American Dad!

Season 2 Episode 7

Failure is Not a Factory-installed Option

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Sep 24, 2006 on TBS

Episode Recap

Stan interrogates a man the CIA believes to be a terrorist. Stan figures out that the man's wife doesn't care for him anymore and is able to relate to him and find out his terrorist secrets.

Steve and the nerds eye the popular girls at school. The nerds don't think the girls will talk to them, but Steve has confidence. When the guys approach the girls, but the girls tell them that they only date guys with cars.

Francine tells Stan that her car broke down again and Stan promises to buy her a new car.

Stan enters the show room and hopes to use his negotiating skills to outsmart the salesman. Stan begins to analyze him, but before he can, the salesman finds Stan's weakness.

Stan brings home a sports car, which isn't want Francine wanted. Stan realizes that the salesman turned the tables on him. Every time Stan leaves, he returns home with a new car.

Roger finds an old movie projector in the attic, but no movies. Steve walks upstairs and realizes that he can use his dad's new cars to impress the girls.

At the CIA, Stan starts to interrogate a terrorist, but ends up giving him a passport and several CIA secrets before sending him on his way. Bullock suspends Stan without pay.

Stan mopes around the house, and Francine suggests that Stan visit his sensei, the man who taught him everything he knows about interrogation.

Stan flies to Nepal and is welcomed by his sensei.

Steve invites the girls over and they're impressed to see all the cars. Steve admits that they can't drive the cars.

Hayley delivers a box of films to Roger. Roger projects the movie on the garage and the girls think Steve has his own drive-in movie theater.

Stan returns from his trip. His skills are honed and he will return to the car dealership in the morning.

Steve's drive-in is a hit. The nerds sit in the cars with the girls, but the girls tell the guys that they don't understand why the guys didn't make any advances.

Stan appears at the car dealership and announces his arrival.

Francine serves dinner, but the house goes dark. Steve, Hayley and Francine run outside to see that Stan has been tricked into buying the dealership blimp. Stan realizes his mistake and tells his family he's removing himself from the family because he's an embarrassment.

Francine tells the family that she doesn't know where Stan is or when he's coming back, but they shouldn't worry. The electricity in the house suddenly shuts off and the family has to work to pay the bills.

Hayley and Francine take jobs as house cleaners. After the home owners refuse to pay, Francine pawns her wedding ring. In front of the pawn shop, Francine sees Stan. His sports car is filthy and packed with belongings, and he's grown a full beard. Francine climbs in and begs Stan to come home.

The girls return to Steve's drive-in. Roger fires up the movie and just as Steve makes his move, a repo-man shows up to take all of Stan's cars.

Francine, Hayley and Steve head to the store where they find Stan trying to sell candy bars. Stan sees the man who sold him all the cars and the man offers to set things right with the cars and the bank.

At the dealership, Stan peels off his filthy costume and beard revealing that he did it all to beat the salesman.