology company, to an impressed crowd, while in Indianapolis, OCC unveils the all-custom reverse trike for Beck's Hybrids as well as a bike to be used to raise money for the We Care for Orphans charity.

  • Senior Reaches Out
    Senior Reaches Out
    Episode 12

    Post-settlement, Senior tries to commission a painting from Mikey, but gets mixed signals from his son. OCC starts a build for Beck's, a family-owned hybrid-seed company that wants to build a reverse trike, while PJD works on a modern design for Cepheid, a medical diagnostics company.

  • Gears of War
    Gears of War
    Episode 11

    OCC starts a build for Wyotech, a school for budding mechanics. PJD continues work on their Gears of War 3 trike. Wyotech students visit OCC to help out while the understaffed PJD crew wonders how to find talented mechanics.

  • Downsizing
    Episode 10

    PJD works on a build for Gears of War 3 while the OCC crew builds a bike for Feather Free Zone. Meanwhile, with the OCC headquarters in foreclosure, Senior decides to build a new shop at the front of his property.

  • Return Of The Black Widow
    Junior and Vinnie venture into enemy territory to pick up the coveted Black Widow bike. Senior is frustrated he hasn't seen Mikey post-settlement. PJD assembles the FIST bike while OCC creates the Power Probe bike.
  • The Settlement
    The Settlement
    Episode 8
    Senior and Junior finally sit down to settle the two-year lawsuit that has torn their family apart. Amidst the drama, PJD starts a new bike for FIST enterprises while OCC builds a rock and roll inspired bike for Hard Rock.
  • Cadillac Build-Off Part 2
    OCC and PJD rush to finish their Cadillac bikes for the build-off, then race CTS-Vs at the Monticello Raceway. And at long last, Junior and Senior face each other when they unveil their bikes at General Motors.
  • Cadillac Build-Off Part 1
    Cadillac enlists both OCC and PJD to build a bike in a father-son build-off. But even as the competition heats up, Senior reaches out to Junior with a second settlement offer...and this time, without lawyers.
  • Deadliest Catch Bike
    The OCC crew heads up to Alaska to meet up with the Hillstrand brothers from Deadliest Catch. Then the Deadliest Catch Bike is built and unveiled at the CatchCon fan convention in Seattle.
  • Offer Denied
    Offer Denied
    Episode 4
    As Senior makes an offer that he claims Junior rejected - and Junior claims Senior took off the table - both parties wonder whether the other really wants to move forward. PJD starts their charity-bike build for CrankyApe, one of two they are building for the company, while at OCC, the crew is underway with a triple bike build for Trans Am Depot. Then, Senior's dog dies and Junior reaches out to his father.moreless
  • Judgement Day
    Judgement Day
    Episode 3
    Senior visits Mikey's gallery and is affected by paintings depicting their strained relationship. While both shops work on respective builds, Junior learns he has won his appeal of Senior's lawsuit. Senior decides to make Junior a settlement offer.
  • Big Guns
    Big Guns
    Episode 2
    OCC builds a bike for a long time client while Junior and Mikey head to Louisiana to consult with Will of Red Jacket Firearms on a custom gun design. Senior announces his reconciliation with one son and hopes he can make amends with Junior and Mikey too.
  • Mikey's Art Opening
    PJD starts a build for Jared Allen's charity while OCC works on a custom build for Supernatural Cymbals. Junior meets with lawyers to stay on top of a new lawsuit from his Dad. Mikey gets a taste of the limelight at his successful art gallery opening.