American Dad!

Season 4 Episode 16

Home Adrone

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 11, 2009 on TBS

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  • Quite an original epsiode.


    Steve is left home alone when the family takes a trip to look at a potential college for Hayley. When his friends arrive and realize he has the run of the house, they persuade Steve to break the rules. They're soon in over their heads when they discover that what they thought was a video game is actually a military controlled drone. As they attempt to cover their tracks, Roger has a meltdown that keeps the family from making their trip. Stan returns to find that Steve has betrayed his trust and thrust them into a high-level security situation.

    Overall, this was a perfect american dad episode that gets a ten out of ten from me.

  • Hilrailous episode of American Dad

    Okay,this is my first review of an American Dad episode,and it's a funny one as well. It starts off with Stan and the family leaving for a plane trip,but leaving Steve alone. So Steve's friends come over,and try to get him to break the rules. Toshi's paper airplane lands in Stan's office at the house,so they discover a video game in his office. They kill birds and are about to blow up the plane with his family in it,but save it later. Meanwhile,Stan goes off the plane to get a newspaper,but is not aloud to reboard the plane because he didn't even listen to the rules. Meanwhile,Steve realizes that the video game they are playing is really them flying a military drone,and I thought it was hilrailous when Barry was like "They found us,we're getting off the island!" when he saw the drone. So they crash the drone and try to get someone to fix it. Stan ends up going home with Steve,but notices his brief case is moved,and he realized that he moved it. But he notices that the drone is offline,and Steve ends up telling the truth. Meanwhile,Roger craves whine when he is disguised as a little girl,and it's hilraious when he does that. So he ends up disguising as Stan to drink,however,one of the workers on the plane notices that the daughter who is Roger is missing,and they will not fly without her. Meanwhile,the drone is missing and is taken by chinese people,and it's hilailious when Stan says that the drone going missing is something that he stopped loving Steve for. So they get the drone back. Meanwhile,Roger dresses back up as the daughter so that they can finally leave,however,the drone makes the plane stop and it's hilrailous when Haley says "Oh my (Beep)ing god". So this episode was just plain funny. There were so many moments that were funny about this show,and I loved it.
  • superb

    What I liked: Steve regaining Stan's trust, the Chinese guy's Resolution to not kill a lot, Roger pretending to be a little girl, Roger pretending to be Stan while using a Sean Connery voice, Roger calling that one man useless, the ending of the episode.

    Good episode. It had good character development and, as usual, was pretty funny in parts, so my final grade is a B+/A-
  • Good episode.

    This is the kind of American Dad we have been waiting for. Stan Smith was at his best here with too many classic lines to write in this review. His attempts to reboard the plane after exiting, the discussion of John Grisham and James Patterson books, his angry gambling with the auto body shop owner, just continued to prove why he is the best animated character not on Family Guy.

    Almost every joke worked, and that is a rarity with Seth MacFarlane shows, but it was the honest truth tonight. When I am laughing at what Hayley is saying, you know it's a good episode.
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