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  • Just 4 words Better Than Family Guy! This show is better than the Simpsons,and best on animated FOX!

    American Dad Is Seth Macfarlane's Best Show! This Show Kicks Family Guy,The Cleveland Show,and the simpsons A**! This Show is About CIA operative Stan Smith who is not really good at his job!And also faces alot family problems,and their children are funny and f***** up alot in their lives! Here is My Review:

    Plot/Storyline-10 Finally a Seth Macfarlane Show That Is not all made up of random jokes and actually have a plot!

    Humor- 10 Just one word Hilarious

    Romance- 10 ALOT of romantic parts of this Show

    Total- 10 I Recommend This For family Guy Haters And Family Guy Lovers.Either Way You Will Love This Show!
  • Prefer American Dad to Family Guy

    I love Family Guy still, but American Dad just wins it for me. The comedy is a lot more consistent and the range of characters is far superior. I like how they have 'fleshed out' a few additional characters over the last year or so...such as the legendary Principal Lewis. That guy is my all time favorite! He is undoubtedly, a BOSS! I want them to make hi a much more regular character. Here's to hoping :)
  • Why can't Seth make his shows like this?

    Family Guy was once funny but now it's not interesting anymore and not as funny. The Cleveland Show was a total bomb that should never have been made and needs to be canceled. But there is one last show by Seth that is still very good, American Dad. American Dad was Seth's second show after Family Guy, and at first, I have to admit, the show wasn't that good. The first season gave me some great humor, but most of it didn't make me really laugh. I guess this was back when Family Guy didn't suck and that I was used to the humor Seth gave us in that show and was expecting the same in American Dad. As the show went on though, it actually got funnier and it is now one of my favorite TV shows. The humor does not revolve around cutaway gags like in Family Guy, but instead on satires of pop culture that is very funny. There is also the usual talking animal, Klaus, in American Dad, but we actually learn why Klaus can talk, and I think that is good to have an explanation as to why he can talk, not a, "oh, he can talk so just accept it." There is also one thing that American Dad has topped over Family Guy, it doesn't rely on the same jokes again and again. American Dad is given new humor in each episode, which makes me wonder why Seth can't do that in his other shows. The episodes themselves are original and are fun to watch. All the characters are lovable and each bring in their own uniqueness of humor to the show that makes it more watchable. American Dad started out pretty poor in the first season got better as the seasons went on, and is now an excellent TV show. The humor is unique, the characters are great, the episodes are fun to watch, and it doesn't rely on the same jokes again and again. This is really Seth's last good show and hopefully, Seth will not ruin this show at all for everyone who enjoys it.
  • I also have an idea for an episode.Call it "Savory Avery"

    Bullock quits the C.I.A and then becomes a cook,stan tries to get his job back by beating Bullock in disguise.Steve,Roger,and Jeff try to rob a bank for Hayley's college money.Bullock then gets beat by stan and joins the cia once again and roger runs off with hayleys 6,000 dollars of money.
  • This is so much better than Family Guy, why can't people see that?

    Seth Macfarlane's Family Guy gave us constant laughs throughout the year. However, did you ever come to realize that Family Guy uses 2-year old humor to appeal its demographic? Plis, I don't know about you, but Family Guy is so nasty at times it kind of gets hard to watch. I'm not saying it's a bad show, it's really great. In 2005 though, Seth Macfarlane created another show, American Dad! And with that, I instantly found myself leaving his first show, and getting interested in this new one. American Dad! is absolutely brilliant, it finds a way to be just like Family Guy but show heartwarming elements that appeal to a whole different demographic. And whether you see it or not, American Dad! IS funnier that Family Guy, you have to know the world to understand its humor though, which is a pretty nice touch. American Dad! uses political humor, rather than Family Guy which uses parodies or american culture and flashbacks to create humor. Plus, Roger (you know, the alien) is absolutely hilarious, he may even be better than Stewie Griffin in my opinion. What happens in this show? Stan Smith screws up his family and needs resolve his problems, usually by learning life lessons. American Dad! Does have some nasty material, and it is racist at times but not as much as Family Guy. This show is so great, it will always be one of my favorite animated comedies behind Futurama.
  • aweosme

  • Seth's remaining arsenal.

    It's really very good that Seth can still keep this good and standing up. It's a spin-off of family guy.

    Plot: Stan Smith, who works at CIA for keeping terrorism away. He loves his job, and his country, but he loves his family more. His family is slightly quirky, his wife was a drug addict before, his daughter, is slightly okay, but still does weird things, and his son... well, is having problems with puberty! And there's that alien named Roger, who was rescued by Stan inside the CIA base, but he has to stay home. Klaus, a smart goldfish who has the hots for Stan's daughter. They all have their own problems and their mishaps. It's great each episodes, each one are funny and changes it's theme and target.

    Characters: They are great and have their own good roles, and their agenda is also unique and unusual. They are in complete personality. Voice acting and dialogue is great. The main characters have their own good complete back stories.

    Humor: Less mockery and aggressive, more family-related jokes. Actually it's still nice and it can still make anyone laugh.

    Art: Just like Family Guy, Family Guy's art style is great, and so is this. So no problems.

    Overall: 10. Also, this also makes me question like the others; Why Seth can make this good but the Family Guy can't?
  • I always made fun of this show, and then I watched it

    Wow. I love this show. Truly Seth MacFarlane at his best. This show always makes me laugh and is still good unlike FG which is decreasing. I love this. Roger is hilarious and so weird, but in a funny way. It's also funny but rude when they make fun of Klaus. It's a good show and I'm glad it's going to be on for the next 2-3 years. Hopefully, it never goes downhill. Of course some episodes are flat like ones with political humor, but still generally a good show always keeps me laughing.
  • Makes me Laugh

    Who am I kidding? I have a soft spot for this show, and since Family Guy started to recycle itself, I turned to AD for the laughter I was missing. I did not feel disappointed. The jokes are funny and add to the plotline, unlike Family Guy's cutaways. There is some real character development here! I'll admit that the first season was lukewarm, but after that the show figured itself out and has thus far not failed to dissapoint.
  • I love this show

    This show is often overlooked. I personally love it. The situations are nuts and the characters make for great laughs. There isn't any character that stands out as being bad in my opinion. Overall I enjoy the episodes and hope they keep going. If anything I often prefer American Dad over Family Guy.
  • Why am I watching this?

    I have watched a lot of television recently as i just lost my job. picked up on a few good series like breaking bad, the wire and the sopranos but i could not find a good comedy programme. i watched 2 broke girls which was pure trash. Then the cleveland show, a programme so boring that i turned off after 5 minutes. A friend told me to watch American dad, i had seen it before but it had slipped my mind. I dont understand how people can like this crap. there's no actual jokes or subtle irony like the simpsons. No biting satire or parody like south park, just poorly written comedy for an audience already so dumbed down by the likes of family guy. Seth macfarlane should be put in molten lead and dropped down the marianas trench. This is not comedy, its more money in the pocket of a hypocritical loser. get a life.
  • Better then family guy

    The characters are so much more advanced in this show and do much more interesting klause for one is moody sometimes and always halarious Francine unlike Lois likes her kids and is a great mom family guy episodes are always the same stewie and Brian do one of the two a crazy science experiment or stewie helps Brian with his love life Peter makes fun of meg and then goes to the clam and Lois and Chris are hardly in the show. American dad is my fav show right now like if u agree!
  • American Dad!

    What can I say? There is a lot I could say about this show, a lot of good things about it, and its just great to watch. I love how funny American Dad is and could watch it all the time. All the caracters are funny, but I will have to say Steve is my favorite and is great. Roger is really funny to like him a lot he's a real smart ass, so funny, and cool. I like when Roger is being him self, not trying to be mean, but kinda is and the mom just gets this look on her face like she wants to just beat him up or something is awesome. Haley reminds me of Meg a lot of Family Guy just because the family just acts like shes there, but think what ever about it, except Haley is way cooler than Meg so dont get me rong on that. Stan, ok got to love him to because he is outstanding and goes from being mean, to nice, to he has no idea what to do and is funny in his little CIA way, i just dig it, think its cool, and he's awesome. The mom, yea is much is I watch this show I do forget her name a lot, cant beleave I forgot it once again, but yea what I like about her is she is this strong hearted mom who just trys hard to keep the family close and keep Stan from for geting who he is. I watch this show is much as I use to watch Family Guy, I still watch Family Guy when it is on, but is been mostly American Dad sence I discoverd the show it really gets me laughing harder. Well thanks for everyone who was here to here me out and if you have never seen the show watch it because I bet it will get you laughing.
  • Love it

    People often compare this show to Family Guy, even though it was clearly designed as an alternative. This show has great humor which keeps you laughing from start to finish. This is one of those rare shows where every main character pretty much(except Haley) could have an episode based upon them only and it would still be hilarious.I really cant think of too many negatives about this one.
  • It doesn't stand out.

    The show is OK. I mean, a lot of times it is funny. And the jokes aren't that offensive as in Family Guy. But it doesn't have anything that makes it stand out from other shows in its genre. Family Guy has already been criticized by many as a rip-off of the Simpsons, and this show looks like a rip-off of Family Guy. I don't know what Macfarlane was thinking when he came up with this show. I still enjoy it a lot, but every time I watch it, it reminds me of Family Guy.

    There, I reached 100 words limit.
  • A bit better than Family Guy (revisited review)

    In my opinion, this show is better than Family Guy. Unlike Family Guy, this show doesn't get very much bad/ UNwatchable episodes. The poorest recently episode was The Worst Stan. I didn't like the pilot very much and as well as few episodes during season 1/2. The characters are pretty much funny, but I'll going with Klaus, Steve, and Roger as the funniest. Klaus often has funny lines whenever he appears. Steve is just funny because nerds are funny. Roger made me laugh most of times, but sometimes get annoying. My favorite recurring characters are Steve's friends, Avery Bullock (Stan's boss), Principal Lewis, and several others. I hate anyone in this show unless he/she gets on my nerves sometimes. The best episodes I had seen this show were 16,00 Candles, Spring Break Up, Roy Rogers McFreely, and a few others. Now, I'm gonna to rank the seasons.

    Season 4: Was the best and it has a lot of funny episodes. 10/10

    Season 3: This is when the show become more funny. Again, most episodes were very great. 9.5/10

    Season 5: Not as good as season 3/4, but still liked it. I just wished FOX didn't temporarily took this show a break. 9/10

    Season 6: This is when Principal Lewis is shown often. It has a couple boring episodes, but the season opener was perfect. Overall superb 9/10.

    Season 7: So far this season hasn't got a perfect score from me yet. 8.5/10

    Season 2: A little improvement of season 1. 8,5/10

    Season 1: Started off slow, but then it got a little better. 7.5/10

    The show often gets better as it goes on. I was starting to get into this show on 2009, but I didn't watch AD that much until Adult Swim started airing it from Mon-Fri. This show is better (a little bit) than Family Guy since there's a few bad episodes. 10/10
  • Yeah. I like it!


    American dad is a animated sitcom created by Seth Macfarlane. When I heard this was coming in 2005, I was annoyed. I didn't want ANOTHER Seth Macfarlane show on TV. But, I tried it anyways. And I have to say, This show has made a turn around of EPIC proportions! This show went from un-funny and stale to flat out AWESOME. It's first season was a bloody joke. I couldn't even watch it. But then it got renewed.l While I thought this the biggest Fox mistake EVER, It actually made Seth put his brain in gear and make something ACTUALLY funny.

    My only complaint is they Wear their jokes out. I call that a "Fairly odd parent" Gag. Which means you hear the same gag repeatedly....

    The characters include: Stan, Francine, Steve, Haley, And Roger. Plus, Klaus the fish. Stan is the father, And get's a bit too carried away with it! Francine is your average, Crazy, mother. Steve is a nerd, Haley is a freaking hippie, And Roger is an alien. The ideas of the characters seem dull, But trust me, It's not.

    Finally: The verdict:

    This is a good show, It makes me laugh, Seth seems to NEVER run out of story, And It never gets that Staleish feeling. Overall: 8/10. I rest my case.

  • In a bleak, dark period for FOX animation, including the slump of The Simpsons and Family Guy, a beacon of light shines through. And the name is American Dad!


    American Dad! now takes the place as the crown jewel of FOX Animation Domination. At least, in my opinion.

    The Humor: The Humor is Spot-on. Perfect timing for every situation, not a joke out of place. And the thing I like most is that there are no flashbacks like Family Guy, which is still a good show, just that the flashbacks can get a little annoying. The puns and jokes have perfect timing, and every episode to date has made me laugh out loud on several occasions.

    The characters: What I like about this show is that the characters are displayed as... whoa! Something new! They are displayed as REAL people with real emotions! That's what I like, although sometimes it is a bit exaggerated. Stan is displayed as a strong, loving husband and father, but is shown to be fraught with weakness, regret, and doubt (sometimes). Francine... well I can't say that fits her. She is the stereotypical ditzy housewife... but when something happens, her character steps up! The kids... are normal, average kids who stand up for what they believe in. That's totally underused in animation. Klaus the German Goldfish is by far one of my favorite animated characters! He doesn't get much airtime, but when he does, watch out! And let's not forget about Roger, the extraterrestrial. His humor in my opinion is one main reason I find the show enjoyable.

    The writing: I find something new in every episode of American Dad! which is very hard to do. The wacky situations and trouble the characters get into always keep me on the edge of my seat.

    Overall, I think this is as of now the best animated show on FOX.

    9.5/10= Great in my mind!

    That's all for now!

  • The only Show from Seth I still like.

    At least American Dad is still fresh and original. I thought for sure Seth was going to ruin everything with the way Family guy has been and The Cleveland show.. But thankfully there is still one shining gem on fox. I hope it will last a few more seasons before he pulls a family guy and completely butchers the show.
    One thing i always enjoy about this show is Roger the alien. Thats one of the more unique characters on the show and he always has something funny to say. It is usually pretty inappropriate too haha. Bottom line: This is the best of McFarlanes current work and i hope he will tighten things up and not let it go down with the other 2 shows.
  • Funnier than family guy

    The greatest show on earth! I love it! Family guy was OK but this. This is down right hilarious. There is NOTHING bad about this show. Everything was perfect! The humor, the animation, the characters. American Dad is truly awesome. I just love Klaus. The talking goldfish. He is HILARIOUS. Awesome show! I hope it's around for a long time! I can't wait to see more shows made by Seth. OMG this is incredible. I am so eager to see more and more new episodes of this incredibly awesome television show! This show is the greatest. I love it SO much.
  • Interesante me gusta


    una serie muy buena con una satira fuerte al modelo americano, y auto criticante pero de igual forma esto hace que sea muy entretenida y divertida, podrian mejorarla dandole mas importancia a ciertos personajes como lo es el pez aleman uff seria mejor que le dieran mas protagonismo para mi de gran valor dentro de la serie

  • American Dad is a cartoon that I'm surprised is still good in Season 8.


    American Dad! from Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane, is the animated story of Stan Smith, who works for the CIA and is constantly on the alert for terrorist activity. Stan will go to extremes to protect his beloved America from harm – as evidenced by the terror-alert color code on his fridge, and his frequent knee-jerk reaction of shooting holes in the toaster whenever the toast pops up.

    What I like- No cutaway gags, no retarded moments that drag on for WAY too long like Family Guy, funny and original in every episode

    What I dislike- I like everything about the show.

  • In a tight battle between American Dad and Family Guy, American Dad wins by an inch. Best cartoon comedy around.


    This show beats family guy mainly because i think the cutaway gags are old and the characters are better. Stan-peter: Both great characters. Francine-Lois: Lois is obnoxious but Franny is a funny trophy housewife. Steve-Chris:Tough, but i guess its a tie. Both are very funny in their own ways. Hayley-Meg: Meg sucks and Hayley is a hippie stoner who's father is a Republican. Great combo. Roger/Klaus-Brian/Stewie: Very hard, but i give Klaus and Roger the lead because a Nazi fish and an Alcoholic alien with a million disguises and funny lines are funnier than an evil baby and an alcoholic dog.

  • Best cartoon comedy around

    There once was a time where Simpsons reigned supreme, with its witty edgy jokes and family-centred plot, it seemed madness to assume that anything could over take it. Then came it's downfall, the plots and jokes deteriorated at an alarming rate and Family Guy was top. However, it soon lost its charm, and now finally, after years of waiting, American Dad is cartoon numero uno.

    It seems a bit unfair to say at the beginning it wasn't as funny, because looking back at the episodes from series 1 and 2, this is still top stuff. However, it gets into its groove from season 3 onwards and it has never looked back.

    It centres around Stan Smith, a CIA agent, and his family. His dopey wife, Francine, his son, Steve, his daughter, Hayley, and their pets, an alien called Roger and a fish called Klaus. One of the most likeable things about American Dad is that you feel every character plays a part in the series and each character offers something a little bit different to offer. For example, in Family Guy, Chris is essentially a little Peter which doesn't really give much to the show whereas in American Dad, Steve is a completely different character to Stan and this leads to interesting plots.

    There are obvious comparisons between Family Guy and American Dad, both are based around families and both have members of the family who talk who in normal life wouldn't be able to. Often, when watching American Dad, you do get the feeling that it still feels like it is in Family Guy's shadow and this leads to some random, quirky jokes that don't fit in and makes the watcher feel uncomfortable and awkward.

    However, that is where the similarities end. American Dad is a much funnier, wittier show, relying on clever dialogue and the characters to make jokes rather than bizarre events which makes it a much more enjoyable show. This is brilliant stuff, every episode will make you laugh out loud several times, the majority of the time coming from Roger, who is extremely hilarious.

    You get the feeling that unlike Family Guy, who's brash cutaway gags feel more tired than ever, American Dad can run and run. The plots are very enjoyable and despite not making a lot of sense, the fact that Stan works for the CIA gives the show a lot more creativity. One negative about the plots is that they all follow the same formula. If you watch one after another (like I did) then the show starts to become a bit repitive ie. a fault in the relationship between two characters is shown, they have a whacky adventure and by the end of the episode, the fault is repaired.

    However, there is no doubt in my mind that American Dad is by far the best adult cartoon comedy around.
  • I'm OldManKrabs555, and this is my review on American Dad!

    American Dad! is my second most favourite show tied with Family Guy next to SpongeBob. I find American Dad a bit better then Family Guy, because there's no random gags. My favourite character on the show is Roger, next to Stan. Like, who doesn't like Roger? My Favourite Characters list: First - Roger Second - Stan Third - Francine Fourth - Steve Fifth - Hayley Sixth - Klaus. To me, there's nothing to not like about this show. This has been OldManKrabs555 on American Dad!
  • This show is sadly better that family guy. (I'm sorry peter please don't get me for this).

    This show contains more humor in it then the other shows on animation domination. Threw the years American dad's humor change from various styles. The first two seasons they focused on politics (which I find was Hilarius) Then next three had a lot of racist jokes. The last few seasons put everything joke they could put in there, and made everyone love this show. Every season has one thing in common though. They share the stubbornness of Stan Smith. This makes every show entertaining to see him go to the extreme to make his way the right way. This is a must watch show, and even if you don't like the fist season come back for the others because it is a ever changing comedy that will never leave the hearts of the Americans that want a laugh.
  • This is basically Seth's best show now.

    This show is basically a LOT better than Family Guy. It's not about Fart jokes or 911 jokes, this show is different from that. It's about a CIA agent who has a family. Roger is basically the best character of the show. He's basically an alien who likes to drink and loves to disguise. Stan is basically a dad who is overprotective, but is different from that STUPID Peter Griffin. But now, Seth focuses more on that stupid Family Guy than this. This better not get cancelled. If it does, then Seth is basically a terrible creator of these cartoons.
  • the thing i love about american dad! is roger....because roger is a thing. it is also 'the' other time seth macfarlane got it right.

    the real thing i love about american dad! is that it isn't afraid to be more abstruse than its predecessor, family guy.

    the reason everyone loves family guy is that it targets a more general audience & is hence (i did just use that word didn't i) more readily understood & appreciated by more people. it is the designated wingman of seth macfarlane's shows: it will talk to/entertain anybody regardless of age, sex, culture, religion, sex, race......... sex..looks... sex... gender... whatever. everybody's happy. with american dad! it seems creator seth macfarlane is the one that's happier, as he has more space to fly.

    i can definitely understand if there's a consensus among american dad! lovers on how family guy is simply 'overrated'. but while i wouldn't go so far as to risk getting bombed with hatemail, i'd definitely say that american dad! is simply genius (for roger's character alone) & aims for a more specific group of ppl..........which is MY group of ppl. yours too, if you like the show.

    it is a fraternity with secret handshakes & inside jokes.
  • This is a great show to watch and it is not for kids because it has some adult humor.

    I love this show it is one of my favorite because it was made by the guy that made family guy and he is a funny person because of the stuff he comes up with. One of my favorite characters is Steve he is funny and he always does something stupid and that is what i like in a character someone that is outgoing and not afraid to do anything unless it to much. The thing that i like about this show the most though is the humor they come up with the funniest things to say it like its real life and im not even watching tv. I know that i have said this in all of my reviews but go see my brothers reviews they are way better than mine hes name is tigerdude22.
  • It might be a little inappropiate for kids under 14, but this is a good, and entertaining show!

    Unlike Fanily Guy, and The Cleaveland Show, I find this show real entertaibing and funny, I like FG, and TCS too, but I like this show better. It's gross at times, but not as gross as FG. Stan is a CIA agent living with his whife, Francine, thier kids, Steve and Haykey, an alien named Rodger, and a goldfish named Klaus, who is really a German Olypic skiier. The family is okay, but the most funniest are Klaus and Rodger, espcially when they are together. They are like the comady duo in the family. They are good and sometimes bad together (In a funny way through). I like where thier family was disgussing something else and they just talk about Grey's Anatomy. Also when Stan was doing exercises in front of his family, it was funny when Klaus screamed, "You are freaking me out!" I also liked how Klaus saved his family from being oermantly memorized to a Simon game, and he became king of aother planet or something. However, this show is rated TV14 for a reason. Like FG, and TCS, this show has same inappropiate language, and garbage that young kids shouldn't see or hear. Wait until they're in high school, and then, they can watch this great american adult cartoon.
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