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  • This is an American Comedy Show for mindless drones who can't understand the better Comedy which is British and or Live on tv.(No offense

    I don't like this show. Not only is it really bad comedy wise(haven't laughed once) but complete vulgarity. The jokes have no punchline. The show is a total bad influence on young children whose parents don't restrict bad tv. The dad/CSI agent, Stan, suspects every imigrant,is racist, and hates obese people. i find this offensive because I haev black people in my family and one of my very favourite hawaiian singers is obese but has a wonderful voice!
    The show should be cancelled with no replays. It's a horrible influence and a somewhat racist/offensive show. I really won't let any of my kids(if ever I have any) watch this.
  • A spin off of Family Guy gone wrong.

    Not only is this show very unoriginal, but the show also is not very interesting to begin with, for some reason the main purpose of the show which is to attain laughter from the audience seems to not work too well. I find the show an inferior version of Family Guy. The characters and how the show transpires as well. I can understand the animation being very similar, as it shares people who work on Family Guy, but really the jokes are not funny, the characters are not too likable in my opinion, and there are better animated shows out there.
  • As Good As Family Guy?

    I love this show. It's such a relief to see a show like "American Dad," especially on Fox. It can't be helped that some people are too unconscious to understand the desperately needed, hilarious criticism that it offers. It's "Sullivan's Travels" meets "Dr. Strangelove," rolled up into an animated series. Yeah, it's probably too smart for the masses, but we have to start somewhere. If it's marketed like "The Family Guy," during DVD release, then hopefully it will later be recognized for its absolute brilliance. Speaking of brilliance, airing the first episode immediately after the Super Bowl was unquestionably the most impeccably timed programming in the history of television. Did I mention that I love this show? That I need this show for sustenance?
  • Great TV show

    The show is one of Seth Macfarlane's funniest show to date, I would say that this show is a sometimes funnier version of family guy, but with a storyline. The show stars Stan Smith a family man who works for the CIA, his home-maker wife Francine, his stoner, hippie daughter Hayley, his nerd of a son Steve, an alien named roger who saved Stan's life and now lives with the family and is sometimes Stan's best friend, and a fish named Klaus who was a German skier before having his brain transferred into a body of a fish. this show has good story lines and good humor to go along with it.
  • A great show, but not for the kids....

    This is one of my favorite shows of all time! Yeah, I said it. This show is better than Family Guy!!!!! They don't use any stupid jokes that pop out of nowhere to annoy anyone. I love almost every episode of this show. But, I have to say, I don't think it's better than The Simpsons (although the newer ones are very medicore). This show was obviouly created by the man who made Family Guy, with a few other guys. Roger the Alien is so funny lolz! A show about a CIA agent is such a unique idea. The reason I think it's not better than The Simpsons is because The Simpsons have a movie, Duff Beer, Barney, Bart, and my fave character...."HOMER!!!!!!!" But lets not get into that!!! :p But I just don't understand why this show has much lower ratings than Family Guy, this show's got better plots I tell ya!!!! Better Plots!!!! *gasp* BETTER PlOtS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Family Guy is going downhill for god sake!

    Grade: A+
  • Good Morning USA!

    American Dad started off slow. I hardly knew about it and thought that it was just another Family Guy. Three Years ago I found that all to be a huge mistake. American Dad is the show I always watch before I turn in. I think that the whole plot in particular is very funny. Great Humour, we don't so much humour these days, but American Dad brings back the classic humour I love. It's definitely up there on my list with Futurama and Family Guy. My favourite character in the Family would have to be Cluas. He's just so funny and Roger is a treat to watch. Stan is hilarious, he just won't get the message when it's time to stop and that makes me laugh histericuly! The interaction between all of the Family memebers is something to keep in the show at all times! American Dad should be right along with Family Guy and Futurama in the Cartoon Comedy classics in years to come! Give American Dad a go! It took a couple of episodes before I got into it, but After I got through that, I was stuck to the TV!!
  • With Family Guy and The Simpsons aside it is better then the rest of the crap on TV!

    Yea so its not family guy!! That's the point! Its an other show based on the same humor! But its in completely different context! It is still a hilarious show by all means. Other then Family Guy, American Dad! and the Simpson's what other animated "Adult" cartoons, still in production, are worth a damn?.....Times up bytches! There are none! Its all pokemom japanigay crap!!! So unless you like nonsese jibberish bullcrap cartoons drawn by kids in a sweatshop shut up and be greatful there is one more animated series worth watching!
  • 100% Unique!

    This show is it's own little creation,as is every other show created by Seth. The characters are great in this show,Rodger, an alien with multiple personalities, does it get any more unique? I love the story's for every episode, they are the kind that keep you watching, because you know there will be a laugh around the corner, as the same with family guy, and others. I also love how this show just keeps coming back at you with new funny things, just as you may think they are running out, a few weeks later, an absolutely hilarious episode comes out. I can tell this is another show I won't stop watching.
  • i like it

    american dad is a great show. its a funny and original show. every episode is good theres never been an episode that ive hated the show keeps getting better. here is my score for the 5 seasons of the show
    season 1 7 out of 10
    season 2 8 out of 10
    season 3 9 out of 10
    season 4 9 out of 10
    season 5 10 out of 10
    if youve havent seen it or seen it in the past and didnt like it give it another chance. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .
  • One of the best shows fox has ever had.

    This is one show I can tell had a lot of thought put into making it, it has a funny plot, funny characters, especially Roger :). It's one of my favorite shows to be on tv for a lot of reasons, seth has an amazing way of getting into people's minds and finding out what's funny to them, and this show is a great example of how he does that. Seth tests out things that he wants to put on Family Guy, on this show, and at that, he does a very good job of making it funny, keep up the good work!
  • American Dad is about CIA Agent Stan Smith and his adventures with his family adn undiscovered alien from Area 51.

    This show is okay. It's just that it's to similar to Family Guy. The stupid father, sensible mother, uncool sister, and nerdy son. Instead of an intelligent baby we get an undiscovered alien from area 51. Even though it's the same chemistry as Family Guy it's still one of the best animated shows on telivision. It has original characters, especially Rodger the Alien. American Dad is created by Seth Macfarlane, creator of Family Guy and he doesn't disapoint us with American Dad. Seth Macfarlane's shows are the best. Overall I give American Dad a 7.5. Watch Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, The Winner, and American Dad, all Seth's shows.
  • american dad is family guys younger brother

    I like this show alot when it first appeared in 2005 a liked it. Stan smith works for the CIA and gets into alot of mischief just like peter griffin. His son steve is a ladys man and is desperate (well in my opinion any ways) to get a girl friend. his daughter haley his sort of a hippy and protects nature. A alien that saved his life once is now is best friend and lives in the family attic and discuises alot and likes celebrities. then theres his wife francine watch the show to fing out about herand the talking fish all in all american dad is a patriotic show coming from a canadian like me
  • Never thought I say this: Better than Family

    When you compare this episode to the Family Guy one that aired the same night, Love Blacktually, you have to agree that this is the better episode. Why you ask? Simple. The Plot and the jokes.

    In Family Guy's episode reused the same plot line of Brain finding a new girl and becomes frustrated when he doesn't get some all the while adding bad jokes and one sided political statements; otherwise, everything we hate about it today.

    But here, they properly balance of the characters to move the story forward. Stan and Fran fear of their kids' puberty was priceless. Roger's jealousy of Steve was on the ball from start to end. The last scene of 16 candles was the funniest thing I've seen from Seth all this year because it was so fitting.

    It's getting hard tell that reason why American Dad is so popular either because they're better than Family Guy or Family Guy is doing worse on purpose. But still, I would watch this show over any of the newer Family Guy episodes this year.
  • A hilarious show, with humor similar to Family Guy, but more realistic. Unlike Family Guy, it ALWAYS has good plots, so therefore does not have to rely on humor (Im not saying Family Guy doesn't have good plots, its just American Dad always does).

    American Dad is really really funny, but one of the reasons its not as popular as Family Guy, is most likely because some people compare it to Family Guy. They are quite different shows, and I'm beginning to stop laughing as much at Family Guy, because it is hardly realistic (By realistic, I mean most of the stuff they do on American Dad is stuff that you could imagine happening), and its great to have a show with similar humor that is more realistic (but still far from real life, e.g one of the main characters in an alien). My least favourite character is Steve. I just think he is unnecessary, and annoying. But all the other characters are funny. Some people just need to accept that this is not a clone of Family Guy and it wasn't trying to be either. Seth McFarlane wanted to do something different here, and in my opinion (but not everyones), I think it's better in some ways.
  • Better than Family Guy. Yeah, you heard me.

    It's a crying shame that this incredible comedy had to live in the cold lame shadow of Family Guy. The Family Guy fans don't like it because it competes with their beloved show and the Family Guy haters don't like it because they think it's Family Guy Part II. The truth is, this show has surpassed Family Guy, which has become more and more lame over the last few years, and become a comedy unto itself with stories and gags that Family Guy and The Simpsons just cannot touch.

    Yet, this show is still derided because of the Family Guy connection. Truthfully, it's one of the few shows I watch regularly every week. It's amazing.
  • If you haven't seen this show will change your life :P

    This show redefines what amazing script writing is all about. It's edgier and funnier than Family Guy, Written and produced by the same team...but a lot more Adult oriented. If you noticed the time slots for this show it was in this order:
    - Cleveland Show
    - Family Guys
    - American Dad

    IN that order....and in order of edginess...
    Cleveland show is not super crazy, or controversial...Family Guys ups that up and is a bit more aggressive.
    You will also notice the Parents and the Family in Family guy are the Fat sad average American Family.
    American Dad the last show of the night (Later because more kids are in bed at that time they don't need to hold back anymore) brings the crazyness to a whole new level.
    It has some of the best crafted characters in TV's history. The jokes and humor will surprise you every few seconds.

    THe Family in American Dad are the Top Notch successful American family, jock dad, hot mum....disturbed hippy kid and the nerdy kid. Add to that Roger the best character ever invented and you have an amazing cast of fun.
    I mean it doesn't take 1 episode you will be floored.

    It's so clever and so random it blows my mind. Roger is such a Limitless character...probably the best character ever created for cartoons.

    Highly Recommended check out samples on Hulu it will amaze you.
    Thank you Seth and your team for making such a great show!

  • Wow... an unbelievable rip-off of Family Guy.

    After watching "Rodger Codger" for about 5 minutes and turning the channel to something worth watching, a question popped in my head: Why was this show made? It is a rip-off of Family Guy, from the same type of humor both shows use, down to the drawing. This show has absolutely no point in airing anymore, since it resembles Family Guy so much. If you kept track of my reviews, you'll see that I love Family Guy, even though I think it was ripped-off of The Simpsons. Why? Because Family Guy proved itself funnier than The Simpsons. American Dad didn't. Family Guy was, is, and always will be this poor excuse people call a show.
  • american dad perhaps the funnest or one of the top funnest shows on animation domination

    american dad a really funny show . a show that has a cia agent for a dad and a son that is an nerd a sister that is a nature protester and a alien that lives with them and wife that is always tring to help and pet fish that is always tring to get with stans wife. roger is perhaps the funnest or one of the best charaters apart of that show he says alot of out rages stuff and does alot of outrages things. and is always tring to get and be out in the real world. and stan is always tring to protect his family but doing crazy things like send his steve to campe and when the new neigbors move in he thinks there terriorist. which is hilioris. i think its great show and it brings some new stuff to animation domination and i even think its more funnier then family guy right now with the decline in that show.
  • Catchy.

    You always want to watch more of American dad, even though I find it very vulgar and at times offensive. But hey - i have a sense of humor. What is striking about the show is the unexpectedness of the plot. I mean,, you watch the show and yu can never guess what will happen next. Pretty much like the Simpsons, but in a more chaotic, i'd even say absurd way. Absurd which is funny.

    Of course, the aim of the show remains the same - a parody on contemporary america and all culture alltogether, but it is doen in a very original way.
  • Lame, lame, lame, lame. This show tries way too hard, and seems to think that its better than it is.

    American Dad is pure, concentrated, unadulterated garbage. It's painfully obvious from even the most cursory viewing that the makers were trying to recapture the success of Family Guy. Unfortunately, they failed to capture the charm of Family Guy and instead try to cram the jokes down the viewer's throats. Unlike Futurama's improvement over The Simpsons, American Dad is a step backwards from Family Guy.

    The show also seemed to push a left-wing message and seemed very preachy. In one episode, the mother uses pages from the Bible to clean up a mess in the garage. Religious humor CAN be funny, but not when its done with such flagrant malice and bias. At least South Park insults all religions equally. This show needs to be put out of its misery.
  • A new comedy from the creator of Family Guy, Seth McFarlane.

    Is this show really made by Seth McFarlane? It sure as hell doesn't seem like it.

    Sure the animation looks the same as Family Guy, but the writing?

    This show is horrible. I watch Family Guy and American Dad every sunday. I can't believe how bad American Dad is.

    Family Guy makes me laugh so hard I think I'm going to pee my pants. Then it is followed up by this horrible waste of a television show. It has so much potential but it falls flat every week. The jokes just aren't funny.

    I expected a lot better from the guy who created Family Guy.
  • Yet another clone of The Simpsons and Family Guy for people with the most infantile humour around.

    Ok. Family Guy was good at times, The Simpsons has a few choice episodes which I still relish in to this day for it's writing genius. Futurama, is godly. But American Dad is the bottom of the barrel.

    I watched the first episode of this, and was not impressed at all. It relies on obviously jokes and bland, bland humour to engage the viewer. Like I said, this is just a clone of the now dying Simpsons and the on-the-rocks-because-of-FOX Family Guy. I would rather have these 2 shows, which actually have respect, than have another carbon copy of them.

    Down with American Dad.
  • Unfunny show, too much like Family Guy in all the wrong places. Left-wing political satire... And yet you expect it to be funny?

    What else can you expect from a left-wing political satire? There is no humor, the characters are not at all likeable, and yet people keep watching this show. As I am writing this, I keep in mind the news I have just heard: this show is signed on for more new episodes. PLEASE! This is so unoriginal! The charm of a talking pet is no longer there. There are no more simple laughs based on situations. However, a few things have carried over from Family Guy, still fully entact. Seth MacFarlane still can't do voices.
  • All the animation and none of the humor of Family guy


    When it made its first appearance following the Super Bowl, American Dad filled that needed fix for new Family Guy random and completly senseless comedy that had mad the show such a success on Cartoon Network (and for some reason, not much of a success on FOX). It was possible to overlook the lack of creativity, and the obvious lack of creativity, with only a mixing of personailites to mask even the same figures being used. Almost as bad as most Anime imports, once they are butchered for American audiances, this show has everything you need for success, save creativity, talent, and purposefull humor. While Family Guy continiues to amaze with its ability to randomly make fun in the least appropriate way all that society holds dear, American Dad only seems to be a small and inconsiquential attempt to harnous a rising star.

    That sound you hear is the rush of air, filling the void of what is soon to be an open show slot for FOX. Hopefully, this will not midigate the success of Family Guy.
  • American Dad shows the life of Stan Smith, an oblivious CIA agent.

    It ain't The Simpsons. It ain't Family Guy. It ain't funny.

    That may have come off a bit harsh, and I will admit that this show is better than I thought it would be. That said, I thought that this show would be utter crap, but it's just mild crap instead.

    This show is basically Family Guy, except they sucked all of the laughs out of it. This shows a side of laziness in Seth MacFarlane that I didn't know existed - he basically took Family Guy and made it one million times lamer.

    I laugh maybe once or twice an episode. The disappointment of this show also lies in that it airs right after The Simpsons and Family Guy, two hilarious comedies. The third of the trio should be the funniest, but it's not by a long shot.

    Basically, this is Seth's failed attempt at a second show. They should cancel this show immediately so that he can focus all of his attention on Family Guy to make it even greater than it is now.

    In short, don't watch this show.
  • It's no Family Guy, but it still provides a fair few laughs.

    At first I was reluctant to watch this show, as I thought Family Guy was beginning to tire so this can't possibly be any better. But at times it is, the idea of having a talking German fish and an alien called Roger from Area 51 is ludicrous. And I love it. The show has the potential to go for longer than Family Guy and I believe it will. This show has some absolutely hilarious moments and also some mediocre ones. Anyone up for a laugh should check it out though. It's worth at least one try, in my opinion.
  • A slow starter, but a winner in the end.

    This show started kind of slowly. It felt like Family Guy's annoying little brother. By the end of the second season and into the third and the fourth, the show started to develop its own identity.

    Now, at the start of season 5, the show stands alone as a great comedy. Definitely not recommended for anyone under 16, though. This series has less pop culture humor than Family Guy, but focuses more on slapstick and adult humor.

    There are subtle differences between the family showcased here and that of Family Guy. Stan is smarter than Peter, but he is also insane. Francine is not as intelligent as Lois, but is more lascivious. Hayley is more attractive and older than Meg. Steve is more intelligent than Chris. One key difference is that the Smiths have two 'pets', versus the Griffins' one pet. Roger gets more screen time than Klaus, and he is also the favorite of the two pets.
  • Expect a laugh when watching!

    I haven't seen much of it... and I expected a laugh since it is made from the creator of Family Guy, and I did laugh. Its a good series... American Dad follows Stan Smith and his family, he works for the CIA and never wants to see his country or family in harms way. ALong with him are his family... wife Francine and children Hayley and Steve; and also an alien named Roger and a talking fish named Klause. If you have never seen it, expect a laugh and maybe continue watching it... thanks to Seth MacFarlane, another great series everyone has enjoyed!!!
  • A show about an ultranacionalist man, Stan Smith, who is a father of two and a husband of one, host of German scientist's brain living in a fish in a bowl and an androgynous alien with a getto attitude.

    Stan lives in a dream house with a pool and fence [but no dog] and works as an agent for the CIA. His moto is "USA rules" even when it doesn't and, when that arrives, he does the unthinkable to make it happen.

    The show used to be better when it satirized American politics, policies and politicians more though it still is a great show.

    The voice cast of this show is better than Family Guy's, there are more actors providing their voice talents and it reflects in the variety of characters that appear on-screen, very few of them sound repetitive or familiar.

    Fortunately, this show's episodes have a plot unlike Family Guy, which appears to be a random succession of Tv and POP cultures incoherences.
  • This is my favorite show of all time.

    This show is extremely funny and is better then Family Guy because it is funnier, it does not rely on cutaways, and it has better storylines. Also don't think I hate Family Guy it is my second favorite show. I will admit I did not like this show about 2 months ago, I found entertaining but not funny then I started watching it more and I realised it was just so funny and over the past month or two I have watched every episode except for two. Overall a show that I will watch for a long time and it desrves to last a very long time.
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