American Dad!

Season 3 Episode 21

Pulling Double Booty

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 16, 2008 on TBS

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  • Poor


    Hayley breaks up with her boyfriend and ends up in the arms of Stan's body double from the CIA, but things get really bizarre when the body double starts hitting on Francine.

    Overall, this episode was kinda boring compared to most AD episodes, so this episode will receive a

    4 out of 10


  • perfect

    Haley and Jeff break up, only this time, Jeff breaks up with her, causing her to go on a rampage. Haley then hooks up with Bill, Stan's CIA double, but he kicks him out when Bill hits on Francine. What will Francine and Stan do to make sure Haley does not go on another rampage?

    Good episode. I liked the flashback to Haley in school flipping out, and I liked Stan (pretending to be Bill) saying he really does love Haley, and how he kisses the picture of her he has on his desk for good luck. Good episode overall and I am giving it an A+
  • Jeff dumps Hayley, and she goes on a rampage. Hayley then starts going out with Stan's double, Bill...

    Amazing! I loved this episode so much! Great jokes that were very hilarious, and funny parts through the whole episode! Hayley's rampage was very funny, and also when Hayley and Bill were kissing, and Francine was puking on the beach was also very hilarious! I laughed a lot! When Stan kept taking the cookie dough and eating it secretly it was funny. Another good part was at the end when Roger took a chair and hit Steve in the head with it was hilarious, and I was laughing so hard at that! This episode was great, and I loved it so much! Classic American Dad. Nice!
  • again season 4 is amazing!

    This is one of my favorites. It is hillarious when Francine describes what will happen to Hailey in prison and when Francine thinks Stan made out with Hailey but Stan thinks she means the cookie dough and there describing how they ate the cookie dough but she thinks they mean Hailey was soooooooo funny. Also another hillarious part is when the chikens cross the road and in slow motion all the chickens get ran over and also it was hillarious when Hailey goes on a rampage and throws a kid out the window and it was very funny when Steve and Roger fight. This episode was great but not as good as Tales of a Third Grade Nothing the Family Guy episode that aired the same night as this.
  • Hayley goes on a rampage when her boyfriend dumps her.

    This was not the best episode ever of American Dad by any stretch of the imagination but I did find it very entertaining. There were some quotable lines and some funny gags such as Stan's obsession with cookie dough and the guy at the cockfight that said "to the death" regarding everything. The ending with Stan speaking through Bill about Hayley's father issues was sweet, something difficult for a cartoon to do.

    It's just that nothing was incredibly memorable and there really wasn't anything people will be talking about at the water coolers tomorrow. American Dad has been acceptable this season but they've got to work harder to hang onto its Family Guy lead-in.