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  • Seth Mcfarlanes better project.

    It is about a man named Stan Smith who has a family and his wife is Francine Smith and their kids are Haley and Steve Smith and they have a alien named Roger and a pet fish who is really man who got his mind switched named Klaus and as well in the plot Stan is a CIA agent while Francine is the smatest woman and Steve is a idiot and Haley is goth. I enjoy watching this show I like it better than Family Guy because I hate Family Guy while this show is underated. What I fear is that this show might end next year I think that because there has been a lack airings and king of the hill is ending while this show might as well I sure hope not. I give this a 9.1 out of 10.
  • Stan is working for the CIA but most of all he's a family man who tries to be a good father and husband. Unfortunatly, his differences with his wife, children, talking fish and alien who live in his house bring him in a lot of funny situations.

    American Dad isn't by far as funny as Family Guy, but if you don't compare these two, American Dad was a decent show. Nice characters and pretty funny. But that's only once in a while. Most of the time the show is unoriginal and mildly interesting. I always think that it could be so much more, but instead, American Dad always stays on the safe side of humor. Plus, the voices are really annoying. But American Dad is still entertaining and in the end, that's all what matters. Nice enough, but always with potential to be more then what it is now.
  • this is one of the best

    the shows about a CIA agent hough in the CIA is about as intellgent as a bowl of dish water. hes is oblvious to his surrondings and is very implusive, and is in a ongoing battle with his liberal daughter hailey who despises him for his bigotry. they have a alien named rodger who is a drunken alien obbessed with drinks and trash TV but has no choice but to do that.there son steve who is much like his father he to is oblvious to his surrondings but yet has more common sense than his father.then there is there fish klaus who is obssesed with stans wife francine. but is also wanting to get his human body back

    this is seths better show its sure to be a smash hit sooner or later
  • stan go

    this show is from the person how made family guy and i have to say that this show is not the best but it is still fun i watch it and laugh but if another show came on at the same time i would watch the other show and that is sad for me because i love family guy but in the war between family guy and american dad family guy is the winner over all so if any of you like this show sorry nut this is my thought and if you dont like it disagree with me bye for now
  • Lol,lol,and uhhh,well,lol.

    It's about a American dad who works in the C.I.A.With a wife,two kids,and an Alien.Yes,you heard well,an Alien.This family tries to resolve they're problems in a crazy way.It is a comedy show where you laugh second after second.For those who are looking for an educational show,this is not the one you're looking for,and i can guarantee that.Instead,this show has a lot of violence in it,and nothing in this show could possibly be educational except for the fact that Stan Smith,the main character,is completely loyal to the American country.The creator of this show is Seth MacFarlane,which also created another show named "Family Guy" which is also funny and not educational.
  • I'm a really big fan of Family Guy, which made me ofcourse check out this show too.

    It was good to see that the Family Guy crew has some more shows in their hand. The more the better! Although I was a bit dissapointed after a few episodes. It is funny at times and interesting at times, although it can't live up to Family Guy.

    Maybe it is to bad I'm comparing this show with Family Guy. It should deserve it's own chance and I enjoy it too, sometimes. Although I can't help to feel, that it is just a not so good version of Family Guy. Ofcourse nice to watch when there are no new Family Guy episodes!
  • A dense and not-too-bright guy named Stan works for the CIA, neglects his family and forces his prejudicial views and conspiracy theories on other people.

    Okay, what have we got here? Well, it looks like someone took the same concept and things wrong with another bad cartoon and repeated the same mistakes to do it all again. I recall when Sunday night had all the best shows, but now, right after the Simpsons, it's movie rental night. "American Dad" is a parody of American insitutions and just like Family Guy, it pretends to be funny and it laughs at itself, but no one else gets the jokes. On one level, both these series remind me of "All In The Family," a series that took controversial subjects like prejudice and showed how ridiculous they are, but "American Dad" and "Family Guy" drag out everything that is already taboo in society and shows what already makes them taboo. It tries to be funny without being funny; it's chief demographic seems to be potheads, stoners and guys with so few brain cells that they can't think. If you're intelligent, you won't laugh at the characters, but if you're that muddled state of mind where you don't realize what you're watching, well, then, "American Dad" is slow enough that you just might get it.
  • i've only watched a few episodes but they were all great

    i've only seen a few episdoes but they were all great and see no dissapointment in the show it's not as great as family guy steh's original show but still has the charm of family guy i only give it an 8.7 though is cuz i need to get a better understanding of the show however all the episodes i've seen are actually quite good so anyways to make a long story short ( even though i still have quite a few words to say) it is a good show and is not a rip off of family guy it's a good show
  • But so redeeming...

    American Dad came out with the new episodes of Family Guy and watching the commercials it was hard to tell them apart. Both cartoons, are produced by the same people, and the characters are all in the same category, it appears that American Dad, just drew the characters a little differently. While this show has some small copyright issues, I still love it. while American Dad and Family Guy started from the same place, they quickly diverged. American Dad still has the same characters, but the story lines are more and more different every time. This show is worth watching if for nothing else than if you watch it in it's Sunday night time slot, it feels like you are watching two episodes of Family Guy back to back.
  • I am sorry but fox just cancels to many shows and since the creater plays the dog and 90 percent of the guest stars i have my fill of of seth

    The way they work at fox. They will sign a show for three years if they have to pay a lot of actors after that time the show will be canceled Examples, Arrested Development, Futurama, Sliders, Herman's Head. Even Mad TV is a great example they got rid of all the good actors except one. House and 24 are only on the aire because fox only has to pay one actor the rest will fall in line if they want to keep there job. Oh yes and Family Guy this show has now been canceled Twice now. Once they cancel Family Guy for the Third time and cancel Simpson's it will be it for us on fox.
  • American Dad is not nearly as good as Family Guy, but it offers a different type of humor.

    American Dad is not my favorite choice for comedy but if there isn't much else on I'll watch it. The show is different from Family Guy in that it doesn't rely on "flashback jokes", even though I love the flashback jokes from Family Guy. It also doesn't have as many pop culture references, making it a comedy that just about anybody, even those who know little about pop culture, can watch. The show's concept, while having it's own unique aspects, has been done too many times already. We already have The Simpsons and Family Guy, I don't think we really need anoter animated sitcom family unless its something really different, like a family of zombies...hmmm...just a thought. Futurama is an animated comedy but it's a completley different and original concept. I'll watch this show sometimes when it's on but there are many other comedies I would watch instead. A decent effort from Seth Macfarlane, but I don't think it lives up to the standard of Family Guy.
  • not the best..

    What's the point with this show? I don't think that show will last as long as "The Simpsons" or "Family Guy".. it's not that good, i mean it mekes me laugh sometimes and i watch it when it's on tv.. but defenetly it's not among my favourite shows. I just don't get it.. what's the point with the fish and with the alien?!? is it suppose to be funny? cause i really don't get it.. I also think that the charachters are way too similar to the "Family Guy"'s charachters..
    I really hope that they could make it more original in the next series..
  • Something to watch Sunday nights.

    American Dad is a decent show. Nothing Great. Since it came from the Family Guy Creator it has the same humor. Its okay, but it bascially the same show. There are some funny jokes in the show. I don' know what episode, but its the one where the Son goes out with the fat chick. Classic. Then when the Dad goes the anorexic faciliy and the one girl said:"It was the weekend so I had a second tic-tac." I thought was hilarious. This show is decent to watch when there is nothing on TV on Sunday nights. If you like Family Guy, you'll probally like this show.
  • It's alright for Family Guy fans, but otherwise don't worry.

    American Dad! is similar to Family Guy in a way but it's nowhere near as good. If you aren't a fan of Family Guy, then don't worry about American Dad! Personally, I don't think this show should go on. Seth MacFarlane should just keep working on Family Guy. Overall, this is a good show, but I think it should only go on for a few more seasons.

    In the Smith Family there's Stan who works for the CIA and is obsessed with his job; Francine the housewife; Hayley, who's obsessed with the environment; Steve, a virgin whos obsessed with women; Klaus, some goldfish who likes Francine; and Roger, an alien who's getting hidden by the family. The family is kinda cliched and not new. But the show is worth watching at least once to see if you like it.
  • a funni show but..

    this show is somketimes gunny and at most times entertaing. but on the other hand it is sometimes boring and dull and lack any common sense and it lacks any decent plot line and if any there is only a very small plot in if not any few of the episodes. but rather the fact of its lack of plot lines and the ocassional lack of humor in the end its an okay show, there are alot funnier shows but this is definitly in the top 20. it has evrthing a funny show should have the idiotic father and son, the sane and concerd mother and daughter, and of course the mascotts which make the show just a lil funny aka the alien and the fish.
  • Don't know what happened?

    They should bring it back, I love American Dad it's kinda similar to Family Guy. Animation Funnynation. Yup-a-dup. Wow, that's all i have to say but its 100 words min. so I'll be lazy again. They should bring it back, I love American Dad it's kinda similar to Family Guy. Animation Funnynation. Yup-a-dup. Wow, that's all i have to say but its 100 words min. so I'll be lazy again. They should bring it back, I love American Dad it's kinda similar to Family Guy. Animation Funnynation. Yup-a-dup. Wow, that's all i have to say but its 100 words min. so I'll be lazy again.
  • American Dad! is to Family Guy what Futurama was to The Simpsons

    Seth MacFarlane proves he's not a one trick pony with his innovative follow up to the smash hit Family Guy. American Dad! is unfortunatly misunderstood as a rip off of it's own predecessor but it is by far not. American Dad! is completley differant to Family Guy the only similarities are the art and the amount of characters.

    While Family Guy focuses on random humour and pop culture referances American Dad! takes satirical aim at politics and has many qualities that make me prefer it over Family Guy. Unlike Family Guy, American Dad! follows one plot line and one sub plot without random things popping in and out. That already makes it extremely differant from Family Guy which has lately been following 3 or 4 sub plots per episode with the random pop-ins. This show is great because it throws every stereotype and every exaggeration of a Rebublican and a Democrat and forces them to live in the same house together.

    Again for those comparing it to Family Guy I will elaborate on the character differances. Peter Griffin is a pop culture obsessed dim wit while Stan Smith is an overly republican jerk who is racist, homophobic, and overly patriotic. Lois Griffin is a caring wife whose party girl side is always comming out while Francine Smith doesn't enjoy the spotlight and does basically whatever Stan tells her. Chris Griffin is a slow, stupid, lummox while Steve Smith is a sex crazed, nerdy teenager wh o thinks he's cool. Meg Griffin is a lonley, near suicidal loser, while Haylie Smith is a pot smoking, liberal, who will save a cat before her father. Stewie Griffin is a possibly homosexual baby bent on world domination while Roger is a fruity, television addicted, alien who doesn't shut up. Brian Griffin is an alchoholic, witty dog while Klaus is a sex crazed, loud, obnoxious, german fish.

    American Dad! has been pretty successful for the two seasons it's been on and i look very forward to watching it's third one this fall however due to the return of King Of The Hill and the moronic timeslot for The Sarah Connor Chronicles American Dad! will air sundays at 7:30 which is dead air time and may face unfair cancellation next year hmmm just like Futurama...weird.
  • I love that alien!

    Well i wathced this because i watch family guy :D And i'm glad i did tune in!
    The first episode i saw was the pilot although i didn't realise that as it was already so funny! I like the humour and the just random storylines you can only really get with cartoons!
    Oh yeah as i mentioned in my summary i love that alien! He makes the show for me when he got addicted to twinkies i was laughing so hard. I also like the german goldfish it's just hilarious! Well if you haven't seen this and you like family guy in my opinion you should definetly check it out!
  • Good morning USA!

    I am not going to lie, when I first saw this show, I hated it. I thought it was just an unoriginal Family Guy wanna be.
    After seeing a few more episodes, I decided to give American Dad! a chance, so I bought the dvd. Good thing I did because it has now been added to my list of all time favorite TV shows!

    Stan Smith proudly dislpays the values and characteristics of the American republican. He is an anti-terrorist, God loving, sexist, gay bashing(up until "Lincoln Lover"), Bush supporting, modern day Uncle Sam.

    Does Stan have what it takes to juggle his stressful job with the CIA and his problematic family? You'll have to tune in and find out!
  • An Average Show

    From creator of Family Guy comes a average comedy. It does not live up to Family Guy. Still the show has its moments. Its just about a CIA dad named Stan who has a family. Also a talking goldfish and a alien who is lazy. Its just trying to copy Family Guy. Its usually has ok plots. The comedy can be dry at times but still interesting. Sometimes it hits the spot. Laugh out loud at times. The kids can be ok at times. The wife is interesting as she is so innocent. I like the fish since he has a brain of a ski guy. The alien rodger can be good most of the time. Stan is the best as he is the main guy and always is crazy. How he fights and does stuff. In the end an ok show, but not as good as other comedys.
  • One of the greatest shows ever!

    I really love this show, I've loved it since I first saw it. At first it looks like a crappy rip-off of Family Guy, a show which has gone downhill ever since it has come back. This show is better than most new Family Guy episodes, probaply more-so season 4. This show has good episodes like The Pilot, Bullocks to Stan, Deacon Stan Jesus Man, Dungeons and Wagons, and a lot more, but it has bad episodes at the same time, like my least favourite episode, A Smith In The Hand, I truly hate that one. This show is getting better every episode though, however it's not as good as Family Guy's seasons 1-3, but it's probaply better than most of the last ten seasons of the Simpsons. A pretty decent show, nothing else like it. 9/10!
  • Its Allright

    This is the next show from creator of Family Guy. It does not live up to Family Guy. Still the show has its moments. Its just about a CIA dad named Stan who has a family. Also a talking goldfish and a alien who is lazy. Its just trying to copy Family Guy. Its usually has ok plots. The comedy can be dry at times but still interesting. Sometimes it hits the spot. Laugh out loud at times. The kids can be ok at times. The wife is interesting as she is so innocent. I like the fish since he has a brain of a ski guy. The alien rodger can be good most of the time. Stan is the best as he is the main guy and always is crazy. How he fights and does stuff. In the end a good show, but not as good as other comedys.
  • This show is cool!

    American Dad is a great adult animated series about a CIA man called Stan Smith who will stop at nothing to protect his country along with him is his wife Francine who met Stan by getting in Stan's car and Stan accidentally drives over a squirrel but shoots it and that's when the two fell in love, Hayley, Stan and Francine's daughter who has arguements with Stan but actually loves him inside, Steve, Stan and Francine's son who appears to be unattractive to girls but however despite that Steve has had some girlfriends in the past(Lindsey Coolidge, the old granny and Debbie), Roger the Alien who is an alien who the family are hiding from the CIA because they were out to destroy him thank god for Stan and Klaus the Fish who was originally a human but was switched brains with a fish he also is in love with Francine i think this show is pretty good and have the first two volumes on DVD and so far the show rocks and my favourite characters are Steve and Roger because they are the best part of the plot and there storylines are usually funny this show might not be as good as Family Guy but if you've seen the first couple of episodes and you think it's "weird" then give the show a second chance you'll understand the show whilst you watch all the episodes one of my favourite episodes is Rough Trade because the plot with the monkeys was funny especially when they were causing mayhem and stuff if you love Family Guy you'll love this show too.
  • this show is not as good as family guy but way better than the winner

    this show is about stan smith and his life as a disfunctional dad, husband and cia agent. the show has its highs and lows. like in one episode they go out to hunt down george clooney for the hard relationship he had with francine. but the episode was good up until it showed a women cia agent breast feeding to a baby in public while speaking to stan. so that is an example of them killing the episode. plus an episode when haley the opininated daughter sleeps with stans boss and he does not report him so he can get a raise was funny but went cross the line too much.. point is its an underappreciated show that fox will probably cancel sadly
  • Enjoyable

    American Dad is one of those shows that has it's moments. Sometimes it's pretty funny and I laugh like I'm watching Futurama. Sometimes though it's not so good and I don't laugh like it's a bad episode of The Simpsons.
    Roger and Francine are the characters that keep me watching. What can I say, Roger is like Brian on Family Guy, and if there's anything I enjoy it's drunken pratfalls and stupidity. Francine I love because she can be so utterly clueless sometimes and then BAM she's all mother bear and she's ripping off limbs to protect her family. Sometimes I don't understand how no one has slammed Stan upside the head with a 2 by 4, but usually when push comes to shove he actually is a decent American Dad.
  • Great animated comedy show

    I love watching American Dad. Its a very funny show. We have got Stan who works for the government his Wife just a stay at home kind that talks to a fish and the rest of the family u see. Stan has to do a lot of missions and stuff and its way funny, I like this show almost as much as Futurama but not quite it doesn't surprise me though that this show is good because who directs it, Seth Macfarlane is a genius he has made countless Tv shows and made them into a success give it a couple more years and this show might become one.
  • Meet Stan he is a CIA agent who will do anything to protect his beloved country and his family.

    Ok charecters and story lines. If you like family guy than you will love this show. It keeps getting funnier and funnier. So keep watching it's definatley going to get better and better if you haven't seen it it's a good form of some light comedy. Overall American Dad is ok so far.
  • American dad

    american dad may be by the same dude that created family guy, but family guy is 10x funnier than this. i admit that some of the american dad episodes are funny, but the humor is just too similar to family guy. the main character is some cia dude who has absolutely no idea what he is doing. the whole family is too similar to family guy. the only real funny character is the alien. at least with him (or her) they can add some new humor that they could not do with family guy. in the end, american dad is just too similar to family guy for me.
  • It's ok if you like Family Guy exept that he's a cia agent who is metally retarded.

    this show is too much like family guy and they try to be like family guy. Steh mcfarlene what happend i like the concept, but somewhere along the way it just blew up! im pretty sure rogers gay and steve is just a whiny loser. I admit the show is hillarous, but it need tuning then it will be ok with me and some others im sure. Haley is Hot ok that is one of the only reasons i watch the show plus stan is funny, but retarded im sure. One of the reasons this show did not get a 1.0 is because the way they make fun of george bush and the corrupt goverment the politacal humor is a pull in for me this show is ok but tune it up!
  • more liberal propaganda just like Family guy, and the same characters too, which were mostly from the Simpsons anyways

    If you can tell I'm not a fan of this show, they make the director of the CIA, and a patriotic guy like Stan, and of course then they make him lookl incompetent and crazy. That says alot about what Seth McFarland thinks about his country. I'm not saying don't have a sense of humor and poke fun of the president and the CIA ever, but a whole show just based on that give me a break. He appeals again to the sheep who watch because he tells them what they want to hear. It's not even just the reused characters and the liberals jokes, it's also that the regular jokes aren't funny either, they did well with family guy, even though they are on the same track, I don't know why they can't think of funnier material for this show.
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