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  • Get rid of Roger

    This show would actually be okay if it weren't for Roger; he is the absolute worst thing about the show (much worse than Stan's extreme-right attitude). Roger has no redeeming qualities, he is only irritating and annoying.
  • The Top 10 Worst Shows On TV....

    ...But are still better then American Dad. I don’t understand it everybody watches the show must have a brain deficiency which doesn’t allow your brain to tell the rest your body that the thing you’re watching is garbage and doesn’t allow you to change the channel. So I’ve made a list of all the shows on television that are absolutely brutal but I would still rather watch them than American Dad.
    So here we go at number ten we have

    10. Reba: for all the people who don’t know Reba is a show on country music television with former country singer Reba McEntire. This show is about a bunch of hicks who do dumb crap, it sucks.

    9. The Apprentice Martha Stewart: OK let’s look at this one for a second and it’ll only take a second. So Martha gets out of jail and then gets her own show like this woman is a criminal this is like if they gave Mike Tyson his own show after he got out of prison and for raping that girl. If I was on the show and she said something to me about being stupid or something I would just make fun of her about being in jail or ask her how her girlfriend is doing.

    8. Everybody Loves Raymond: while everybody doesn’t love Raymond, because I hate him, there’s so many things wrong with the show I don’t know where to begin. The characters are not funny, the episodes are not funny and the jokes are not funny. This is an all around not funny show that had no business being on TV. They should’ve name the show everybody should slap Raymond for sucking so much.

    7. Sex in the City: could somebody answer this question for me why would you do a show called sex in the city with four women who look like they’ve all been hit in the face with a frying pan. I don’t think there’s anybody who would’ve one had sex with these women, and I don’t know of that’s just me are not that but some of the woman in the show have a striking resemblance to those big smelly dikes you see on Springer.

    6. The Nanny: can you say the most annoying TV personality of all time. Fran Drescher’s voice sounded like someone was trying to hammer a nail into the wall with a cat, and really and I think that’s all that needs to be said about that.

    5. Survivors: overdone, overdone, overdone really overdone this is the show that started it all the crap pile that we know is reality television. This show has gone one to many seasons long what are they on now the 27th season. And the putting people in countries with hundreds of millions of people and they call it a competition, it’s getting sad. What's next year going to bring survivor in the backyard?

    4, World Poker crap: why do people watch this show like if you really want to watch people play cards why would to get off your own ass get a deck and play with them. How lazy can you possibly be if you would rather watch cards on TV than play it yourself?

    3. Extreme Makeover Home Edition: this show is just a shameless plug by Sears to show their merchandise and get people to shop for their stores, probably because Wal-Mart is kicking their ass. All the people on the show are gay and I think it’s all staged anyway and I can’t wait until it’s all proven that it’s a sham. Sears We should be ashamed of yourselves.

    2. C.S.I: this show is the most inaccurate piece of garbage I’ve ever seen. First of all crime scene investigators are not police officers say they cannot carry guns, they cannot interrogate anybody, and they cannot arrest anybody. The only reason people watch this show is because they think it’s true on they couldn’t be farther from the truth. Come on people why don’t we start using our brains and figuring this out.

    And now when you have all been waiting for the number one worst show on TV next to American Dad is…………………..Family Guy.

    Hahaha you know what I changed my mind a family guy is way worse than American Dad. So there you go the two worst shows on television just happen to be made by the same person and I don’t think that’s just a coincidence. Seth MacFarlane you and both your shows make me want to puke.
  • This is the worst show on television.

    I'm not going to compair this show to Family Guy, (although Family Guy is much better).

    This show is horrible. It is just plain, unfunny, stupid, and a waste of time. I have watched the entire first season of American Dad hoping for something better, but sadly no. I can't believe how bad American Dad is.

    The general concept has so much potential but this show just falls flat every single week. The jokes just aren't funny.

    Take this show and compair it to any other comedy on television and American Dad is about 100-times less funny. This show just plain sucks.
  • Unoriginal, self-plagiaristic show which steals five characters directly from Family Guy with only minor modifications and then puts nothing but unfunny jokes in their mouths in a very unsubtle attempt to bash the Bush administration and peddle Seth MacFa

    Seth MacFarlane created a brilliant animated show in Family Guy. I loved every episode. Family Guy had political humor, to be sure, but it was actually funny. I want it understood from the outset that I get Mr. MacFarlane's humor and have enjoyed it greatly in the past. This fact is the reason why American Dad is so repugnant to me.

    American Dad is no Family Guy. American Dad starts out by insulting the intelligence of its audience by placing the characters from Family Guy in the show with only minor modifications. This intellectual sloth is an augur of things to come. Mr. MacFarlane compounds the insult by placing dated and unfunny anti-government jokes in the mouths of the characters. The CIA is evil. The Patriot Act is evil. President Bush is evil. Having established these premises, MacFarlane then expects us to like his protagonist who works for and implacably defends these institutions. Since most viewers are not going to be sympathetic to such a character, nothing in this show even has a shot at appearing funny to rational individuals. Viewers are not going to like a character defined as evil by his creator's standards.

    Without doubt, MacFarlane's worst sin is being unfunny. MacFarlane is unconcerned that his political agenda is presented in so rabid a fashion that it is not in the least bit entertaining. The CIA and government stereotypes which MacFarlane repeats ad nauseum were dated when I first heard them in the sixties. Yet Mr. MacFarlane just keeps hammering viewers over the head with them.

    In conclusion, the purpose of American Dad being on the air is allegedly to entertain its audience and thereby earn a profit for its producers. American Dad is so offensive and unfunny that one wonders who Mr. MacFarlane believes he is entertaining. This show is a complete waste of time. Avoid it at all costs. Mr. MacFarlane's career has jumped the shark.

  • Why did Seth McFarlane give up Family Guy for this stupid gay show? It really makes no sense...

    Why did Seth McFarlane give up Family Guy for this stupid gay show? It really makes no sense! I mean Family Guy was a better show than this one. This show is a total rip-off, but I suggest everyone to pull the plug on this lame show! It's so painful!
  • i sorta feel sorry for it.

    i expected this show to be really good and a big hit... but it's not very good at all. sometimes when i watch it... i try laughing at everything that is meant to be funny... but i just cant fool myself into liking this show. cancel this and bring a funnier show back.
  • Show about CIA

    Bad show by Seth MacFarlane. Not like Family Guy at all. Not simillar, not funny, doesn't make sense at all. Why is it on at all. Why was made. I'm just trying to write 50 words. I hate this show. It's terrible. American Dad is the worst show ever, ever.
  • This show is a waste. I watched an episode and did not find it funny. They try to be funny but seems to fail. Not even close to be as good as the Simpsons.

    Complete waste of time to air this show. It does not seem to be funny at all. I would rather watch The Simpsons anyday over this show. Nobody should watch this show I think. Just watch The Simpsons or Family Guy, they are far better than this stupid show. Trust me, you will do yourself a big favor.
  • Think if JK Rowling wrote the Little Mermaid and made her have sex with Aladin. That's pretty much what American Dad is.

    I'll admit it has it's rare funny moments but honestly. American Dad cannot hope to compete with the bigger names out there. Like Seth McFarlane's worth while creation Family Guy or Seth Green's Robot Chicken.
    Hell they should bring Futurama back instead of this piece of crap. Sure the idea of having a freakin' election inside the house was funny, in the respect Stan is an obvious Right Wing Republican and Hayley is an obvious Left Wing Democrat or Liberal... or both.
    The first episode was good. Maybe the second. But after that it just got racy and just plain stupid.
    If your laughing then Bush is laughing. And that's just sick b/c he's supposed to be running this country. (And hopefully Canada)
  • just plain bad

    ya i really dont like this show. It is not funny to me and the characters are annoying. Lots of people say that the family is too much like the family in the family guy. But i just dont think there funny. I hate the alien and the talking fish the most. But watch it if u really like Family guy, you'll probably enjoy it.

  • PLEASE dont think im blonde lol

    (even though i am) lol hey what can i say i just dont understand anythin these people say maybe its coz im against this stupid show coz like its a wanna be family guy which is like the second best show of all time (first is inuyasha loool) i hate this show sooo much lol i wouldnt reccomend it id just watch family guy more funny and easy to understand for us blondes lol
  • Worst Show Ever

    This has to be the worst show ever. How can anyone watch this. I would rather watch old episodes of Family Guy 2 times in a row!!!!!! Its a waste of a space that could go to a good new show or even given to King of the Hill who deserves it.
  • Clumsy, hate-filled copy of Family Guy, which is itself a past-its-prime weak copy of the Simpsons.

    An even less funny version of Family Guy, this appears to be mainly a vehicle for creator McFarlane to vent his frustration that his extremeleftist political views continue to lose at the ballot box. I can\'t quite call it propaganda, as it is too ham-fisted and blatant to be effective as such. However, McFarlane is fortunate that the targets of his hatred -- Catholics, conservatives, Republicans, and Germans, among others -- are all among the few groups that are still \"okay\" to criticize. It would be interesting to see how long this show would last if he made similar attacks against blacks, jews, illegal immigrants or perverts.
  • Why does EVERY animated show try to copy of The Simpsons?

    This show isnt funny. at all. There's no originality. Theres no humor. Nothing. I dont care that half the nation thinks Simpsons is past its prime. This show is bad. simple as that. Who thought of this. Some retarted 30 year old loser? If you watch this have serious issues.
  • BOO

    This is almost EXACTLY like Family Guy. Just change the names and voices and give them makeovers and this is the show you get. The storylines have been done and its definitely not as funny as some other shows that you could be watching instead. SO, if you happen to be channel surfing, just skip this show if you\'re looking for originality and laughs cause this show won\'t give you any of that. But if you\'re up late and trying to fall asleep, grab a tape of this and pop it right in, i guarantee it will help.
  • I don't understand how people can give this a score over 5

    This has got to be one of the worst shows on Television. Watching this show is like being hit in the head with a stupid stick. The characters are 1 dimensional TV cliches. The writing makes new episodes of the simpsons look like masterpeices. I like how seth MacFarlane makes fun of the simpsons for being out of jokes when his shows, Family guy and American dad have run dry. Go back to Russia you commie!
  • McFarlane's second piece of garbage....

    Just because those who lack entertainment savvy support the other show, McFarlane thought they would flock to this garbage. Well, most did, and with that, we have yet another utterly stupid, ignorant and crude toon on the air, a toon which kids gravitate too because it’s a just toon. Parents should lump this worthless program in with Family Guy, and keep your kids from it. It should be left for those that have no active brain cells left, who would find watching grass grow a thrill.

    Like Family Guy, avoid this loser toon, and you’ll not suffer from severe brain damage.
  • Was that Family Guy I just saw? Oh, wait, it was just a bad imitation!

    This show tries WAY to hard to be another Family Guy, and unfortunately it fails at it. Family Guy, in my opinion, is a great show. American Dad is just a cheap knock-off which uses nearly all the jokes that can be found in Family Guy! Give this show the boot already!
  • Horrible!

    This show is awful! All the good jokes have poor delivery and all the bad jokes last too long. It seems like Seth's only intention was to make another Family Guy because he knows that any blubbering idiot would eat it up. I'm amazed it made it past the pilot episode. The characters are unlikable and cliched, the plots are weak and the majority of the jokes fail to get a smile! This is worst animated TV show since "Father of the Pride". I urge anyone who likes innovative and humorous cartoons to stay far away from this generic trash!
  • If possible worse then Family Guy

    Like I said In my Family Guy review, I like crass humor as much as the next person, but don't just do it for its own sake. Yes, I get it a man's naked rear is being shown....for a whole minute.....and by the way he is standing his area is in another man's face. Hi-larious.
  • Wow, This show is really STUPID

    Dont get me wrong!! There is no one in this world that loves Family Guy more then I do.... I love Family Guy the first time i saw a commercial for the first show, and cried of happiness when the brought it back!!
    And when I found out that, Seth, was coming out with a new series i WAS EXSTATIC!!!!
    Then..., I watched it!! I was so disappointed..
    but i figure give it a chance, it HAS to get better. After last nights episode, I have vowed never to watch it again...
    It wasn't even a little funny, I was digusted the whole time. Well whatever! Long live the family guy, and hopefully, put American Dad out of it's misery
  • family guy is better

    reasons why family guy is better:

    1. has cutaways unlike shitmerican poop

    2. has funnier plots like peter having sex with children

    3. brian is so freaky roger is so stupid and probably sucks on speedy gonzales' dad's dick becase he has problems

    so watch family guy not this it is an unamerican show and i hope the writers get sued
  • not happy

    I need someone in charge to send me a message! The new commercial you have out almost threw me into a seizure! The one where Roger is flipping the lights on and off saying drama! I have a disorder called epilepsy and flashing lights, strobe lights and many other things can send me into one! I just came out of the hospital after being in there for several days because I broke my back in six different places because of a seizure, I do not want to end up in a wheelchair because you decided it wasn't necessary to put a warning on that commercial and show before it's plays. If I do not receive an email from someone then I'll just have to take farther action. Thank you.

    Rachael Jones

    My email is
  • Bored to death

    Here lies American Dad which was not funny and annoying. No but seriously, this show is completely ridiculous. It's not that funny and I don't care what people think of my rating.
  • lame and annoying, but still good

    this show is one of my favorites, but some of the characters are just as annoying as hell, like roger. if they made him less successful and let us see him suffer for once, then I would still watch this. otherwise the simpsons is still the best show ever for me. though this show still makes me laugh, still love the other characters.
  • Why am I watching this?

    I have watched a lot of television recently as i just lost my job. picked up on a few good series like breaking bad, the wire and the sopranos but i could not find a good comedy programme. i watched 2 broke girls which was pure trash. Then the cleveland show, a programme so boring that i turned off after 5 minutes. A friend told me to watch American dad, i had seen it before but it had slipped my mind. I dont understand how people can like this crap. there's no actual jokes or subtle irony like the simpsons. No biting satire or parody like south park, just poorly written comedy for an audience already so dumbed down by the likes of family guy. Seth macfarlane should be put in molten lead and dropped down the marianas trench. This is not comedy, its more money in the pocket of a hypocritical loser. get a life.
  • A new comedy from the creator of Family Guy, Seth McFarlane.

    Is this show really made by Seth McFarlane? It sure as hell doesn't seem like it.

    Sure the animation looks the same as Family Guy, but the writing?

    This show is horrible. I watch Family Guy and American Dad every sunday. I can't believe how bad American Dad is.

    Family Guy makes me laugh so hard I think I'm going to pee my pants. Then it is followed up by this horrible waste of a television show. It has so much potential but it falls flat every week. The jokes just aren't funny.

    I expected a lot better from the guy who created Family Guy.
  • A want to be Family Guy

    This is a extremely weak cartoon. It is pathetic and stupid. Its humor is extremely predicatiable and its awful. Its a rip off of Family Guy! its nothing but a stupid, pathetic excuse of a copy. I don't get why this show is on the air and i hope it gets cancelled. I don't get it. I have tried to watch it but i can't. Shows like South Park, Family and Futurama should be airing and not crap like American Dad and King of the hill. I hate all the characters in this show. I don't find any of them clever and if they all died i wouldn't care
  • A dense and not-too-bright guy named Stan works for the CIA, neglects his family and forces his prejudicial views and conspiracy theories on other people.

    Okay, what have we got here? Well, it looks like someone took the same concept and things wrong with another bad cartoon and repeated the same mistakes to do it all again. I recall when Sunday night had all the best shows, but now, right after the Simpsons, it's movie rental night. "American Dad" is a parody of American insitutions and just like Family Guy, it pretends to be funny and it laughs at itself, but no one else gets the jokes. On one level, both these series remind me of "All In The Family," a series that took controversial subjects like prejudice and showed how ridiculous they are, but "American Dad" and "Family Guy" drag out everything that is already taboo in society and shows what already makes them taboo. It tries to be funny without being funny; it's chief demographic seems to be potheads, stoners and guys with so few brain cells that they can't think. If you're intelligent, you won't laugh at the characters, but if you're that muddled state of mind where you don't realize what you're watching, well, then, "American Dad" is slow enough that you just might get it.
  • I am sorry but fox just cancels to many shows and since the creater plays the dog and 90 percent of the guest stars i have my fill of of seth

    The way they work at fox. They will sign a show for three years if they have to pay a lot of actors after that time the show will be canceled Examples, Arrested Development, Futurama, Sliders, Herman's Head. Even Mad TV is a great example they got rid of all the good actors except one. House and 24 are only on the aire because fox only has to pay one actor the rest will fall in line if they want to keep there job. Oh yes and Family Guy this show has now been canceled Twice now. Once they cancel Family Guy for the Third time and cancel Simpson's it will be it for us on fox.
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