American Dad!

Season 8 Episode 18

Lost in Space

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 05, 2013 on TBS

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  • Perfection, 2nd best episode of all time.

    Glorious episode, beautiful animation, this episode made me like Jeff as a character. I used to think he was great, because he was hilarious in "Adventures in Haleysitting" but this did the trick to make him a really superb character.
  • Presently on American Dad

    The "Presently on American Dad" line got me, but I really enjoyed this episode. Funny, although not nearly all-time AD funny, but it was just a really entertaining premise. This felt like it could have been a made for TV sci-fi/romcom or something, but everything they tried just worked.

    Usually can't stay Jeff, but they made us care in this Jeff-centric episode.
  • American tops Fam Guy and Cleveland with ease

    Of McFarlane's 3 shows I would easily say that this one is best.

    Family Guy was tops for a bit but the quality declines with time, Cleveland was bland out of the gate.

    As I thought many times over, if any one of the three shows cancel, at least the characters have other shows to immigrate to, or emmigrate to in some cases.
  • Awesome!

    Proves why AD is way better than FG!!!
  • By far, the worst episode of AD

    Horrible bizarre plot based completely around the worst character, Jeff (who I was glad to believe we had seen the last of)