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If Roger was real, would you buy any of his disguises?

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    I don't think I would. He makes one ugly woman,doesn't have a nose and has 3 fingers.

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    Face wise, it all depends....I think the characters see him differently in his personas than how he looks on the screen to us. I know that people have commented on him not having a nose before and his gray skin (he got turned down for an acting job in the first Christmas special because of it.) But in "Stanny Tendergrass", when he was playing that bottle game with Steve as "Alicia," Steve saw "Alicia" as a very pretty girl.....and he sees Roger everyday. Perhaps it depends on the persona. If Roger were real, I think I I'd definitely notice those things but not say anything because I might assume he was born differently or that he was in a terrible ordeal. If you think about the characters, and not think about the story plot aspect of it, people probably ignore those things to be polite.
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