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  • Catchy.

    You always want to watch more of American dad, even though I find it very vulgar and at times offensive. But hey - i have a sense of humor. What is striking about the show is the unexpectedness of the plot. I mean,, you watch the show and yu can never guess what will happen next. Pretty much like the Simpsons, but in a more chaotic, i'd even say absurd way. Absurd which is funny.

    Of course, the aim of the show remains the same - a parody on contemporary america and all culture alltogether, but it is doen in a very original way.
  • Lame, lame, lame, lame. This show tries way too hard, and seems to think that its better than it is.

    American Dad is pure, concentrated, unadulterated garbage. It's painfully obvious from even the most cursory viewing that the makers were trying to recapture the success of Family Guy. Unfortunately, they failed to capture the charm of Family Guy and instead try to cram the jokes down the viewer's throats. Unlike Futurama's improvement over The Simpsons, American Dad is a step backwards from Family Guy.

    The show also seemed to push a left-wing message and seemed very preachy. In one episode, the mother uses pages from the Bible to clean up a mess in the garage. Religious humor CAN be funny, but not when its done with such flagrant malice and bias. At least South Park insults all religions equally. This show needs to be put out of its misery.
  • A new comedy from the creator of Family Guy, Seth McFarlane.

    Is this show really made by Seth McFarlane? It sure as hell doesn't seem like it.

    Sure the animation looks the same as Family Guy, but the writing?

    This show is horrible. I watch Family Guy and American Dad every sunday. I can't believe how bad American Dad is.

    Family Guy makes me laugh so hard I think I'm going to pee my pants. Then it is followed up by this horrible waste of a television show. It has so much potential but it falls flat every week. The jokes just aren't funny.

    I expected a lot better from the guy who created Family Guy.
  • Yet another clone of The Simpsons and Family Guy for people with the most infantile humour around.

    Ok. Family Guy was good at times, The Simpsons has a few choice episodes which I still relish in to this day for it's writing genius. Futurama, is godly. But American Dad is the bottom of the barrel.

    I watched the first episode of this, and was not impressed at all. It relies on obviously jokes and bland, bland humour to engage the viewer. Like I said, this is just a clone of the now dying Simpsons and the on-the-rocks-because-of-FOX Family Guy. I would rather have these 2 shows, which actually have respect, than have another carbon copy of them.

    Down with American Dad.
  • Unfunny show, too much like Family Guy in all the wrong places. Left-wing political satire... And yet you expect it to be funny?

    What else can you expect from a left-wing political satire? There is no humor, the characters are not at all likeable, and yet people keep watching this show. As I am writing this, I keep in mind the news I have just heard: this show is signed on for more new episodes. PLEASE! This is so unoriginal! The charm of a talking pet is no longer there. There are no more simple laughs based on situations. However, a few things have carried over from Family Guy, still fully entact. Seth MacFarlane still can't do voices.
  • All the animation and none of the humor of Family guy


    When it made its first appearance following the Super Bowl, American Dad filled that needed fix for new Family Guy random and completly senseless comedy that had mad the show such a success on Cartoon Network (and for some reason, not much of a success on FOX). It was possible to overlook the lack of creativity, and the obvious lack of creativity, with only a mixing of personailites to mask even the same figures being used. Almost as bad as most Anime imports, once they are butchered for American audiances, this show has everything you need for success, save creativity, talent, and purposefull humor. While Family Guy continiues to amaze with its ability to randomly make fun in the least appropriate way all that society holds dear, American Dad only seems to be a small and inconsiquential attempt to harnous a rising star.

    That sound you hear is the rush of air, filling the void of what is soon to be an open show slot for FOX. Hopefully, this will not midigate the success of Family Guy.
  • American Dad shows the life of Stan Smith, an oblivious CIA agent.

    It ain't The Simpsons. It ain't Family Guy. It ain't funny.

    That may have come off a bit harsh, and I will admit that this show is better than I thought it would be. That said, I thought that this show would be utter crap, but it's just mild crap instead.

    This show is basically Family Guy, except they sucked all of the laughs out of it. This shows a side of laziness in Seth MacFarlane that I didn't know existed - he basically took Family Guy and made it one million times lamer.

    I laugh maybe once or twice an episode. The disappointment of this show also lies in that it airs right after The Simpsons and Family Guy, two hilarious comedies. The third of the trio should be the funniest, but it's not by a long shot.

    Basically, this is Seth's failed attempt at a second show. They should cancel this show immediately so that he can focus all of his attention on Family Guy to make it even greater than it is now.

    In short, don't watch this show.
  • It's no Family Guy, but it still provides a fair few laughs.

    At first I was reluctant to watch this show, as I thought Family Guy was beginning to tire so this can't possibly be any better. But at times it is, the idea of having a talking German fish and an alien called Roger from Area 51 is ludicrous. And I love it. The show has the potential to go for longer than Family Guy and I believe it will. This show has some absolutely hilarious moments and also some mediocre ones. Anyone up for a laugh should check it out though. It's worth at least one try, in my opinion.
  • A slow starter, but a winner in the end.

    This show started kind of slowly. It felt like Family Guy's annoying little brother. By the end of the second season and into the third and the fourth, the show started to develop its own identity.

    Now, at the start of season 5, the show stands alone as a great comedy. Definitely not recommended for anyone under 16, though. This series has less pop culture humor than Family Guy, but focuses more on slapstick and adult humor.

    There are subtle differences between the family showcased here and that of Family Guy. Stan is smarter than Peter, but he is also insane. Francine is not as intelligent as Lois, but is more lascivious. Hayley is more attractive and older than Meg. Steve is more intelligent than Chris. One key difference is that the Smiths have two 'pets', versus the Griffins' one pet. Roger gets more screen time than Klaus, and he is also the favorite of the two pets.
  • Expect a laugh when watching!

    I haven't seen much of it... and I expected a laugh since it is made from the creator of Family Guy, and I did laugh. Its a good series... American Dad follows Stan Smith and his family, he works for the CIA and never wants to see his country or family in harms way. ALong with him are his family... wife Francine and children Hayley and Steve; and also an alien named Roger and a talking fish named Klause. If you have never seen it, expect a laugh and maybe continue watching it... thanks to Seth MacFarlane, another great series everyone has enjoyed!!!
  • A show about an ultranacionalist man, Stan Smith, who is a father of two and a husband of one, host of German scientist's brain living in a fish in a bowl and an androgynous alien with a getto attitude.

    Stan lives in a dream house with a pool and fence [but no dog] and works as an agent for the CIA. His moto is "USA rules" even when it doesn't and, when that arrives, he does the unthinkable to make it happen.

    The show used to be better when it satirized American politics, policies and politicians more though it still is a great show.

    The voice cast of this show is better than Family Guy's, there are more actors providing their voice talents and it reflects in the variety of characters that appear on-screen, very few of them sound repetitive or familiar.

    Fortunately, this show's episodes have a plot unlike Family Guy, which appears to be a random succession of Tv and POP cultures incoherences.
  • This is my favorite show of all time.

    This show is extremely funny and is better then Family Guy because it is funnier, it does not rely on cutaways, and it has better storylines. Also don't think I hate Family Guy it is my second favorite show. I will admit I did not like this show about 2 months ago, I found entertaining but not funny then I started watching it more and I realised it was just so funny and over the past month or two I have watched every episode except for two. Overall a show that I will watch for a long time and it desrves to last a very long time.
  • From the creator of Family guy.....need I say more

    American Dad is about CIA agent Stan Smith and his family; his wife Francine, son Steven, daughter Hayley, an alien named Roger who lives with them and a talking goldfish named Klaus, who has the brain of a german.

    Just like the intro of many cartoons, American Dad! has a joke that changes with every episode. In the First three seasons it was always about a newspaper cover. While Stan walks out the front door he picks up the newspaper and quickly looks at the front page. The text is different in every episode. The text on the front page is an satire, aimed at the mass-media, the American government and recent news items.

    From season four the intro was changed. Stan isnt picking up the paper anymore. Instead Roger shows up in Stans car at the end of the intro. Roger then sings the last part of Good morning USA and how he is dressed up changes with every episode. The writing is hilarious and the jokes keeps you laughing all the way trough the episode.
    But to be honest…we don't expect anything less from the creator of Family Guy.
  • American Dad is an extremely funny show.

    American dad is made by the same creator of Family guy, while the style of comedy couldnt not be further apart. The style of American Dad comedy is more sitational moreover than just straight out jokes. This lends to its own original feel, and causes a good all around comedial experience. The show relies heavily on storyling, but retains the normal comedy cartoon show formula, everything is the same at the end of each episode. Becuase it has a unizue storyline every episode, the comedy elements of the show rarely become stale. If your looking for a slightly more family friendly, and more laid back comedy experience, American Dad is the show for you.
  • Increasingly funny and clever with a snap of satire.

    American Dad is the story of CIA agent Stan Smith and his paranoid, "manly" ways. Although Stan effectively drives many of the stories, particularly regarding his attempts to make a man out of his son, deal with his liberal daughter and his trophy wife, the true comedic star is the alien Roger, whom Stan protects and shelters at his house. Roger is an asexual, dramatic creature who is stuck alone because of his circumstances but craves human contact and in absence of that deals with the loneliness by boozing and watching television. His collection of wigs and desires to act out fantasies of social life leads to many funny situations and zany type humor. His deadpan deliveries and occasional commentary on that social life, the outsider perspective, really add to the comedy and insight of the show. One favorite line is when Roger said, "I'm a gossip, I tell other people's secrets to make myself seem momentarily more interesting." It is not just the line but the voice which makes the line funny. The fish, Klaus, whose insertion in the pilot seemed like a somewhat over done attempt to manufacture character drama, has turned out to be just about right. He's not overused, nor over done- just right. This can characterize the show in general.
    This show began somewhat heavy-handedly in its attempts to establish the characters and character conflicts, along with the satire of a dominant-father family, but has really grown into a clever and funny show with a lot more depth and variety. It is not nearly as crudely funny as MacFarlane's Family Guy but manages to deliver a great dose of laughs in its own unique style and with its own distinct identity. Given the high expectations it must have had, it has definitely managed to live up to the creative level which we now expect from MacFarlane. He is truly a creative force in our society. This shows seems to be underappreciated in fandom, but is definitely a worthy second effort from MacFarlane and a great addition to our Sunday night comedy line-up.
  • Another great show from Seth

    When I became a fan of Family Guy, I decided to give this a look. Didn't intrest me at first, but as I watched a few more episodes, I bought it on DVD, and it was worth the money.

    American Dad! is no Emmy winner, but it has its share of funny gags and exciting plots. Every season is better than the last, including more excitment in the episodes.

    Every episode never fails to entertain me. Sure this isn't the best show to some people, but to me, it has characters you can care for, great episode plots and much more to make it worth your time.

    The show is very different to Family Guy. First off, there is very little cutaways used, and the father isn't some fat drunk. Instead its a mid-level CIA agent, doing the best to protect his country.

    If you like Family Guy, you may like this show. If not, I'd still give it a look, because American Dad! is a show that I always enjoy..
  • American dad follows the lives of the Smith family. Stan a CI agent protects his family and the world from terrorists. Francine his beautiful but naive wife. Hailey the teen drama queen . Steve the awkward 14 year old son and Roger the Alien shut-in.

    This show is pretty good. I love the Smith family. My favorite Charaters are Stan and Francine. Stan is paranoid and obsessed with keeping the country safe and keeping American the good old fashion way. Francine is so naive yet so funny. Roger the family Alien is also pretty funny. I love all his disguises and his heavey drinking. This show makes me laugh at least five times an episode. The only charater I don't care for is Claus the fish. He dosen't do anything. I would have had Claus be a Dog like Brian from Family Guy or a cat at least.
  • While American Dad may not be the most original of shows, it is definitely one of the funniest.

    From the mastermind who brought you the awesome Family Guy, comes American Dad, a hilarious show about CIA agent Stan Smith and his strange family. So basically, American Dad has to be good, right? It has the same writers of Family Guy and some of the same voices. Not necessarily. American Dad could of come been a not funny, knock off of Family Guy. But it isn't. It is hilarious, to me just as funny as Family Guy. It uses story related jokes in place of Family Guy's cutaway gags. I guess you could say that American Dad's characters are similar to those of Family Guy.A dim witted father, a not so loved daughter, a geeky son, a supportive wife, and a talking animal. But then theres Roger. Roger is an alien who drinks, smokes, and watches TV in the Smith's attic. Did I mention that he is the best character in the show? While every character in American Dad has some funny lines, Roger has the most. It seems that American Dad used to live in the shadow of Family Guy, but now it is starting to rise up. With that said, American Dad isn't for everyone, but for Family Guy fans and Simpsons fans alike, it sure is a good cartoon.
  • Another great addition to the world of animated sitcoms.

    It is unfortunate that forever American Dad! will forever be compared to Family Guy and even more unfortunate that it's future probably depends on it's continuing success. As a Family Guy fan from the outset it worried me that American Dad! wouldn't be able to match the success that Family Guy had and continues to have. However, when I watched it, it automatically captured a place in my heart. In my opinion it is in fact a better show than Family Guy. Since season 1 the show has gone from strength to strength with continually funny story lines and great character development. The show itself centers around a dysfunctional family, known as the Smiths. Stan, an ultra-conservative Republican is the undoubted star of the show who's arguments with liberal minded Haylie, his daughter, make the show what it is. Roger, an illegal alien, literally, gives the audience more comedy with his irreverent humour and selfish nature. Where as Steve, Klaus, the fish, and Francine make up the rest of the show they also provide us with many more laughs. So far American Dad! has laughed it's way through almost four seasons and In my opinion has taken over from Family Guy as the best animated sitcom on TV. Some episodes may be ridiculous at times but that's what makes the show great. It is unfortunate that American Dad! however has failed to draw in the same audiences and as such has been on the ropes for the last couple of years. I sincerely hope that FOX continues to keep this show running as long as the writers want to do it. Canceling this show would be a huge mistake and in my opinion this show deserves a much higher score that it currently boasts on this website. Bottom line: tune in, you wont be disappointed.
  • American Dad is an animated show about Stan (who works at the CIA), his family, and the alien they hide in the attic and the talking goldfish they own.

    I never intended to watch American Dad, but one after while channel surfing a joke caught my attention and I've been hooked ever since. I had been a little wary of this show because of the whole talking goldfish and the alien living in the attic scenario that they have going on. I mean, I love Brian on the Family Guy, but a fish and an alien? Come on. It just seems like it would be a bit much.

    I was very wrong! This show is hilarious. It takes a LOT (and I mean a lot!) from a TV show/Movie to get me to laugh out loud, and while watching an episode of American Dad I will laugh out loud at least a couple of times. I'm usually laughing like crazy throughout the whole show, though! The characters are insanely funny and easy to like. Roger (the alien) is one of my favorites! You just have to love and feel sorry for Roger. Some of the story lines are a bit much, but it just makes for an even funnier episode. I believe the show is now 6 seasons strong, and it just keeps getting better and better. This is definitely a series I could own on DVD and watch over and over. If you enjoy Family Guy, I can almost guarantee that you will love American Dad.
  • Funny as hell.

    Twisted soul that I am, I think American Dad is a close runner up to Family Guy as one of the funniest shows on telivision. The chemistry between the characters isn't quite as good as with those of Family Guy but it's there none the less and I love a show that takes as many chances as the ones Seth Macfarlane and crew come up with. A recurring theme in the books I've written is truth is stranger than fiction, but I swear there was a regular customer of mine while I was driving a hack at nights that was just like Roger the Alien. Speaking from personal experience, American Dad is almost weird enough to qualify as truth.
  • A cartoon comedy.

    I LOVE THIS SHOW, too badd (for me) that it is bearly ever on TV. am i rightt? I believe that the show needs to be aried more than once a week on fox 8. At first i found this show a tadd weirdd, but once i started to watch it a couple of timess i became obssesed with it andd lovedd it soo much. It is soo funnyy andd cann alwayss makee u laughtt. Trust me. Stan makee the show extremly funny becuase he is a CIA agents and has an alien living in his housee? what the. haha

    ANY wayy i recommend this showw to anyonee whoo feelss likeee a goood LAUGH
  • Stans over thinking things never seems to make things boring.

    After Stand finds out that Francine was once engaged to another man but she thought he had died in a plain crash, she married Stan. Stan unsettled by this decides to find him and find out how great he is, he does and he's great.So he decides to "disapear" for a while and see if she'll rekindle to flame with her ex fiance.

    He disapears, hides camera's, (she knows about the cameras because Stan is a total idiot,as we all know and is one of the things that makes us come back every week) so to trick Stan she gets together with this guy and has sex with him for 3 monthes, and Stan comes back. They talk and Stan finds out that Francine didn't settle.

    The subplot is a rather funny one where Steve sees a cat get run over and it keeps scartching him, it's rather funny.

    Very funny episode, predictable, but there are some very funny weird plot twists.
  • Great Comedy!

    A spin off of Family Guy. But its good! Usually spin-offs aren't good, but this one is. I like the Humor, it has nice smooth Animation like family guy, the dialogue is not corny, and the storyline is great. Its also a original Idea that a father working in the CIA with a alien part of his family. Its a very good idea. But i have nothing else to say about this show. Oh well, max max max max max max nax dfhs asdgjgfd gajhgh gdajgdskl gjsdl;jlfd osdihfsosdf shdsghphf shgupjigfgfhjisfigh ihdjdgh gpjgf;ph ioshnjhf hpsojh hjshgisjpsoh ihsgpjh ihspnh ushp hs9pj hp9sd hdpi9aejnh agdh9phadji! Sorry! Had nothing else to say!
  • The tables appear to have turned!

    I remember when American Dad first came out, to less-than-stellar reviews. Many people hated it because its humor didn't come close to matching that of the more popular Family Guy, and people criticized its originality because it was another show about a family, like Family Guy, and by extension, The Simpsons. But somehow, over the next few seasons, the writing got better, and funnier, while Family Guy's quality dropped. Now, IMO, it has the best writing of any show currently on Fox. Of course, it's not at the level of Futurama, but American Dad is currently Seth MacFarlane's better creation. I like how it has jokes that are relevant to the plot, thoughtful stories, and character development, some elements that are lacking on Family Guy. I just hope more and more people start to appreciate the show, as it seems to have turned over a new leaf.
  • Another Seth MacFaralan Classic.

    So American dad was created by the best mind of all time Seth MacFaralan(Sorry for spelling) I have to say it's not as good as Family Guy and its not flawless but it's still pretty great. Graphics 8.5/10
    Sound 8/10
    Comedy level 9/10
    Realistic level 7.9/10
    So over all I give this show an 8.5 out of 10. Not perfect not bad but pretty dang good. So if you like Seth MacFaralan,Family Guy,The Simpsons,King f the Hill, Futurama or any other animated comedy show you'll love American Dad! So what are you waiting for go turn on a T.V. and flip to adult swim or Fox and start watching American Dad! Today!
  • American Dad is at the top its game in an age of waning cartoons.

    American Dad started out unoriginal and awful, a Family Guy clone with less spark than a damp toothpick. Thankfully, it has built itself up and is now the best cartoon on television, thanks in part to the declining quality of Family Guy and the Simpsons. American Dad's characters started out generic and uninvolved, but they've come a long way and now are all individual and interesting. I can't wait for the fourth season to start, and hope it won't be cancelled. As many may know, it's ratings are quite low and un-impressive. Hopefully this trend will end, and American Dad will get it's much-deserved glory day.
  • American Dad is a very good show that is worth watching.

    American Dad is written by Seth McFarlane so you obviously know that it is going to be a quality show, the standard of episodes just gets better and better. Sometimes the storyline goes a bit overboard but the jokes don't. It is quite similar to Family Guy just instead of Two kids and a baby its two kids and an alien and theres barely ever any flashbacks. Series 3 & 4 are the best because the storylines are original. American Dad is a great show and if they keep making new episodes and the quality keeps rising i think this show is going to be just as good as Family Guy if not better.
  • The biggest source of comedy is the tension between Stan (a member of the CIA) and his liberal daughter Hayle. Other sources of funny-ness are the talking fish Clouse and Roger an alien that live in the family's attic.

    American Dad is created by the same people that brought us Family Guy, and it has a lot of the same feeling to it. The characters are very different, and look very different, but the same art style used in Family Buy is used here. It isn't just a carbon copy of Family Guy, it has its own merits and stands on it's own. The biggest source of comedy is the tension between Stan (a member of the CIA) and his liberal daughter Hayle. Other sources of funny-ness are the talking fish Clouse and Roger an alien that live in the family's attic.
  • a decidedly less funny version of Family Guy

    Since this show is from the same creator as Family Guy, comparisons between Family Guy and American Dad are bound to be drawn. Especially since this show aired the year Family Guy returned to television. Creating a second show is a risk, and what it requires is hit-or-miss. It's either a success as with Angel was to Buffy, or it could be a cult hit like Futurama was a second show to the Simpsons creator. And the creators can decide to either replicate the first show's formula and/or make the second show a spinoff, or go in another direction entirely and have absolutely nothing to do with the first show. Witness again shows like Angel and Futurama. With American Dad, Seth MacFarlane prefered the former approach. He replicated his tried-and-true format of story in which a nuclear family is thrust into impossible situations with an occasion scathe at modern life that might possibly take place in the Family Guy setting the Griffins inhabit. The story this time: an idiotic and inept CIA agent Stan Smith leads his family into impossible situations. It's not quite a spinoff of Family Guy but the two are pretty similiar in certain ways. Some of the Family Guy "archetypes" return: Stan's a fill-in for Peter, his wife is a hornier and more impossibly clueless, shrillier Lois, Steve is Chris except slightly smarter, and the daughter is Meg. The only difference is that there is no diabolical baby or talking dog; instead, there is a talking alien that loves to drink (nod to Brian) and a talking. . .fish. But where Family Guy succeeds, American Dad fails. The show should be able to work: it scathes the American government plenty, it has a workable formula, and Stan's last name is a sharp, but blantantly obvious nod at the many Smiths occupying secret government programs. Part of the problem is that the characters in American Dad. . .are just not that likeable. Family Guy characters have at least a sensitivity, character quirk, or wonderful trait about them that make them likeable. It's not noticeable in American Dad. Lead character Stan Smith is the worst. Stan's no Peter Griffin. It's hard to explain but Peter Griffin is likeable. He's an everyman, clueless in the ways some people know but still being a normal guy, and has many grossly uninformed opinions but he's not arrogant. A little bit of a jerk at times, but not an arrogant one and he somewhat learns a lesson in the end, and his heart is usually in the right place. Stan Smith is a clueless jerk. He's not an everyman like Peter but in a rank above normal people and he knows it and flaunts it whenever he can. He's so cheerfully clueless, he flaunts his knowledge and/or his grossly misinformed opinions. And while Peter's cluelessness endears him, it does nothing for Stan. Next problem is that American Dad is an obvious cut-and-paste of Family Guy. However, although Family Guy humor is often racy and rude, it's at times extremely smart and a smart insight on everyday life. American Dad. . .is just plain dumb. It doesn't stand for much of anything. It lacks the brains Family Guy has shown time and time again. And as the characters prove, it lacks the heart. The show is occasionally funny but overall, without brains or heart, it can't really go anywhere or to the elaborate lengths of satire it could be capable of. Do I wish it could be different? Yes. And as much as a Family Guy fan that I am, I just can't like American Dad, no matter who created it or how funny it can sometimes be. Some of the Family Guy fanbase has transferred to American Dad and it's been on for three years now. Unfortunately, it shows no sign of improving and it will most likely stick in the format it has now. How long it will go, it's up in the air, but no matter how long it goes, no matter what it does, and no matter how close it resembles the show, American Dad will never be Family Guy.
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