American Dad!

Season 1 Episode 19

It's Good to be the Queen

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 26, 2006 on TBS

Episode Recap

An 80's homecoming dance rages at John DeLorean High School. Everyone is dancing the night away, and a teenage Stan Smith stands near a water fountain donning a pink keyboard tie and a white sport coat. A couple girls walk in and Stan tries to woo them into a dance, but they harshly reject him. A couple of jocks approach Stan and tell him that the homecoming queen wants to dance with him. After they force Stan up in the spotlight, the jocks open a crate full of pigs and they rain down on Stan. Everyone is laughing.

Stan and Francine head off to Francine's reunion. Francine doesn't understand why Stan is so excited because it's not even his reunion; they missed Stan's after they mistakenly attended an insurance convention instead. Stan doesn't care that no one will know him, all he cares about it dancing with the homecoming queen.

With his parents gone, Steve and Roger fire off water balloons using Stan's mortar. Roger suggests that if they got their hands on Stan's missile launcher, they could get their revenge on the bully that gave Steve a black eye. When Mitch, a pizza delivery guy, pulls up, Steve and Roger soak him with balloons. But Mitch isn't bothered and tells Steve that he isn't bothered because he knows Steve isn't soaking him, but all the bullies that have hurt him. Steve is awed by Mitch's wise advice. Then, Roger destroys Mitch's car with a live mortar round.

Francine meets her best friend, Quacky, at the reunion and they go over where all their classmates are today, including Betty Sue, who lost the homecoming queen title by one vote. Since then Betty Sue has become obese and lonely.

Steve and Roger invite Mitch into the house, and tell him that he can borrow Francine's car to finish delivering his pizzas.

Francine's reunion committee goes through their class time capsule and find the homecoming queen ballot box. When the box opens, there are still two uncounted votes for Betty Sue. Francine actually didn't win, but she doesn't care. Stan however, begins to freak out. Francine gets upset that all Stan cared about was the fact that she was homecoming queen.

Later, at the homecoming picnic, Stan arrives with Betty Sue. Francine is furious that Stan is with Betty Sue and Quacky asks Francine if she wants to stay with her. Then he tells Stan that he's heartless and cruel.

Mitch, Steve and Roger are delivering pizzas. Mitch's Zen is starting to annoy Roger. When they arrive at the bully's house, Mitch makes Steve deliver the pizza. Steve sees that the only reason the bully picks on him, is because the bully's father picks on him.

Francine rests at Quacky's house with wine coolers and tissue. Quacky keeps calling from work to check on her. Outside, Stan reenacts the famous scene from Say Anything. He asks Francine to join him for dinner, just the two of them. Francine happily accepts. When Francine hugs Stan, he makes a phone call to the real Stan. The man with Francine is Stan's CIA double, Bill. Stan sent him there to keep Francine away from the reunion dance.

Bill takes Francine to dinner and begins reciting unnecessary details about one of the past dates Francine had with Stan.

The real Stan forces his way into the reunion dance using Betty Sue. When he tells people that he's allowed to do it because he's with the homecoming queen, everyone laughs at him and tells him that if being with the homecoming queen is still important to him, then he's still a loser. Then Stan tells everyone that he has a home, two kids and a wife that loves him…and he realizes he has a great life. He hurries outside to call his double off.

Bill's cell phone rings, and Francine quickly grabs is throws it away, thinking that it's the CIA calling about work. She believes she's with Stan and wants to go back to Quacky's and get "freaky" with her husband. Bill starts to panic.

Mitch continues driving Steve and Roger around town and trying to enlighten them. Steve is hanging on Mitch's every word, but Roger continues to be negative about Mitch's wisdom. They arrive at another house and Mitch asks Roger to make the delivery with him this time. After the delivery, Roger is beginning to understand. When they return to the car, Mitch and Roger see that Steve has run off, feeling abandoned by Mitch. Steve stole the remaining pizzas and threw them into the river.

Stan gets to the restaurant looking for Bill. The host tells him that they left for the dance fifteen minutes before Stan got there.

Mitch and Roger find Steve at home. Steve's running off got Mitch fired, and Steve realizes that Mitch was only trying to help Steve.

At the dance, Bill awkwardly dances with Francine, trying to keep a look out for Betty Sue and Stan. Betty Sue finds Bill and begins calling him filth, believing he is Stan. But then, the inebriated Betty Sue jumps him and makes out with him on the refreshment table.

Francine, still thinking Bill is Stan, sees Betty Sue making out with Bill. Just then, the real Stan walks up. All eyes at the reunion are now on them. Stan tells Francine about Bill, and Francine is upset that Stan let her throw herself at Bill. Francine grabs Stan's gun and Stan grabs Bill. The Bill and Stan wrestle and Francine can't tell them apart, so she happily threatens to shoot them both. One of the Stans steps forward and says that all he wanted was for Francine to be happy. Francine thinks that it's Bill talking and shoots the other Stan, which was actually Bill.

A medical helicopter comes to take Bill away. As the helicopter leaves, it turns on its spotlight and hovers long enough for Stan and Francine to get their spotlight dance.