American Dad!

Season 3 Episode 7

Most Adequate Christmas Ever

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Dec 16, 2007 on TBS



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    • Stan: (upon seeing Michelle) That's my lawyer? Can't I have a different one? Where's Jewish heaven?

    • Stan: Wow! That's God's house!
      Michelle: Yeah, he inherited it.

    • Stan: Which one's yours?
      Michelle: A chariot on my salary? Please. There's a tub of chili in my fridge I stole from the office pot-luck. I've been eating it for a year. I don't live well.

    • Michelle: I can't believe I'm really here! Oh my god, I don't have a present!
      (Takes card from random present)
      Michelle: "From Galileo". (writing) "Aaand.... Michellllle..."

    • Stan: (approaching God's desk) Look, sir...
      (Complete blackness)
      God: You, uh, unplugged the sun.
      Stan: Oh, sorry.
      (A click, then flickering as the light returns)

    • God: (playing with dinosaur toys) Arghhh, arrr, arrghh... Heh! These things rule. Why'd I ever send them to Mars?

    • Jim Henson: Forgive us!
      Kermit: You will bow down to me, son of God!

    • Voice from Kitchen: Hey, JC! We're outta sushi.
      Jesus: (shouts back) Check again!
      Voice from Kitchen: Thank you!

    • Angel: Seriously, why do we have Heaven guns? I don't mean to be 'that guy', I'm happy here. But why is this not an issue?

    • (Michelle, with her new wings, looks on Stan and his family)
      Roger: There's a flying hooker watching you hug. Go away, hooker!

    • Steve: What did we do wrong?
      Stan: Where do I start? Well, for one thing, the stockings. They're supposed to be hung with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there. The INXS guy hung himself with more care. And the nativity scene. The Three Wise Men look like transvestites. but the mannish kind, not the attractive Asian kind you're always hoping your friends will hire for your birthday party.

    • Stan: Everybody on the ground, now! (holds up Heaven gun)
      Angel #1: He's got a Heaven gun!
      Angel #2: Those can kill anybody!
      Angel #3: Why do we have those again?

    • Stan: We're with the band.
      Bouncer: Names?
      Stan: Donny and Marie Osmond.
      Bouncer: I didn't know you guys were dead.
      Stan: We're Mormons. We were born dead.

    • Francine: Klaus, you got the train to work!
      Klaus: (in the locomotive) Ja! It's in my blood. My grandfather was a conductor at Auschwitz.
      (Francine, Hayley, and Steve gasp)
      Klaus: No, no, no! He ran the kiddie train at the zoo. You know, it's a big town! There's other stuff there!

    • God: Stan, you're holding gun to God's head. I can't even think of better metaphor than this!

    • Stan: What's going on? Where am I?
      Ice Cream Guy: Oh, we find that people take the news better with ice cream.
      Stan: What news?
      Ice Cream Guy: Why, the news that you're dead.
      Stan: Oh my God!
      Ice Cream Guy: Relax, we have vanilla.

    • Stan: I don't know why Francine's mad at me for always being right. I don't get mad at her for always being wrong... Boobs are holding up nicely for a gal her age, I'll say that.

    • Francine: Where is Steve? Steeeve?!
      Steve: Over here! I was peeing on a tree and it froze midstream.

    • Stan: (to Francine) Honey, just because snow is the same color as our refrigerator doesn't mean you know how it works.

    • Stan: Roger, Christmas is no time to be singing.

    • Michelle: There's too much security. We will never get in.
      Stan: What? Are you a chicken? Oh no, that's right, chickens have wings... Oh sorry, I thought you knew.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The Great Escape
      Stan getting caught out by St. Peter by saying "thank you" in clear English is similar to a character from the 1963 film The Great Escape getting captured by a German officer after also saying "thank you" in clear English.

    • Michael Hutchence
      When criticizing the family's decorations, Stan begins with the stockings and says that "the INXS guy hung himself with more care", referring to Michael Hutchence's hanging death that has been widely cited as a suicide.

    • Defending Your Life
      The general plot shows many similarities to the 1991 movie Defending Your Life. Both show the afterlife as a place of limbo where one has to go to court to find out whether one is to go to Heaven or Hell.

    • Michelle: Time to give 'em the old 'razzle dazzle'.
      This phrase is a line from Billy Flynn's song about bluffing a jury from the Candor and Ebb musical Chicago.

    • Roger: Oh my God, I can see my heart light!
      In Roger's drunken state, he thinks his blinking Christmas sweater is his heart light, a la E.T. The Extra Terrestrial.

    • Charlie Brown
      Hayley Smith mentions that she rented all the Peanuts Christmas specials, including the first one from 1965 to "the one from the 80s where they meet the kid with AIDS." She might actually be referring to the Peanuts special Why, Charlie Brown, Why?, which was about where they befriend a girl that had cancer, not AIDS. Why, Charlie Brown, Why? also came out in the 1990s, not the 1980s, and it also had a Christmas scene.

    • Wilhelm Scream
      During the chariot chase scene, when Stan shoots down two of the flying guards, the infamous "Wilhelm Scream" sound effect can be heard, most well-known for its use on the Star Wars and Indiana Jones films.

    • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
      After Stan gives back the Heaven gun, God says, "So shines a good deed in a weary world." This is exactly what Willy Wonka says after Charlie gives back his Everlasting Gobstopper rather than sell it.

    • Superman
      The scene where Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog are trapped in a spinning piece of glass floating off into space is a reference to Superman. In Superman, General Zod and his companions are trapped in the Phantom Zone which is represented in a similar way.

    • The Lion King
      Francine gets help giving birth from a baboon, similar to Rafiki in The Lion King.

    • Episode: Plot
      This is kind of like the episode of Family Guy (both made by the same person) when Peter meets an untimely end and needs to escape limbo to be with his family.

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