American Dad!

Season 2 Episode 12

Irregarding Steve

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Dec 10, 2006 on TBS

Episode Recap

Stan and Steve sit on the couch. Steve says that Stan is a genius and looks up him.

Steve heads to his room to do a report on fossils. However a squirrel bites through their internet connection and Steve can't do his report. Steve runs downstairs and asks Stan to help.

In class, Steve reads Stan's version of what fossils are. The teacher isn't happy.

Steve returns home, upset, and finds Roger at his computer. Steve tells Roger he's right, Stan isn't smart. Roger knows they can manipulate Stan to get whatever they want and Steve is on board.

Roger and Steve trick Stan into getting a popcorn machine. Steve and Roger decide that they can't live under the same roof as Stan and they decide to move out.

Francine calls Steve's friends but they haven't seen him and she thinks they're in New York. Over her shoulder, Stan sees a curtain in Steve's tree house move. Stan points it out to Francine and tells them it's time to teach them a lesson.

Inside the tree house, a squirrel is swinging on the curtains.

Roger and Steve check into a ritzy hotel in New York. The two celebrate their freedom over lunch. Another local Langley Falls hairdresser sees them and they all share their stories of how they're going to take over New York.

Francine leaves brownies at the tree house door step. The squirrels scarf them down.

Steve tries to get a job writing for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but Jon isn't catching on to Steve's humor.

Steve meets Roger at his job as a stock trader. Roger put all his money in a stock called, "SJP." When the stock dies, Roger is shocked. He thinks he put his money into Sarah Jessica Parker, and that he's partaking in the Hollywood Stock Exchange. They two begin to panic.

Roger and Steve don't have much cash left, and the hotel throws them out. A storm moves in and soaks the two.

As it rains, Francine and Hayley ask Stan to go get Roger and Steve from the tree house. A bolt of lighting hits the tree house and it explodes into flames. Stan, Hayley and Francine run out screaming.

Steve and Roger are freezing. Roger uses their last twenty dollars for a pornographic magazine.

Hayley lays flowers at the base of the charred tree stump. Stan says hello to Francine, but she acts cold. Stan tells Francine that it has been three weeks and they should plan Steve's funeral. Francine explodes in tears. Stan says they should use Steve's college money and get away.

Steve and Roger resort to prostitution. Roger refuses to give up and go home.

Francine, Stan and Hayley party on a new boat moving on from Steve's death.

As Roger and Steve leave their spot, they meet the hairdresser in his limo. He asks them to his hotel. At the hotel, Roger kicks up his feet and the hairdresser drags him into the bedroom. The hairdresser accuses Steve of being stupid. When Steve tries to leave, the hairdresser points out that Steve could be back in the street.

The hairdresser crosses the line and tells Steve that Stan is stupid. Steve attacks the hairdresser and takes enough cash from his wallet to get him and Roger home.

Steve returns home and Stan and Francine embrace him. Steve apologizes for calling Stan names and Stan welcomes his son home.