American Dad!

Season 6 Episode 15

License to Till

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 10, 2011 on TBS

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  • Very Good, but a bit confusing

    I enjoyed Stan's and Francine's pranks, and I enjoyed Steve's struggle to become a cool kid. But nearly everything to do with the cabbage, while very minor, was confusing enough to detract from the episode. This episode aired in April, not around Yom Kippur. Perhaps this episode was originally supposed to air in September or October. But there's little excuse for the "freezing rain." It was just plain rain, and no one in the episode was ever dressed for temperatures that would allow freezing rain. Why would plain rain ruin the cabbage? And what was up with the talking cabbage? Better question yet, what was up with those rabbits at the end of the episode? That wasn't funny; it was weird!

    Okay, I'm complaining a lot about a minor thing in an otherwise great episode. Give it a watch, and if you've already seen it, it's probably worth watching again.