American Dad!

Season 7 Episode 2


Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 02, 2011 on TBS

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  • Hilarious but was not as good as China IL on [as]

    I'm a fan of MacFarlane's shows and this was the 2nd best thing of the night behind the [adult swim] premiere of China IL. The humor was great and Stan's poor planning that led to disaster after disaster was hilarious but Roger was the best in the episode. Roger should have his own show cos he's the best. But yeah 8 out of 10
  • A great end to an otherwise poor trilogy

    The preceding Cleveland Show and Family Guy episodes of this hurricane trilogy were not funny. This episode was. Stan can't make a good decision, and it culminates in a great bear-shark scene. Both Steve's obsession with architecture and Roger's unrequited love were worth several laughs. Even Klaus got enough time in for some funny moments. The show ended very well, with all three main characters (Cleveland, Peter, and Stan) washed up together the day after the hurricane. My one criticism is that the violence was a little excessive. But this is to be expected with American Dad, and the injuries that resulted worked with the humor that followed.
  • Better than Family Guy's hurricane episode


    I thought this was a superb hurricane themed American Dad episode. It was 2 times better than Family Guy's hurricane episode because that episode had two parts that wasted my time. This episode had more action than Family Guy and The Cleveland Show's hurricane episodes. (I didn't like the Cleveland Show's hurricane episode btw because of Cleveland Jr. notbelievingin God. That plot had already been done in American Dad's Dope and Faith.) Now that's see the humor for this episode. The characters that had a funny role were Roger's girlfriend (voice by Kristen Schaal), Jeff, and Klaus. Roger's girl friend acted very funny and Roger didn't care for her because of herattitude. Jeff, because the way he freaks out about the storm. And Klaus, because he wanted to get off the water, but drowns. That was just hilarious. I liked the part as well where Klaus said about Nicholas Cage' decision on his movies. The ending was funny as well. It was great to see Peter Griffin (Family Guy) and Cleveland Brown (recurring on Family Guy, star on Cleveland Show) at the very end of the episode. The only thing I didn't liked was Stan's decisions and making things worse. Overall, it was a superb episode. 9/10

  • It's funny but I honestly think it could have been a little better


    I thought that this was a great episode of "American Dad". It is the hurricane crossover along with "Family Guy" and "The Cleveland Show". This was a great episode for the most part and it was funny but I really thought it could have been a little better in my opinion. Yes, this hurricane episode was better than the hurricane episodes of "Family Guy" and "The Cleveland Show" but this episode was not my favorite. It's not bad because it isn't and I thought it was great but I wasn't expecting much since I'm not a fan of "American Dad". I was hoping this episode would extremely impress me just like last week's episode "Hot Water". Well, a hurricane hits Langley Falls. Francine keeps telling Stan that they need to evacuate the house but Stan refuses to evacuate the house. The house begins flooding and Stan is making more decisions but he keeps making worse. Honestly, the running gag with Stan making worse and worse decisions was getting very old for me... it was funny the first 2 times but the rest of the time was just tiring (which lowered my score). The other thing was how boring some of the parts were getting in this episode. The only time I did laugh at one of Stan's bad decision was when he threw the spear at Francine and then that bear was nodding (I knew he was gonna aim the spear at Francine instead of the bear since it was too predictable). There were some parts that did make me laugh such as Jeff's appearance, Klaus' appearance especially when he gave Stan the speech about how Nicolas Cage keeps making horrible decisions with all of his films until he made a great film "National Treasure 2" and then Klaus would say something like "Since that day, Nicolas Cage became a National Treasure", and Roger being annoyed with that red-haired woman. Also, Peter Griffin (from "Family Guy") and Cleveland Brown (from "The Cleveland Show") appearing at the very end of this episode definitely made me laugh very hard. I didn't laugh at anything else after that. Overall, this was a great hurricane episode of "American Dad" but definitely didn't impress a whole lot and that running gag with Stan making horrible decisions was getting a little annoying. 8.5/10

  • Hilarious.


    When a hurricane hits Langley Falls, the Smiths fight like mad to survive in their home.

    Just like every American Dad episode, Roger has the funniest moments.

    But yeah, i reccomend this episode to any fan of the show.

    9.0 out of 10.

  • 802


    The much-hyped hurricane episode and I have to say it was amusing for the show to do a Family Guy style plot, and just do it a lot better than that show does. But it was still outrageous and except for the running gag of Stan making terrible decisions, it was not that funny, I am sorry to report. I enjoyed it, I did, but from a comedy standpoint, this is a program that has had much better episodes than this.