American Dad!

Season 1 Episode 9

A Smith in the Hand

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Sep 18, 2005 on TBS



  • Quotes

    • (In Principal's Lewis' office)
      Stan: (To Francine) These academics are expert at using mind games to implant their liberal agendas. I've dealt with them before, so leave the talking to me.
      Principal Lewis: (Enters his office) Good, you're both here.
      Stan: And you're both here.
      Principal Lewis: I understand there's a problem.
      Stan: I understand there's a solution.
      Principal Lewis: Mr. Smith, you're not making sense.
      Stan Playing the race card already? (To Francine) I've got him on the ropes.
      Francine: Thank you for seeing us, Principal Lewis. My husband is just a teeny bit concerned that Steve may not be ready for sex education.
      Stan: That's right! My wife didn't spend 36 hours squeezing Steve from her birth canal so you could shove his face right back in there!