American Dad!

Season 7 Episode 1

Hot Water

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Sep 25, 2011 on TBS

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    One main reason I enjoy American Dad over Family Guy is that it is obviously an animated show, but American Dad doesn't need to result to as much "cartoonish" material as Family Guy does. The talking hot tub that is a living entitiy crosses that line, so to speak, and then some. Even though Celo Green does a good job playing the hot tub, it was not enough a save it.
  • Alright

    It was more to say though i was not keen on ending
  • What was that?

    in order to scale the dizzy heights of comedy

    american dad takes risks.

    This is one of there failures.

    was still waiting for a laugh when the credits roled

    oh dear

    theres always next week

    i just cant stay mad at this show
  • The ending ruined the score


    Plot:Stressed out by his family and his obligations, Stan decides to buy a hot tub to relieve his stress, but gets into hot water when he finds out the hot tub is evil.

    Parts I liked:

    * Principal Lewis crashing Stan's car

    * Principal Lewis' text message

    * Steve appearing in a song saying Hey and then he said that Stan forgot to picks him up at school.

    * Most of the songs were good but one of them a bit too long (even though I mind because the longness in this show doesn't bothers me as much as Family Guy)

    * The ending where Cee Lo Green said "That's it, Stan's dead."

    Parts I disliked:

    * I didn't liked that the hot tub killed Principal Lewis, Francine and Stan. Stan had died a few times in the show (ex. The MostAquatics Christmas, Rapture's Delight)

    Overall score: 9/10

  • american dad

    the songs was catchy and the episode was good and basically classic american dad with a twist
  • The series' worst episode.


    Every series has to have a worst episode. South Park has the Pip episode. Family Guy has the O.J. episode (and the Surfin' Bird episode and pretty much everything in the past four seasons).

    Hot Water is American Dad's worst. This episode was so bad that it made me temporarily hate my favorite animated program. This was such a disappointment. American Dad has remained consistently great while Family Guy has become so awful that it's almost unwatchable. I'm not opposed to producers doing something different but this missed the mark completely.

    If you're going to do a musical then at least write clever songs. And if you're going to rip off a movie, then be funny about it. I think they were trying to make this episode "cool" but it was just slow, stupid and boring. I seriously hope that this was a one-time thing and I hope they flog the writers that produced this crap.

    I doubt Seth MacFarlane comes up with the ideas for these episodes, but someone should have stopped this episode before it began. What makes American Dad so much better than Family Guy is that they have actual plot and don't rely on gags.

    Awful. Just awful.

  • I don't understand the low score for this episode. It was epic


    I don't understand the low score for this episode. It was a great episode and didn't follow the traditional norm of how tv episodes are formatted. To everyone that hated on this episode, watch it again and let me know what you think. No really, I find that when you watch something twice you'll get it the second time around. I'll graciiously await your reply

  • Abysmal is an understatement....


    Abysmal is an understatement. As the worst episode ever, I actually stopped watching it halfway through. They tried too hard to be "different" with this episode and failed miserably. It wasn't even funny. In fact, it was annoying/irritating to the point that I had to create an account on just to voice my discontent with this episode.

    ps. American Dad does the WORST impression when imitating "black people." Reginald, the koala secret agent, was a walking non-comical cliché.

  • All the complaining over this episode just proves people like to see the same unoriginality, instead of accepting something different and fresh...which is sad, seeing as how they cannot appreciate this epic episode...idiots.


    This was a fantastic episode. It was a pretty much perfect. It was funny, contrary to idiotic popular belief. And the music was beyond fantastic, Cee Lo Green is great as always. The hot tub tunes and Steve and Roger's "Daddy's Gone" rendition were epic. I hate when people bitch about there being music in the really? No one can try something different nowadays, and if they do people are so pessimistic about it, but then if you don't then they bitch and moan even more about not doing anything original or fresh to give the series an interesting twist.

    Sure it was a weird episode, but it was weird in the best ways. I loved it!!! It goes down as one of my all-time favorite episodes ever! It's just sad other fans of the show can't appreciate it. And I also loved the ending...I always wanted a show to end like that just because...maybe I'm just weird like

  • AWFUL!


    i couldn't even watch it till the end. Since when American Dad renamed to Cee Lo Green show? I didn't care for all that singing and all that ridiculous plot. Or the lack of. it was the stupidest episode and I don't think I even want to watch the next one...

  • I sure felt horrified in this rip off of Little Shop ofHorrors.


    When your Fall premiere episode is a tribute to a bad musical from the 80's, you've gone wrong. The only reason I didn't rate this episode 1 was that the songs were catchy (albeit too many). Did Seth just run out of ideas for this season? If the many more episodes are this way, I won't be watching much longer. With this dark tone to a new season, I worry that this show is going to become as gory and gross as Family Guy. Seth I have a tip for you: develop more plots featuring Roger. You can't go wrong if Roger is the focus. Maybe take us to his home planet or tell how he killed his dad.

    Spoiler alert! Andwhat is with Stan dying at the end? This show treats its episodes with continuity - Haley and Jeff's relationship for example, and the 100th episode killing 100 characters was a permanent death for all. The only parody episode we've seen is Tearjerker and as it was an alternate universe, it was okay to off Roger for real at the end. UnlessStan's death is explained in the next episode, the show loses all of its timeline's integrity.

  • Wow! Is this suppose to be "American Dad"?... I don't know if it is but this Season 7 Premiere was more than you can ever expect. In fact, this isn't your ordinary "American Dad" episode... it's kinda crazy, dark, and thrilling.


    I'm not a huge fan of "American Dad" but this Season 7 Premiere impressed me big time like I've never been this blown away by an "American Dad" episode. Definitely one of my new favorite episodes of "American Dad" that I definitely want to watch again when it re-runs. Thi isn't your ordinary "American Dad" episode to be honest. The plot is dark, kinda crazy, and thrilling. This episode was like less funny and more dark and thrilling. Cee-Lo Green guest starring in this episode as the EVIL hot tub and making a live appearance narrating this episode was very good and he did a well done job. I seriously didn't want to get off the couch to get a drink or anything, this episode got me hooked all the way. I didn't laugh much but who cares. The only parts I did laugh very hard at was when Roger was driving the car and crashed the school, AND when the fact that Stan forgot to pick up Steve from school and Roger from soccer practice since he and Francine were in the hot tub. Stan and Francine having hardcore sex was pretty funny. Stan and Francing getting in the hot tub was awesome and went smoothly. The EVIL hot tub was psycho and dark in this episode... I couldn't believe my eyes. The hot tub killing the principal and getting Francine was just super awesome. I was so impressed with this episode that it made me speechless. All of the musical numbers in this episode were awesome and very dark. The episode ending with EVIL hot tub saying "Good-bye Stan" and then punched Stan out of the house and then Stan died was psycho, dark, and just plain awesome. Overall, this Season 7 Premiere was just pure awesome... not really your ordinary "American Dad" episode and this episode might be too scary for little kids so I probably wouldn't recommend to them since it would probably give them nightmares. 10/10

  • Worst episode ever!


    I'm guessing the other people that reviewed this episode were heavily drugged while watching it. That's the only way I could see anyone enjoying this P.O.S premier. The story was ridiculous, the songs (WAYYY too many) were terrible, and it lacked what every other American Dad episode has had in abundance: humor. I hope next weeks episode is the complete opposite of this and redeems one of the best cartoons ever created.

  • 801


    "Hot Water" was probably the most dedication I have ever seen to an insanely idiotic premise in the history of television, but that dedication to a crazy killer hot tub and musical numbers led to one of the best episodes of the show in some time. It was very funny, it was over the top, but in a good way and it hopefully put American Dad back on the map (why it was ever off it I'll never know.)

    I'm not a fan of songs in cartoons usually, but it led to a strong season premiere.

  • perfect


    Stan needs to relax, so he goes and buys a 'used' hottub. It turns out that the hottub was struck by lightning and is evil and alive. It is trying to turn Stan away from his family. And if the hottub can't have Stan, then nobody gets to.

    Good episode. What i liked- Steve's song about Stan (i actually liked most, if not all, of the songs in this episode. there were quite a few later on but they all had goodness to them, whether it be the lyrics or the music in general), the ending to the episode, the last 10 minutes or so being darker in tone (with the principal 'dying' and francine and stan 'dying), Stan shaving in the car, amongst other things.

    This was a pretty good season opener. I like this show a lot and I think this season has a lot of potential, if judging just by this one episode. It was funny and the last half, whilst a parody of something (i think), was still well done. A+

  • WAY too many musical numbers, but was funny otherwise.


    Stressed out by his family and his obligations, Stan decides to buy a hot tub to relieve his stress, but gets into hot water when he finds out the hot tub is evil.

    What I liked- Everything that wasn't musical numbers (some were good though)

    What I disliked- Steve's principal getting killed off and the hot tub store owner gets killed off.

    But funny episode, worth a watch, but not worth the 4-month wait.

    8 out of 10