American Dad!

Season 2 Episode 1

Bullocks to Stan

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Sep 11, 2005 on TBS
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When Stan is up for a promotion, he asks his family to be on their best behavior at the CIA picnic. Unfortunately, Hayley ends up getting into a fight with Stan's boss, Bullock, which makes Stan think his chances for the promotion are ruined. But when Stan goes to Bullock's house to apologize for Hayley's behavior, he's shocked to discover Bullock's new woman.moreless

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  • Very funny episode.

    When Stan is up for a promotion, he asks his family to be on their best behavior at the CIA picnic. Unfortunately, Hayley ends up getting into a fight with Stan's boss, Bullock, which makes Stan think his chances for the promotion are ruined. But when Stan goes to Bullock's house to apologize for Hayley's behavior, he's shocked to discover Bullock's new woman. In my opinion, the first episode on the show (and season 1) itself to gets a perfect score. I liked every single moments of it. Season 1 did got better after Deacon Stan, Jesus Man although there were a couple more weaker episodes. The story line was very funny. Of course, Bullock made this episode really funny. His role in this episode was very hilarious such as when was on the Smith's house singing. The other plot where Steve and Roger was calling other countries' was very funny as well. I liked the fight scene with Stan and Bullock near the end. Also, I liked the montage with Stan training Jeff. I had more funny parts for this episode. Overall 10/10.moreless
  • Instant Classic

    When Stan is up for a promotion, he asks his family to be on their best behavior at the CIA picnic. Unfortunately, Hayley ends up getting into a fight with Stan's boss, Bullock, which makes Stan think his chances for the promotion are ruined. But when Stan goes to Bullock's house to apologize for Hayley's behavior, he's shocked to discover Bullock's new woman.

    overal, a hilarious episode

    10 out of 10
  • superb

    Avery and Haley get in a fight and Stan is mad at Haley for what she said to his boss. He goes over to Bullock's house where he sees Haley, and he learns they are going out. Stan is furious, and so he tries to get Jeff to get back together with his daughter.

    What I liked: the break-up scene between Jeff and Haley, Stan trying to teach Jeff how to be more assertive (This is an apple, burying him, etc), and I really liked the outcome of the episode. It was not the best episode of the series or anything but it was really entertaining, and as such, my final grade is a B+.moreless
  • Classic

    In this episode, Stan is up for a promotion at his job, but he has to survive a CIA carnvial. Unfortunately, Hayley screws it up by being liberal to Mr. Bullock, Stan's boss. Stan then tell him to go apologize, but when he comes the next morning, he's discovered that they're dating! Also, Steve and Roger crank call other nations with Dick Chaney's Blackberry. This episode was hilarious all around, the prank calls were hilarious, especially when they *67'd by Argentina. The main plot was also hilarious with scenes like Stan's boss getting dumped right when he gives Stan his promotion. The ending with everyone getting beat up and then it turns out to be faked was a little odd, but I liked how Mr. Bullock thought Jeff was playing along, when he obviously wasn't. A classic episode for sure. 10/10 A+moreless
  • An instant classic.

    This episode has so many funny parts along with 3 great stortylines. The hillarious storylines are the Stan,Bullock,and Haley storyline,the storyline were Steve and Roger mess around with people with Dick Chenney's blackberry,and the Klaus commentary storyline. Some hillarious parts are when Stan finds a mistake in his own daydream and when Klaus commentates. Also it was hillarious when Roger calls a country's leader and says that he (prentending to be another country) he like likes him and then you se the country he was prank calling move real close to the country Roger was pretending to be and he gives the guy who Roger prank called a weird look and it was hillarious when Bullock was about to announce Stan's promotion and Haley broke up with him and he started crying on live tv. Overall an episode with in my top 10.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Although Francine is usually liberal and always supports Hayley, this episode she is against her relationship with Bullock only because of their age disparity.

    • The messages on the scrolling marquee at the bottom of the screen on "C-Spin" read:

      "CIA Deputy Director Bullock to Nominate New Deputy-Deputy Director"
      "Bullock Receives Phone Call From 18 Year-Old Girlfriend, Waves to Her"
      "Bullock Gets Dumped by Girlfriend Who's Going Back to Her Ex-Boyfriend Jeff Because He's Totally Changed"
      "Bullock Breaks Down Like the Little Girl He Fancies."

    • According to the DVD commentary for this episode, the "funniest line" that Klaus spoke over was:

      Stan: Kirk was a much better captain!
      Bullock: What?
      Stan: Nothing!

    • The name of the TV network that Bullock is going to announce Stan's promotion on is "C-Spin."

    • Stan is singing "Africa" by Toto while picking up Bullock's clothes at the laundromat.

    • Roger uses Dick Cheney's blackberry to enable him to phone British Primeminister Tony Blair. It is 04:00 in the UK, when he answers the phone. This means it would have been late evening in Virginia, where they are. This is because Virginia is in the Eastern Time Zone which is GMT - 5h during Standard Time. However, it is sunset at Stan's house, meaning it isn't 23:00.

    • When Steve and Roger prank call the U.N. Ambassador from Israel, he is sitting next to the Ambassador from Syria. And behind them, the Egyptian Ambassador is sitting next to the one from Jordan. The problem is that at the beginning of each U.N. session, one country is chosen at random. They will occupy the first seat. Then the rest will go in English alphabetical order. So, Egypt's neighbor would have been either Ecuador or El Salvador, Israel's would have been Ireland or Italy, Jordan's would have been Japan or Kazakhstan, and Syria's would have been Switzerland or Tajikistan. And on a separate note, Syria would have actually been called the Syrian Arab Republic.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Stan: You slept with my daughter?!
      Bullock: Well, actually, neither of us did much "sleeping", if you know what I mean.

    • (Phone rings)
      Steve: (Answers phone) Hello? (Hangs up) Oh, crap.
      Roger: What? What's wrong?
      Steve: Argentina just *69'ed us.
      (Roger gasps)

    • Waitress #1: More coffee?
      (Stan & Bullock enter)
      Jeff: Quick. Pretend you don't know me.
      Waitress #1: I don't know you.
      Jeff: Oh, I'm sorry. Jeff Fisher.
      Bullock: Jeff Fisher! Let's go. Time to die.

    • Hayley: (Answering phone) Hello.
      Jeff: Hayley, you're father's trying to kill me.
      Hayley: What are you talking about?
      Jeff: Your dad and some bald dude.
      Hayley: Avery.
      Jeff: Look, you got to come get me. I stole their car to escape, but they're only a couple miles behind me.
      Hayley: They why did you stop?
      Jeff: Uh... it's an SUV. We've only got one planet.

    • Jeff: Want me to unload the truck?
      Stan: No need. Just put this on.
      Jeff: Cool.
      (Stan points rifle at Jeff)
      Jeff: (Gasps) Is an animal right behind me?
      Bullock: Jeff, we haven't been entirely forthright with you. You see, we're actually out here to hunt the most cunning prey of all.
      Jeff: An otter?
      Bullock: Bigger.
      Jeff: A dolphin? No, that's stupid. We're in the woods. A land dolphin?
      Stan: It's you! We're going to kill you! I'm sorry, but it was going to take him forever.
      Jeff: You guys, very funny. Ha, ha!
      (Stan shoots Jeff's hat off)
      Jeff: Oh, God! You're not kidding. Please, don't shoot! (Starts crying)
      Stan: Um... sir, should we maybe at least give him a head start?
      Bullock: Capital idea! We'll make a game of it. (To Jeff) You have thirty seconds. One, two...
      (Jeff drives off in their car)

    • Jeff: (Buried underground) I can't breathe.
      Stan: Plenty of air out here, Jeff. I'm filling my lungs with it now.
      Jeff: Mr. Smith, please!
      Stan: Real men stay calm under pressure, Jeff. By the way, you only have five more minutes to learn that lesson. Two if you panic.

    • Stan: Well, I thought giving you a blanket party would have done the trick, but I guess we're gonna have to do this the hard way.
      Jeff: (Tied up to a post) I have blood in my ears.
      Stan: All right, Jeff. This is an apple. (Holds up a banana)
      Jeff: Um, okay.
      (Stan zaps him)
      Stan: Once again, this is an apple.
      Jeff: Okay.
      (Stan zaps him again)
      Stan: Damn it, man! You know what this is! Be more assertive! Now, this is an apple. (Holding up a banana)
      Jeff: No, it's not!
      (Stan zaps him once more)
      Stan: Oh, oh, I'm sorry. Did you say no? Right, right, this is not an apple, good.

    • Bullock: (To Stan) Say, do you perchance have any Gatorade? I'm afraid I left all my electrolytes with your daughter.

    • Bullock: Sure, everyone knows the CIA invented crack and introduced it to the inner city, but what we never get credit for is malt liquor. (Chuckles) Yes, that was us.

    • Steve: Look what I found.
      (Music ceases)
      Steve: Dick Cheney's Blackberry.
      Roger: Oh, my God. I smell shenanigans. Gimme, gimme, gimme. (Dials phone)
      (Distant phone ringing)
      Tony Blair: (Answering phone) Uh! It's 4:00 in the bloody morning. Hello?
      Roger: Uh, British Prime Minister Tony Blair?
      Tony Blair: Speaking.
      Roger: Guess what?
      Tony Blair: What?
      Roger: Chicken butt. (Laughs)

    • Hayley: Look, get this through your head, Avery. We are over. I'm with Jeff now.
      Bullock: How dare you talk to me that way, you third-rate tart.
      Stan: Uh... sir, she is my daughter.
      Bullock: Silence, man-horse! This is between me and that filthy, cheap slut.

    • Stan: With all due respect, sir, suck it up.
      Bullock: You'll get your promotion, Smith. Just as soon as you do one last thing for me.
      Stan: Oh, come on! I've picked up your laundry, I polished your shoes... I've done everything but bend over backwards for you, and my daughter did that, so I say we count it. What else could you possibly want me to do?
      Bullock: Kill Jeff Fisher.

    • Stan: I got the promotion, Francine!
      Francine: Yes, but you lost my respect. You're not the man I married.
      Stan: And you're not the man I married.
      Francine: That doesn't make any sense.
      Stan: It doesn't have to. I got a promotion!

    • Stan: All right, Jeff. Are you familiar with a TV show called Fear Factor?
      Jeff: Yeah?
      Stan: Well, today you're going on a long car trip with Joe Rogan.
      Joe Rogan: Ever do it with a stripper? They're some psycho bitches.
      Stan: Get in, Jeff.
      Jeff: No way! I am not spending an entire afternoon with this polarizing figure. I'm going home.
      Stan: Jeff, wait! Do you realize what you just did? You stood up to me. Now you're the kind of man Hayley wants. Congratulations.
      Joe Rogan: What are you guys, homos?
      Stan: No.
      Joe Rogan: (Sadly) Oh.

    • Stan: What the hell do you think you're...
      Hayley: Look, Avery called to apologize for what he said at the carnival. We met for coffee, and, well, I know it's crazy, but I like him. He challenges me. And besides, he has a huge...
      Stan: Penis, I mean, Hayley! Damn it. I was trying to cut you off before you said...
      Hayley: I was gonna say heart, but, well, you shined his shoes.

    • Stan: Unbelievable. I'm this close to a promotion and our darling, little Squeeky Fromme decides to assassinate my career.
      Klaus: You know, I wasn't sure about the Squeeky Fromme reference, but it's a smart joke and the fans have come to expect that from us.

    • Hayley: Hey, if the whole CIA is at this carnival, who's out there undermining democracy?
      Stan: The FBI pulls a double shift. Now, listen, when we get there, you better keep your Liberal pie hole shut! My promotion depends on it.
      Francine: Honestly, Stan, what does Hayley have to do with you getting a promotion? It should be enough that you're really good at your job.
      Stan: Yeah, it should. But we don't live in Shouldland. Ah, Shouldland, where clean-cut kids cruise Shouldland Boulevard, and the Shouldland High football team gets their optimistic asses kicked by their cross-town rival, Reality Check Tech.

    • Francine: It's just a CIA carnival. Why are we folding napkins?
      Stan: Because there'll be food and my boss likes to wipe his mouth on swans. (Picks up napkin) What the hell is this?
      Roger: Metrosexual soccer icon, David Beckham. I can't do swans. I don't know why.

    • Jeff: God, it's so beautiful out here. I want to weep.
      Hayley: Yeah, look, Jeff, I have bad news. This is a breakup hike.
      Jeff: What? But-but-but we're so good together!
      Hayley: No, we're not. You never challenge me. You just always agree with me.
      Jeff: You're right, I so do that. But I can change.
      Hayley: No, you can't.
      Jeff: You're right. Let's get married.
      Hayley: Goodbye, Jeff.
      Jeff: Good call, babe. You can do better.

    • Hayley: Hello, Deputy Director Bullock. You're looking well.
      Stan: Uh, sir, you-you remember Hayley, my, uh... son's sister.
      Bullock: Of course, I'm surprised they let you through security. I guess those scanners can't detect half-baked, policitcal ideology, hmm?
      (Stan laughs, forcefully)
      Hayley: You're lucky. As a cockroach, you'll actually survive the nuclear war you're working so hard to incite. (Walks away)
      Stan: (Laughing) I've already forgotten what she just said.
      Bullock: (To Hayley) That's right, little girl. Run along. Go play Ultimate Frisbee with your drum circle and leave politics to the adults.
      Hayley: You know, I actually don't play frisbee. I guess the CIA got their intel wrong... again.

    • Hayley: Dad, do something!
      Stan: (To waitress) So what, exactly, is a frittata?
      Hayley: Dad!
      Stan: Hey, I'm hungry. This guy rode me like an animal for 3 hours! Do you have any idea what that's like?
      (Pause, Hayley glares)
      Stan: And now I'm not hungry.

    • (As Fred leaves his office with a box of his stuff)
      Stan: Hang in there, Fred. You're going to beat this.
      Jackson: We're rooting for you, buddy.
      Dick: Remember, "terminal, fatal, inoperable" - just words.
      (Fred's elevator door closes, others rush into his office)
      Jackson: Hole puncher is mine!
      Dick: I got the stapler!
      Jackson: Dibs on his medical marijuana!
      Dick: Hey, Stan, don't you want some of Fred's stuff? It's not contagious.
      Stan: Oh, I'm getting the biggest prize.
      Jackson: His wife?
      Stan: His job. I've been working Bullock for that promotion since Fred's first nosebleed.

    • Bullock: Attention, everyone. Here are the invitations to the annual CIA family carnival. This is a top-secret gathering, so you'll want to memorize the time and location immediately -
      Stan: Done! (Eats invitation)
      Bullock: Because the invitations will self-destruct in three seconds.
      (Everyone's invitations burn up and disintegrate)
      Stan: (Coughs) Still better than my wife's cooking, eh? (Laughs, everyone leaves) I'm pooping blood tonight.

  • NOTES (17)


    • Jethro Tull
      Jeff offering to perform a blistering flute solo is a reference to hard rock band Jethro Tull, whose lead singer, Ian Anderson, is known for playing a flute.

    • Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme
      While angry with Hayley for attempting to ruin his chance at a promotion, Stan refers to her as our "darling little 'Squeaky' Fromme" who "assassinates my career". This is a reference to Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, a member of the Manson family who attempted to assassinate President Ford.

    • Fargo
      When Stan has his dream about killing Bullock, the killing of the passer-by is parodying Fargo.

    • Episode: Ending
      The ending of this episode is a humorous take on the ending of Anger Management, only this time, it wasn't staged.

    • CIA Carnival: WMD Hunt
      When the camera is panning along the stalls at the CIA fair, it seems to hold on the WMD Hunt stall for longer than it is necessary for the viewer to absorb the scene. This may be a subtle reference to the lack of WMDs found in Iraq.

    • Dick: I got the stapler!
      Dick is voiced by actor Stephen Root, who played the oddball character, "Milton," in the movie, Office Space, who obsessed about his missing stapler.

    • Stan & Bullock: Hunting Jeff
      When Stan and Bullock are trying to hunt Jeff, it is a reference the the story, The Most Dangerous Game.

    • C-Spin: Name / Logo
      The name and logo of the TV network where Bullock is about to announce Stan's promotion is a spoof off of the real network, C-Span.

    • Stan: Are you familiar with a TV show called Fear Factor?
      An obvious reference to the show of the same name hosted by Joe Rogan, where contestants are put through various stunts, which are often disgusting, in order to face their fears and win a cash prize. More Info