American Dad!

Season 1 Episode 6

Homeland Insecurity

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jun 12, 2005 on TBS



  • Trivia

    • The billboard of the moon that Steve & Roger fly in front of on the bike says, "The Moon: Our Nighttime Sun! The Lunar Awareness Council."

    • Just to show that Arabs and Jews can get along, Linda Memari visits Dr. Cohen for her gynecology needs.

  • Quotes

    • Francine: Come on, Stan, let's go home!
      Stan: No, I'm not talking to Tuttle! I can't stand his genuine questions!
      Francine: But I need to pee, Stan, and I'm not going in the cup again!
      (Car grinds to a halt)
      Stan: Oh crap, out of gas.
      (Tuttle runs to the car)
      Tuttle: (Talking very fast) Hey, how are you guys? I genuinely want to know!

    • Stan: I'd just like to say that WE'RE UNDER ATTACK! (Starts shooting randomly)

    • Francine: I was finally making friends, Stan. How could you ruin my party?
      Stan: It was easy. I just yelled "terrorist" and everyone ran away. Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you asked, how did I ruin your party. And I'm like, you were there, baby. You had a front row seat.

    • Stan: (Stan lectures Steve on what to do if he is compromised, which will result in Stan bombing his location) C'mon, sport, there are plenty of kids in heaven to play with. Your cousin Billy, that little girl from Poltergeist. She must be at least 16 by now, you could totally hit that!

    • Stan: Well, I think I'm fully strapped.
      Klaus: There might be some room left in the vast wasteland between your testicles and anus, hmm... ?
      Stan: Nope, occupado. (Pulls out a spiked ball and chain)

    • Hayley: Dad, what you're doing violates every tenent of a just and and rational society.
      Stan: (Brief pause) High five!

    • Linda: (Holds up glass) To new friends.
      Francine: You guys, I have a confession to make. This wasn't a theme party. I was just covering for Stan.
      Linda: Sweetheart, we know. We've encountered people like him before.
      Francine: You have?!
      Bob: Oh, sure. But I gotta say, even though Stan's a suspicious, xenophobic vigilante, he's still a hundred times better than our last neighbors. (Laughs) They were black.

    • Francine: Stan, let them out. This isn't funny.
      Stan: Oh, oh, Linda's making a run for the gate!
      (Electrified noise, Linda screams)
      Stan: Come on, Francine. You can't tell me that's not funny.

    • Hayley: Dad, what you did is racial profiling. The Memari's had nothing to do with that gazebo, and everyone knows it.
      Stan: These people are trying to destroy us, and you want proof?
      Hayley: Yes.
      Stan: Oh, well, that's fair. I'll go get some.

    • Francine: Yes, it's going to be a block party.
      Stan: So we'll provide the burgers and beer, as long as you provide your charming selves.
      Neighbor #1: So, no cavity search?
      Stan: Available on request.
      Neighbor #1: Oh, you.
      (Everyone laughs)

    • Francine: (About the block party) Oh, Stan, really? You promise you'll be good?
      Stan: I'll be better than good. I'll be fun - starting now. I'll be fun in the kitchen! I'll be fun in the bedroom! I'll be fun in the dining room! And I'll be fun at Costco, when we're shopping for bulk paper towels! (Screams like Howard Dean)

    • Tuttle: How ya doing?
      Francine: Oh!
      Tuttle: Seriously, I genuinely want to know.
      Stan: Uh, now's not a good time. I just, uh... slammed my hand in the car door. (Slams car door on his hand, screams) You understand. Come on, Francine.

    • Stan: Hayley! The neighborhood! What are you two doing here?

    • Stan: The Memaris have clearly recruited others. They're like vampires... or the gays.
      Hayley: Could you get any more insane?
      Stan: Quick, plug your butt with this clove of garlic.

    • Bob: (After being put in Stan's prison camp) You can't do this!
      Stan: Uh-huh. The United States Patriot Act says I can.

    • Francine: Wanna meet her?
      Terry: No, I just want Greg to check out her sun-damaged skin. See, that's the kind of leather I want for the couch in the den.
      Greg: Mmm, yeah, nice.

    • (On the roof, speaking through a megaphone)
      Stan: Until you give the exact details of your next attack, I'm depriving you of sleep.
      Linda: It's two in the afternoon.
      Stan: No sleep! That's right. Starting to get uncomfortable, isn't it? Sure would be nice to feel the gentle embrace of the sandman's spell as he warbles his sweet... lilting... lullaby... (Snores, falls off roof)

    • (In a jail cell)
      Stan: Hey, all I was trying to do was keep my country and my family safe.
      Prisoner: I hear you. All I was trying to do was keep my little sister safe by killing her boyfriend and eating his brain.
      Stan: Let's be friends.

    • Bob: Hey, Stan. Cheese platter?
      Stan: Great. I'll just put it here on the international table.
      (Drops platter into trash can)
      Stan: Anyway, glad you could make it.
      (Starts frisking Bob)
      Bob: Are you frisking me?
      Stan: Oh, uh, frisking you? No, no, no. This is just how white people say hello. Hey, grab me a beer.
      (Bob bends over in front of cooler, Stan puts on a white glove)
      Stan: Yeah, keep digging. Cold ones are at the bottom. (Squirts cream on his glove)
      Bob: (Sees Stan) What the hell are you doing?
      Stan: What, I like to check orifices for explosives. It's a quirk, indulge me. (Bob walks off) Not very neighborly.

    • Stan: So, what part of Islam do you hail from?
      Bob: Well, my parents were from Iran, but I was born in Cleveland.
      Stan: Really? You know, we also have a Cleveland here in America. And it'd be just super if you didn't blow it up.
      Francine: So, the block party starts at 3:00pm and goes 'till question mark. It's pot luck, so bring whatever you want.
      Stan: But not smallpox. (Laughing) Kidding. Kind of joking, but not really.

    • Francine: Wow, I'm so proud of you. You actually are being fun.
      Stan: Well, Francine, F-U... N. That spells "fun." And that's what I am. A guy that spells "fun."

    • (Playing a video game)
      Steve: The alien in this video game is awesome. He shoots laser beams, he levitates -- he's the coolest alien ever!
      (Roger glares at Steve)
      Steve: Oh, I didn't mean...
      Roger: No, no, no, no, you said it. It's out there. Now we have to live with it.
      Steve: Well, it's kind of true. You don't have any special powers, do you?
      Roger: Well, I'm a good listener. Do you know how rare that is in this universe?
      Steve: Yeah, that'll take down an F-14. Can't you do anything?
      Roger: Well, I can get my feelings hurt and throw a world-class hissy fit!
      (Throws game controller on the floor, walks off)
      Klaus: I wish he'd get sick, like ET.

    • Francine: (To Tuttle) Say hi to Betty for me!
      Tuttle: Oh, I would, but she died six months ago. The big C.
      Francine: Cancer?
      Tuttle: No, the big letter C from the Coca-Cola sign. Fell right on top of her.

    • (Car runs out of gas)
      Stan: Stupid gas-guzzler, that I as an American have every right to drive.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: Homeland Insecurity
      This is a pun on "Homeland Security."

    • Stan: If you're ever taken hostage by, say, a neighbor, just blink you eyes in morse code, like this. (starts blinking)
      This is a reference to Jeremiah Denton, a Vietnam POW who blinked the word "Torture" while being interviewed on TV.

    • Steve: The Psycho Rangers are gaining on us!
      Psycho Rangers are the evil counter-parts of the Power Rangers from the series, Power Rangers in Space (1998).

    • Bob: (After being put in Stan's prison camp) You can't do this!
      Stan: Uh-huh. The United States Patriot Act says I can.
      Stan's behavior throughout the episode is provoked by what some may consider the Republican "holy book," the United States of America's Patriot Act. The Patriot Act is a 1,000 pages which restricts some of the citizens' civil liberties in order to preserve National Security. Several of these restrictions were administered by Stan in this episode, such as random searches and seizures, and apprehension of suspicious subjects, i.e. Stan's neighbors. The Patriot Act is a very controversial document.

    • Stan: Then I pull out my gun. We do our little John Woo standoff...
      John Woo is the director of movies such as Paycheck and Mission: Impossible 2. A reference to the fight scene monologues in his movies that result in neither party being harmed because one uses the time the other is talking to escape.

    • Stan: (To Hayley) Quick, plug your butt with this clove of garlic.
      Garlic is an obvious reference to an item that protects you from vampires. However, the combination of the anti-vampire device and the location of it is a reference to homosexuality - an allusion to the Republican parties association with homosexuality being a form of evil.

    • Stan: (About the fly in front of the security camera) Move. Come on, move. I can't see their terrorist-related activites.
      This is a reference to America's invasion of Iraq to find evidence of terrorist-related activities. Stan proceeds to enter the Memari house and destroy the living room to kill the fly. Just as America entered Iraq and destroyed the country to prove that they were terrorists.

    • Tuttle: No, the big letter C from the Coca-Cola sign. Fell right on top of her.
      Coca-Cola is the name of a very popular soft drink. More Info
      As explained in the episode, the "Big C" also refers to cancer for its incurability and mortality rate.

    • Francine: Lynndie England Photo
      Francine strikes a cheesecake pose, cigarette in mouth, tips the camera a wink, and cocks an imaginary gun at Stan in his underwear -- an obvious parody of the (in)famous Lynndie England photo of Iraqi prisoners being "tortured" at Abu Ghraib.

    • Roger & Steve: (Fly over a billboard of a full moon on bike)
      The scene where Roger & Steve fly off the cliff on the bike with the picture of a full moon on the billboard behind them, is a reference to the famous scene from the movie, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. It is even more obvious as Roger is wearing the sweatshirt with the hood on while riding on the front basket of the bike.
      The billboard itself is also a reference, to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, who mocked E.T. in their movie through the use of a billboard background in Hollywood.