American Dad!

Season 9 Episode 18

Lost in Space

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 05, 2013 on TBS

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  • Perfection, 2nd best episode of all time.

    Glorious episode, beautiful animation, this episode made me like Jeff as a character. I used to think he was great, because he was hilarious in "Adventures in Haleysitting" but this did the trick to make him a really superb character.
  • Presently on American Dad

    The "Presently on American Dad" line got me, but I really enjoyed this episode. Funny, although not nearly all-time AD funny, but it was just a really entertaining premise. This felt like it could have been a made for TV sci-fi/romcom or something, but everything they tried just worked.

    Usually can't stay Jeff, but they made us care in this Jeff-centric episode.
  • American tops Fam Guy and Cleveland with ease

    Of McFarlane's 3 shows I would easily say that this one is best.

    Family Guy was tops for a bit but the quality declines with time, Cleveland was bland out of the gate.

    As I thought many times over, if any one of the three shows cancel, at least the characters have other shows to immigrate to, or emmigrate to in some cases.
  • Awesome!

    Proves why AD is way better than FG!!!
  • Another excellent episode.

    This was beautiful. There was never an American Dad episode where I cried until now. It's true that Stan, Francine, Steve, and Klaus were absent (excluding the recap), but it doesn't mean that an episode can't be good. This shows how much Jeff cares about Hayley a lot, despite the memory test. It won't be long now before Jeff actually returns to the Smith household and I can't wait for him to confront both Roger and Stan.
  • By far, the worst episode of AD

    Horrible bizarre plot based completely around the worst character, Jeff (who I was glad to believe we had seen the last of)