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  • Why did they make this!

    This is way more tolerable than family guy but, like someone before me said, it lacks original jazz. It's a worse version of family guy, and I'd rather have them both removed from the air. Everytime I watch it or even get a glimpse of it, I feel like I should be playing in traffic. This is one show that tears at me the whole time my eyes ingest the nonsense. I'd rather watch it than family guy, but I'd honestly prefer to not hear or see either one. I don't watch either very often, but when they each came out, it was awesome. However I feel it's trying to be a different version of the simpsons and it's not turned out very well for either.
  • I don't like this show.

    American Dad was created by Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, you think he could have made a better show. But, he didn't, the humer isn't funny to me. Family Guy has a lot of random things in the episodes. It seems like it's 2% of Family Guy, 20% of The Simpsons, and 78% political crap that equals 100 percent of a pure, unoriginal show on Fox. I don't think the plots are very original they seem like Simpsons plots that were thrown in a dumpster and left to rot there. And they were then changed slightly and put on TV.

  • funny

    Stan Smith (voiced by MacFarlane) is a true-blue American hero, a clean-cut, square-jawed, supremely earnest saluter of Old Glory. He's also an important cog in the War on Terror, a decorated CIA operative responsible for keeping the U.S. safe and freedom on the march. On the home front, he's somewhat less successful. His daughter Hayley (Seth's daughter Rachael) is a crunchy granola community college lefty who looks for every opportunity to challenge Dad. He has trouble relating to his son Steve (Scott Grimes), a pasty pre-pubescent loser with a Shazam t-shirt and no luck with the ladies. And his wife Francine (Wendy Schaal) is mostly supportive, but lacks enthusiasm about brandishing her machetes when Stan suspects a late-night attack by Osama bin Laden (Stan screams, "If I die, you must protect the clan!").
  • American Dad, exactly what you need if you want a laugh.

    American Dad is a brilliant animated comedy, from one of the best comedy writers in the world, Seth McFarlane. The plots are very well written, the jokes hilarious, and the characters awesome. This is no ordinary average family for an animated series though, it includes a fish with a brain of a German skier and an alien that helped save Stan, the CIA agent.

    Ican guarentee you that this show will have you in stitches, I cannot wait for season 2 to come out on DVD as it is one of the best animated shows... EVER! You can't go wrong by watching it.
  • American Dad features fresh and smart humor but lacks that original jazz...

    I am a fan of animated cartoons like Family Guy, and I have to say that American Dad is not a waste of time, it is quite fun to watch actually.

    If you enjoy witty jokes and satires, American Dad is definitely the show for you; and its not really as unoriginal as some people say - sure the family thing has been done to death, but American Dad still incorporates the fresh humor that makes this show a gem.

    I really suggest that you guys continue watching this, and if you haven't yet, give it a try, I'm sure it will sate your funny bones. :)
  • American Dad tells about the family of Stan Smith, a CIA agent protecting the United States Of America from all possible threats; while getting into awkward situations.

    American Dad, the spin-off of the very popular FOX show, Family guy, gives viewers what they want counting on the quality that Family Guy and Seth MacFarlane have brought us for so long.

    The series brings a more edgy and diverse sort of comedy, not relying on flashbacks and giving more sitcom-styled comedy, instead of lashing at old movies and celebrities, though that is supplied in full amounts. The comedy starts to repeat itself once you get through the first season, but still in a way, keeps itself fresh and you find yourself laughing at the stupid pointers and situations Stand and his family get into.

    The quality of the series is very consistent, giving political satire and parodies of popular movies and current happenings, touching the very essence of quality TV comedy. Some might find shots at minorities and political groups and their ideals a bit offensive, but as a good comedy fan says; If you can't laugh at yourself, you can't laugh at others.

    A 9 is the perfect score for the series, as it delivers what you expect, and the fans of Family Guy won't be disappointed; as well as newer fans of comedy cartoons. American Dad is far from being perfect, as most might find the series as a pure spin-off of Family Guy, which it is. The style of the story, the families and situations are similar, and you probably think it might be a bit of a sham, just to get money. Either way you look at it, you'll still be laughing at the end of every joke.
  • Stan Smith is in the CIA

    I love this show. It has an good sence of humor and just gets better every season. The show has a very original stuff to the story line. The animation is good looking. It has very talented voice actors such, Seth Macfarlane. I think the story line kills the simpsons. The simpsons has been going downhill ever since the 14 season, but thats just an opinion. Just ask my guys they agree. Seth Macfarlane is a very creative young man, with a good sence of humor. I love the characters in this show, they all have a good personality. LOVE AD.
  • Stan and Deliver Like most cartoons, it is its sense of originality that makes it hard to love, and yet what makes you want to watch it.

    I titled this review Stan and deliver because just as the movie stand and deliver, I tried to find humor in a serious subject and came up incredibly short. Though in our post 9/11 society we are inundated with jokes about terrorism, George Bush, and WMDs. It becomes a completely different situation when it’s a cartoon. Cartoons are a safe haven, a way to escape the harsh realities. I watch The Simpsons because they tell jokes about events that happened like 6 months to a year ago. I watch South Park because they tell fart jokes as if their audience is a bunch of 5 year olds, and yet they curse as often as possible to remind us that you better be a grown up to watch this. American Dad changes lives in the sense that it made aliens, CIA conspiracies, and even immigration unfunny. Though there was some attributes of this show that made AD interested enough to continue watching, my soul would not allow itself to be put through the aguish on a continuous basis. The talking fish and his DVD like commentary was quite entertaining, in the same way that watching a movie with the commentary on is. Yet when it came time for his wife to talk, the mute button could not be pushed fast enough. Worse then that, the social commentary of his pseudo-environment slut of a daughter, took pot shots at the idea of an empowered woman. I expected more and was only given a taste of what true humor could be, it’s clear that fox just doesn’t want to run the risk of negating a show that could end up being a big money winner (i.e. Family Guy). I would not be sad if this show where to be pulled, but if you must waste our time and brain cells at least make me laugh in the process.

  • Otherwise... the dialogues can be pretty funny..

    However, besides that... we all know that the creators of Family Guy created this, which is the problem. They made the animation style pretty much exactly like Family Guy, so it tends to confuse you easily. Well, for me anyway.
    Although the dialogues are funny, they just still are too much like the ones on Family Guy.
  • its ok

    American Dad is pretty unorigional. its really just a copy of The Simpsons and Family Guy, and to some extent, Futurama, though still funny at times. i have only seen some what i think might be the first season, and it was pretty funny, but i think that it is kind of sick, but in a different way to Family Guy in the way that it is sick, but not funny, Eg. Steve and stan taking a pill that gives them extremely large breasts. That is just NOT NICE, NASTY!!!!!
    anyway, some of the more memorable episodes include the one where Stan forgets his anniversary, and the pilot, other than those and some others, this show really isnt my kettl'a'fish.
  • All too many comparisons to Family Guy. My opinion? It stands on its own.

    Not the kind of thing I thought I'd find myself watching. But since BBC 2 kindly brought some American animation to its schedules, I thought it would be fair to take a look. I wasn't disappointed.

    It's loud, brash, and exactly what I was expecting. I have suspiscions it may alienate some non-Americans like myself and when I brought it up the next day my friends were 'who?' But I harboured some guilty affection for it, even if it does draw off the stereotypes some people believe America is made from. It is the fact that it makes fun of these stereotypes that is so enjoyable about it, and throws in some surreal elements with it (a horny German fish, anyone?)

    I say give them their dues, and stop comparing it to Family Guy. They make completely different statements. Give it a go, you may be pleasantly surprised.
  • Similar to family guy, a great show

    I wasnt a massive fan when this show started.. I didnt think it would be very good but so far it has exceeded my expectations by a LONG way and now i love it! It's hilarious, the characters are funny, the plots are generally pretty good and I cant get enough of it.

    My biggest concern with the show is what i consider to be one of the biggest pros about the show, it's sacrastic patriotism. I think its funny, the fact that the basically rip the USA to pieces with sarcasm, i think its even funnier that a lot of americans probably dont get it, but i worry that because of this, its popularity in the states could diminish somewhat leaving it to become yet another brilliant show that FOX systematically destroys.. I hope that doesnt happen.. Great show!
  • A pretty great show and is probably forever going to be compared to its counterpart, Family Guy.

    This show has a lot of potential. Although it is still relatively new, it has some good episodes with some creative jokes. I think it may not be as good as Family Guy, but it's getting there. Sometimes I wish some of the jokes in American Dad were in Family Guy. In certain occasions, it feels like the same thing as Family Guy. Some of its elements are similar to that of Family Guy and that's what might make people not like it. However, American Dad does have a lot of characteristics separate from Family Guy.

    Overall, American Dad is a decent show. It has some laughs here and there. It's a show that you love it or hate it. If you love it, that's great. If you hate it, that's your problem.
  • its about a dad who works in the cia and has to provide for his family. its funny because he has a pet fish thattalks and an alien living with him.

    A very funny show, it is definently worth watching at least once. The first time I heard of the show, I thought it was going to be a rip-off of Family Guy. But when I watched it, I was pleasently surprised! It is now one of my favorite show ever! My favorite character has probobly got to be Stan. He has got to be the funniest character in the show. How he acts like everything is against America. It always makes me laugh. I also like the character of Roger the Alien. He always seems to make me laugh with all his regular disguises. All in all, American dad is a funny, funny, funny show.
  • a pretty good show!

    it is just like family guy just not as good. it has it laughs i don't know why people dislike it so much. it is a good show not in my top 30 but in my top 40. i recommened this show to die hard fans of family guy you might be a little disapointed but you will come to like this seris. i must admit though i was a tiny dissapointed when i first saw it but then i being to like not as much as family guy. it has it's good episodes and it has it's bad ones.
  • Family Guy in the Parallel Universe

    Don't get me wrong by the subject of my review, I love American Dad. The way the story lines go, it is differently different than Family Guy, but they use the same kind of joke "flashbacks" that are frequent on Family Guy. The shows may become a bit risqué at times, but the network puts out a warning before the show starts. This is why I never want to hear from the numerous PC idiots that he/she/it was offended by the content. If you are offended, TURN THE CHANNEL! That way, the rest of us that love the show and wanting to be entertained the way we want to, can be!
  • A family consisting off a CIA agent, a stay at home mom, a comic book nerd, a hippie, a talking fish, and a alien have shenanigans in their town in Virginia.

    A very funny show, it is definently worth watching at least once. The first time I heard of the show, I thought it was going to be a rip-off of Family Guy. But when I watched it, I was pleasently surprised! It is now one of my favorite show ever! My favorite character has probobly got to be Stan. He has got to be the funniest character in the show. How he acts like everything is against America. It always makes me laugh. I also like the character of Roger the Alien. He always seems to make me laugh with all his regular disguises. All in all, American dad is a funny, funny, funny show. I have to give it a 10!
  • this is an ok show to watch in fox!!

    She show is about a american family who makes us laugh and is similar to family guy and another version like the simpsons!! There's five main charaters in this show and they are the mom ,dad,brother, sister ,ana a weird alien!! They go to my diiferent things and things that happen to then without explination!!
  • lame

    I think American dad is so lame.I mean like really the people cant think of new ideas they were sucsessful with family guy but i was like dude this is crap.They tried to make it as funny with a talkin fish.....NOT cool.and the alien....*cough cough* gay*cough cough*.You think about it i have pissed off so many isers with my reviews that it isnt funny poeple cant read cause on almost all of them it says "dont get to angry its only my opinion".so like i say on all my reviews dont have a fitt over my reviews so see you later.
  • Pretty good

    I can't say this is my favorite show. This is definitely not better then Family Guy. I think it's actually better then the new Simpson's though. They got some good humor going on in the show and I guess that's why I manage to tune in every time there is a new episode. I would say the one character that always cracks me up is Roger. He's so weird looking which always makes me laugh. The way he tries to live in a human world is funny. I think Stan is funny as well especially the way he treats his kids.
  • Stan Smith is your average American Dad,with a beautiful wife,liberal daughter and nerdy son,except that he happens to work for the CIA,has an alien living upstairs and a fish that talks with a German accent.

    American Dad is from Seth McFarlene,who also created Family Guy,and it is just as cutting edge,though I dont think it pushes the envelope the way Family Guy does,but the satire is just as biting,and there is more of a political edge to the humor.In some ways it is smarter than Family Guy,and I think its long term potential is more promising,because its on more of an even keel,humor wise,where Family Guy can only push the envelope so far,before it runs of places to push it.In fact,I think American Dad is still getting better while FG is showing signs of running out of gas.
  • Sometimes good. Sometimes just plain weird.

    Sometimes this show is funny but other times it is just plain weird. Practically every episode has to do about sex. For the last three weeks American dad episodes were about sex. I'm watching an episode right now. Guess what it is about. Sex. In this episode Stan is trying to make tv cleaner. Well this show is as dirty as a fireplace. But other episodes are gunny like the Camp Refoogee episode. That was hilarious. Roger is always doing something really stupid. Like he tries to become a proffesor at Hailey's College. Overall ok show but really sick
    Peace out.
  • Not as good as family guy, but still very good!

    As some of you may know that America Dad came for the creaters of Family Guy. No I think this show is alreight but just alright. Its nowhere near as good as family guy but its stil funny. So the show is weird because one of the main characters is a Fish and another is an alien. This was supposed to make the show funnier but I don't really see it that way, but whatever. So anyway the show is worth it to look at if nothing else is on but this is still average or above average and its funny at times.
  • American Dad rules!

    I first started to watch this show on my DVD and i continue to do so it's a great animated series about a father named Stan who works for the CIA and his wife Francine who constantly whines alot and there's his son Steve who desperately tries to get a girl but fails then there's Hayley the family's 18 year old daughter,Then there's Roger who is an alien but he is still family and then there's Klaus the goldfish who was originally a human but then they switched his brain with a goldfish and he is secretly in love with Francine. What's not to love about this show? This show was OK at first but it got better and better well done to Seth MacFarlane for making another good show and keep up the good work.
  • This show could be so much better

    I don’t hate American Dad, it’s just that it leaves something to be desired. When I watch it, I feel like I’m watching a second rate episode of Family Guy, it’s like all the rejected jokes from Family Guy end up here. The characters, especially Stan, are all too familiar, the only original one that is mildly amusing is the effeminate alien. The fish, contrary to popular belief, is not funny at all, and neither are Stan’s stupid one-liners. How one of the great comics of our time, Seth MacFarlane, is behind such an unfunny show doesn’t make any sense. Oh yeah, before I leave, I read one review by someone who thought Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons & Futurama), and I’d just like to say to him/her, you, are an idiot, thank you, and goodnight.
  • this show is such a copy of family guy. stan what an idiot and the fish is just a copy of the dog and what about that alien loser and the kids need HELP.

    this show is such a copy of family guy. stan what an idiot and the fish is just a copy of the dog and what about that alien loser and the kids need HELP. this so is so past and a cheap version of family guy and is some what similar to the simpsons so i hope it goes away soon it won't be missed at all unless the r fans then they need help more then the show haha haha
  • An American dad will do anything for his country.

    This show is hilaious. I can see why this is one of Fox's Four Fathers of Comedy!I watched the latest episode from 1/7 and it was hilarious. I never stopped laughing. I'm glad Family Guy was almost cancelled or this would've never spawned. Overall Awesome Show! p8qt9n q4tv [8t4v 8ytv 8tvn98ave8n9 8n9 yn8 n8y ga8yn g8yngant4auiht4v jht98nt uihegr8n9ew iuw8y9 tw utw89trui gy89gui t 89g uyg ygrgry89grehug r89gr gry8gr egregre gre8rge g89ngu gren98g re urgegre g8y9eg eg89 uhguge uge9gre hegu eu er8y9gre gr78g hgsryug uegr u 8 hug8u9 gay89are rgy 78y8rg ry7rh 78rg hre7 yr7rf rrae ra87rg rg r 78grgr gry7 erg
  • man i love family guy and this series just make it whole lot better

    awesome just completely awesome i mean this show is just like family guy wthout the flash backs. i have to give this series a 10 i mean it maybe unoriginal but i mean come on this show really good. i like how each story is different and sometimes similar in a ha ha ha funny. great show i got to give props.
  • Wow

    Indeed a great show. Sice the first episode i watched, i knew it would have deserved a perfect score. I say the show rocks, just like the similar shows to it, from simpsons to family guy, but american dad is just better than many similars. None of the other shows i have seen are even similar to this, just for the having an alien in the house. The best part of the show is proabably that having an alien in the house is cool, especially when he drinks gallons of champagne. The boss looking for their alien doesn't even think he is hiding in their house.

  • American dad- an ok show, but way too much like family guy

    American dad is a show on fox and its just like family guy. The shows are both really centered around the dads, and both have a talking pet (well roger is an alien, but still). Even though its very similiar to family guy, its still pretty funny and worth the watch sometimes. The one bad thing is that the characters are so much worse in this show. First of all, there is no character like stewie, and bryan is by far a much better character then roger, and Chris is alot more funny then steve. Hayley might be a bit of a better character then meg, but they both arent anything special. Overall, if theres nothing on thats catching your interest, give this show a try because its really not that bad, but it will make you wish that youre watching family guy.
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