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  • Started off awesome...

    This show was insane when it first started..I had found myself a regular watcher. Being a huge fan of Family Guy and Seth McFarlane\'s work I had found myself being drawn into this show very quickly. With a hilarious cast and a very \"average\" family, Seth began this project on the uphill side. However he set the bar too high for the show and it has seemed to start disappointing a few. I find that it just seems to be going downhill ever since season 2 started...However being a huge fan of Seth\'s work, Im sticking by this show as I can tell it will pick up very shortly...

    This is such a brillant show one of the best comedies i've ever seen in my life. The stupidity of the comedy heightens it's enjoyability. You never know what will happen next because it is truly funny. FOR MAKING A SHOW LIKE THIS, I SALUTE YOU. Every episode is a joy to watch and has me in stiches. I am truly glad to say that i am a fan of the amazing, it is brilant, the best the best the best, it is brillant, it is brillant P.S brillant
  • SO much better than family guy! It's totally "FREAKIN'SWEETER!"

    SO much better than family guy! It's totally "FREAKIN'SWEETER!"i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wowi mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow i mean wow
  • MAD!!!

    100% Americana.
    This show is truly what we Britain’s think of America. (well me for a instance) American Dad shows the true underbelly of America but showing it in a humorous light and showing it as dank or dark as it maybe is.
    American Dad is really funny in a animated/reality kind of way. Aliens, Yummy Mummy’s, and a Dad that just really does love his country probably a bit too much is the ingredients for a really wacky look on today’s political status and the traditions on Americas views of thing in other country’s business which is a s funny as these writers
  • American Dad skewers family, work and general American culture in an extremely hysterical fashion. Each character has its sitcome-esque place, including the \\\"pet\\\" goldfish bitter sarcasm of Roger, the alien.

    Roger, Roger, Roger... :-)Makes me laugh outloud every ep! This show is awesomely funny and VERY underrated. American Dad and Drawn Together are not only my favorite shows on television, but they skewer everything (albeit in extremely different fashions) without looking back and I love that. Every character in AD is pitch on, down to Patrick Stewarts voiceovers, its great to see or hear actors not taking themselves as seriously as people might expect. If youve never watched the show and have a... slightly or quite jaded view of American culture, this is the show for you... I would give this a perfect 10, but only if there were more of Roger in each episode.
  • First it scared me

    I watched the Show's premiere and I wasn't sure if it was going to stay around too long but now I've completly fallen in love with it! I watch it every chance I get and I enjoy it more than my old favourites which I never thought possible. It's joke are hillarious and being a Canadian the show is hideously "American" you see so many shows that stereotype the Canadian and now finally a show to stereoype the American. (Not a bad thing). I stay up the extra half an hour to laugh my butt off while thinking I can't believe they get away with this stuff.
  • American Dad!

    Just a very very very funny show about a FBI agent and his family.... sounds good right ?? :) Well acctually it gets weirder because the agent (Stan) is always really overreacting like when toast poofs out of the toaster he shoots it 20 times with his handgun or the german goldfish that wants do do things with the mom (Francine) They\'ve also got a cool alien called Rodger that is a alcoholic and always watches weird stuff on tv, brilliant how did they think of it :D. And let\'s not forget about the 2 kids, Hailey and Steve ... Hailey is a hippy and Steve is just a nerd that wants to have a \'hot\' girlfriend
    Enjoy the show :)
  • American dad wooo

    american da is a great geeat great great great great great show. Its like family guy to the 3rd power. It action, funy and funny sense of humor. Not only that its like fun in a box. Its not in my top 5 shows but its still grat. I like the Lalien the best.!0000000 i no irs the best best be st endikhd ijf u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u i i i io i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i j j
  • This family's crazy and I love it!

    American Dad is hilarious, I got into this when my brother told me about it, the first time I've watched it I thought it was like Family guy but it's a lot funnier.

    Some peoples dislike it because how Stan is acting (the way I would definitely act) and the 5-members family thing coming in action again, but a lot of Americans will sometimes dislike it because it shows and tells real facts about peoples of the United States that they cannot face, it is understandable but it doesn't take away the fact that it is very funny, it's only a show and it is there to make us laugh, it made me laugh and I hope this show won't die soon and they will let them write many more episodes.

    American Dad rocks!
  • Funny animated show about an all-American family.

    Great show with a heck of a lot insane jokes by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. This is a great show with a heck of a lot insane jokes by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. It's great to see what can go wrong in a 'typical' American family with a red-state, conservative CIA agent as their patriarch. Stan Smith is just hilarious!

    I love to see that American Dad is returning. It will at least be on the air through the 2007/08 season.

    At all people out there who do not like 'American Dad': No one forces you to watch it! Just change the channel if you don't like it!
  • this show is so freaking funny.i could watch it everyday.stan is funny.he's the one who makes the show.i would say its almost up there with family funny with the stuff they be coming up with in that show.and the alien is so gay but at the same time

    this show is so freaking funny.i could watch it everyday.stan is funny.he's the one who makes the show.i would say its almost up there with family funny with the stuff they be coming up with in that show.and the alien is so gay but at the same time.its all good
  • I think American Dad is actually a pretty good cartoon

    As we all know, Seth MacFarlane is one to take jokes and things overboard. I like American Dad though. This is one of the first cartoons to ever introduce a family and thir issues with their Political and comunizism crazed Father and/or Husband. Overall, the shows plot was basically another way for Seth Mac Falrlane to earn more easy money. All he did was take the Family Guy Family and spruce it up. That wouldn't be my favorite idea wen it comes to trying to win over viewers, as they may feel that's just pitiful and lazy. However, the animation is excellent, although not much differnt from Family Guy's, and I love the stupidity released on the show.
  • The creators of Family Guy have made a new show, and this time it's actually good!

    American Dad! is about a man named Stan Smith who works for the CIA. He has a wife named Francine, a teenage son named Steve, and a daughter name Hayley. Stan and his family hide Roger, a alien who saved Stan's life in Area 51. They also have a talking fish who was a german guy, but his brain was put in the fish. Steve is unpopular and he and his friends are geeks. Hayley is a typical b***** teenager that cares from the environment. On each episode, Stan faces problems wetcher their with the CIA, his family, or being is Arabia. Awsome show that is much better than Family Guy!
  • American Dad is fun to watch.

    I love watching American Dad. Its a very funny show. We have got Stan who works for the goverment his Wife just a stay at home kind that talks to a fish and the rest of the family u see. Stan has to do a lot of missions and stuff and its way funny, I like this show alomost as much as Futurama but not quite it doesn't surprise me though that this show is good because who directes it, Seth Macfarlane is a genius he has made countless Tv shows and made them into a success give it a couple more years and this show might become one.
  • First came family guy then american dad, which follows the life of stan smith a C.I.A worker and his family

    american dad follows the life of stan smith and his family during their every day life. unlike its brother family guy the main character isnt that stupid and is viewed as an extreme patriot and depends on maintaining his pride. Also unlike family guy the story doesnt keep flashing back which is what family guy is famous for. I like the way stan works for national security but has an alien living in his attic and how both family guy and american dad have the talking pets family guy with brian the dog and american dad with klaus the german talking fish
  • Stan is the father. He works for the CIA. Stan has a wife, Francine, a daughter, Haley, and a son, Steve. They also have an alien named Roger, and a golfish who is very very horny!

    I love this show!!! Its totally awesome! Seh was great with Family guy, and still is. And his new series, American Dad is amazing! It doesnt really have the flashbacks like Family Guy, but the dialouge and the jokes are hilarious. One of my favorite characters is the fish. How can a small goldfish be that horny?? Well, its behind me! This show has to be one of the best on Fox, along with the Simpsons and Family Guy. I hope that Seth won\'t waste his talent and not come up with another show. Waht I really love is the animation, every animator has a unique drawing style, but I think Seth\'s is the best.
  • I think it's one of two best cartoons there is for an adults.

    First there were the simpsons, but the show became same old joke over and over again( which is not surprising i mean 18 seasons), than there were futurama which unfortunately ended and southpark which had lost there edge somewhere along the way. Right now it's definately time for the American Dad and Drawn together. They are edgy, filled with a black humour , really funny. Stan of arabia is definately one of the best things i saw lately. Nice Characters, especially Stan, Francine and Rojer, and funny plots. I especially liked the golden poo plot. In any case, it seems like a nice show, and i really hope that it won't change in the near future.
  • OK, the Simpsons do sarcastic so much better

    Crude humor is not funny. Laughing at people defile everything that moral, saner and more tempered people hold sacred is merely passive-agressive hatred reigned in for 'our' enjoyment. A show like this feeds on the underbelly of society and adds nothing to the overall perspectives of society. This show falls into the category of "If you have nothing nice to draw, ...".
  • One of the greatest to be put on air.

    I think American Dad! is a better hit TV show than Family Guy. This 2nd making Family Guy series does not suck, because, they don't have no stupid clips, no gay episodes, of no gay lines, the characters are down right better than Family Guy's characters. I hope it stays on more than Family Guy does. Family Guy sucks big time! They have boring plots, the clips are not even funny anymore, and worst of all, the characters have lost all meaning, they don't have all the old characters anymore, and so Family Guy is just DEAD NOW! I only liked the earlier seasons, like 1-3, after that, I think it's the gayest show ever, good job American Dad! show Family Guy who runs the show.
  • This show is Pretty funny, but it doesnt stad a chance against Family guy, South park or Drawn together

    Seth MacFarlane is a creative genius, no doubt about that...but this show simply isnt living up to his own standards...i dont know why... there is nothing special about it. it has its funny moments, but it isnt enough...its like Family guy, but less humorous. Nevertheless, im a fan of this show and i support it...we should also remember that it is currently only in its second season...Family guy got my vote as one of the best humor/animated shows ever first in its third well have to wait n' see what the future brings, untill then i will keep watching, and keep laughing
  • a deranged cia agent uh oh I REGRET NOTHING bang ehh.

    this is fabulos show of a crazy american family with a goldfish with a german guys brain and an alien for pets. this is a faboulus show and is a must see. if u havent seen american dad then u dont no the meaning of life. american dad is a marvolus show and should be watch 4 most people.
  • The Show American dad is horrible.....

    I think this show isn\\\\\\\'t funny I saw the first episode the night it aired after the super bowl. I thought it was going to be funny but it was a complete waste of my time. I swear all of my friends were partys for the superbowl and I was watching this crappy show. It was stupid, idiotic, no really storyline, I\\\\\\\'d rather watch Sunday Mass on DVD even though i\\\\\\\'m not Catholic, and above all NOT FUNNY!!! I remember they have a alien living with them? why and that dad is stupid one of the very first scenes was the dad shooting something and i\\\\\\\'m soppossed to laught I think not Replace this show with something better like Malcom.
  • GoOd morning USA!

    From the makers of Family Guy American Dad is about Stan Smith who works for the CIA and his family as well as his pet fish and alien. Much of the humour revolves around Stan's job as well as his family whitch is always good for a laugh or two.
  • *Drolling*

    What a awesmoe show. One of the best shows ever to run on TV. Funny, yet doesn't include what most of Foxs shows have... sex. It is pretty funny, Stan working at the CIA (well I dunno if thats the name, sort of got mixed up). But it is preety funny. I think that unlike Futurama or Family Guy the show won't get canceled at all, I don't see why there isn't that muchpopularity on this show though. It is very funny. Even though it seems good, it still has guns, lots of gun. But it's not like... if your kids watch they'll kill someone.
  • Pointless

    This show is a waste of a timeslot. I think the directors and writers went too far and they should just stick with ‘Family Guy’. There’s no point in the story, just a dad in the CIA who come home to his wife and kids and Roger. It’s the same story every time. The show is just a rip off of ‘Family Guy’ Same type of family, and every thing else, only worst. I would like to see this show cancelled and put on a better show. ‘Family Guy is good enough’ American dad is just full of racial slurs and violence. Sometimes I can’t stand to watch it. So this show gets thumbs down from me
  • Another great animated show from FOX

    I watched American Dad the first time it aired on FOX and well to be honest I wasn't very impressed. Now, though its humor has improved and is now a great show. You can always count on American Dad to provide you with great political humor and just plain funny moments. Sadly, it seems as though this show is underappreciated because it is created by Seth MacFarlane (the creator another FOX show, Family Guy)and it is often accused of being a rip off of Family Guy (which is doubly worse considering that Family Guy is often accused of ripping off of The Simpsons). American Dad has to be one of my personal favorites and is top notch among adult cartoons.
  • I'll revamp you! Seth Delivers!

    American Dad is a completely original and innovative way not only for american cartoons but for america to look at itself.
    This is complete satire with a bite just like family guy but a total other family with a very different story and storyline to follow. Do a dance make a little love hey lets get down tonight lets get down tonight!
    There is a gold fish that i must tell you about ok, well he's not really a gold fish at all but a germany solider for the big world war 2. He's got a insane clown posse Crush on the women of the house Francine, how they came into possesion of this fish I'm not 100% sure but he is just a riot and so this the alien that squits stuff all over the place and has babies with just about anyone. Check it out its that outragous type of funny!
  • American Dad isn't merely a revamped version of Family Guy. The show has its own unique point-of-view that I really enjoy, even if it doesn't make me laugh as much as its predecessor...

    Although American Dad is great for some laughs, it seemed at first like the product of a marketing analysis intended to retread the parts of Family Guy that worked into a new package, with some roles recast (opinionated dog = snarky alien!) or reversed (the dullard son is now a bookworm!). After sticking with the show through its first season, however, I can appreciate the younger show on its own merits. The title says it all: American Dad focuses on the difficult role of fathers (and figures of authority in general) in modern society as well as our culture’s interactions with the rest of the world. Of course, that generalization does little to credit the show’s expertly irreverent approach to such issues, as it mixes them in with picaresque subplots that also address anything from nerdiness (any episode involving son Steve’s attempts at inclusion) to identity (like the beautiful Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? parody in the season two premiere).
    However, if I compare American Dad and Family Guy according to the number of times during each episode that I laugh until I can’t breathe, the Griffin clan wins by a massive lead. I enjoy this show enough to keep tuning in each week, particularly since it’s nestled nicely between The Simpsons and Family Guy.
  • Another gem from Seth McFarlane

    Seth McFarlane has done it again. This show is great. I thought that Family Guy was one of a kind until I saw this show. American Dad isn't as good as Family Guy but it's a hell of a lot better then other shows (I could name but I won't).
    It's original (yes original! What other cartoons have a mental C.I.A agent as the head of the family and pull it off like American Dad?), it's quirky and freakin hilarious!! Stan Smith, his family, his talking goldfish and Roger the alien are soo funny to watch.
    If you like Family Guy, The Simpsons or any other off the wall television shows then you are going to LOVE American Dad.
  • Though i barely watch it, it is very funneh.

    Well..i barely watch it { damn curfew! ) but from how many times i have watched it over the summer, i can say this show is comical. Plus, it is an un-original show.

    What show has a talking golden fish that really is some german, and an alien that green gush shoots out of him alot of times? None. Accpet american dad.

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