American Dad!

Season 3 Episode 8

Frannie 911

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jan 06, 2008 on TBS

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  • Perfect


    After a big fight between Stan and Roger, Francine comes up with a plan to try and reunite the pair. Hoping to show Roger that Stan still cares about him, Francine fakes Roger's kidnapping, but when Stan never shows up to pay the ransom, it forces Roger to rethink the way he treats people.

    Overall, a perfect episode, thats hilarious

    10 out of 10

  • perfect

    Stan and Roger have a big fight and Stan says he does not care about Roger, and Francine decides to show Stan he DOES Care. By pretending to kidnap Roger. But things do not go as planned when Stan does not show up to help Roger (because he knows it was Francine because of caller ID). Roger is now forced to make a decision- be nicer to people, or not come back to the Smiths' house.

    Good episode. I liked: Stan beating up Roger at the end, Francine always sticking up for Roger, Stan and Francine on the roof, etc. I realized upon watching, this is really similar to an episode of The Simpsons, in which Burns becomes nicer to people, and realizes soon after he basically needs to be mean, which is what happens here. It's kind of funny but I think this show handled this type of plot a lot better and funnier than Simpsons did. A+ episode, no doubt.
  • After a huge fight between Stan and Roger, Francine comes up with a plan to try to reunite both of them so they can actually become friends

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "American Dad" and it's probably one of my favorite episodes. There is the Stan/Roger/Francine plot and there is the Haley/Klaus plot... hmmm, which plot should I start with first? Oh, I'll start with the Stan/Roger/Francine plot. The Stan/Roger/Francine plot is about when Stan and Roger get into a huge fight so Francine wants to come up with a plan to reunite Stan and Roger so they can become friends. Roger feels hated by Stan (which he really does by the way) and Francine feels bad and she tries to reunite with them but Stan already knew about her plan all along. Francine is sick of Roger and she said Roger should be more nice so he can be likable. Roger does nice things around the house. It turns out that Roger needs to be a jerk in order to live and in order for those flowers to live. Roger comes back to life by being a jerk and then Stan gets payback on Roger (which was hilarious). The Haley/Klaus plot is just about Haley and Klaus daring each other to do the most hilarious things. Steve didn't have a plot in this episode, Steve was just a background dancer in this episode the whole time. Roger's whining and crying was getting a little annoying though but I can let that slide. I was laughing pretty hard throughout this whole episode especially seeing Roger being nice. Overall, this was an excellent episode of "American Dad". 10/10
  • A pretend-kidnapping goes as wrong as it can, while Steve background dances to everything? Yeah, your typical AD plot right there.

    Now this is American Dad at its very finest.
    Roger is the center of this story and we get some nice flashbacks of how he ruines Stan's things/moods/life, while all the time being protected by Francine.
    Well, she's an enabler and Stan proves that to her.
    While Francine fakes Roger's kidnapping in order to win Stan's attention, Stan knowingly plays along, but not as the other two had hoped to...

    Anyways, even though the story IS funny and nicely told (especially the hilarious twist during the 2nd half, where Stan reveals he knew about the faked kidnapping all along), it's the amazing amount of perfectly timed jokes that make this episode one of the best so far.
    Be it Roger's attitude or Steve's ambitious background-dancing, the jokes just keep on coming non-stop in this one.
    highly recommended!
  • An Irregularly complex main plot and two subplots, with a joke every 10 seconds.

    Three plots, instead of the usual two. Albeit 1 is really just an extended running gag, but still.

    The first and main plot involves Stan, Roger and Francine. Stan is fed up with Roger and Francine continues to enable him. The plot takes several turns before the end, and is really quite impressive for taking up about 2/3 of a 22 minute episode. The second is a dare contest between Klaus and Hayley. Although it's pretty standard fare, it really is quite funny.

    The third, which is really no more than a running gag is Steve taking on background dancing.

    With a joke every 30 seconds and 90% of them funny, this is one of the best episodes in season 3.
  • Stan and Roger fights are always great.

    This episode is hilarious as Stan's carefree attitude towards Roger's kidnapping, Hayley and Klaus' dares, and a revelation that Roger's b1tching being vital to his survival are shining moments in this classic episode.

    Steve's pathetic dancing was okay, but fades in comparison to the rest of the episode, which has hilarious moments such as Roger being more needy than ever, Stan knowing about Francine's plan all along and the escalating dares between teen and fish having hilarious results, and the ending being a great finish to a fantastic episode, with Francine going back to being an enabler and Stan beating up Roger for being himself.
  • A not too great episode, but at least an interesting one. Reminds me a bit like Family Guy though.

    Over all this episode was alright, although it did reminded me of Family for a couple of scenes. I did laugh at how Francine and Roger interacted with each other, but I couldn't help think how Stewie from Family Guy now is like Roger. I also enjoyed the scenes with Hayley and Klaus, because they actually had klaus doing something rather than be a fish in a bowl and ogling Francine.

    I felt the ending to perfect and just.

    The only thing wrong with this episode is that there could have improvements to the dialog in the episode, it seem too much like Family Guy.

    So this an okay epsiode, even though the regular writers are on strike.
  • All and All a good episode...

    After a big fight between Stan and Roger, Francine comes up with a plan to try and reunite the pair. Hoping to show Roger that Stan still cares about him, Francine fakes Roger's kidnapping, but when Stan never shows up to pay the ransom, it forces Roger to rethink the way he treats people. Meanwhile Klaus and Hailey play ultimate truth or dare to see who is more daring... All and All a pretty good episode, but out of the two plots I liked the "B" plot better with Hailey and Klaus. However, still a very funny and good episode...
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