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  • cool ive seen it alot!

    its just like my other fav cartoon shows the simpsons, famliy guys and futurama but with his own idea abut a dad is the CIA and all the crazy things he does i have to say roger is my favrite character he is an alien that dresses up to try to look human. its sort of like lilo and sicth but a better way and anyway they sure make a lot of fun of polictians i love that too. this show is pretty awesome like it alot hope it stays on for a very very long time! I love it !!!
  • Following CIA agent Stan Smith, his wife Francine, his two children Hayleigh (a free spirit who always speaks her mind) and Steve (a hopeless geek) and their pet alien called Roger that Steve rescued from CIA headquarters and their strange antics.

    One of the funniest animated shows on telly.

    Great if you like Family Guy, The Simpsons or Futurama.

    So funny it makes my eyes water and my stomach hurt every time I watch it!!

    The jokes are great, but there is also hidden jokes that you should watch out for.

    Best suited for people that don't need an explanation for everything because I'll admit sometimes it just doesn't make sense - but it is still hilarious!!

    Also watch out for famous names during the end credits as loads of celebs lend their vocal talents to this great show - Jeremy Sisto (Six Feet Under), William Fitchner (Prison Break), Ron Livingston (Band Of Brothers) etc.

    Recommended to anyone who likes to have a good laugh!!!!!
  • Family Guy is a good show, this, well, isn't

    Family Guy is better than this. Even if you don't like either, you'd have to say Family Guy is the better one. Yes, I know that this is done by the same creator, but what happened with his ideas? Seriously, the family is just like The Griffins with their two kids, the stupid husband, the over protected wife, the two stupid kids, the talking pet, and... and alien. Plus, the jokes go on for too long. Not like the "This is like the time..." like Family Guy has, but if you see it, you'll know what I mean. It's just, not good. I suggest Family Guy. It's better and is actually worth watching.
  • Funny, witty, entertaining.

    In the shadow of it's older brother Family Guy this show has always struggled in the ratings. However do not be put off, with very orginal story lines and characters it does become an entertaining show to watch I could even claim its brilliant. The show carrys on Family Guys style in animation and jokes which is good it's funny, witty and can poke fun at anything even itself! Which is what makes this show good. However with it being a continuation of Family Guy you always feel its missing something the sparkle of a show, after watching two or three episodes you tire of it. So this is a good show very entertaining, it's just not anything more that entertaining, nothing more than decent. You watch it, laugh for 20 minutes, then forget you watched it.
  • Remember this show, American Dad? Classic.

    Good morning USA indeed, this has got to be the show that it can jump the shark, but still pure good. Good, huh? Well, remember Seth? Like that time we did cutaways?


    I know American Dad! doesn't have a cutaway, well almost, in the same level as "The Simpsons," right? I mean "Family Guy" is the animated sitcom that has the collection of cutaways!

    Here's how great it is?

    Seth: It's great and I created it.
    Myself: Great.
    Some Guy: It sucked. *Gets punched in the nose* Ow! My nostrils! Okay, so I lied, it IS good.

    One of the funniest characters of the show of all time would be Roger & Klaus, in my opinion because I like UFO's and I like german pets. Heil Klaus!

    American Dad! is the show you want to see. So, goodnight! And go see this show.
  • Pretty nice

    Hmm.. not one of my favorite shows, or one of those at which I watch constantly.. it's just a decent one.. with family guy alike lines and jokes. only not that good. I watch the show only when I'm bored or when I don't have anything else to do.. I mean, don't get me wrong, but it's not that original.. itt reminds me of family guy.. and if I want to see family guy I watch family guy and not american dad.. But it's a decent show.. I get a laugh from it.. I'm not watching regulary so I think that's why I can't say more than this..
  • it's a rib off for family guy

    this show is ok but its a little stupied I think wow this is a major rib-off for family guy I think the creators should stick to family guy and we all know Family guy is alot better than american dad but the show is alright there are some great episode I give this show a 7.5 out of 10 well that's my review bye. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .
  • Family Guy, watch your back!

    Remember a LOOOOONG time ago when Family Guy got cancelled?
    Well, Seth moved on to American Dad!, which is some of his best work.
    CIA man Stan Smith lives everyday protecting the right of America with his wife, Francine, daughter, Haley, and son, Steve. But, the family has some pets.
    Klaus is a German man who's brain got put inside of a goldfish. He's in love with Francine.
    And, alien Roger. He's an alcoholic, and is addcited to TV and movies, preferbly game shows and Lifetime.
    American Dad! is a great show! Here's how it works.
    Take a family who's dad/husband works for the CIA
    Add an alcoholic alien.
    Add a crazy German fish.
    Add all of the humor of Family Guy with extra smart jokes.

    Family Guys fans can't go wrong here!
  • American dad evolves around the smith family, and there freinds.

    American dad is a show created by the very special guy Seth Mcfarlane. American dad took of when Family guy was cancled, and since the return of family guy American dad is the slightly beter show. This is due to that American dad uses more sofisticated jokes. The jokes are all from Politics to sex. The first time you watch American dad it might seams a bit unorigniall, but the show keeps on growin for every episode and every season, you can realy tell that seth mcfarlane puts his soul into this show.

    A big question is this, will FOX cancel American dad due to bad rating? (it got a horrible time slot)
  • American Dad is a good show, but there are many better ones.

    American Dad is a show about Stan - a man that is a CIA agent, which he usually takes advantage of it in many situation thorought the show. This show is very similar to Family Guy, with its shock humour and a funny, yet repetetive plot, which is very irritating. He is cold blooded, he thinks he is always right, but at the end of every episode he learns his lesson. Although that minor inconvenience we can say for sure that it is a decent show, that can make us laugh on many occasions. All in all, I give it an 8.
  • You laugh until you choke and you cry from joy until your eyes bleed [maybe a little too hard, but quite true]

    This is a show about an american family , however this one isn't as usual as all american families. It consists of six members - Stan Smith the 'American Dad' he is an CIA agent, he loves George Bush above all and is really too overprotective, Francine Smith an usual desperate housewive, Hayley Smith a teenager hippie, Steve Smith, the nerd son, he allways tries to be cool, but he usually doesn't suceed, Roger the alien, that Stan rescued from area 51, he has a perfect sense of humour and loves wigs and Klaus the german talking fish.iled experiment to extract human's brain into a fish.
  • Good Morning USA.........

    American Dad is one of the funniest cartoons i have ever seen.
    Some of the things on this show are beyond belife and have had me in tears of laughter like when Rodger and Stan get stoned and go to the 7/11 and are transfixed at the sweet counter with munchies lol and then Rodger tells Stan he feels light so he buys some cat litter to wiegh him down lol only he lets go of it doing a runner from Stan and floats of into the sky lol, along with a hash cake eating mind transfered nazi goldfish the show couldnt get any stranger lol, all in all though the strangesness makes the show and i have enjoyed every single episode and will continue to do so to :)
  • A american dad

    This is one of those shows that I personally classify as " L m f a o " shows. My " L m f a o " shows are the shows that I personally consider to be Awesome ! Shows like this make me laugh so hard . . . and this is one of them due to the fact that well . . . it makes me " L m f a o . " I seriously consider for those of you to watch shows that i classify as a " L m f a o " show. Thank You!
    Im writing reviews on all my " L m f a o " shows first :)
  • Freakin Awesome! Another great thing from the mind of Seth Macfarlane!

    A show about a pro-republic, conservative father, Stan, in the CIA. Absolutely hilarious, people hate it though, because it "isn't as good as Family Guy", well, NOTHING IS! My personal favorite part of the show are when the show does subplots between the Stan's nerdy son, and the family's alien, Roger. It is witty and funny in the sense that it deals with modern issues in well, witty and funny ways. It is a great way to finish off the weekend with a new episode of this show. So, before hating this show, just remember, if Family Guy was thought of after this, you would like this show alot more.
  • This show is pretty good, but I like Family Guy more.

    This show is good. I like to watch it sometimes and it is an enjoyable cartoon sitcom, but just isn't as funny or entertaining as Family Guy. I like some of the characters like Stan and Klaus the Goldfish, they are my favourite characters in the show even though Klaus only appears for a bit but I like his one-liners. This show has a good plot at times and uses it well with some humourous moments but should have a bit more. This show is different in some ways to FG which is makes it unique. Also, I can definitely say that this is a lot better than some of the episodes from the later seasons of Family Guy. I think this show deserves at least one chance and it isn't that bad. But I would recommend the first few seasons of Family Guy over this.
  • It's not as good as family Guy...

    American Dad is quite a good show actually.I had been quite excited when I heard a new cartoon from Seth McFareline was coming out.When it did come out I watched the occasional episode and it didn't excite me too much.But then I borrowed the first season from my freind and watched it.I saw that some episodes are actually really funny.I love Steve and Stan.Stan is hillarious.He's always accusing people of being terrorists and stuff.It's a great show but not as good as family Guy.But if it does continue I think it can only get better like the Family Guy's did! Good show.
  • A want to be Family Guy

    This is a extremely weak cartoon. It is pathetic and stupid. Its humor is extremely predicatiable and its awful. Its a rip off of Family Guy! its nothing but a stupid, pathetic excuse of a copy. I don't get why this show is on the air and i hope it gets cancelled. I don't get it. I have tried to watch it but i can't. Shows like South Park, Family and Futurama should be airing and not crap like American Dad and King of the hill. I hate all the characters in this show. I don't find any of them clever and if they all died i wouldn't care
  • Ok American Dad is from the same creator of family guy. Its about Stan, a C.I.A agent who gets into predicaments with his family and that sort of thing.

    Overall this is a pretty good show. Its alot less random than family guy. The show is also very funny,entertaining and watchable. One of the things that make the show so funny is that alien roger and klaus the fish although its odd they would even have a talking fish and an alien but oh well its funny isnt it.
    I see American dad as one of the funniest shows on fox since the simpsons. I dont see how any one wouldnt like this show. Another thing that makes this show so great is that its not afraid to speak its mind and cross that line thats why admire the creator. Thats why American dad deserves a 9.8.
  • Something like Family guy.

    Its a similer show to the Family guy.Its about a Family whos Fathers (Stan) works in CIA.In the family there is a alien and a German talking fish.Also a boy named Steve , a 16-17 year old girl (hayley, did i spell it right :P) and Stan wife (Francine).This show is very funny Roger the alien is one of the funniest characters i like peronaly.Well the stories are different every episode.My favorite episodes are "Dungeons and Wagons" and "Camp Refoogee".The one thing i dont like is that some things are making fun of the U.S. and thats some times annoying when they doing it many times.
  • the fourth season is better than this years season of family guy.

    when i first saw this show, i thought it was the stupidest show to ever air on tv, but when i actually saw the show, it was actually pretty good. this year's season is the best yet. it is better than family guy's new season, which is a pretty hard thing to do. in my opinion, i think american dad is one of the best shows that is animated on tv. it is hilarious and i love it. so far, one episode wasn't the best but it was still good. i hope the show keep getting better because it is good.
  • Seth Mcfarlanes better project.

    It is about a man named Stan Smith who has a family and his wife is Francine Smith and their kids are Haley and Steve Smith and they have a alien named Roger and a pet fish who is really man who got his mind switched named Klaus and as well in the plot Stan is a CIA agent while Francine is the smatest woman and Steve is a idiot and Haley is goth. I enjoy watching this show I like it better than Family Guy because I hate Family Guy while this show is underated. What I fear is that this show might end next year I think that because there has been a lack airings and king of the hill is ending while this show might as well I sure hope not. I give this a 9.1 out of 10.
  • Stan is working for the CIA but most of all he's a family man who tries to be a good father and husband. Unfortunatly, his differences with his wife, children, talking fish and alien who live in his house bring him in a lot of funny situations.

    American Dad isn't by far as funny as Family Guy, but if you don't compare these two, American Dad was a decent show. Nice characters and pretty funny. But that's only once in a while. Most of the time the show is unoriginal and mildly interesting. I always think that it could be so much more, but instead, American Dad always stays on the safe side of humor. Plus, the voices are really annoying. But American Dad is still entertaining and in the end, that's all what matters. Nice enough, but always with potential to be more then what it is now.
  • this is one of the best

    the shows about a CIA agent hough in the CIA is about as intellgent as a bowl of dish water. hes is oblvious to his surrondings and is very implusive, and is in a ongoing battle with his liberal daughter hailey who despises him for his bigotry. they have a alien named rodger who is a drunken alien obbessed with drinks and trash TV but has no choice but to do that.there son steve who is much like his father he to is oblvious to his surrondings but yet has more common sense than his father.then there is there fish klaus who is obssesed with stans wife francine. but is also wanting to get his human body back

    this is seths better show its sure to be a smash hit sooner or later
  • stan go

    this show is from the person how made family guy and i have to say that this show is not the best but it is still fun i watch it and laugh but if another show came on at the same time i would watch the other show and that is sad for me because i love family guy but in the war between family guy and american dad family guy is the winner over all so if any of you like this show sorry nut this is my thought and if you dont like it disagree with me bye for now
  • Lol,lol,and uhhh,well,lol.

    It's about a American dad who works in the C.I.A.With a wife,two kids,and an Alien.Yes,you heard well,an Alien.This family tries to resolve they're problems in a crazy way.It is a comedy show where you laugh second after second.For those who are looking for an educational show,this is not the one you're looking for,and i can guarantee that.Instead,this show has a lot of violence in it,and nothing in this show could possibly be educational except for the fact that Stan Smith,the main character,is completely loyal to the American country.The creator of this show is Seth MacFarlane,which also created another show named "Family Guy" which is also funny and not educational.
  • I'm a really big fan of Family Guy, which made me ofcourse check out this show too.

    It was good to see that the Family Guy crew has some more shows in their hand. The more the better! Although I was a bit dissapointed after a few episodes. It is funny at times and interesting at times, although it can't live up to Family Guy.

    Maybe it is to bad I'm comparing this show with Family Guy. It should deserve it's own chance and I enjoy it too, sometimes. Although I can't help to feel, that it is just a not so good version of Family Guy. Ofcourse nice to watch when there are no new Family Guy episodes!
  • A dense and not-too-bright guy named Stan works for the CIA, neglects his family and forces his prejudicial views and conspiracy theories on other people.

    Okay, what have we got here? Well, it looks like someone took the same concept and things wrong with another bad cartoon and repeated the same mistakes to do it all again. I recall when Sunday night had all the best shows, but now, right after the Simpsons, it's movie rental night. "American Dad" is a parody of American insitutions and just like Family Guy, it pretends to be funny and it laughs at itself, but no one else gets the jokes. On one level, both these series remind me of "All In The Family," a series that took controversial subjects like prejudice and showed how ridiculous they are, but "American Dad" and "Family Guy" drag out everything that is already taboo in society and shows what already makes them taboo. It tries to be funny without being funny; it's chief demographic seems to be potheads, stoners and guys with so few brain cells that they can't think. If you're intelligent, you won't laugh at the characters, but if you're that muddled state of mind where you don't realize what you're watching, well, then, "American Dad" is slow enough that you just might get it.
  • i've only watched a few episodes but they were all great

    i've only seen a few episdoes but they were all great and see no dissapointment in the show it's not as great as family guy steh's original show but still has the charm of family guy i only give it an 8.7 though is cuz i need to get a better understanding of the show however all the episodes i've seen are actually quite good so anyways to make a long story short ( even though i still have quite a few words to say) it is a good show and is not a rip off of family guy it's a good show
  • But so redeeming...

    American Dad came out with the new episodes of Family Guy and watching the commercials it was hard to tell them apart. Both cartoons, are produced by the same people, and the characters are all in the same category, it appears that American Dad, just drew the characters a little differently. While this show has some small copyright issues, I still love it. while American Dad and Family Guy started from the same place, they quickly diverged. American Dad still has the same characters, but the story lines are more and more different every time. This show is worth watching if for nothing else than if you watch it in it's Sunday night time slot, it feels like you are watching two episodes of Family Guy back to back.
  • I am sorry but fox just cancels to many shows and since the creater plays the dog and 90 percent of the guest stars i have my fill of of seth

    The way they work at fox. They will sign a show for three years if they have to pay a lot of actors after that time the show will be canceled Examples, Arrested Development, Futurama, Sliders, Herman's Head. Even Mad TV is a great example they got rid of all the good actors except one. House and 24 are only on the aire because fox only has to pay one actor the rest will fall in line if they want to keep there job. Oh yes and Family Guy this show has now been canceled Twice now. Once they cancel Family Guy for the Third time and cancel Simpson's it will be it for us on fox.
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