American Dad!

Season 2 Episode 8

Lincoln Lover

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 05, 2006 on TBS



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    • Steve: I thought we hated gays.
      Stan: Well, that was before I knew they came in Republican form.

    • Stan: (tries a drink) Mmmm. What is this?
      Bartender: A cuervo-cosmo-tini. I had my first one on Fire Island.
      Stan: An entire island made out of fire? How very manly!

    • (Stan hugs Steve)
      Steve: This doesn't make me gay, does it?
      Stan: Only if you get a boner, son... only if you get a boner.

    • Man #1: Stan, Nancy Calliope has been kicked out of the Langley Conservatives.
      Stan: What? Why?
      Man #1: We just found out her second car is a Prius.
      (everyone gasps)
      Man #2: Terrorist!

    • Francine: You want to have sex with a man?
      Stan: Francine, that's the fourth time you've said that. What doesn't make sense to you?
      Francine: We're married. I'm your wife.
      Stan: God, you can be so selfish. I'm doing this for me.

    • Stan: Steve, don't worry. I'm just spending time with them because they're letting me speak at the convention.
      Steve: So they're not gonna turn you gay?
      Stan: Of course not, kiddo. Now I don't want to be late for my first Log Cabin meeting. (in a high-pitched voice) Bye-zies! I mean... (in a deep voice) Bye-zies.

    • Stan: Wait. You got "gay" from Lincoln Lover? You... you people really grasp at straws.

    • Stan: (in a low voice) Greg, act casual. Get your stuff and meet me oustide.
      Greg: What? Why?
      Stan: There are gays here.
      Greg: Uh, Stan, I'm gay.
      Stan: What?! Does Terry know? Oh, poor, straight Terry!
      Greg: Terry's gay, too. He's my boyfriend. I thought you knew. The Log Cabin Republicans are a gay group.
      Stan: A gay group?! Oh, my God, you don't think... ? Look, I'm straight. I mean, yes, Francine's bat cave grosses me out every now and then, but...

    • Brett: Stan, I'd like you to meet my partner, Tino.
      Stan: Partner? What, are you guys, cops? Partners in a law firm? Tennis partners, golf partners, synchronized swimmers?
      Tino: You might say I'm Captain Derickson to his Lincoln.

    • Stan: Greg and Terry, handsome, successful, elegilble bachelors. We really should set them up with some nice women. Hey, how about your sister?
      Francine: Uh, I don't think so, Stan.
      Stan: Yeah, you're right. She's too hot. God, is Gwen hot! And slender, God! And that dress she wore at our wedding? Oh, I have never seen her more beautiful than on that day.

    • Stan: Remember, Steve, these hellbound folk have made a choice to be gay, and they won't rest until everyone else is gay with them.
      Steve: How do they do that?
      Stan: They're insidious. It starts with them asking to borrow a wrench and ends with you on a boat to Mykonos wearing a pair of assless chaps.

    • Security Guard: What does ERA stand for?
      Steve: Earned Run Average?
      Stan: A gay would have said "Equal Rights Amendment."

    • Stan: Your typical homosexual male will be in great shape, well-dressed, wearing sandals, holding a brightly-colored drink, and listening to Celine Dion.
      Steve: I own sandals.
      Stan: Yes, but you can't pull 'em off.

    • Steve: Didn't we already go through a security check?
      Stan: Oh, they aren't checking for weapons here. They're checking for something far more dangerous -- gay.

    • Stan: Terry, I heard you tell Greg that its open season, and you're the only gay guy I know who's still in town, so I was hoping to take you to dinner and then afterwards have sex with you. If my terminology is correct, I'm a power top.
      Terry: I'll get my jacket.

    • Steve: My first meeting of the Langley Conservative Republicans. Oh, I've dreamt of this day for as long as I can remember you telling me I've dreamt of this day.
      Stan: Plus, tonight is very special. They're going to announce who gets to speak at this years Republican National Convention. The buzz is your old man is a shoe-in!
      Steve: Awesome, Dad! You're the most abortion-hating, Stem-Cell-research-opposing, deficit-loving, affirmative-action-despising, Bible-thumping xenophone I know!

    • Steve: So then it's cool to alienate gays?
      Stan: Yes, it is, son, gays are the new blacks.

    • (Stan is making a speech to show how much he respects the patriotism of the Gay Republican Party)
      Stan: By God, these people love America as much as they love brunch!

    • Stan: It's very simple; if I become gay, the Log Cabin Republicans will know I'm one of them. They'll let me speak at the RNC.

    • Stan: Well, Steve, they kicked me out; they're not letting me speak at the RNC.

    • (Stan has been having trouble finding confetti to throw at the end of convention meetings)
      Stan: By God! Where did you get that confetti?

    • Stan: Look, this is ridiculous; how can you be gay and Republican?

    • (Stan acts as the bodyguard in a play about President Lincoln)
      Stan: I was his bodyguard and he was my everything. Let me take you home, Abe, one last time.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Heath Ledger

      Greg and Terry's dog is called Heath Ledger. This is a reference to his role in the film Brokeback Mountain in which he played a gay man.

    • Stan: In the words of the Founding Father of the Republican party, Abraham Lincoln, A house divided against itself cannot stand.

      Stan attributes this quote to Abraham Lincoln, who did use it in a speech in 1858, but Lincoln himself was quoting Jesus Christ (Matthew 12:25).

      This misattribution alludes to the same one famously made by American preacher Jerry Falwell, when debating New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange at the Oxford Union debate in 1985.

    • Monk
      "The guy from Monk" is most likely Tony Shaloub, who has won many awards for his portrayal of a brilliant detective with OCD.

    • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
      In the scene where Stan learns that the Log Cabin Republicans are gay, he says, "I'm a pilgrim in an unholy land!" This is a reference to this movie where Dr. Henry Jones tells his son the same thing, when they were in Nazi Berlin.

    • Harry Potter series
      Terry refers to George W. Bush as, "he who shall not be named." This is a reference to the character, Voldemort, in the very popular "Harry Potter" series.

    • The Trolley Song
      The song containing the lyrics "Clang, Clang, Clang went the trolley" is "The Trolley Song" from the musical Meet me in St. Louis. The 1944 film version stars Judy Garland, a gay icon.

    • Stan: ... I'll be a regular Sondheim.
      This is referring to Stephen Sondheim, a noted lyricist and composer for both movies and stage shows.

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