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  • a very good it is just brilliant

    brilliant it's about a man who works at the cia , stan smith , who gives his family good protection every second of every minute of every day of every year he never stops when on the lookout but its not just him its also his wife francine his daughter hayley his son steve his talking goldfish klaus and his alien roger they always get into wacky situations like when stan swaps lives with roger and when steve and roger compete against being the best detective and when stan tries to get francine to meet up with her parents who she hadn't seen for ages.
  • It was about a whole-hearted family... in America!

    This show is awsome! And not because it was made by Seth MacFarlane, oh no! It has action, comedy, drama, and.... wait for it.... yes! Aliens! And brain transplant! This is a good show! Okay, back to reality. The characters are sorta original, the voice acting is not like half the cast is Seth (only two people in the Smith family, but...)and it's decent, and the plotlines are entertaining, and some, though boring, makes me think harder. The theme song is decent, I would love to recite it as our Pledge of Allegence. But not for the National Anthem.
    Now, you are ALL wondering why it's a 9? Because, where are the new episodes?
  • Almost as good as Family Guy

    American Dad was created by the same guy who made Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane. So if you like Family Guy, you'll probably like American Dad. Though I wasn't very impressed with the first season the second season came back and was much better. The show is about a dad named Stan who works for the C.I.A. He has two kids named Steve and Haley, a wife named Francine, an alien friend named Roger, and a talking pet goldfish named Klaus. Now the show is a lot like family guy minus the random flashes. It is a great show but I still prefer Family Guy.
  • THis is is becomeing better then Family Guy, Thats how good this show is.

    The first episode of this show was kinda stupid, but every other episode is very good, im starting to like American Dad better then Family Guy. American Dad has great story lines and great Charactors. I dont see any faults about this show. I cant wait to see future episodes, its going be great. Family Guy had boring episodes in the first 2 seasons. After seeing the first season of American Dad i knew this would be a very good show, no dout about it. So this is the end of my review. Yep i still need to type 100 words
  • This is definately one of the greats!

    When American Dad first came out in 2005, people were not very fond of it and called it a "cheap rip off of Family Guy" and it didn't really have a big fanbase like Family Guy did(Family Guy's fanbase was starting to grow, and look at it now) and although some little parts of the episodes made people chuckle a bit, it's humour wasn't superior to Family Guy's.

    However, when season 2 came out! Things changed a little, the characters seemed more noticeable and they even seemed more likeable as the episodes went on, not only that but the episodes became funnier and funnier due to the fact that they came up with funnier jokes as months went by.

    I basically think that American Dad has come on alot since it first aired on TV, and I think it just keeps getting funnier and funnier every episode although it's on very rare occasions now that they're actually unfunny and don't try and entertain us viewers of the show, in fact it's almost becoming funnier and as popular as Family Guy.

  • amaerican dad is the funniest show ever

    for those of you who love family guy you will love this crazy and jacked up shows its just like famly guy only, its better man you have just got to watch this super weird and funny show its about a dad that works for the c.i.a and just has to kill someone because well he's a jacked up,american dad. so please just try it out it comes on at 10:30 back to back so uuuhhh try it out and dont write anything bad about it because its a cool show if you give it a good chance. trust me you will love it.
  • Great show the comedy is getting better than family guy

    Seth McFarlene has brought back the original Family Guy in terms of an actual storyline and jokes that aren't random spoofs from nowhere. But, with different characters. I hope family Guy can get out of that rut and return back to it's old ways. American Dad has been getting better and better over time it's been on and maybe some day will pass family guy. Roger is easily my favorite character on the show. I like how he is almost bi-polar in a way and how he shows his sexuality kinda like stewie just alittle bit more mildly. Stan is my second favorite because he just blurts out random things that usually don't make sence.
  • Although I think American Dad started off horribly, it has since improved and even shows Family Guy up sometimes.

    American Dad! well back when this started and I was addicted to Family Guy I was looking forward to this show, however after the first two episodes I stopped watching it. I didn't have any comedic factor that you would expect from a comedy that Family Guy had.

    After the second season began I started to watch it again and noticed the improvement, I was finding it funny. I gradually began loosing interest in Family Guy since it was on and American Dad wasn't, recently I stopped watching it altogether.

    The characters are quite amusing, especially Roger and his Kevin Bacon impersonation. Steve is a bit typical in terms of the younger brother in a nuclear family (in comedy TV shows not the real thing!)

    Sadly some of the plots are a little boring but the jokes are getting better. If your not a fan of Family Guy it doesn't mean that American Dad! isn't for you, in fact you may even prefer it. Keep in mind that the first season isn't the best although the Smiths do have their moments.
  • Love it.

    This show is totally amazing. It is similar to Family Guy but they are both funny. Family Guy and American Dad have so many similarities and I prefer Family Guy more but still this is a totally good amazing show. Steve is the main character who works for the FBI and has one child. His child has a friend that is an alien and they both live in there own little world and have there own adventures. This show is really funny and in my opinion it is a really great show that alot of teenagers and adults would want to watch alot of times.
  • I like Family Guy Better.

    I do like this show, but I like Family Guy way better.
    I find Family guy more Hilarious. That dosen't mean I hate this show though. It has it's moments once in a while.
    That's about it. If American Dad was more funny, I'd watch it probably every day. The characters are good, the show's plots are good. The humor I just don't find as funny as Family Guy. That's It. American Dad is a decent show, and it's surely worth watching. That's my review for American Dad, thanks for reading my review. - a n d e r s o n 5 8 7
  • The adventures of the smith family led by their dad CIA agent Stan

    This is an ok show but at times feels repetidive andf a little boring. The up sie of it is it is hard to tell Family Guy creaters made this show to. It has strong points and weak points but I own the first season of it and it seems to be a great show beyond that. So the saudi arabia episode was my favorite and this kind of opened up to me how much Stan is dedicated top Patrism. He is the last man you might expect to comit treesone which can get very very annyoing at some times.
  • While not being genially original the punchlines hit your laugh muscles hard and your conscience even harder for laughing. If your humor is as dark as mine, and you love political and social satire: watch this show!!

    American Dad is of course the lovechild of family guy and well... family guy :P Seth Mc Farlane is (not surprising) the producer of both and gives the shows their dirty, dark humor.
    like Family Guy, American Dad pushes the limit of taste and political correctness almost every episode, and sometimes walks right over it without looking back. I admire the show for it's courage to insult every sentient being on the planet once a week and getting away with it :)
    While not being genially original the punchlines hit your laugh muscles hard and your conscience even harder for laughing. If your humor is as dark as mine, and you love political and social satire: watch this show!!
  • Patriotic, American, hates abortion and marrying of same sex couples? What?

    I'm going to post my most latest review of the show and also the one I posted on IMDB, so be ready. First, here's my old review. My latest review isn't as long though.

    First time I saw this show, I thought this show was not funny and that Seth MacFarlane has lost his unique style of writing. Just recently, I have decided to give this show a chance and watch another episode. By rewatching the first episode, I was hooked. I guess opinions can change after two years.

    Recently, I've been trying to watch new shows and it took me a season to get everybody's names and what's about them except Kenan and Kel because their names were in the title. But by the first episode of this show, I knew that the man who works for the CIA and is too patriotic and would do anything for his country is Stan Smith. I know that his wife who has no job and Stan Smith seems to take advantage of her is Francine Smith. Hayley is the ultra-liberal "hippie" who wants to help the homeless. Steve Smith is the virgin who wants to be popular but yet he has no friends. He wants to have sex. Klaus is an East German olympic athlete who is now a fish because the CIA switched his brains with a fish. Roger is the alien who saved Stan's life in Area 51 and now he lives with the family, not to have anyone know about him. He seems to be interested in designing as far as I know.

    This show is almost similar to Family Guy, except Stan is stupid but smart and Peter is stupid and dumb and doesn't seem to be very much patriotic. Peter doesn't seem aware of where he lives and Stan does. I recommend this show for everyone who has seen Family Guy because this is ultra funny and entertaining.

    Now, here's my latest review.

    Patriotic, Overprotective, an American Hero, CIA. These are words to describe Stan Smith. His family thinks he's crazy. Through the pilot episode and the latest episode, you'll see the crazy things Stan does and become overpatriotic. He thinks abortion is wrong, he thinks gays marrying and having children are wrong, but hell does he does crazy and entertaining things! Seth Macffarlane's new show is crazy.
  • love this show, i would have to give it a slight, slight edge over family guy!!!

    stan: "well you know wat i say to that hayleigh?" ................pause.......stan: oh hmm thought i was gonna fart!!!! ledgend!!!! ok let me start by saying well done mr. seth mcfarlane. first he creates one of animations all time greats in family guy, and now he has out done himself with an even better show....American Dad! yes my opening line to this review is the kind of humour you will get!! Stan Smith is a top CIA agen, living with his family in Langley Falls, Virginia. his famiy include a nature loving, politic hating daughter Hayleigh, a desperate ladies man wanabe, geek, Steve, his blonde (lives up to her hair coulor) wife Francine, a talking German goldfish, Klaus, and a pansy, cross dressing alien, Roger!! yes week in week out, Stan has diferant problems within his family he has to deal with and in his spare time he has the minor problems down the CIA. so that about sums up my short summary of this hillarious show. it is not as good as king of the hill but it beats rival family guy and thrashs the ever ageing Simpsons.......Good Morning USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 1 of the best funniest dumbest

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  • Good Morning USA! American Dad is a crazy classic.

    Where do I start from here? American Dad is one of the few current shows that actually manages to give me a laugh. The characters are wild.

    Stan, who seems to learn his life lessons a little too late. Roger the alien, who only seems to care for himself and gets the last laugh. Klaus, who may be confined to his goldfish bowl but wants to be included. Steve and Hailey, your typical kids who argue. Steve's a huge nerd and Hailey is a college girl who knows how to push her dad's buttons. And Francine, the housewife who seems to want things right and has to help.

    While sometimes the humor is a hit or miss, it seems typical from the creator of Family Guy. Though unlike Family Guy, there's always a bit of a lesson to take from it.

    Especially for poor Stan, who is just doing things as he's been taught. Such as gay parents are not right. I hope to see more of this in the future, and hope it lives a nice long life. The jokes may be a bit bad sometimes, and other times it seems that the writers try too hard, but there's always a punchline, whether you miss it or see it.
  • "American Dad!" is funny and better than Family Guy. But, like "Family Guy" its funny but, trys to hard for emotion.

    "American Dad!" is the popular hit animated series on FOX. Created by the people who brought you "Family Guy"

    "American Dad!" is another show about a dysfunctional family. But this time, it's much more original. "American Dad!"s characters are Stan Smith, the CIA father who cares about his family. He is married to Francine who is a nagging wife and also cares about her family. Hayley is the smart daughter and is ultra liberal. Steve is a young son of the family and is the nerd of the family. Roger is the alien who is often drunk and very sarcastic. And finally Klaus is the pet fish and is very in love with Francine.

    "American Dad!" has potential and is funny. And unlike "Family Guy" it doesn't steal from 'The Simpsons". And better than "Family Guy" in my opinion. I wished that "American Dad" also didn't try hard to show emotion. But, I do give it a recommendation.
  • this is a hit

    There's been a lot of anticipation for American Dad, the new animated series from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. In 1999, Family Guy earned a following large enough to make it one of television's hottest properties but not large enough to sustain the ratings Fox wanted, resulting in its cancellation. However, the record-setting sales of the show's DVD sets and its excellent ratings as part of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup led Fox to return it to the network's midseason Sunday night lineup. Since all that, everyone's been wondering what else MacFarlane had up his sleeve. The answer, unfortunately, is not much.

    Stan Smith (voiced by MacFarlane) is a true-blue American hero, a clean-cut, square-jawed, supremely earnest saluter of Old Glory. He's also an important cog in the War on Terror, a decorated CIA operative responsible for keeping the U.S. safe and freedom on the march. On the home front, he's somewhat less successful. His daughter Hayley (Seth's daughter Rachael) is a crunchy granola community college lefty who looks for every opportunity to challenge Dad. He has trouble relating to his son Steve (Scott Grimes), a pasty pre-pubescent loser with a Shazam t-shirt and no luck with the ladies. And his wife Francine (Wendy Schaal) is mostly supportive, but lacks enthusiasm about brandishing her machetes when Stan suspects a late-night attack by Osama bin Laden (Stan screams, "If I die, you must protect the clan!").

    Rounding out the family are Klaus (Dee Bradley Baker), a talking goldfish with the mind of an East German alpine skier (the CIA switched his brain during the fictional 1986 Winter Olympics to ensure American victory) and the hots for Francine; and Roger (MacFarlane again), an alien that saved Stan's life at Area 51 and whose necessary house arrest has acclimated him to Earth's simpler pleasures, like cigarettes, daytime television, and Chocodiles.

    If this sounds familiar, you've been watching your Family Guy DVDs. MacFarlane has recycled all of his previous show's personalities, touching up each with a slight accent, a simple inversion, or a specific political agenda. Follow me here: Klaus is Stewie gone Oedipal, trying to elbow Stan out of the picture so he can nail Francine; Roger is Brian with a Paul Lynde accent; Steve, sadly, combines Meg and Chris into a frumpy oddball whom nobody really gets or likes; Francine plays the same ancillary role as Lois; and Stan is a jacked-up action junkie/goofball dad who can't relate to his kids and screws up huge -- a non-paralyzed, über-Republican mash-up of Peter and Quahog cop Joe Swanson right down to the oversized cleft chin). The only character without a clear Family Guy analog is Hayley, who is cooler, smarter, more politically aware, and more self-assured any of MacFarlane's previous characters... which pretty much makes her an 18-year-old Lisa Simpson.

    In an interview with, MacFarlane acknowledges these similarities, calling American Dad "sort of a Family Guy meets All in the Family kind of show" (the All in the Family nod presumably comes in Stan's conservative patriarchal attitudes, although he's nowhere near as dynamic as Carroll O'Connor's Archie Bunker) and describing Klaus and Roger as "oddball characters in the vein of Brian and Stewie." The major division in MacFarlane's mind comes in the programs' tones and subject matters. "Where Family Guy is a very pop culture-oriented show," he says, "American Dad is going to be a bit more politically satirical, socially and culturally satirical."

    Unfortunately, when MacFarlane plumbs the depths of the U.S. political system for American Dad, all he manages are weak shots at conservative caricatures. Steve asks his parents to buy him a dog to improve his chances of scoring a date with head cheerleader Lisa Silver (voiced by Aerobic Striptease guru Carmen Electra); Stan returns with a decrepit 19-year-old hound because "this dog was alive for the Reagan Administration; it knows how things are supposed to be." The dog (named Thor, which I must admit, I found pretty funny) doesn't help Steve with the ladies, so Stan offers to help sabotage the student council elections and make Steve class president, saying, "I work for the CIA. Rigging elections is my bread and butter." And when Steve tells his father that Francine had offered contradictory advice, Stan smiles and says, "Steve, I'm going to tell you something, and I know this from years of experience: women are never right." These lines are good for a chuckle, but don't match Family Guy's best moments, partly because they're not as "universal" as that show's offensives, and partly because MacFarlane never really rears back and lets it rip with this "political comedy."

    American Dad's most successful jokes come out of the Family Guy playbook in the form of that show's famous non-sequiturs. The best of these comes in a phone conversation between President Bush and God: "Uh, hey, George, it's God... Hey, listen, big favor: is there any way that you could, uh, from now on, sort of downplay our relationship a little more in your public addresses? I mean, to give you an example, like when you make comments like, 'God wanted me to be President,' you know, that would be an example of something to just kind of keep to yourself." There are also a couple of fantastic throwaway lines, like when a high school student leaving the bathroom tells his friend, "Man, your stream is so powerful." Whether you like bathroom humor or not, you can't deny that MacFarlane's great at it; unfortunately, in the pilot episode, he marginalizes it in deference to political comedy, and the drop-off in his show's quality is severe.

    In a recent interview with The Onion A.V. Club, MacFarlane discusses the specific problem he faces in President Bush's second term: the ethical dilemma of an artist who wishes the election had gone the other way, but realizes that the outcome means he's getting four more years of free material. "There are people on staff who have made that point, that the upside to a second Bush term is that it makes American Dad work better," MacFarlane says. "[But] to me, the price is too high. I would gladly give up the comedy to have a President Kerry. But you work with what you have." Viewed in that context, American Dad is MacFarlane's personal protest, and for using whatever soapbox he has to speak his mind, he should be commended. I just wish he had done it with more unique characters, stronger story construction, and a better class of dialogue. But he didn't, causing American Dad's post-Super Bowl debut to feel like a lame halftime show designed to keep us busy until the main event on 1 May. If he doesn't come up with better material by then, America might respond to his series the way it does to most halftime shows: by turning it off.
  • This is possibly the best TV show that has hit the airwaves!

    I started watching American Dad when I first got the first volume/season set on DVD back in Christmas 2006 and when I got it, didn't think it was that good surprisingly but then I watched a couple of more episodes and was then hooked on it and then I watched even more episodes when the second volume came out(I don't watch it on TV, as I you know like to watch these things on DVD because it makes it seem more fun in my opinion) and I thought it was even more hilarous than it was before and now I'm a huge fan of this show, my favourite has to be Roger since he is the funniest in the whole show like when he's watching certain TV shows(eg Cagney and Lacey and the Simple Life), it always seems hilarous for some reason and I hope they keep this show on because it just gets even funnier every episode.

    I rate this: 10.
  • Where do I start on this program?.................

    Well this show isn't exactly a good show but tiny tiny bits of it can make me chuckle. This show is very inapropriat and I am surprised they even let it go on public TV. Even so it is on at like 8:oo PM what about the 5 year olds that are learning swear words?! Then again 5 year olds shouldn't be up so late. Over all rating: 2.5. Yet there are some people who enjoy these shows. I stand by my rating and it isn't so bad that it is worse than South Park. And thanks to anyone who agrees with me.
  • American Dad; brother of Family Guy, evil cousin of The Simpsons and best friend of me

    American Dad is Seth Macfarlane's second animated TV series after Family Guy, it debuted in 2005. It revolves around Stan Smith; a staunch Republican working for the CIA and is a talented combatant despite being overweight. His family consists of trophy wife Francine, hippy daughter Hayley, impressionable son Steve and pets; effeminate alien Roger and German fish Klaus. Although comparisons are bound to be made between this show and Family Guy; in a sense they're similar with the zany family which share the same traits in both TV shows and many of the jokes are the same political, racist, cultural and sick ones but deep down American Dad is quite unlike the first show.

    American Dad is a lot more politically charged than the former with a majority of the episodes revolving around it and the characters are a lot more complex in American Dad and have a developed structure that characters in Family Guy can't boast.

    As far as humour they're pretty much the same but American Dad goes out of their way not to have flashbacks. The plots for episodes are often less wittier in American Dad and they fall flat on some occasions but on the whole it has very good writing.

    The show has the same look as Family Guy; bright, larger than life animation with surreal effects and whatnot but this show contains a lot more violence and action than Family Guy and requires more rapid - fire transition.

    The audio is somewhat wackier than Family Guy and calls for really over - the - top vocal performances; Seth Macfarlane voices Stan and Roger and although he doesn't deviate from his vocal work in Family Guy, he is pretty consistent. His sister Rachel as well as Scott Grimes and Wendy Schaal make up the rest of the family and never disappoint. The show's have an equally catchy theme song although American Dad channels The Simpsons by having something different in each opening. As a father; Stan Smith is superior to Peter Griffin. He's more rational, optimistic and aware than the latter although Stan does get fewer emotional moments with his family but when it comes to obnoxiousness and naivety; the two are identical. American Dad is a fresh and very entertaining watch that is recommended to any fan of Family Guy. At this point it hasn't progressed beyond cult status but sooner or later it'll be right up there on primetime.
  • American Dad not Family guy

    Good morning usa and all the other countries wake up becouse the show of a true american is here. its about a guy named stan who is the greatest american well thats what he thinks in this show him and his hole family have wierd adventures every single episode. Weather its in a computer game or in the city. Theres only one bad thing about this show and that is its a bit racest but i dont really care about dat becouse its just as funny as family guy.

    I have a fealing im gona have a wonderfull day. From Brodie
  • The funny adventures of a CIA agent and his dysfunctional family

    Created by the creator of 'Family Guy', another great classic cartoon, Seth MacFarlane, American Dad features the life of a CIA agent whose duty is to protect America from terrorism, and his family who are hardly prime candidates for a typical American family. Instead of a dog this family has an alien and a german goldfish, the daughter is a rebel who is leftist in her political views and is prone to disagree with her fathers ideas, the mother is fairly normal but becomes involved in many antics, and the son is fairly intelligent and seems to be headed for success. Unlike Family Guy whose humour is derived as much from Peter's memory gags as Stewies antics, this shows humour is mostly based on the fathers constant alertness for terrorist activities, and the whole 'protecting America' thing- as well as that the America he is protecting- whilst seemingly oblivious to him- is not as worthy of protection as he likes to think. The fish and the alien are also major stars in the shows humour. Very entertaining show. For those who say it is excactly like Family Guy only worse, i'd argue that the style is somewhat different and that it is still a very entertaining and amusing cartoon.
  • American Dad is written by the same writers as Family guy so i thought if they made it, it was worth watching

    American Dad is written by the same writers as Family guy so i thought if they made it, it was worth watching and that was when i first saw it on channel 7 in Australia just after family guy had been on.

    I watch this show when ever it is on but i don't need to download it as it is not the best show every. i still like the show and rate it pretty high because it is funny and it makes the American family look stupid at some time. eg when Stan send his so to "camp refuge" which is really "Refugee Camp".
  • Is to Family Guy what Futurama is to the Simpsons

    On first glance, American Dad looks like a carbon copy of Seth MacFarlane's "other" show Family Guy. The animation is near identical, the lead character Stan Smith's knuckle headed optimism and in-your-face presentation doesn't so much recall Peter Griffin as grab you by the throat and scream in your face and Roger the alien and Klaus the goldfish work in much the same way Stewie and Brian do in the previous show. So far so very familiar, as though MacFarlane dressed up his fourth FG series with different characters when it was initially cancelled so as to stay on the air but stick with it, and American Dad will eventually reveal itself as a superior cartoon to it's predecessor.

    Sure, the humour is once again a mixture of insightful witticisms, biting satire and odd bursts into toilet humour but rather than the chaos of Family Guy where the plot seems to revolve round the jokes, here the opposite is true. The flashbacks are almost totally absent and instead each episode features a structure and character development that is normally missing from the first show. Okay some of the episodes fall a bit flat but nevertheless, there are considerably more hits than there are misses and when it's good, it's brilliant. "A Smith In The Hand" for example is in this writer's humble opinion, the funniest thing MacFarlane and his team have ever produced.

    What's more, American Dad is considerably more politically-orientated and everything you could conceive about the USA's current state of fear mongering and distrust is put beneath a microscope and parodied mercilessly. Stan Smith is a boorish depiction of all that paranoia rolled into one and some of his outbursts and overreactions are hilarious. Take the scene where he locks up his new Arab neighbours in his back garden for instance in a moment that scarily recalls the nightmarish conditions of Guantanamo bay yet still manages to be side splittingly funny or any of his numerous conceited one-liners ("only women have emotions son, they come from their ovaries").

    Only time will tell if American Dad can outlive the shadow of it's far more successful big brother, but like the relationship between Futurama and the Simpsons beforehand, it's often a far funnier and considerably more focused show that deserves a wider audience
  • One of the best sitcoms to hit the airwaves. It really should be on television more.

    I just completely love American Dad on so many levels. Ever since the first episode, I've been a huge fan. It mainly revolves around Stan Smith, who works for the CIA. He and his family have wild adventures each season. Really now, I haven't seen a show like this in years. To me, this compares to the early simpsons and the early family guy. It's got all of the things a funny sitcom should have: humour and a well written script. I'm being honest here, so far there is not one episode in the entire series that i DON'T like. And that's saying a lot! I seriously don't understand the haters. Please if you haven't seen the show, ignore them and give this show a try! I think most of you will be pleasently surprised. As a fan of Seth McFarlane, I have to say that this is his best work.
  • Probably one of the most hilarous shows on TV right now, if not right now then one of the most hilarous TV shows of all time!

    American Dad is an adult animated series from the creators of Family Guy about a 40 year old man named Stan Smith who works for the CIA, is a family man and supports America(alot), his wife Francine who has a partygirl personality but she has hidden it for the sake of Stan, his son Steve wants to get the girls but he can't(Well, some of the times he's had a girlfriend) due to the fact that they consider him a "geek", his daughter Hayley who is a left wing liberal and dislikes Stan due to what he thinks of certain things, his pet alien and fish named Roger and Klaus-Roger is the alien who does nothing but watch movies, drink martinis(bit like Brian from Family Guy) and sit on the couch, Klaus is the German goldfish who's brain was put into the brain of a goldfish and has a crush on Francine.

    When I first watched this show, I thought it wasn't that funny was pretty funny but not funny(I first watched the show on DVD, and that'll explain the next thing I'm about to say) but when I watched a few other episodes I thought it was brilliant, every storyline just made me want to watch the show, All I'm saying is that it has good writers(mostly) and I can't really have a fault with any episode.

    When I purchased Volume 2 back in June(I got it on Friday, and it was released May 28th over here) and started watching it, I thought the episodes were better than they were on Volume 1(though the episodes on there were pretty good too) one of my favourite episodes was when Klaus' brain was put into a human body and he tried to impress Francine with it without her knowing it's him and another one of my favourite episodes was when Barry started to become friends with Stan and Barry kept doing awful things and blaming it on Steve.

    Roger the Alien is probably one of the most hilarous characters I've seen in a long time, probably funnier than Homer Simpson even! His laziness and references to a few movies just make me laugh, Seth MacFarlane truely is a genius I mean first he came up with the brilliant Family Guy and then with this hilarous show I say keep up the good work, Seth, Long live American Dad.
  • Just Like Family Guy

    I've only just started watching this... and let me tell it's great

    Stan Smith, who works for the CIA and is constantly on the alert for terrorist activity. Stan will go to extremes to protect his beloved America from harm; as evidenced by the terror-alert color code on his fridge, In addition to Stan's wife and teenage children, the Smith household has two other members. There's Roger, the sarcastic space alien who deeply resents the fact that he's not allowed to leave the house, and therefore, has been reduced to drinking wine and smoking cigarettes, and Klaus, a German-speaking goldfish; the result of a CIA experiment gone seriously wrong. Stan's son is a dorky teenager who tries to be cool. His wife has had a past life of sex and drugs. Stan loves his daughter, but that doesn't necessarily mean he trusts her
  • Looks like the ugly younger brother from Family Guy

    "American Dad" is in my opinion the ugly younger brother of "Family Guy."

    It's not as smart, it's not as polished, and it suffers from the obvious way it was developed very self-consciously on a mirror image model of MacFarlane's better and more popular cartoon Family Guy.

    It does have good moments, and occasional flashes of the same kind of brilliance that marks the other show far more often.

    But the premise itself seems flawed - the best episodes are when there's an acknowledgement of the basic underlying criticism of the overblown American way of life.

    If you seen the episode where Stan, who had not only never masturbated but considered it truly wicked, injures himself in a particularly sensitive part of the male anatomy on which he has to apply ointment.

    It's the ignorance of the Stan character, coupled with his power both in the family and in the world, that should drive the show. Then the other characters could have freer reign against a stable core.

    The thing where is not better then Family guy is that this serie has stan as the center of the show. When he is not the center of the show imo the show falls apart. In all the episodes the Characters have not developed themselfs to hold the family.

    If you compare that to Family Guy in which Brian, Meg, Stewie, Lois, and Chris have all had episodes and storyline featuring them. The episode in which Stewie and Brian go on the lam, or where Brian goes to Hollywood, or Lois becomes a model, or Chris becomes an artist and the toast of New York... these are all classics.

    Despite the fact it's going into its third season, American Dad still doesn't feel like it's found its tone. It feels shaky, and that's the worst thing a comic can do - let you see his insecurity.

    Despite all that i will continue to watch the show cause i just like an afternoon with simpsons, Family guy and American dad :D.
  • Great Show, funny!

    Seth MacPharlane has done it again. Hes brainwashed millions of people with just a single show. Well, hes done it to me. Lots of actions for a animated show, many laughs and things you will never understand. Out of all the charaters my favorite is Roger. Hes an alien, he brings the laughs to me and makes the show more interesting. Another great character is Stan. He makes the show more funnier and stupider. Thats what I like about the show. Not as good as Family guy but I can say it is one of my favorites. Seth, keep on making more episodes for American Dad and Family guy.
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