American Dad!

Season 2 Episode 7

Failure is Not a Factory-installed Option

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Sep 24, 2006 on TBS

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  • Stan loses his confidence (and job) when a car salesman gets the best of him

    Stan loses his confidence, and his job, when a car salesman gets the best of him in a negotiation. Meanwhile, Roger and Steve set up a makeshift drive-in to try to get to first base with popular schoolgirls. It been ages since I watched and reviewed an American Dad episode. The American Dad After School Special was the last time I reviewed a season 2 episode since like almost a year ago (!). But the last time I reviewed was the season 8 premiere. So, in order to get back on track, I now review this episode. This was a great episode of American Dad in my opinion. It could have been a better episode with some LOL moments (there wasn't any) but at least there were some minor humor here. This include Stan losing his confidence when he kept getting the wrong car and accidentally giving the terriost a *** and several CIA secrets, Stan suddenly appearing on the kitchen while a pan flute music play, Francine and Hayley cleaning the restroom, and the last part of the episode. The continuation of the golden turd was pretty good since it told us what happens after the last time we saw it. Overall a great episode of AD. 8.5/10