American Dad!

Season 1 Episode 1

Pilot (American Dad!)

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 06, 2005 on TBS

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  • An OK start for American Dad

    American Dad has a fair start (while Family Guy was superb). I don't hate this episode. It was just alright and I thought most of the parts were boring. On the bright side, this episode wasn't mediocre. Although I think AD is a superb show, season 1 was kinda between good and great because it started out slow (like a few other shows does) and then it got a little better. The only parts that I laughed were Klaus obsessing over Francine, periods known as Steve, the E.T. refernece, Stan shooting the toaster, and a couple more.Overall this pilot of American Dad was just okay and it could have been better. 6/10
  • Why do people hate this?


    Stan Smith uses his CIA skills to help 13-year-old son Steve win class president and the heart of the hottest girl in class, Lisa Silver. But when being class president makes Steve mad with power, Stan must jump in to save the day. Meanwhile, Roger, the alien Stan saved from Area 51, helps 18-year-old Hayley with her school paper. In return, she hooks him up with boatloads of junk food to curb his sweet tooth. Unfortunately, some Chocodiles send him over the edge and a sugar crash prohibits him from finishing one of her papers, forcing Hayley to pick up the pieces. And Klaus, the goldfish with the brain of a German guy, pines after mother Francine. Unfortunately for Klaus, the closest he'll ever get to a date with her is the spin cycle with her sports bra.

    Overall, I liked it alot, i wonder why people hate the Pilot so much


  • A really horrible start to an awesome show.

    Weak. This, the pilot episode of American Dad is the worst of the entire series to date. It basically is a re-hash of Family Guy. Steve is an annoying jerk, Francine, Klaus, and Hayley are utterly wasted and Stan produces no sympathy. Roger's small part in the show is the best part, as it usually is even in good episodes. Thank goodness the show got better, and is now among my favorites. My only question is why did it have to start off on this horribly mangled foot? Now I'm just trying to get over the 100 word minimum. Ding!
  • mediocre

    Stan helps Steve win Class President, but he soon goes mad with power when the girl he likes does not share his feelings, and in fact finds him repulsive. Meanwhile, Roger the alien helps Haley write a school paper.

    Good-ish episode. Not one of the best openers ever, but it had some good parts, like everyone replacing the word 'period' with Steve, and Roger's idea to get Haley an extension on her paper, and Francine with the bullhorn, but the rest of the episode was kind of low on laughs and bored me a little. Still alright though, my final grade would be a C- or so
  • Will American Dad! live up to the hype that has been circulating, and more importantly, will the show be given a chance by the network to generate a large enough audience to keep it on the air?

    At first glance, American Dad! seems like a rip-off of the popular TV show, Family Guy. Which, incidentally, is also from the same creator, Seth MacFarlane. With all the similarities between both shows, American Dad! is often referred to as Family Guy's counter-part. With that being said, will American Dad! live up to the hype that has been circulating, and more importantly, will the show be given a chance by the network to generate a large enough audience to keep it on the air?

    After viewing the Pilot episode, most people will be quick to judge and compare every aspect of the show to its counter-part, Family Guy. For the most part, American Dad! did have its funny moments, but they were quickly overshadowed by the constant attempt at generating more humor. But overall, I enjoyed all the humor that the show was trying to get across.

    Now, as for the disadvantage, it would definately have to be the strong similarities between the characters for both shows. They're just too similar to Family Guy, but that's to be expected since they're both from Seth MacFarlane. The Pilot episode can't really be compared to all 3 seasons of Family Guy, as most people seem to do quite often. But when compared to just the Pilot of FG, American Dad! truly does stand out, and in my opinion, even surpasses FG's Pilot.

    Based on the Pilot, it's very difficult see which direction the show and characters will take throughout the series. Hopefully, the characters will stand out more as the series goes on. More specifically, Francine and Klaus. As they seem to serve no real purpose in the Pilot episode.

    In conclusion, I'd rate the Pilot episode a 7/10. Overall, the episode was pretty good considering it was only the Pilot. I truly believe American Dad! has a lot of good potential to become a great series, if taken in the right direction.
  • As Iverson82094 says "Great way to start the series"!

    This episode is actually a great pilot episode and is a great way to start the series, Steve needs help impressing a cheerleader in his school called Lisa Silver who apparently thinks he's repulsive so he gets a dog but that doesn't work out well, then Stan tries to pretend to be a burglar and steal a girl's purse so Steve can save her(to impress the ladies, this isn't probably to impress Lisa Silver) but that doesn't work either so Stan comes up with an idea to make Steve the School Body President so that he'll be able to get a date with Lisa and meanwhile Hayley needs help with her assignment and Roger offers to help, I must admit this episode was pretty funny especially what Klaus was saying to Francine in the beginning a bit crude(Mind you, that's sort of what makes the show funny) but hilarous at the same time and I loved Roger's constant falling over the table gags at the beginning I say well done Seth MacFarlane and keep up the good work.
  • One of the best pilots iv ever seen for a show

    This episode was the start of a great tv show.American Dad was a way for Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlene tog et back into the animation buisness after his first sohw[Family Guy] got cancelled.What better way to do it 5 new main characters Stan [a CIA operative and overprotective father with comical tendicies to overract and do stupid thing much like Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson plus several emotional issues that are explored through the course of the show] Francie [A stryotypical housewife much like Lois Griffin and Marge Simpson except with a naughty wild side and other insecurites that are explroed further]
    Steve[The sexually obsessed teenage nerd that also has several emotion confusions about his life] Hlaey[A liberal hippie slut who rebels against her over protective and overational father] Roger[A extreamly funny Alien who speaks in a homosexual english voice and is sexually confused and has 100s of different personalities and costumes.Every epsidoe he plays a different character and wears a different costume] and finally Kluas[A fish who has a german human brain he loves francine and makes comical gags] there ypou have you characters add a new style of comedy which is unlike Family Guys LOL gags and refrences and unlike The Simpsons stupidity laughs this humour comes from the intresting story and characters which plays a major part in the show.Now there you ahve a new show American Dad which in my opinion by now is supassing Family Guy been funnier and has better characters and story lines.
  • this was a really good pilot

    in this pilot of american dad stan uses his power to get his son class president and we learn that haliey needs to get her paper done and she goes to roger for help and he starts getting junk food inreturn and stevie goes mad with power by abusing his right to be president to atract a really pretty girl but she is just using him . and he goes mad and is left in the shcool and the police come to take him out and stan goes up there to talk to him and the paper that roger was suposed to do he fell a sleep and did not get to t do it.
  • Fantasic start to an amazing series.

    This another favorite for me. It is hllarious when Stan shoots the toaster and Haley says it's just toast and Stan says this time it was toast this time it was toast. Also it was sooooo funny when Bush and God were talking on the phone and when Roger crushed the chair and then he layed on the table and crushed the table. This was better then Family Guy's pilot and it was the best pilot of any show's pilot I have ever seen. A show could not have as good of a pilot as American Dad did. A 10 out of 10.
  • This was so funny right from the word go.

    All of the characters were as funny as family guy, and there's a reason for that. Because American Dad & Family Guy were made by the same guy, Seth McFarlane. Like in Family Guy he does more than one voice. One of the best bits this episode was the 19 year old dog. "Oh, damn it! He's gonna pee! No, no, no! (Instead of peeing, dust comes out) Nope, just dust." Roger is one of the funniest character on the show. "What?! No, not my Frankenberries! Oh, Francine! Please be reasonable! (Gets on table trying to get his donuts, breaks table) Oh, God! I got a bear claw in my ass!" Stan is as funny as Peter Griffin, in way that when he thinks his son is gay he trys to kill himself. "Oh, God, he's gay This is it. This is the gay call. I've been ready for this for years. (Starts chugging down pills)" But when he finds out Steve isn't gay one of the funniest bits. "I see. (Foam starts coming out of his mouth) Henry, antidote!" I also think that Klaus is like Brian from Family Guy, because he wants the female character. Klaus is a goldfish, with brain of a German guy. "I was an Olympic skier before the CIA switched mein brain with ein goldfish." So overall this episode was very very funny, just as funny as Family Guy. Although it will never be able to get to the same level of comedy as Family Guy.
  • Great way to start off a series

    Stan Smith uses his CIA skills to help 13-year-old son Steve win class president and the heart of the hottest girl in class, Lisa Silver. But when being class president makes Steve mad with power, Stan must jump in to save the day. Meanwhile, Roger, the alien Stan saved from Area 51, helps 18-year-old Hayley with her school paper. In return, she hooks him up with boatloads of junk food to curb his sweet tooth. Unfortunately, some Chocodiles send him over the edge and a sugar crash prohibits him from finishing one of her papers, forcing Hayley to pick up the pieces. And Klaus, the goldfish with the brain of a German guy, pines after mother Francine. Unfortunately for Klaus, the closest he'll ever get to a date with her is the spin cycle with her sports bra.
  • The great pilot of this exciting series!

    I had been away in Tasmania when the promos of this were airing, if they did that is, and I got home Thursday night, turned on the telly ready to watch Family Guy and here comes American Dad!'s pilot. I loved it, it had the greatness Family Guy has and it was purely great in its story, I am a real fan of FG but I really wish we could have more of this instead of it, this is probaply my favourite AD episode of all time, even though we've only got the first season on both Cable & network, but oh well, I still love this show!!
  • Steve runs for school president

    We are introduced to the characters Stan, CIA agent, Francine, stay at home mom, Hayley, attends community college, Steve, a geek, Roger, an alien, and Claus, a gold fish with the brain of a german. Steve wants more girls to talk to him so he asks his dad for a dog, so Stan brings home a dog that can barely stand up, keeps losing its hair, and is about to die. Stan accidentally shoots Steve's dog, mistaking it for Osama. Stan's next plan is to disguise himself as a thief and steal a woman's purse and have Steve capture him and save the day. Instead Stan runs through the mall, jumps out the window and runs through the parking lot. Steve could never catch up. Stan captures Hiliary Duff and forces her to eat with Steve, instead, Hiliary runs away but gets blown up by a land mine. Stan finally riggs the school election and Steve becomes school president. But Steve takes over the school and Stan has to break in and tell Steve that he is his son and that you don't need power to get the girls.
  • Really funny premiere

    American Dad starts off its series with an amazing and hilarious pilot episode. We are introduced to the family. The dad, the mom, the overweight alien, the hippie sister, the nerdy brother and a german man in a goldfish's body.

    The alien finds problems with his weight and problems with the sister as well after he failed to do her term paper when he promised he would.

    Meanwhile, the brother seeked to find a date to the prom, he did everything he could, but as usualy and expected, he failed really bad. Dispite his father's support, it was completely hopeless.

    Overall, funny episode.
  • Humour, Aliens And idiots with millons of things to say which are so funny..

    This is the best 1st episode of the century, showing us what happens in the small house with the best character Roger a alien from Area 51 with his obsevis of foood, the dad with continuing quotes of shows and thinks anything is funny. And the german goldish is in love with the mum.
    There is racism, violence and the best quotes in the world with one of Steve's friend speaks chinese and steve doesn't understand so he just says what he wants to hear, President bush talks to god saying that can you kinda down play our friendship, president bush saying what do you mean, and god says well you make coments like god wanted me to be president, and thats something you sohuld keep to yourself.

    Also another funny scene is when the dad wresles down hally and says why don't you ever search steve, and the dad says steve isn't a left wing libral who i tired to raise propaly and the dad scans hally anbd finds a pack of gum and the dad says what is this, hally says its a pack of gum and then he throughs it and the dad says ok its gum.

    anyway this is a great show worth seeing
  • Great start to a bloody funny series

    Totally enjoyed this show, a really good start to a series I personally think is a whole lot funnier than Family Guy!
    The jokes are pretty typical of the series, and I totally loved the scene when Stan shoots the dog - mainly because of Francine's very glazed expression as she whips out the machetes :)
    Roger has always been one of my favourite characters, and so it was great to see him well on form in this episode.
    Basically it sets up the rest of the series well, with some funny moments, and nothing too out of character for anyone :)
    Oh, and I also laughed myself silly at the flashback to the 1986 Winter Olympics with the goldfish brain in the skiers body - hilarious!
  • Quite a good way to start the series

    A great start to the series, this pilot episode has a terrific plot and some hilarious scenes.

    While the voices and animation are a little off, the characters have not changed a bit and are very well written in, Roger, Stan and Steve being the main focus of the episode.

    The first scene of the episode at the kitchen table introduces the characters in a very funny way and is a very memorable scene along with Stan shooting the toaster and Roger on a sugar high.

    Stan’s plan to rob the girl was hilarious, making the understatement that he perhaps got carried away and really uses the humour that is used throughout the rest of the season.
  • absolutely awful

    This show was so over-hyped because Seth McFarland is the producer. It took way too long to develop the jokes. The characters could be made more interesting but just aren't and are awful. This show does not deserve to follow Family Guy. It does not live up to how over-hyped it was and needs to be pulled. They need to develop the jokes a lot quicker and do something with the characters. Apparently the producers wanted base the characters around the Family Guy characters but messed up completely with it. Very very disappointing.
  • A decent pilot to a good show.

    This was the pilot of American Dad. The pilot introduced viewers to most of the shows characters like: Stan, Francine, Steve, Hayley,
    Klaus, and Roger. In this episode, Steve runs for president of his school. After Steve wins he overthrows the the school's principal. Steve also wants to get a dog so he can pick up girls or get a girlfrind. Stan gets Steve a dog that is near death. Stan accidently kills the dog later in the episode. Besides that Steve still ets a girlfriend, but she does'nt like Steve for himself she likes Steve's power of class president. This pilot introduced the characters well, and was a good opening for the series.
  • great

    this is a great episode. i think it is funny.
    i can't wait until the later episodes. i hope they're as great and funny as the others. this show and family guy are the funniest out there. family guy and american dad have some simularities. i recommend this show.
  • This episode is great for a pilot.

    Normally, I don't care for pilot episodes. However, in my opinion, this was the best episode of the series so far. I liked the way Roger was freaked out when Francine put him on a diet. This pilot episode is the best pilot episode of any show I ever saw.
  • This is the first ep I watched, and I will definitely watch again.

    From the makers of Family Guy, I would have expected this show to be funnier. However, in a politically incorrect sense, this episode was pretty witty. This is the first and only episode Australia has had, so it's unable to be compared to other episodes, but I will definitely be tuning in next week. Fairly dull moments in between some great one-liners and sequences.
  • The 1st episode what do you expect?

    This is the first episode of American Dad. This episode introduces most of the characters Stan Smith, Francine Smith, Steve Smith, Roger:the alien, Klaus: The Talking German Fish, and Hayley Smith. In this episode Steve becomes school president and overthrows the principal of the school. Steve is also having girl problems so to get rid of his problems he wants to get a dog. When he tells Stan hr brings home an almost dead dog which he eventually kills later in the show. Steve finally gets a girlfriend (played by Carmen Electra) who really doesnt like him for him, she just likes that he's the class president. This show was a good pilot episode to begin the series.
  • A not so great start to a okay series

    Now watching this episode there are many obvious flaws in is quality....there were some funny bits but it was already clear that this show wasn't going to be half of what Family Guy is, you could see that the characters weren't as funny and didn't go together as well....the father is too over the top for his own good and the show was just too similar....They should have tried to make it feel more unique aside from been just less funny episodes of Family Guy with different characters.....never the less it had it's moments.
  • A bumby debut

    Let's face it, if American Dad wasn't from Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane, this show would have been passed by without a second glance. But since it was from FG's papa, the hype and expectation has been sky high since the series announcement. After a promising pilot and months of wait, we finally have the premiere episode. Does it live up?

    In some ways, yes. American Dad is a funny and original show. While some may be quick to compare every detail of it to Family Guy (a disadvantage of it being from MacFarlane), American Dad has many redeeming qualities that set it apart. Unlike Family Guy, Dad's humor is more political that pop cultural. Although some cracks are made about TV and movies, the right wing, liberal, and terrorist groups seemed to be the main target of the entire episode. And while that isn't necessarily bad, it may become annoying if it is the only source of humor.

    So how does it fail to live up to the hype? Mostly the changes made since the pilot's debut. In the pilot, we got a clear view of what kind of family the Smith's really were. We had the caring but over-protective father, the mother with a shady past, two children, one a rebel, the other a geek, and MacFarlane's weird additions this time in the form of an alien and a German goldfish. But with the premiere, we get a little lost as to who really matters in the Smith family.

    First off we have Francine, who had no real purpose. She had no redeeming qualities and provided very little humor. The only reason she seemed to be in the family was for the sake of having a mother. Then we have Klaus, pimped for months as a Brian/Stewie combination. But, aside from his antics at breakfast and the revelation of how his human brain was implanted in a fish, Klaus served no real purpose. And then comes Steve Smith. God how the changing of a voice actor can ruin a character. I don't know who did the voice over for Steve Smith in the pilot, but he made Steve sound like what he was meant to be: a geek. His voice was annoying and high-pitched, just like those kids you avoid in school. But this Steve. It just doesn't fit the character at all. Bad call from the MacFarlane camp in my opinion.

    But I'm sure you're sick of hearing me and just want me to get to the meant of this review: the episode. We start off exactly like the pilot, with the Smith offspring bickering over breakfast. Here is where the show takes it's first hit. In the pilot, we had a very humorous conversation between Haley and Steve. But after an unnecessary and pointless incest joke from Steve, we're left fearing for the safety of the rest of the episode. The rest of the scene goes along unchanged, but now we get more into detail concerning Steve and his attempts to get with Lisa Silver (Carmen Electra). After failing to woo her with a 19 year old dog (who surprisingly provided some of the funniest bits in the episode), Steve decides the only way to win her heart is to earn power by winning student body elections. Stan eagerly jumps in to help, claiming "rigging elections is his party's speciality."

    The plot works well, considering that is was stretched out into a 22 minute episode from a 6 minute pilot. We get a good introduction of all the characters, and some funny skits including Stan's attempts to make Steve look like a hero at the mall. The only problem with this episode is that is comes so close to living up to the hype, but falls short inches before it can get to that sweet spot (like the Eagles who met the same fate only an hours before the premiere).

    But I don't think it's fair to judge a series on it's pilot. In my opinion, it's the first season, not the first episode, that makes or brakes a series. We'll just have to wait till May to decide the fate of American Dad.

    Score: 3.5/5, I recommend it.

    -TomPeeler is an award winning amatuer reviewer who previously held the Family Guy and American Dad reviewer spots on TV Tome. If you would like to contact Tom, compliment his work, or submit death threats, he can be reached at:
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