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Faking Bad episode Review Thread

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    [1]Feb 21, 2014
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    It had some funny moments it was great to have Steve and Hayley work together and Roger against them. Klaus was funny even though he didn't do anything. Steve's blanket fort was neat and so were Roger's disguises. The Bart Simpson cameo was definately the highlight for me.

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    [2]Mar 5, 2014
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    This one indeed one of the best episodes ever! My favorite one so far. Hayley and Steve get into the fake ID business was very cool. Roger dressed as a drug dealer (what was his name again?) and Stan had to track down who 'Guttenberg' was! The funniest parts were Stan dressing like a woman and going on a date while playing that stupid Some Nights song by Fun and the whole thing at the end where they were meeting the gangsters and Steve was about to be exposed and Roger did an epic jump driving a car into the river!

    All and all, very super awesome episode which is one of the many reasons why American Dad is so great! Better than Family Guy hands down. Wish Futurama could've done something like this.

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