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  • stan smith has made america look fantastic for the world

    people may know that american dad may be seth macfarlane's best show, but the smiths will always live in langley falls on 43 cherry street. the episodes were well written, and makes the plot stable into the underworld of the animation history. my favorite characters are francine smith, and akiko yoshida.

    besides that, roger smith can disguise as anyone such as bill gates (although the bill gates disguise is nowhere to be found in any episode, just a sample of his disguises).

    i can imagine what the american dad spin off would be like in the future.. if 2018 was here, and all of the planets align, an american dad spin off would be officially announced.

    i wanted to thank seth macfarlane and his "american" work of this great although the show has criticisms similar to other of his tv shows on fox animation.
  • Not all bad, just....

    I`m not really into this show. I`d rather watch the Simpsons or Family Guy instead of this. Still, I have to congradulate the creator of the show. The animation is pretty good and the plots are not half bad themselves. Still, it`s just not my cup of tea. Hope you understand.
  • Stan really knows how to wake up America!

    Another funny show by Seth McFarlane! It's quite swell!

  • Seth MacFarlane's best show now

    In my opnion, American Dad is a great show and I think this show the best Animation Domination show on FOX. This show didn't start out good but It got better after season 3. It's my second favorite adult cartoon now. The first is still Futurama. In my opinion, first three seasons of Family Guy are still better than American Dad but later American Dad got better than Family Guy and Family Guy went downhill but I still like Family Guy too. In my opinion, American Dad has less bad episodes than Family Guy. I think this show is orijinal, funny and very enjoyable. It's also action packed sometimes. I also like all seasons except season 7 (2011-2012 season) because in my opinion there were some mediocre episodes in this season but after season 8, American Dad improved a little. I like all main characters in this show. Roger is my favoirte character because he is so hilarious. Even though he is unlikeable sometimes like in "Ricky Spanish", "Love AD Style" and "Naked to the Limit, One More Time", I still like him. Klaus is my second favorite character but I still think Roger is better. My favorite episodes are "Black History Month", "1600 Candles", "May the Best Stan Win", "Merlot Down Dirty Shame", "100 AD "Wheels & The Legman and The Case of Grandpa's Key" and "Lost in Space". I wish FOX didn't cancel this Show but at least there will be one season before this show ends on FOX and new episodes will start air on TBS. I can't wait to see the next season. I watched the trailer of next season and It looks great. I hope this Show doesn't go downhill like Family Guy did. 10/10
  • A lot better than Family Guy

    Family Guy is ok but American Dad is a lot better. The writing is outstanding and the characters are very likable and funny. The animation is also top notch and the comedy is more consistent

    10/10- I recommend this to Family Guy lovers and fans who felt the show went downhill. American dad is easily my favorite animated comedy. You should definitely check it out
  • Awesome Show

    This show is awesome, MUCH better than that old Family Guy!
  • It does have it's moments, however, it just sticks to the Seth McFarlane cliche. Make as many offensive and off color jokes as possible.

    I'll be the first to say that Seth McFarlane is funny. I don't think he's a legend like Woody Allen, Peter Sellers, or The Pythons. But if you can give him stuff to work with he can be funny.

    But American Dad is basically Family Guy rehashed. And while that's not bad, it's just too samey, for a lack of a better word. Now, I will give this show one thing, it's plots are good. It focuses less on the jokes and more on the absurdity of the characters. And while I have nothing against cutaway gags (basically which is what Family Guy is known for), it makes it feel more cohesive. But some of the jokes really fall flat however. Like really, for every point it gets for it's plot and writing, it's really taken back by it's jokes. In the end while American Dad can be funny, it just gets too stupid at times. It's not bad, it's good, but there are better options. It is some solid entertainment for 30 minutes.

    I know, I'll get thumbs downed for this though, so my opinion will likely be shot down by the internet. Aww....
  • create a full song i will totally buy it

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  • Not as good as Family Guy, but still enjoyable nonetheless.

    Okay, okay. I know you all think Family Guy's tanked somewhat, but I don't think so, in fact I like the newer episodes a lot. American Dad has potential, but what's keeping it from being more enjoyable is that they seem to use Roger as their trump card because they might be out of ideas. I'm not saying I hate the show, I'm just saying it can do better.
  • Fuzzy Door's Finest

    American Dad is a fantastic show, telling the story of an American family, facing day to day struggles ending in elaborate yet hilarious stories. Each of the characters in the Smith family can hold down an episode of their own, while keeping a viewer entertained and laughing the whole way through.

    Similar to sister shows Family Guy, and The Cleveland Show, it is unlikely that the show would do this well, however, it is widely debated that this show is the best produced by Fuzzy Door.

    I have not seen an episode of American Dad that I didn't like (and I've seen them If you are in for a few laughs, an intriguing story, or something to watch with friends, you should definitely check out American Dad.
  • Political stereotypes at it's finest

    Usually making fun of an ultra conservative is pretty easy, but Seth MacFarlane knocks this one out of the park. Great variety of characters, slight political satire, and clever writing that gets slightly better each week. (unlike Family guy which is unfortunately going the other But the true staying power of this show is Roger; a drunken, bi-sexual, asshole alien that's possibilities are endless. Voiced wonderfully by Seth, which came as a surprise to me. I always thought he sounded like Paul Lynde ... but enough rambling .... An easy 8.5
  • American Dad! rapes the new Family Guy. This show is actually REALLY funny.

    This show started out a little bland on it's first few seasons but starting being really funny from 2007 tell now awesome show.

    This show makes me proud to be an American. I find it funny from start to finish. I laugh more when I watch Family Guy but this show has more of a story. Something about this show makes me want to join the cia or at least look for drunk costumed big wig aliens haha. Good Morning USA!
  • hi-lar-ious

    Not a "spinoff", just another brilliant Macfarland work. comparing AD to FG is a moot point.

    and ROGER?!! harmonica blown, followed by "noooooooooo!!!" alcoholic alien who lives to assume other lives? sophisticated, charming, rude----Macfarland's worlds are comic genius AND draw devotees in :)
  • American Dad! rapes the new Family Guy. This show is actually REALLY funny.

    Wow what a great show. This show should definitely take over new Family Guy it kicks it's a** to oblivion. The writing is Outstanding the characters are likeable and funny many times the animation is that same distinct style that Seth McFarlane is known for. And the Voice Acting is good along with the Score. This show is good except there is one minor thing but this is so minor it doesn't really matter. I for some reason never though Klause was that funny. I don't know but he just was the one that was just there for me i didn't think he was bad dont get me wrong some thing he does in the show or says in the show are funny but many things he does or says in the show just isnt that funny to me. Anyway American Dad! is a great great GREAT show. Rating: 9.5

    Go f*ck yourself New Family Guy!
  • I love this show

    I love how this show is just like family guy. I'm not gonna hate on it because Seth made this too, which is why its just like family guy. I prefer Family guy, but this show is also very funny, my favorite character is Roger!
  • Spelling Bee My Baby - Phantom

    According to IMDB this episode does not .. exist! :| It skips from "Naked To The Limit One More Time" (aired 17 FEB '13) to "For Black Eyes Only" (10 MAR '13). Also, IMDB references "Max Jets" as episode 11 and "Naked To The Limit One More Time" as ep.12.

    Please confirm or advise otherwise.

    Thanks! :)
  • Pretty good

    I have seen some people criticizing this for being a ripoff off "Family Guy" (No seriously, they did)

    which is odd because... this is made from the same creator as Family Guy.

    Ok, I do enjoy this show, a lot. It has a lot of nice jokes and the characters are likable too (Roger FTW)

    The only thing I hated about this show... was that episode where Stan and his family go to Saudi-Arabia and Stan decides to live here forever, while a lot of offensive things in that episode were common... I am a Muslim and I was very offended by this episode...

    But I just try to forget this accident of an episode and think of all the funny things about this show.
  • "American Dad" is a great cartoon from Seth MacFarlane but it's not my favorite cartoon and I honestly think "Family Guy" is funnier and better than this one


    "Family Guy" may be going downhill just a little but I still think that it is a great show. "American Dad" was never my favorite cartoon not even from the start but it's pretty enjoyable to watch. The new episodes of this show have been going downhill and I'm starting to enjoy this show even less to be honest. I think that all of the characters in this show are hilarious but nowhere near as funny as the character from "Family Guy" even though they are a little annoying sometimes. I guess I prefer random, stupid, etc. humor in "Family Guy" than the whatever humor this cartoon brings. Stan who is the father in the family is very funny. Steve is also funny but can be pretty random at times and pretty annoying. Francine is a funny character and the same thing goes to Hayley. The characters that crack me up the most though are Klaus (the goldfish) and Roger (the alien). I must admit that Roger gets on my nerves sometimes though and can be a jerk. Some of the episodes in this show are very bad though especially the new episodes but not all of the new episodes are awful though... I see okay or decent episodes also. I haven't been seeing too many excellent episodes in the new episodes which is a disappointment. Please don't hate me people who like this show better than "Family Guy" but I just prefer "Family Guy" over "American Dad". Seth MacFarlane seems to be getting weak at writing storylines for this show in some of the episodes in my opinion. I recommend this show to everybody whoever loves to get a laugh out of a cartoon. Just like "Family Guy" and "The Cleveland Show", this cartoon is TV-14. This is an entertaining cartoon even though it is not my favorite cartoon and the new episodes are starting to go downhill. Overall, a great cartoon from Seth MacFarlane but it will never beat "Family Guy" in my opinion. 8/10


  • Needs new ending

    the entire episode is great until the end when Steve hires stan's old bully. stan should of taken a fall and let Steve beat him up.
  • roger!

    I love this show, but the best part of it, has to be roger!!!!!!
  • Better than family guy so I'll give a 7.9 (well 8.0)


    Plot:7.9 better than family guy since that has no plot

    Animation:0.1 this rating came with family guy




    Splapstick comedy:7.8


    Fantasy:0.2 since there is no fantasy, I'll give it this for the talking alien





    Theme song:7.0 forgot a bit of it



    Notes;See Jakers! The adventures of Piggley winks
  • Roger the Alien is the best thing to happen to tv since the death of Aaron Spelling

    Sure this show is done by Seth Macfarland which means that all of the jokes and plot lines are ripped off of The Simpsons, South Park, or king of the Hill and have already been used in Family Guy and The Cleveland Show, but Roger is the funniest thing I have seen on television since Mr. Burns' heyday. The episode where he became a cop alone was enough to make me tune in for every other episode.
  • always a lift

    Super funny, and brightens up the dull evenings.

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  • still a good show

    yup i said it
  • While not anything Legendary it is still a good show! (The only good show on FOX nowadays)

    Fox has been going downhill over the years ever since they got rid of Futurama in 2003. Family Guy did come back in 2005 but with only one good Season. After Season 4 of Family Guy it was on a spiraling course into disaster! American Dad also started at around 2005 and was okay. though as Family Guy got worse and worse, American Dad got better and better. but in 2009, That is where True Hell had begun for King of the Hill, the best show on FOX at that time was cancelled for the absolute worst Show in history, not only on FOX but on the face of the entire planet itself. And that show is .... The Cleveland Show! It's so bad it makes me cringe just saying it. And here we are in 2012 with Family Guy still on a terrible road, The Cleveland Show being the worst show on Earth, The Simpsons out of it's prime and needs to end, Bob's Burgers a decent show that nobody I know watches and American Dad the Best Show on Fox. Now I hate Seth Mcfarlane just as much as the next guy, but he did make something good like Family Guy's earliest Seasons, American Dad and Ted. This show is very good for what it is and is a lot better than Family Guy and the Cleveland show for many reasons, Better Stories, Original Characters, no Cutaway scenes, new Jokes in every episode and good morals at the end of most episodes. Now I know that American Dad does have some Toilet humor which is the lowest form of humor out there, But I stomach it okay and it is at least not overused like Family and The Cleveland show. I also know that in the later seasons of American Dad there are some very disturbing and disgusting imagery such as a stray cat giving birth to kittens and actually showing the kittens coming out of the mother, (shown in "Less Money, Mo' Problems") and in one of their newest episodes you see live bees flying inside Steve's open wound and stinging him from the inside, What do I have to say about those Disturbing Jokes in some of their episodes... I freaking love them. not only are they taking risks like South Park, but they are also showing these scenes uncensored on . And I respect a show that takes risks! My favorite Character is probably Roger and my least favorite is that koala; I don't hate him I just don't see the point in using him and he is not really that funny to me anyway. As I said before I like American Dad, it's a good show but does have some flaws, sometimes I think the characters are a little to violent and the Toilet Humor shown is never interesting in my taste. Is it the Best Show on Fox nowadays... yes. Is it a Legend... no, but it is a show that everyone should check out. And personally I like it for what it is. I hope it lasts till season 15 or so. And then a movie be made out of it. I like this Show and I recommend it for people looking for disturbing Imagery and Violence in Nature. 7.5 / 10 (Good) :)

    For my very first review, I'm gonna talk about my favorite show, AMERICAN DAD!! I would definitely recommend this to fellow Seth McFarlane fans. This show is getting better every year! This season is so far my favorite of the entire show! Love, A.D. Style was the best episode ever! I wouldn't recommend a lot of the old episodes, except for Bush Comes To Dinner. Watch This Show And Watch It A lot!
  • American Dad!

    Possibly the best show on FOX. Defiantly better than Family Guy and The Cleveland Show.
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