American Dad!

Season 7 Episode 11

Old Stan in the Mountain

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 19, 2012 on TBS

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  • Stan has been cursed and turns into an old man after his hatred towards the elderly

    A curse is put on Stan after he is overly vocal about his hatred for old people. As a result, he's turned into an old and frail man. Roger takes Francine to a dance competition. I thought that this was a mediocre episode of "American Dad". I'm not surprised that this episode was very weak though. This season has gotten a lot of weak episodes this season. I don't know what Seth MacFarlane is trying to do but here is what I really think though. Last year when it was Season 7 for "American Dad" and Season 9 for "Family Guy". Seth probably picked which show should have a better season and he picked "American Dad" Season 7 because last season of "American Dad" was surely better than last season of "Family Guy". Now this year, maybe it was now Family Guy's turn to have a better season so now Seth focuses on delivering most of the very creative and well written episodes for Season 10 of "Family Guy" and focuses on giving Season 8 of "American Dad" a bunch of weak episodes. You know, if Seth MacFarlane can't handle focusing on so many shows then he should at least cancel "The Cleveland Show" so Cleveland can return to "Family Guy" as a main character again plus Seth needs to cancel his Flintstones reboot. My whole point is that Seth should only focus on "Family Guy" and "American Dad". So yeah, I was nothing much to say about this episode because it was pretty bad in some parts. Then again, it was pretty funny in some parts which is why it isn't lower. The running gag with Roger saying "Francine, I haven't been entirely truthful with you" was getting very annoying and too predictable. The most hilarious part in this episode, however, was when Francine does the move on Roger and she tells Roger "Hey Roger, I haven't been entirely truthful with you" and then she throws Roger off the cliff along with Roger saying "I have the car keys you stupid b***".... I cracked up in that part. The ending with Stan being a black man was actually funny and unexpected as well. What I hated though was Stan having his hatred over old people and insulting them, most of the Francine/Roger plot because Roger annoyed the livin' hell out of me, and I didn't like how old Stan almost nearly killed Steve and Haley. Overall, this was just a mediocre episode of "American Dad", enough said. 5/10
  • american dad

    it was really funny and good storytelling great to have klaus back speaking to cause he hasnt have a speaking part in a while
  • Stan is turned into an old man

    A curse is put on Stan after he is overly vocal about his hatred for old people. As a result, he's turned into an old and frail man. Roger takes Francine to a dance competition. Eh, this episode was weaker than Wheels and the Legman and the Case of Grandpa's Key. When I first heard about it, Stan's plot doesn't look interesting. He's basically going to be a jerk about hating old people. But anyway, I did laughed at some parts like Stan telling Dick and Reginald about hiking (then he got a picture of Brent Michaels), Roger trying to reach Francine but then he couldn't, "Fine ***, population," Stan missaying the ay words, the Texan cowboy's appearance, Klaus suggesting to watch different movies, "I sit in the f***ing couch all f***ing day," Bullock thinking old Stan is an actor, Roger and Francine attending a funeral, Stan trying to kill Steve then he felt asleep, Stan falling down the mountain (the funniest part), and Stan turning into a black person .This episode had a few problems here and that's why my score really low. First of all, some of the scenes in the second and third act got dragged and there isn't that much funny parts. Also, Stan blowing his nose was very gross. Roger saying "Francine, I haven't been entirely truthful" was getting annoying's got old. It was funny on Francine after she did the move and threw Roger off the cliff. Overall, this episode was just okay...with some problems. 6/10
  • Old Stan in the Mountain

    Stan's comments about the elderly were hilarious, but I like that they ended the show on a positive message with him realizing that they can still live productive lives. The main storyline was funny, and although Roger's antics were a tad annoying tonight, the running gag of, "Francine, I haven't been entirely truthful..." was amusing.

    Solid episode tonight.