American Dad!

Season 3 Episode 21

Pulling Double Booty

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 16, 2008 on TBS



  • Trivia

    • The Asian Ladybug character, Katie, from the episode "Not Particularly Desperate Housewives" can be seen in the street background wearing her ladybug brooch pin as Roger and Steve walk by.

    • The episode title, "Pulling Double Booty", is an allusion to the term "pulling double duty", meaning to spend twice as much time as is normally applied to an activity; usually work.

    • This is the second appearance of Stan's body double, Bill. He was also in the episode "It's Good to be the Queen."

  • Quotes

    • Francince: Stan, have you been eating the cookie dough again?
      Stan: Why, is there still some on my face?
      Francince: No.
      Stan: Then, no.

    • Francine: (upon learning Hayley might go to jail) Jail?! She'll never survive! Tiny cells! The gangs! Getting shanked in the cafeteria!
      (Francine makes a fake stabbing and twisting motion in the air and goes "Yeah!")
      Francine: The first couple of stabs break the skin, and then they really drive it in there! And my baby's all "AHH! You bitch, I'll kill you!"
      (Stan just stares at Francine in shock as she tends to a drugged Hayley)
      Stan: That was haunting scenlet, Francine.

    • Francine: STAN SMITH! (Stan quickly hides the cookie dough under a sofa cushion. Francine runs towards him and tries to hit him, but he holds her off) You bastard! How could you?!
      Stan: Okay, ya caught me, but can ya blame me? It's just so sweet and tempting!
      Francine: (gasps) You're sick. You should be in jail...
      Stan: Oh, c'mon, you're overreacting; Roger does it, too! (Francine turns to Roger, looking surprised. Roger shrugs)
      Roger: Yeah, I've stuck my fingers in there. (Francine gasps, but then gags and throws up in the popcorn bowl. Roger gets up from the couch) Guess I'll go get some new popcorn. (Hayley and Bill come downstairs)
      Hayley: (smiling casually) You all know Bill, right?
      Bill: (smiles and waves) Hi, Stan, Francine. (Francine stops throwing up and looks up from the bowl, now confused)
      Francine: Wait, so that was Bill upstairs? (laughs in relief) You were just making-out with a man who looks exactly like your father. (pauses, then starts throwing up again)

    • Francine: We were just making out in the kitchen.
      Stan: Making out? What are we, two sixteen-year-old girls?

    • Stan: Francine tried to hide the cookie dough in the washing machine, but I found it. I always find it.

  • Notes

    • When Hayley starts to give her phone number to the barista, she begins with the area code 757. 757 is the area code for the Hampton Roads area. The Smith's are believed to live in Northern Virginia, which would make their area code 703.

    • Roger's opening credits disguise: Professor Jordan Edelstein from the episode "Camp Refoogee"

    • Fox censored Hayley lighting the whole forest on fire in anger because of the wildfires that happened in California in November 2008. The uncut ending is on Hulu, Xbox Live Marketplace and iTunes.

  • Allusions

    • King Kong
      When Hayley freaks out after being dumped by Jeff, she is seen climbing a model of the Empire State building with a female doll. Two security guards attack her with double-decker RC planes. This is an allusion to the famous scene in the original King Kong movie.

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