American Dad!

Season 1 Episode 4

Francine's Flashback

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 15, 2005 on TBS



  • Trivia

    • The painting hanging in Francine and Hayley's apartment is very similar to the painting of Steve looking like a woman in a later episode, Fartbreak Hotel.

    • We learn that Francine was 20 in 1985, meaning that she was born in 1965 and that in the cartoon she is around 40 years old.

    • Look Hard: While in Francine's old apartment, you can briefly see an AC/DC poster on the wall.

    • Right in the beginning, when Stan and Francine were talking in the bedroom, they're just standing there when the audio skips and their positions move slightly.

    • If the raccoon Stan was chasing crossed the river and there was no bridge, it should've came out dripping wet, which it didn't.

    • Nick Oliveri appears to be onstage at the Burning Man event with Josh Homme. However, Homme fired Oliveri from the Queens of the Stone Age in February 2004 -- well over a year before this episode aired. Of course, QOTSA were never actually mentioned, and especially considering QOTSA's famous "revolving door" band lineup, one could theorize that it was in fact some other guy. But he was almost definitely designed to look like Nick Oliveri, and most likely remains in the episode as a testament to long production time. Or laziness, who knows.

    • When Stan was looking at the picture with Francine on the beach, you can see a black wristband, but when Stan finds the flower, he looks at the picture again and the wristband vanishes.

    • In the scene where Francine asks Hayley to change her shirt, the middle button is gone. Later, at the van with Jeff, though, her top button is gone.

    • When Francine first wakes up in the Smith home, after she sees Klaus, Steve calls her Mom, and she responds. If she has the memory before she even met Stan, how would she know there would be a child in her life to call her Mom.

  • Quotes

    • (About Steve guilting him into staying on the date with Jewel instead of being bored and alone in the attic)
      Roger: (wearing stereotypical red, yellow, and green hat with attached dreadlocks) Steve, Jamaican me crazy!

    • Roger: Ah! Is there a bee on me? Does it look Africanized!?!?

    • (Looking at picture of Francine)
      Stan: Ah, this picture was taken on our honeymoon. It's the only photo of Francine where you can't see Vag... Ah, Vag, the little island boy who served as our tour guide.

    • Hayley: God, Mom, were you ever cool?
      Francine: Oh, yeah, Hayley. Well, I pity the fool who thinks I'm uncool! Get it? I was making a Dr. T reference!

    • (Steve on the phone)
      Steve: Please, Pete, Lindsay won't go out with me unless I find a date for her friend. She's not that bad-looking, and besides, you're blind. Come on, you went to the Winter Ball with that guy. Yes, it was a guy! Hello?

    • Toshi: (In Japanese) Oh, my pristine Beauty, your radiance makes my soul weep.
      Steve: Gross, she'd never do that, Toshi. Besides, where are we gonna get a dozen ping pong balls?

    • Jewel: I had this boyfriend he was in an avalanche, he survived three days on melted snow and his grandfather found him because he had a dream about the exact spot where he was trapped.
      Roger: Wow... You had a boyfriend.

    • Hayley: Dad, I've never seen this side of you, it's so sweet.
      Stan: (In playful voice) Well, if you tell anybody, I'll kill you.
      (Both laugh)
      Stan: I'm serious, I will kill you... I will reach into your chest, pull out your beating heart, and eat it; all of it. Every last bit... well, sweet dreams, angel.

    • Stan: (Wearing a moustache) Good day, ma'am. I'm a friend of your child. He or she has asked me to take you to a wonderful retirement home.
      Old Lady: How lovely.
      Stan: (Takes her inside an SUV) Right in here, ma'am.
      Old Lady: Oh. You're such a nice, young...
      (Stan shuts car door, drives off in his own car)
      Old Lady: Hello? Am I supposed to vote now?

    • Bill Pullman: Has your lost one's memory been irretrievably lost? Hi. I'm forgettable actor Bill Pullman. You might not remember me from such movies as While You Were Sleeping and Twister. Wait, was I in Twister? No. No, that was Bill Paxton. See? Memory can be pretty tricky. So that's why if you tell your loved one what's happened to them, their brain will implode. Good luck. I'm Bill Pullman. Oh, oh, I was also in Independence D -
      Stan: (Turning off video) Jeff Daniels is right.

    • Jewel: You're like Russell Crowe, and I'm Jennifer Connelly.
      Roger: Yeah. Yeah, you're Jennifer Connelly.

    • CIA Temp: (After incorrectly brainwashing Francine) Oh... I guess this is the dial for hours, and this is the dial for years. Yeah, yeah.

    • Stan: This midnight fishing is great.
      Bullock: Sounds to me like someone doesn't want to go home.
      Stan: Yeah, I'm, uh, laying low. Today is the anniversary of a huge fight me and Francine got into last year.
      Jackson: Yeah? What about?
      Stan: Oh, I forgot our anniversary. Huh! I'm never gonna do that again. (Takes a couple sips from his beer and casts his fishing line) Aaaaah!
      Bullock: There it is.

    • Stan: Come on, Francine! Watch me blow it's head off! (In car) DIE! DIE!... So that you may know peace.

    • Lindsay: Hey, Jewel, Steve here's gonna set you up on a date.
      Steve: Jewel, I'd like you to meet my friends.
      Toshi: Godzilla!
      (Everyone runs away)

    • (Francine lying down inside the "Dave Chappelle Freakout Tent")
      Stan: Don't worry, I'm leaving. I just wanted you to be safe. (Francine vomits on Stan) You're the best thing that ever happened to me and I took it for granted. I'm just happy... (Francine vomits on Stan again) ... uh, that I got the privilege to be with you for the time that I did. (Francine vomits on Stan again) Okay, my shoes are full. I better go now. I love you, Francine. It's a little late, but... (With tears in his eyes) ... happy anniversary.
      (Francine remembering the raccoon saying, in an English accent, "remember...")
      Francine: Stan?
      Stan: Francine?
      Francine: Stan, it was so weird, and I was alone and confused. And there was this raccoon, and I knew who I was again.
      Stan: Oh, Francine, thank God. I love you.
      Francine: I love you, too, Stan.
      (Francine & Stan kiss, Francine vomits in Stan's mouth, Stan spits it out)
      Stan: That was gross. I still love you.

    • (Stan opens front door and flips light switch, Francine throws plate at wall next to him, angrily)
      Stan: Oh, good, you're up. I, uh, have a very special anniversary surprise for you -- your favorite song, sung by America's sweetheart -- Whitney Houston.
      Whitney: Come on, daddy. I, I need my fix.
      Stan: Remember the deal, Whitney. First you sing, then you get your precious cocaine.
      Whitney: How dare you?! Do you think I would... ?
      (Stan waves bag of cocaine in front of her)
      Whitney: (Singing) No matter what they take from me, they can't take away my dignity... (Dives in an attempt to get cocaine from Stan, falls flat on her face on floor)
      Stan: Happy anniversary, sweetheart.
      Francine: (Grabs bag of cocaine) Come on, Whitney -- go get it. (Throws bag of cocaine out the front door, Whitney crawls out to get it)

    • Francine: You know what? If you don't get why this day is so important to me, then I guess you never will!
      Stan: Sweetie, I made a mistake. Can't you take a page from that bitch Hilary Clinton and just let it go?

    • Stan: (Watching Sesame Street) Shoot him! Shoot him!
      Elmo: Hahaha! Big Bird, just share it [a cookie] with Cookie Monster.
      Stan: Don't trust him! He just pretends to eat cookies, but he never swallows anything!

    • (Trying to get Francine to remember Stan)
      Francine: I feel like we've met before.
      Stan: Nope, this is the first time, Francine.
      Francine: What?
      Stan Nothing. Stick of your favorite gum?
      Francine: What?
      Stan: Nothing.

    • Francine: Stan, doesn't today have some special significance for you?
      Stan: Today? Wait, is today the 14th?
      Francine: Yes, yes it is.
      Stan: Good God! How could I forget a date so dear to my heart? It's the big CIA fishing trip. (Throws breakfast plate on bed) You're gonna to do the laundry anyway, right? Hmm, no time to poop. I'll just do it on the way down the stairs. You're gonna vacuum anyway, right?

    • Jewel: I'm a loser!
      Roger: Don't be like that. You're not a loser. Think how pretty you make people look by contrast. That's a gift!

    • Francine: Look, you're a stiff. I could never fall in love with a suit like you.
      Stan: A suit like me?! Well, then I'll get rid of the suit! (Takes off all his clothes) Huh? Huh? Look at me -- nothing stiff here!

    • Francine: I just can't believe Stan forgot our anniversary.
      Klaus: I would never forget our anniversary.
      Francine: We have an anniversary?
      Klaus: October 25th. The day you forgot to put on underpants. Let's celebrate early. Quick, straddle mein bowl.

    • Stan: Ahh, nothing like the great outdoors!
      Bullock: Who's ready to do some fishing?
      CIA Agent: Yeah, yeah! Let's go fish! Yeah!
      Bullock: This is Castmaster 1, bring in Air Support! (air support arrives and shoots bullets and missiles into ocean as dead sea creatures and a dead Ariel float to surface)
      Stan: Look, it's Ariel! Hey, Jackson, you ever do it with a dead mermaid?
      Jackson: Mermaid? No.

    • Bullock: The last 20 years of your wife's memory have been erased.
      Stan: Well, go ahead and undo it.
      Bullock: Reverse brain erasing? Now, that's just science fiction.
      CIA Temp: Kind of like the female orgasm.
      (Everyone laughs)

    • (After Roger hits the two girls with the frying pan, leaving them knocked out)
      Roger: Did you see where they went?
      Steve: Who?
      Roger: The black guys who did this.

    • CIA Temp: A little longer and their last 24 hours will be completely forgotten.
      Steve: Oh, thank God.
      Stan: You are not off the hook, mister. I am deeply disappointed in you.
      Steve: Dad, I was with this one. (Points to Lindsay)
      Stan: Oh! Well, outstanding.

    • Hayley: My mother stole my boyfriend!
      Stan: Your boyfriend stole my wife! Let's get back at them by dating each other! Wait a minute. Daddy didn't think that through.

    • Lindsay: (To Roger) And this is Jewel...
      Jewel: Your date.
      Roger: No, God! Oh, God! I'm out! I'm out! Eww...

  • Notes

    • The series Season 1 DVD has several scenes and different takes of scenes that never made it to the final cut, including:

      An alternate scene after Hayley reads Francine's note on the refrigerator and exclaims, "My mother stole my boyfriend!" and Stan exclaims, "Your boyfriend stole my wife!" Originally, the scene cut to an old woman with a beer bong and several frat boys standing around her as she says, "You know, these guys just asked me to have sex with them and I just might do it!" The final cut version replaces this with Stan suggesting that he and Hayley date each other as revenge for Jeff running off with Francine, then concludes with, "Wait a minute. Daddy didn't think that through".

      A scene where an unnamed girl with piercings at Burning Man flirts with Klaus and thinks Klaus's fish body is a hallucination.

      A scene after Hayley and Jeff make out where Stan encounters a strange man in a butterfly costume who tells him what he's seen. Stan then rips the man's wings off and the man curls into a fetal position, whimpering as two men in cat costumes bat him around.

    • This episode is where the airing and production seasons differ. This was episode five originally, but aired as the fourth.

    • Channel 7 (AU) airdate: January 5th, 2006.

    • This is Partick Stewart's first episode as Bullock.

    • BBC TWO (UK) airdate: November 12, 2005.

    • The song "Never Say Never" plays in the background of the party scene at Hayley and Francine's apartment. Queens of the Stone Age covered this song, however, that is not the version played here. It seems like an odd coincidence, since QOTSA frontman Josh Homme guest starred in this episode.

    • When Francine is on stage, the band says they are going to Amsterdam and they are bringing her. That band is supposed to be Queens of the Stone Age.

    • The name of the tent where Stan takes Francine to after she fell unconscious at the Burning Man festival is called the "Dave Chappelle Freakout Tent."

    • The scene where Stan is trying to kill a raccoon is similar to an episode of Family Guy, called "DaBoom," where Peter is trying to kill a giant chicken that gave him a bad coupon.

    • This episode originally aired out of production order.

    • Another show that brings up a hooker and a heart of gold is Futurama's episode, "Hell Is Other Robots."

    • [adult swim] airdate: May 26, 2005.

    • This episode had a parental discretion for animated nudity and sexual dialogue before the beginning of the episode on FOX.

    • Langley Falls Post front page headline: "Hooker Killed for Heart of Gold."

  • Allusions

    • Dave Chappelle: Freakout Tent
      When Stan is with Francine, he takes her into a tent belonging to black comedian Dave Chappelle. It's called "Dave Chappelle's Freakout Tent."

    • Kenny Loggins: Raccoon
      The raccoon dances to a song by Kenny Loggins entitled "I'm Alright".

    • Stan: Remember the deal, Whitney. First you sing, then you get your precious cocaine.
      In this scene, Stan is making fun of Whitney Houston's "fake" crack addiction, which was posted in all the tabloids in the late '90s.

    • Toshi: (About Jewel) Godzilla!
      Godzilla is a Japanese movie about a giant lizard who attempts to destroy the city, and eventually, the world. Nowadays, the term "Godzilla" is often used to describe someone who is extremely ugly, and more often than not, it's usually a Japanese person saying it.

    • AC/DC: Poster
      The poster that's on the wall in Francine's old apartment is an AC/DC poster. AC/DC is a heavy metal band from the '70s / '80s.

    • COPS: Videotape
      Upon suspecting Stan has forgotten his anniversary, Roger views a tape of last year's incident, which was aired on COPS. The show is another FOX series in which camera crews follow real life police officers on the beat. Domestic disputes such as Stan and Francine's fight account for almost 50% of what is shown on TV.

    • Jeff: Burning Man!
      Burning Man seems to be a parody of the 1973 movie called The Wicker Man. It's a movie about a pagen cult that wear animal masks and dance naked around a giant man made of wicker before giving him a sacrifice and setting him on fire. Burning Man is also an actual event that occurs every year in the Nevada Desert. People dress however they feel, camp out for a week, and trade for items they can use during that week. At the end of the event, they burn a large wicker man.

    • Bullock: Reverse brain erasing? Now, that's just science fiction.
      This might be a subtle reference to Patrick Stewart's old show, Star Trek: The Next Generation, where in the episode "Conundrum," the entire crew lost their memory, but got them back by the end of the episode, like Francine did here.

    • Bill Pullman: Hi, I'm...
      Also adding to The Simpsons-like joke, the way Bill Pullman introduced himself was similar to how Troy McClure would also introduce himself ("Hi, I'm Troy McClure, you may remember me from such (insert movie, TV, or special) as (insert one of the movie/TV/specials he was in) or (insert one of the movie/TV/specials he was in).

    • Francine: ... Not if you're gonna spend the weekend tinkling on Bob Guccione!
      Bob Guccione directed the controversial 1979 film Caligula; which featured, among other perversions, the actresses playing the Emperor's sisters urinating on the corpse of a recently executed soldier.

    • Raccoon: (Dancing to the music)
      The scene where the raccoon dances to the music after surviving the explosion is reminiscent of the movie, Caddyshack.

    • Roger: Hello.
      When Steve says that no human being could date a girl that ugly, Roger walks into the room saying "Hello." This is Squiggy's famous line from whenever Laverne or Shirley (from Laverne & Shirley) would make a reference to something creepy or disgusting.

    • Stan: A suit like me?! Well, then I'll get rid of the suit! (Takes off all his clothes) Huh? Huh? Look at me -- nothing stiff here!
      Superman would always run to a phone booth and instantly change, just like Stan does with the port-a-potty. He goes in and instantly returns, fully-dressed.

    • Stan: Jeff Daniels is right!
      After watching a video starring actor Bill Paxton, Stan calls him Jeff Daniels. Something very similar happened in The Simpsons episode "HOMR," when a newly-intelligent Homer points out the plotholes in a Julia Roberts movie.

    • Stan: Look, it's Ariel!
      Ariel is the name of the mermaid from the Disney movie, The Little Mermaid.

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