American Dad!

Season 2 Episode 4

Con Heir

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 02, 2005 on TBS
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Episode Summary

When Stan's father passes away, Stan reveals his real father is actually Jack Smith, a super suave spy. Jack convinces Stan to quit the CIA and work with him at the Scarlet Alliance, an ultra-secret spy group. Francine is upset with Stan, who is busy training with Jack for a mission involving uranium, artwork and terrorists. But when the FBI shows up at the Smiths' house looking for an international jewel thief, Francine suspects Jack is the fake.moreless

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  • Wrong episode and season

    This is a great episode however. . You've got the episode title and season completely WRONG. Roger says Cheez Nips are not the same as Cheez its is on episode 11 of season one. IMDB
  • Stan has a real father named Jack

    When Stan's father passes away, Stan reveals his real father is actually Jack Smith, a super suave spy. Jack convinces Stan to quit the CIA and work with him at the Scarlet Alliance, an ultra-secret spy group. Francine is upset with Stan, who is busy training with Jack for a mission involving uranium, artwork and terrorists. But when the FBI shows up at the Smiths' house looking for an international jewel thief, Francine suspects Jack is the fake. I thought this was a decent episode. The plot is not the best I had been for the show, but it good to me. Jack's first appearance was great...and he won't make other appearance until Jack's Back...which was a tad better than this one. I didn't laughed very much in this episode. It was actually funny that Stan have a real father and it turns out that his late father was fake the whole time. I only laughed like a few more and that's all I'm saying about this episode. Either way, this episode was still good to watch. 7.5/10moreless
  • Another ten

    When Stan's father passes away, Stan reveals his real father is actually Jack Smith, a super suave spy. Jack convinces Stan to quit the CIA and work with him at the Scarlet Alliance, an ultra-secret spy group. Francine is upset with Stan, who is busy training with Jack for a mission involving uranium, artwork and terrorists. But when the FBI shows up at the Smiths' house looking for an international jewel thief, Francine suspects Jack is the fake.

    Overall, a hilarious episode.

    Overall a 10 out of 10moreless
  • superb

    Stan's father died, or so everyone thinks; turns out Stan had a man to pretend to be his dad for many years, which Francine and the kids did not know. When Stan's real dad shows up, Francine finds out he is a jewel thief, and tries to tell Stan, but he does not believe her. Will she be able to convince him before it is too late?

    Good episode. I liked Stan's dad as a character and I liked Roger's dedication to him, even though he barely knows him. Felt like a good episode. Not one of my favorites but it was a pretty good episode, and as such it gets a B+/A- from memoreless
  • A fantastic episode but a horrible sub plot.

    This episode episode was really funny and some hillarious parts are when Stan accedentially killed the artist and when Stan was bragging how awesome his dad is to Francine. Also it was hillarious when Francine was talking to Jack and Stan was working out and he said Dad you missed it, also it was funny how Stan wanted his Dad to see everything he does. Also Roger's boy crush on Jack was very funny but Steve and Snot competeing for the old lady extremely unfunny and I am so glad it was only a few parts long. Overall a hillarious episode that is within my top 20.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Roger is in Hayley's room you can see the alarm clock on her desk behind her has no hands.  When it switches back, the hands on the clock are present again as they should be.

    • While Jack is making breakfast, you can see a piece of steak on Hayley's plate, even though we learn in "Stan of Arabia" that she's vegetarian.

    • At the end of the episode when Stan caught Jack, Jack says, "No ones ever caught me." But if no ones ever caught him, how do they have a picture of him with a mustache in prison.

    • When Jack and Stan are prowling the rooftops of Washington, D.C, the background is a generic cityscape, including skyscrapers. However, the building codes of the District of Columbia are set up to keep the Washington Monument (as well as other monuments and governmental buildings) the dominant fixture of the skyline.

    • When Stan chases Jack out of the museum and sees him smoking, he responds in a very shocked manner, yet he was smoking at the funeral near the start, too, and he didn't act remotely surprised.

  • QUOTES (32)

    • Francine: (after finding out Stan's been lying about his father) I can't believe you lied to me all these years.
      Stan: And the best part is I'm still lying about a bunch of other stuff!

    • Jack: Hello, Stan! Long time, no partially see!

    • Stan: (To Jack) Daddy, now let's find that uranium you told me about.

    • (When Stan and Francine are locked in the little glass room in the basement)
      Stan: Roger, get us out!
      Roger: Yeaaah, I'm gonna have to check with Jack on that.
      Francine: Roger, he's not coming back!
      Roger: He'll be back! He'll send for me!! (Runs out of the basement and turns the lights off)
      Stan: Francine, do you even like Roger? Because I think we've done enough for him.

    • Stan: (To Jack) Dad, look!!
      (Stan is hanging upside down, Jack continues to ignore him, Stan falls)
      Stan: (Sadly) Dad, you missed it.

    • Roger: (To Francine) Well, if the Jack-anater says you're a spy, then you're a spy.

    • Stan: (To Francine) Dad's taking me on a mission! But first we're going to get some cheeseburgers and milkshakes! Are you jealous? Yeah, you're totally jealous!

    • Stan: Francine, you were right. My dad's a thief and a con artist. I'm just a sucker in an itchy turtleneck. And what I did to you, go ahead, punch me in the face.
      Francine: Oh, Stan. (Hits him with a lamp)
      Stan: Ow! I said punch, not lamp.
      Francine: That's for locking me in the basement without giving me any laundry to fold! You know how I hate down time!
      Stan: Take pity on me. My whole pathetic life's been based on a lie. I'm a nobody.
      (Francine hits him with a lamp again)
      Stan: Ow! Stop it!

    • Jack: Can't you just let me go, son? After all, I let you go, and you were just a baby.
      Stan: All right. But the jewels stay with me, and this is your last robbery.
      Jack: You have my word. Goodbye, son.
      Stan: Wait a second. Where are my keys?
      Jack: (In Stan's car) I swear on my grandchildren, this car is the last thing I ever steal! (Stops car, breaks parking meter, and takes all the coins)

    • Jack: Sorry, Stan. I can't go to jail. You know what they'd do to my eye socket in there?

    • Stan: I can't believe you chose a life of crime over the most precious jewel of all: a son's love.
      Jack: Oh, hold on a second. (Grabs cell phone) Hello, French Riviera? Yes, can I buy a chateau with my son's love?
      Stan: Yes, yes, we all know the bit.

    • Jack: Stan, it's time I told you the truth. I didn't come to town just to see my grandchildren. The fact is, I'm retiring.
      Stan: Dad, no! You can't! So many people will be left unkilled.

    • Roger: Jack is so wonderful. How many push-ups do you think he can do? 'Cause I think he can do a hundred.
      Hayley: Roger, do you have a boy crush on my grandfather?
      Roger: No, of course not! Why? Did he say something about me?

    • Jack: Now, scare me up some bourbon, spaceman.
      Roger: God, not even a "please." Treat me like a doormat, why don't you? I'll be right back. (Runs off giggling)

    • Bullock: Good God, there's a bomb in my office!
      Stan: Oh, my God, it's a giant bomb! How fudge-making!
      CIA Agent #1: There's a bomb?
      CIA Agent #2: What's going on?
      CIA Agent #3: Someone brought fudge?

    • Grandpa Smith: And that's how I lost a testicle.
      Steve: Wow, Grandpa! I thought I heard every story there was about Betty Davis.
      (Roger walks in)
      Grandpa Smith: Ooh! What's that? A bugaboo?
      Steve: Roger, you're not supposed to be in here while Grandpa's visiting.
      Roger: Don't worry, Gramps. I'm just a faded memory of the girl you kissed on VJ Day, wandering through to get some Cheez-Its.
      Klaus: Hey, while you're in there, get me an Otter Pop. Alexander the Grape!

    • Stan: Oh, Dad, these eggs are the best. Francine, taste these eggs. It's like Dad plucked them from the ovaries of an angel.

    • Steve: Gentlemen, I made out with a chick -- she's an older woman.
      Snot: Yeah, how old?
      Steve: She's 80.
      Snot: Dude, she's got wrinkles.
      Steve: So do raisins, but those taste pretty sweet. Now, if you need me later on, check the retirement villa, apartment 2C. I'll be PoliGripping third base.

    • Francine: Hi, honey.
      Stan: Aw, Francine, Bullock stuck me with another pathetic assignment. I'm in a rut. My career is going nowhere.
      Roger: Well, if you need a place to go, how about the market? Oh, and, Francine, FYI: Cheese Nips are not the same as Cheez-Its. Why have a list if you're not going to follow it? (Throws box on ground and steps on it)

    • Stan: All the cool missions go to the young guys.
      Francine: Stan, maybe you're just having a mid-life crisis. You want to cheat on me?
      Stan: A mistress on my salary, Francine? Come on!
      Francine: Listen, sweetheart, you have a stable job, an adoring wife, and a family that loves you. That makes you the richest man in the world.
      Stan: Oh. Oh, that's fantastic, Francine. I'm the richest man in the world. (Grabs phone) Hello? Bill Gates? Turns out I'm the richest guy in the world because I have an adoring wife and a loving family.
      Francine: Oh, Stan, please.
      Stan: Oh, hang on. That's the other line. Hello? UNICEF? Yes, I'd like to donate some of my immense riches. What's that? Children are still starving in Africa because wife love is worthless to you? What an odd policy.

    • Stan: Francine, I don't want to be a pencil pusher. I'm a killing machine.
      Francine: Oh, sweetie, I know. Why don't you just talk to your boss and tell him how you feel?
      Stan: That's perfect! I'll plant a bomb in his office and then diffuse it, so I can prove I've still got it.

    • Steve: Come on, guys, guess who I am!
      Hayley: Oh, uh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! I don't care.
      Steve: It's Gavin from my algebra class. He's always doing this.
      Klaus: Well, you tell Gavin to pay attention. The students in China pay attention, and they outnumber us four to one. The Red Dragon awakens.

    • Steve: (Trying to "guess" Grandpa Smith) Um, um, okay, okay, uh, dead? L - Lifeless? Oh, Lindsay Lohan's eyes!

    • Father Donovan: (At Grandpa Smith's funeral) Okay, what do we got here? Ah, beloved Grandpa. Course. God forbid I get to spice up my day with a murdered stripper.
      Francine: Stan, maybe you should say a few words.
      Father Donovan: Great, thanks for landing this. I got tee time in, like, 20 minutes. (Leaves)
      Stan: So... tacos? Who wants tacos? I'm buying.
      Hayley: Gosh, Dad, you're not even gonna say anything about your own father?
      Stan: Oh, he didn't like tacos.

    • Hayley: So, you're a despicable CIA fascist like my father.
      Jack: No, doll face, I work for the Scarlet Alliance. It's more secret, more deadly, and everyone wears a turtleneck.
      Klaus: Sounds like a disco I used to frequent in Berlin. I did lines with Falco in the men's room. Greedy, greedy Falco.

    • Francine: Yeah. About your amazing dad. I still can't believe you kept this from me.
      Stan: But... he said not to tell.
      Francine: But I'm your wife.
      Stan: And he's my dad. That's nature's wife! Don't you get it, Francine? The whole reason I joined the CIA was to be like him.
      Francine: What kind of man abandons his family for 20 years?
      Stan: Only the manliest man in the world. Honestly, you should be having sex with him right now. He'd do you right. You want me to go get him? I don't think he's asleep.

    • Francine: You quit the CIA?!
      Stan: That's right! I have a chance to join the Scarlet Alliance.
      Francine: A chance?! You don't even have the job yet? What about your family?!
      Stan: Francine, this is my dream. My life will finally be rich with adventure.
      Francine: Oh! Adventure. Hold on. (Grabs phone) Hello? MasterCard? Do you accept payment in the form of adventure?
      Stan: But...
      Francine: (Still pretending to be on the phone) Hello? Colleges? I'd like to pay my son's tuition. I don't have any money, but my husband is rich in adventure! ("Hangs up")
      Stan: Well, what'd they say?

    • Jack: Okay, these are blueprints of the National Gallery of Art.
      Stan: Finally! All-out war against artists. I've longed for this day.
      Jack: No, Stan. Terrorists have smuggled uranium in a shipment of Egyptian artwork.
      Stan: Terrorists? You mean Al-Qaeda?
      Jack: Al-Qaeda? Please! Al-Qaeda wishes they could cater these guys' parties. We have to break into the museum and get the uranium before they do.
      Roger: No! It's too dangerous! You and I could be so happy together.
      Jack: What?
      Roger: I said, Cheez-It? (Walks away slowly)

    • Francine: (Answering door) Hello. Are you from a religion? Because we're happy with the God we have now.

    • Jack: Son, breaking into a vault is like making love to a woman.
      Stan: Right, so we should pound on it for, like, two minutes?
      Jack: No, you've got to gently work the dials until she surrenders. And it opens.

    • Stan: (To his father, after shocking Francine) Dad, you missed it!

    • Stan: Uh, Deputy Director Bullock.
      Bullock: Gentlemen, we have a crucial mission. We found an Al-Qaeda cell camped out in the remote desert of Algeria.
      Stan: Are they planning an attack?
      Bullock: No, they're just on a camping trip.
      Stan: Those s'mores-making bastards!

  • NOTES (10)

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Stan: (When finding Steve and his Dad sitting on the couch) Steve, I hope you scotchguarded. We can't flip that cushion again.

      This is probably a reference to previous American Dad episode "Roger Codger", where Roger squirts his green goo all over the left couch cushion and Stan 'cleans it up' by flipping the cushion.

    • Harold and Maude
      Steve falling in love with Gretchen, the elderly woman, is a slight hint at the movie Harold and Maude in which a Harold, a neglected 19-year-old, falls in love with an 89-year-old woman, Maude. Some similarities are that Steve is often neglected by his dad, he falls in love with the woman, and in the end, Gretchen, like Maude, dies.

    • Johann Hölzel
      Klaus feels reminded of a discotheque in Berlin where he used to do lines with Falco in the men's room. Johann Hölzel, better known by his stage name Falco, was an Austrian rap, pop and rock musician infamous for excessive use of cocaine.

    • Con Air
      The title refers to the 1997 action film Con Air.

    • Six Feet Under
      The birth and death dates coupled with the flash of white light is a reference to the way every episode of the HBO show Six Feet Under begins.

    • Stan: Say whaaaaaaaaaat?
      This is a reference to the show Clone High, USA. It's the catchphrase of the character "Ghandi," first used in Episode 4.

    • Francine: (Answering door) Hello. Are you from a religion? Because we're happy with the God we have now.
      This is a reference to how Jehovah's witnesses preach door to door.

    • Snot: Character
      The character of Snot is voiced by Curtis Armstrong who played Booger in Revenge of the Nerds.

    • Home Deport: Name
      The name of the store where Stan picks up his fake father, as we see in a flashback, is a parody of the actual store, "Home Depot."

    • Jack: Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D.
      Stan's father is designed after the Marvel comics character, Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Plus, the name is a nod to the artist who helped create Fury, Jack Kirby.

    • Roger: Can someone tell Snake Plissken here to back off?
      In reference to the eye-patch clad toughguy from the Escape from New York and Escape from L.A. movies.