American Dad!

Season 4 Episode 17

Brains, Brains, and Automobiles

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 18, 2009 on TBS

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  • Perfect


    Stan tries to sabotage Francine's plans to make Roger self-sufficient so Francine won't leave Stan for being boring. Meanwhile, Steve, Barry, Snot, and Toshi meet a mysterious salesman who sells them bikini underwear called "culottes." Overall, a perfect American Dad! episode that will get a ten out of ten from myself.
    10 out of 10

  • perfect

    What I liked: Stan putting Klaus in the freezer, Klaus revealing he put vodka in his bowl so he would not freeze, the ending of the episode, the entirety of Steve's plot with his friends at summer camp, amongst other things.

    Good episode. Steve's plot was really funny, and the main one, whilst somewhat funny, had a good plot. So, because of the amount of humor and good plot, this episode definitely gets an A+ from me as a grade
  • Another fun episode.

    While the storylines in tonight's episode may have seemed more like something one would see in an episode of SpongeBob Squarepants than an adult-oriented show, the show's unprecedented and unmatched dry-wit was nothing short of superb. When Stan went into Roger's subconscious I found myself laughing the entire way. These weird scenes might not work on another show, but they are common place on American Dad and work just fine.

    The scenes with Steve and his loser group of friends are getting better as well. "Look, they're bringing us to their women!" Laugh out loud moments throughout tonight's show, good episode.