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Introducing The Naughty Stewardesses Episode thread

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    [1]Mar 17, 2014
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    What is everyone's thoughts on this episode? I thought it was good but not too great. Stan and Francine join some Charlie's Angel's-esque stewardesses to take down Mark Cuban. Who seems to want to blow up the sun. Meanwhile, Roger helps Steve to ask out a girl, so they switch faces and Roger starts to fall for the girl. The Roger/Steve subplot was kind of a letdown, was hopping they would get into a gun fight like in that movie Face Off.

    Mark Cuban should have built a device to blow up the sun and Stan, Francine, and the stewardesses could stop him. I was surprised this episode even aired. Thought for sure it would've been banned because of that airplace that disappeared in Mayalsia.


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    It was OK. I remember Mark Cuan on The Simpsons too.
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