American Dad!

Season 3 Episode 5

Dungeons and Wagons

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Nov 12, 2006 on FOX
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After Francine tells Stan she's looking for excitement in their marriage, Stan gets in the driver's seat and becomes involved in drag racing to spice things up. Meanwhile, Hayley breaks up with her boyfriend, Jeff, who is emotionally crushed until he joins Steve's world of online gaming. When Hayley finds out, she tries to sabotage their fun.moreless

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  • Stan becomes involved in drag racing; Jeff joins Steve's world of online gaming

    After Francine tells Stan she's looking for excitement in their marriage, Stan gets in the driver's seat and becomes involved in drag racing to spice things up. Meanwhile, Hayley breaks up with her boyfriend, Jeff, who is emotionally crushed until he joins Steve's world of online gaming. When Hayley finds out, she tries to sabotage their fun. Another great American Dad episode. I liked Steve/Jeff/Hayley plot better than the main plot in my opinion. The main plot was good but not my favorite. There weren't that much humor in that plot, but there were several such as one of Roger's lines, the "I'm going to beat your ass" part, and Francine singing while the jail guys told her "SHUT UP" The drag racing scenes were my favorite. As for the subplot, I enjoyed much of it since it was interesting to see different animation. It was animated by Titmouse, Inc. The ending was the best part when Steve's character dies all of a sudden and then he said "Son of a bi***!" Other funny parts: Everyone's reaction when Hayley's character first appeared, saying Agathor's name backwards in order to kill him, and the Jaws reference. Overall this was a great episode but the main plot could have been a bit better. 8/10moreless
  • Stan becomes involved in drag racing and Jeff joins the world of online gaming with Steve when he becomes emotionally depressed about Haley breaking up with him

    After Francine tells Stan she's looking for excitement in their marriage, Stan gets in the driver's seat and becomes involved in drag racing to spice things up. Meanwhile, Hayley breaks up with her boyfriend, Jeff, who is emotionally crushed until he joins Steve's world of online gaming. When Hayley finds out, she tries to sabotage their fun. I thought that this was a superb episode of "American Dad". It wasn't my favorite episode but it was very enjoyable. I enjoyed both of the storylines but I thought the online gaming storyline was more funnier and more cooler... well... not as cool as the drag race scenes in Stan's plot but still. I didn't find the Stan/Francine plot to be completely excellent but I still liked it. I really didn't like how Francine thinks that Stan is boring which makes Stan get involved in drag racing so they can have excitement in their marriage. Francine lowered my score a little for that doing to Stan, she should never say he is boring because as long as you are with someone you love, it shouldn't boring. Stan could've died because of what Francine is saying about Stan not being exciting or any of those things. The drag racing scenes are definitely the best part of Stan's plot though... it was super duper cool or "bad@$$" (excuse my language by the way) and it had some "Fast and Furious" into it. As for the Steve/Jeff/Haley plot when Jeff joins the online gaming world with Steve after Haley broke up with Jeff was very good. The animation on the online gaming scenes were very cool and the fight scenes were so epic. The very ending of the episode made me laugh so hard especially when Steve said "Son of a b****". Overall, a superb episode of "American Dad". 9/10moreless
  • Another excellent episode

    After Francine tells Stan she's looking for excitement in their marriage, Stan gets in the driver's seat and becomes involved in drag racing to spice things up. Meanwhile, Hayley breaks up with her boyfriend, Jeff, who is emotionally crushed until he joins Steve's world of online gaming. When Hayley finds out, she tries to sabotage their fun.

    It was funny how it was a WoW type of episode

    Overall, this episode gets a 10 out of 10moreless
  • great

    Stan gets involved with drag racing to spice things up in his marriage, but things take a turn for the worse when he loses a race and finds out Francine made a bet on the race, money they don't have. Will he come up with the money? Jeff and Haley break up and Jeff starts playing an online role playing game with Steve, and Haley is jealous.

    Good episode, I guess. Some of it was kind of boring. I enjoyed both plots a little, but I have to admit, I was bored for some of it. Not one of my favorites, there was just something I did not really like about this episode, and as such, my final grade is a B- or so, I think is fair.moreless
  • In the words of an nice minion... "Simpsons did it!!" ... Yes, but South Park did it first!!!

    Now, I know this episodes has been out for ages, but I really wanted to do this review, I think it's one of the rare occasions that I think the episode deserves an actual 10.

    The whole "Fast and the Furious" plot worked wonders for me, specially the White snake montage... Just too Cool!!! Roger powering Stan's car it was great, not to mention the fact that when Stans come to him for help drunk in the night, Roger thinks it's another thing Stan wants from him....Ha, ha.

    On the other side, the kids playing the warcraft type game was also great, let alone the whole plot of Haley trying to win her ex-boyfriend back, I laughed my ass off when Haley says "The woman you worship talking.." and jeff just slams the door on her whitout even bother to look... I wished I done that Soooo many years ago on one girl.... another moment was when in order to defeat a monster a scuba air thank is introduced to the monster's mouth, just as i saw this I went "Smile for me you soon of a ..." a clear reference to Jaws, one of the great Creature feature movies of all time... Just priceless.Let alone the fact that the whole "LOTR" thing was very cool animated.

    Just one question pops in my mind, if South park, Simpsons and American Dad! have already done an episode paying Homage to the Fantasy/Dungeons and Dragons realm, why hasn't any studios bother to make an actual series of that genre, being a serious one, or a comic one, I think Matt Groeing and Trey Parker/Matt stone can come up with a clever plot, and now Seth McFarlane has proven he can too, so what's the hold up, it's not like there's not an audience for it, any manga/anime fan can tell you there are several cool series (Slayers,Sorcerer hunters,Lodoss War, and thousand more)and there a lot of room for a futurama/south park type of "D and D" series....moreless
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Curtis Armstrong


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Eddie Kaye Thomas


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Jeff Fischer

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Stan: I won! What a rush! (notices his pants are wet) I hope this is sweat.

    • Roger: (throwing his Rod Stewart vinyl collection at Leon) Choke on my Rod, sucker!

    • Man: So you're the fabled "Suit" I've been hearing about for the past twenty seconds. (pauses) Lets race.
      Stan: You're on, minority person.

    • Francine: I need excitement, but I think being kidnapped is a little too much. I need something between being a normal wife and being kidnapped!

    • Leon: (to Stan) You got the money?!
      Roger: You got the manners to say hello first?
      Leon: Hello.

    • Leon: Where's my money?
      Stan: If you're smart, in U.S. Savings Bonds.
      Leon: Your wife put down 50 G's on the race.
      Stan: What?! Francine, why would you bet 50 grand?
      Francine: I needed more excitement. I just wanted that extra rush, to feel that high.
      Stan: Good God, woman! Couldn't you have just had a Red Bull and a sugar cookie?! We don't have $50,000!

    • Hayley: I was so sick of Jeff, and now I can't stop thinking about him. I have to figure out a way to win him back from my stupid brother.
      Klaus: Your brother is not the problem. The problem is Agathor. Kill him, and you'll get Jeff back.
      Hayley: Oh, my God, you know how to kill him?
      Klaus: The question isn't can I kill him. The question is, "Do you like me?"
      Hayley: Not really.
      Klaus: Oh. Anyway, I know how to defeat Steve.

    • Francine: Stan!
      Stan: That's 2 Fast 2 Furious! Which means you've already seen the first one! How else could you possibly follow the highly cerebral storyline?

    • Roger: Well, that was about as obvious as the setup for the sequel at the end of Batman Begins.
      Stan: What are you talking about?
      Roger: You know, when Inspector Gordon gives him that Joker playing card.
      Stan: No, what about Francine?
      Roger: What about her?
      Stan: You sounded like you were gonna say something important about Francine.
      Roger: No. Don't think so.
      Stan: Oh. Okay.
      Roger: Oh, I remember. Francine is fantasizing about the street racer you saw last night.
      Stan: Why would she do that?
      Roger: Why would who do that?
      Stan: Francine! Street racers!
      Roger: Oh, right, right. My mind, my mind's all drifty today. Uh, anyway, you're boring, and Francine's stuck on the street racer because he represents danger and thrills.
      Stan: That's ridiculous. Francine doesn't think things she doesn't say. She's not a dog.

    • Roger: (falls out of the cupboard) Tuluk nuk nuk? Oh, I'm sorry. I've been locked in there for so long, I went all Nell and invented my own language.

    • Stan: Francine, I've told you, sandwiches should be cut in triangles like a neatly folded flag. What am I supposed to do with this rectangular monstrosity?
      Roger: Can't you just pretend it's an unfolded flag?
      Stan: No!
      Roger: God, you can be such a douche.

    • (car pulls up next to Stan's at an intersection)
      Francine: He's challenging us. Oh, Stan, are you gonna do what I hope you're gonna do?
      Stan: You bet I am. This punk doesn't stand a chance.
      (street racer starts revving the engine; light changes to green; Stan doesn't move as the other car races off alone)
      Francine: What are you doing?
      Stan: (takes out a notepad and pencil) Writing down his license plate so I can report him to the proper authorities for speeding... and for wastefully burning rubber. There's a war on, Francine, and it's going great.

    • Stan: Well, date night was a rousing success. Me and my lady, eating steakes, drinking martinis, and I'm not too drunk or too full for sex. Too bad it's not sex night.
      Francine: Stan, every Friday night, we go to the same restaurant and get the same steak dinner. I feel like we're in a rut.
      Stan: A good rut like 200 years of democracy or a bad rut like UNICEF?

  • NOTES (6)

    • This episode premiered on [adult swim] on August 10, 2008.

    • This episode was nominated for the 2007 Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing in Sound Effects, Foley, Dialogue, ADR and Music for Television Animation.

    • The entire online gaming half of the episode runs for nine minutes and forty-seven seconds.

    • According to this episode, Jeff has written three whole journals on amazing things Hayley has said.

    • The in-game animation was done by Titmouse Studios.

    • The plot of the online game "Dragon Scuffle" is quite similar to the South Park episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft." Both episodes show in-game footage. Except South Park has the actual in-game footage and this episode had footage that was in an 80's cartoon.

      However, the plot of game isn't based on that episode of South Park. In that episode, the boys wanted to kill off the guy who defeated other players. In the game on American Dad, Hayley just wanted to defeat Steve so she could get back Jeff. The plots aren't very similar at all. If anything, both shows are loosely based on the game Dungeons and Dragons.

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • Jack Daniels
      When Stan goes up to Roger's room drunk to talk about Francine, he's holding a bottle of whiskey with what appears to be the Jack Daniels' label on it. In a close-up, the word 'Jack' is clearly visible.

    • 2 Fast 2 Furious
      Francine, in one scene, is seen watching this movie, where Stan assumes she watched the first movie.

    • Roger: ...I went all Nell and invented my own language.
      Nell (1994) is a drama starring Jodie Foster about a woman who grew up with her mother and twin sister in a secluded cabin cut off from the rest of the world. Her odd language is similar to "Twin Speak", a language only her and her sister can understand.

    • Boyz n the Hood
      Roger says "Domino, bitch!" which is a reference to Ice Cube saying something similar in the movie Boyz n the Hood.

    • Fladnag
      Fladnag is another name that is based on one spelled backwards featured in this episode. It is Gandalf, the famous Tolkien wizard character.

    • Hayley: Smile, you son of a...
      This is a reference to a quote in the movie Jaws in which the main character on a sinking ship is able to get the shark to crunch on a scuba tank, then shoots to blow up the tank and the shark, prior to shooting the shot that kills it, he says, "smile, you son of a..."

    • Zamfir
      Jeff's character's name in Dragon Scuffle is Zamfir, which is a reference to Gheorge Zamfir, an artist who advertised albums in the 1980's of his playing the Pan Flute, a formal name for the pan pipes, the instrument Zamfir is shown playing.

      Zamfir is depicted in the game as Pan, the satyr, a half man, half goat. In Greek mythology, he watched over shepherds and their flocks. The pan pipes, the instrument he is often depicted as playing, is named after him. Made from strung together reeds, he created a flute to woo the nymph, Syrinx, when she wouldn't listen to his words.

      In Jeff's van later on, he is depicted playing a version of Zamfir's Pan Flute.

    • Blue Velvet
      Roger huffing nitrous during the drag race and screaming is a takeoff of Dennis Hopper's character in Blue Velvet.

    • Klaus: Say Agathor's name backwards to kill him.
      Mister Mxyzptlk (roughly pronounced Miks-yez-pit-lik, also nicknamed Mxy) is a fictional super-villain who appears in DC Comics' Superman comic books. He can only be defeated if you can make him say his name backwards.

    • Episode Title: Dungeons and Wagons
      The title of this episode is a take-off on the popular game, "Dungeons and Dragons."