American Dad!

Season 5 Episode 3

One Little Word

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 19, 2008 on TBS
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When Stan becomes his boss' go-to guy, he feels like he can't say no to anything including outrageous personal requests. But when Francine gets roped into the annoying ordeal and her romantic Valentine's Day get-away is ruined, she lays down the law and forces Stan to say "NO".moreless

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  • Good.

    When Stan becomes his boss' go-to guy, he feels like he can't say no to anything including outrageous personal requests. But when Francine gets roped into the annoying ordeal and her romantic Valentine's Day get-away is ruined, she lays down the law and forces Stan to say "NO".

    7 out of 10
  • great

    Stan keeps on doing things for Bullock, such as having Francine baby-sit his baby, have his wife stay with the Smiths', etc. Francine does not like this and wants Stan to learn to say 'no' to his boss. Will he be able to say that word?

    Good episode. The first half at least. The second half lost my interest, but the first half was pretty good. Also, I was not fond of the ending. I thought it was OOC of Stan to not want to protect his boss. I know the point was so Stan could finally get the courage to say 'no', but… leaving him on the floor after being shot? Seemed weird. The rest of the episode, sans some parts in the second half, was really good though. Roger acting like a kid was humorous, like when he kicked Steve. B- or so is my final grade.moreless
  • one little word is like 4 little words.

    i seriously adored this episode. the writing was well set up. jokes were a little stale, but the setting was actually really original. 4 little words truly reached its full potential for american dad. this story about stan choosing his wife or his job promotion was really original for me. and the ending where his boss gets shot in the knee and stan just moves on was absolutely hillarious. all the groaning of the boss brought be happy tears to my eyes ! i watched this episode a couple of weeks ago and i think that they did not really use the fantastic characters steve and hayley.... but i might be wrong.

    overall fantastic season 4 episode. a hge hit for me and a hope hit for all of you.moreless
  • Stan becomes his boss' #1.

    While Family Guy continues to flounder American Dad continues to put on great installments every week. I will say that this was a disappointing Roger episode, but everything else just about made up for it. From the executive dining hall, to the half polar bear half Hugh Grant just a plethora of laugh out loud moments.

    Stan is just so hilarious and may very well be the best lead on any comedy right now.

    It's great to see a cartoon that doesn't rely on cutaway gags to garner laughs. They interrupt the flow and when absent, as seen here, everything just works better.moreless
Karen Maruyama

Karen Maruyama


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Jean Smart

Jean Smart

Miriam Bullock

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David Koechner

David Koechner


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Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart

Avery Bullock

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Mike Henry (VI)

Mike Henry (VI)


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • This is the first time that both American Dad and Family Guy have made the same reference on the same air date. This and the episode "Road to Germany" both reference Scarlett Johansson.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Stan: (leaves AJ with Coco) I need you to watch this baby. And don't try to have sex with it, 'cause it doesn't have any money.

    • Bullock: I guess I'll just have to settle for some tight, white meat. Excuse me, are you from Tennessee? Cuz you're the only ten I see.

    • Miriam: This is what you were doing while I was a hostage?!
      Bullock: No, no! I didn't meet her until after you came back.
      Miriam: What?!
      Stan: Ooh, no.
      Bullock: Sugar lump, I only strayed because your absence was unbearable. My life was wretched, too, you know.
      Miriam: There's a difference, Avery. I was forced into a filthy hole. You went in by choice!

    • Coco: I'm bored. Get me a movie.
      Stan: Where am I gonna get a movie around here?
      Coco: You're supposed to keep me happy. Or do I need to call Avery?
      Stan: Fine.
      Coco: Something with Matthew Perry.
      Stan: Got it. Fools Rush In.
      Coco: Something good!
      Stan: Got it. Nothing.

    • Klaus: I wonder if I'm a top or a bottom? If I had to guess, I'd say bottom... a reluctant bottom.

    • Coco: I'm going to go soak it in your tub. (takes off her top)
      Klaus: And just like that, I'm gay.

    • Bullock: Stan, this is Coco.
      Coco: (to Stan) Got any cigarettes?
      Stan: Uh, no.
      Coco: Then go suck it.
      Bullock: (to Stan) Isn't she great?!

    • Francine: Our Valentine's Day getaway is just around the corner. Oh, I can't wait to be alone with you at Lake Frasier.
      Stan: Me, too. The bed in our cabin has a solid oak headboard, and we're not leaving that lake until you get a concussion.
      Francine: Oh, Staniel!

    • Roger: Do you have time for a complicated scheme that will solve all your problems?
      Stan: Roger, this is no time to sell me on Christianity.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Star Trek: The Next Generation
      Bullock refers to his accomplice as "Number One", a callback to Patrick Stewart's role as Captain Picard on Star Trek. In addition, a fish tank can be seen in Bullock's home just like the one in Picard's ready room.