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  • American Dad is about Stan, an ultra-conservative, and his family.

    It seems that American Dad is trying too hard to be Family Guy. It is a good show, but it's no Family Guy. Maybe I don't enjoy it as much because it follows Family Guy and it just doesn't live up to it, but this show just didn't live up to my high hopes. That doesn't make it a bad show. It still has lots of one-lines and interesting characters.
  • American Dad is no Family Guy but is a still show for fan of Family Guy or are just having a bad day. And may very well become a classic.

    A Short Review That Informs You All About "American Dad"

    American Dad is a story about a government working man (Stan Smith) and his family and their journey throuhgh life. The way things are set-up are similar to "Family Guy" and while watching "American Dad" you get a feeling of fun and humor that reminds you of "Family Guy". Although this is no "Family Guy" the episodes have the humor and qurik of Family Guy. Although this shan't be your weekly "Family Guy" dose of fun if you do enjoy "Family Guy", this is a show for you to check out.
  • Nice show, but a little too close to Family Guy. The show is funny, but needs a little originality to it.

    This show probably would've been a bigger success had it come before Family Guy. For fans of FG, this show is just an additonal 30 minutes of the same type of comedy to watch on Sundays. The family is similar to the FG family simply because you have the crazy husband, the somewhat sensible wife, and the outcast son and daughter.

    The show is definitely watchable just for the antics it displays that are FG-esque, but overall, I think it needs an overhaul.

    Sometimes it appears to be a little more edgier than FG and adult-oriented, but that doesn't translate to being funnier.

    Great show, but some changes need to be made. It'll benefit from being in it's current lineup, but it could never survive on it's own night.
  • Its good for what it is

    I think that if Seth didnt put 200% into Family Guy it would be good. Do I blame him, no not at all. I just think they they do not have enough material for two shows and since F.G is the number one priority then A.D just get the shaft a little. It still has its moments its just not as original or imaginative as Family Guy.
  • This new show from the makers of Family Guy is very similar to Family Guy, but not as good.

    American Dad is a very interesting new show, by the makers of family guy. It is similar in a lot of ways but is also different too.

    The fact that it uses the same types of characters and aminations is good, because that kind runs smoothly and looks sharp. Also some of the jokes are very funny, while others aren't quite so funny. The characters are original, but do get annoying sometimes. Seth McFarlane (Creator) has used mor non-human roles in this show, which wasn't a good idea. The alien (Rodger) is fine, but having a fish that can talk, and move its bowl and is atracted to his owner, is just plain dumb. It would have been better if they would have used something that could actually move itself, but still just one animal would be even better. This show has it ups and its downs, which is why its not quite as good as something like Family Guy, also created by Seth McFarlane, or the Simpsons which are more experienced shows on TV today. If Seth McFarlane continues to focus on this show, it should grow to be another great, within the next few seasons.

    People who really like shows like Family Guy or the Simpsons should give this a try, there is a chance you won't like it but, why not just try it one time, and who knows maybe you'll like it.
  • Yes we know American dad is no Family Guy.

    Yes we know American dad is no Family Guy. but American dad has its own twist to it. Family Guy has a different comedic Format. American Dad also has its own Comedic Format. You know when peter or any cast member says something funny it quickly changes to a short comedic remedy, American dad doesnt.
  • American Dad is the kind of show that is just plain uncomfortable to watch, it has a few laughs here and there, but only because it is trying so damn hard.

    First and foremost, American Dad is a clone of Family Guy. A show that has unfortunately turned to junk in season 4, not because it had so much to live up to and didn't, but because it is sadly just not funny anymore, no matter what the fan boys might want you to believe. Both shows are created by the same person, they share the same art direction, voices actors, and in all honesty, the families in both shows could very well live in the same town. American Dad is Seth MacFarlane's attempt at mixing his work with Politics, and although it is possible for a creator to work on 2 prime time tv shows at once, I don't believe Seth is able to accomplish this. Of course I can understand, but he should have just stuck with Family Guy and put all his effort into that show. Instead if having one great show, we now have 2 pretty pathetic attempts at humour. I have watched every episode, and will continue to do so, but so far is has just been one bad episode after another. I'm not even going to bother showing all the glaring similaritys between Family Guy and American Dad (Talking Dog/Talking Fish, etc), but it just feels to me that Fox is, as usual, out to make a quick buck. They know how people think, and they know people will watch American Dad religiously along with Family Guy, eating up the garbage, and begging for more. For the sake of everyone, I hope the show improves, but it won't matter to Fox either way.

    Reviews are opinion, not fact, it will do you good to remember this. If you hate my review, or love it, then haven't you already made your mind up about the show anyway?
  • Too much like Family Guy.

    My big problem with this show is that it tries too hard to be Family Guy. Some of the jokes in this show are so completely random that they aren't funny. When you watch you can tell when the joke is going to be inserted. It's almost formulaic and because of this much of the enjoyment is lost. It would be better if Seth McFarlane tried to let the organic humor of the show develop on its own rather than carbon copying Family Guy. That aside there are some truly funny momens in American Dad but they are overshadowed by the forced jokes around it. Shock value is also overutilized and also destroys much of the humor. I don't see it going too far unless they do some tweaking.
  • This show is about a CIA dad who turns out to be stupid and somewhat of a racist...a typical American.

    This show is alright. It\'s not the best but I am still going to give it a chance. The jokes can get pretty corny but it has potential. I wouldn\'t say that I\'m a die-hard fan of this show (not yet anyway) but it\'s something to watch. Overall, this show is ok.
  • There is no reason to watch this show.

    It rides too much on the "if you like this, you might like this" formula. It is stupid. It is nowhere near the level of randomness of Family Guy. It is too politicaly centered. To be fair, there are the occasional funny bits, but it just doesn't work. Just watch Family Guy, than change the channal. Don't waste your time.
  • Look no matter what you think of this show, you got to admit that with its satire of liberal views of the media and Government, this show would make Newt bust a gut.

    "Alright, so a CIA agent and an Alien walk into a bar and one of them says to the other...." Alright stop me if you heard this joke before...but come on! American Dad is not funny nor is it really supposed to be. Its offensive! The show actually portrays Repulbilcans in such a bad light that its amazingly sad that most of the liberal media have not said anything about it. The show calls Whitney Huston a crack whore, and no one says my view on the subject, I think Family guy is for Rebublicans while American Dad is aimed at liberals. Seth McFarlane has really done a good job here.

    Hevean help us all, If i hear one more liberal talk about how hateful and resentful Republicans are i am going to screem. The DNC Chairman, Dean, seems to take most of his opinions of Republicans from American Dad. This should be funny to Reulbilcans to see that a TV show so offensive is allowed to stay, and is celbrated on the air. I do think though the show should be canceled so it can become as popular as Family Guy did. nothing says "touch me more" than "do not touch."

    Stan, Francine, and thier liberal daughter 9itonically the only mentaly compitant of the family), thier son, and Rodger (Brian only from Area 51) are so messed up as a fmily that they are no longer funny but are saddning in some way. McFarlane fails to add comedic refrences to the show family wise becuase Stan is so consumed with work that he forgets about his family completly....the complete opposite to Peter. Stan and Peter Griffin are similar in the fact that they both are blockheaded somethimes. Stan and Peter differ becuase behind peter's sillyness is a clock that is constatly ticking. I pupose that Peter is smarter than Stan.

    The show gets high marks beucase it is funny on another level. not out loud, but inside...the show is a good chuckle....its not as funny as Family Guy, it is just as funny.
  • This show is like Family Guy vomit. I mean really!

    You know, I'm not going to call this show bad. However, I'm defininately not going to call it good. It's like something that Family Guy threw up and swirled around for a bit. There seem to be the same bits and pieces mixed up together but they just don't mesh very well. One of my friends said he had a big problem with the art style. Apparently the way they drew the dad was fine and good. But it seems that they cut a few corners when drawing the mother. And the jokes they try to deliver just don't have the same PUNCH as Family Guy, or even other shows for that matter. Sometimes they try too hard and the jokes seem a bit forced. My personal problem is with the characters themselves. It seems that Seth McFarland tried to use the same mix he had for Family Guy but only slightly tweeked the formula. I could be wrong, but he has the crazy/retarded dad, the supporting "I have a mind of my own" wife, two kids: the oldest daughter and the younger son (if you count the alien as a dependent, then three kids, having the alien as the youngest male), and an intelegent talking pet. Again I say, I could be wrong, but it seems like a tried formula that worked better in an alternate situation. I'll say this: I will continue to watch the show in anticipation of a better product. If they can get rid of the alien, I believe that will at least point them in the right direction.
  • Well.. it's no Family Guy, but at least it's steadily improving.

    Before we knew Family Guy was gonna return, the pilot of American Dad came out, and I wasn't impressed. The first couple of episodes weren't very funny, but I think it's improving with each new episode. I hope to see greatness in the future, although I'll stay reserved until I see more.
  • Seems to be an exact clone of Family Guy, kids and all.

    This show, So called "American Dad" should be called "Family Guy: American Dad" because the show seems to be so similar to Family Guy that it's not even funny. The Dad, the star, is like Peter, the wife is like Lois, and the Kids are like Meg and Chris. And of course, the Alien is like Brian because he has an attraction on the wife. See how similar this show can be? I originally saw the Pilot off the internet from a link provided by a friend. The show seemed funny then, then once the season started I began to notice how similar American Dad was with Family Guy. This show gets a low rating from it's unoriginality.
  • Political dysfunctional family. Made by the producers and creators of Family Guy.

    Although American Dad may not be nearly as funny as Family Guy, it is still humorous. They could definitely make it funnier. Stuck-up political people probably wouldn't find this show humorous, but it's okay. The family lacks creativity, but it's acceptable. I say it will be better in a couple more seasons.
  • Watch the show, its good!

    This show revolves around the life of CIA agent type Stan Smith, and his lower-class disfunctional family who randomly hide an alien who lives with them. I think this show has an original and a fairly decent storyline. The humour is nearly all you would expect from Seth MacFarlane, so pretty funny.
    I think everyone should just sit down and watch the show, and quit comparing it to great, long-running shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy, everyone knows they just can't be beaten!
  • This show is funny andpolitical at hte same time. It takes some of the absurd political topics to the next level.

    If this is a normal CIA family, and I hope it isn't, we should worry about our safty. But as it is only a comic everything is OK. A family with an alien isn't anything new since the 80's, but a talking fish with the brain of an former east german skijumper is something very new. If you like Family Guy you will like this show and you will have a lot of fun.
  • Not as funny as Family Guy, but then agin, what is?

    Im not saying that this show is not funny but it can be improved.I guess i set my standerds to high when I heard it was being made by Seth McFarlen(creator of Family Guy).The funnyist parts of Family guy is when they say" Remember the time when I ..." then show a heliarious scean.well, there are none in American Dad.
  • As a non American this show is hilarious.

    As a non American this show is hilarious.
    I am English, and so I find this take on the differences between the liberal Americans and the Republicans very funny. Stan’s antics with using the CIA to help himself and the family are hilarious and the satire of the CIA is brilliantly done, and of course the way the fear of any people from Islam was done extremely well.
    A little quote, Stan talking to the new neighbours who are Muslims.


    "Which part of Islam do you hail from?"

    Mr Memari

    "Well my parents were from Iran but I was born in Cleveland"


    "Really, we also have a Cleveland here in America. And it would be just supper if you didn’t blow it up"

    Of course it’s not a good as family guy but yet is still a brilliantly written and voiced show.
  • This show can just get me staring at it without saying a word, but sometimes it gets me literally rolling on the floor laughing my arse off. It has it's flaws sometimes with just nonsense but in overall, i do enjoy watching it.

    American Dad is quite a new approach show that brings up the US Government, Terrorist threats and racial prejudice, and I must say that it's nice to see people joke about the US Government like the creators of this show do, it shows that there are actually people who aren't stick ups like the government is.

    But sometimes the stuff on this show is just crap, i can stare blankly into the TV and just not laugh at more than half of what is being said.

    This show is really not my personal favorite, but I do watch it when I don't got anything else to do.

    Overall, a good show that needs something more.
  • Stupid, pointless, a complete waste of time? Yea...but I watch it and crack up every time.

    American Dad, being created by the same of Family Guy, gives off the atmosphere of the hilariousness, and stupid but comfortableness, the viewers are attached to. Having the premiere of the series right along with the revival of Family Guy, I think, was an awesome idea. Because of the classic Family Guy's constant comedy, a lot of expectations were held up to its return. Having a second similar show gives the creators two chances to get the laughs they are looking for. Because the expectations for the show were so high, it would be impossible to give the audience exactly what they wanted. The first few seasons of Family Guy were hilarious, and everybody loved them, and it's because they were very original, with no expectations, and now gaining more respect as they are becoming classics. Now people are looking at American Dad with its unoriginality and only looking forward to new, cutting edge jokes. The comedy isn't lasting through the time of the episodes, and is losing a lot of respect. For what it's worth, the show is hilarious, just not living up to its expectations. This show is recommended for the easily ammused, but also includes some of the humor most Family Guy fans were looking for.
  • Is American Dad like Family Guy? Short answer: yes, no, sometimes, no, and who cares?

    American Dad is in the unfortunate position of being marketed alongside a show it was never meant to coexist with. Family Guy vs. American Dad comparisons are everywhere. Unfortunately, in most cases, American Dad gets the short end of that stick.

    Judging American Dad strictly in comparison to Family Guy is as much of a mistake as judging Family Guy strictly in comparison to The Simpsons. When Family Guy first hit the airwaves, many people couldn't get past the similarities between the shows. But as millions of DVD owners will attest to, it's the differences that made Family Guy great.

    American Dad draws on politics a great deal for its humor. This sets it apart from Family Guy, but it does not make it strictly worse. American Dad's family structure has direct parallels to Family Guy's family, but the differences in the family members are there and they are significant. American Dad isn't as random or as bizarre as Family Guy. Neither are 99% percent of the rest of the shows on TV. Are they all terrible?

    So, ignoring Family Guy, how does American Dad stand up?

    It has its moments. It's strong, but it's got some flaws.

    American Dad has a wide assortment of characters, but many of them are uninteresting and, so far, useless. Klaus the goldfish is the largest offender, with Roger being a close second. Stan Smith does a good job of carrying the show as its centerpiece, but the remainder of the cast is lacking some inherent appeal.

    The episodes so far are well-written, with plenty of satire and shock for the viewer that falls into their niche. Unfortunately, there's not as much here for those people who fall outside it. American Dad repeatedly hops over the line to push buttons, and you're sure to get uncomfortable if you're ticklish.

    I have a great time watching American Dad, because I can see it for what it is, and I can enjoy what it is. With a little bit of work to smooth out the weaker characters, we would have a very strong show that can stand alongside the other animated greats, albeit only for a narrower audience.

    But that's exactly the point; American Dad's audience is not the same as Family Guy's audience. It never claimed to be. If you're not in it, that's fine. But don't argue that you should have been just because you watch Family Guy.
  • FUNNY!

    I want to adopt the Alien, and torture Stan! Stan represents everything that is wrong with this country-thanks for the outlet- if stan wasn't so pathetically funny, I'd cry! He's the poster boy for the Republican Party....I can identify with the Alien...saddled with the morons-he's forced to live a life filled with Chardonay, appetizers and re-runs of Dynasty!
  • You idiots saying "American Dad tries too hard" need to slap yourselves. You're the same reason Family Guy got cancelled, you'll do it to this show too and want it back when its too late. Guess you'd rather watch another sitcom with a fat guy and his hot

    Absolutely brilliant. Every longtime Family Guy fan I've spoken to, I mean people that have all the DVDs and endlessly quote it, agree that American Dad has been better than FG thus far this season. Don't buy into this idea that AD "tries too hard" because a bunch of geeks tell you so. The same people complaining about this show "trying too hard" (God I'm sick of that pathetic excuse for an expression) are the same ones that purposely listen to obscure music or watch obscure movies to appear "cutting edge". You're not a critic, you're a lemming with a keyboard. Stop waiting for your friend to decide whether its cool or not, sit back, shut up and enjoy the show.
  • Change the channel! change the channel!!!. hahaha American Dad MAN!! that show sucks like... u get the picture. The show is not funny at all Family Guy is wayyy better and a lot of ppl will agree with me. Just one advise when you the show you ....CHANGE t

    The show is about a family and their dad is very stupid and i don't really want to write a review for this show. lol its not the best show on the planet
    am i right? just change the channel if u don't have a remote hurry and run to press the off button.
  • This show has something that Family Guy doesn't have and that is an actual plot. Don't get me wrong Family Guy is one of my favorite shows but American Dad tends to be more edgy than Family Guy. All-in-all it goes well with Family Guy.

    I understand why the creators of Family Guy also created American Dad. If Fox is going to axe one fo the two shows it will more likely be American Dad because they are similar in some aspects. But that would be a mistake because on a whole American Dad actually has a plot in the episode and continues through with it to the end where Family Guy is a jumble of scenes that they try to string together in some unknown way. American Dad isn't going for the cheap laughs but instead tries to do something new by creating intelligent jokes that require a little more than pop culture knowledge to understand. Both shows go well with each other but I think that American Dad stands out more than Family Guy.
  • Better than Family Guy.

    Unlike most bad-mouthers who seem to believe that Family Guy has lost its comedic edge, I think Family Guy is as good as ever. The problem is that Family Guy's hiatus was so long, people's expectaions grew so large that they came to expect something better than the Family Guy they were used to. When Season 4 premiered and that's exactly we got, people were disappointed because of their unfairly high expectations. I love Family Guy with the same passion that other real fans have. But all the same, I think that American Dad is much better than Family Guy has ever been.
    With this show, Seth Macfarlane has proven that he is capable of writing a show that not only has episodes that are rich in story, but also characters that the viewer can actually care for. Let's face it, the only purpose the characters in FG serve is to introduce the next cut-away. Peter will always be the fat dumb guy, Chris will always be the other fat dumb guy, and Stewie will always be the tiny homosexual who spouts out mature one-liners. In AD, however, we have characters like Haylie, who is opinionated and relatable and Roger who has a background and a plight. And as for comedy, AD does not have to rely on cheap cut-aways to attain laughs because the humor is in the moment, which makes the joke that much more impressive and surprising. Also, when you don't waste time with cut-aways and set-ups for those cut-aways, you have more time to expand the plot and give further characterization for your characters. American Dad is funnier and deeper than Family Guy has ever been, and probably will ever be.
    Also, AD is not making the same mistake FG did by not introducing new characters and not expanding the show's mythos. FG has done nothing with its cast of characters and has added nothing to the show that can be used as material for later episodes. This is why FG is running itself into a rut, and eventually they will run out of ideas altogether because they've done every story and cut-away they can think of. AD, however, with the episode "Deacon Stan, Jesus Man," introduced new characters as well as established a story in which Roger becomes a father (mother?), a story that can be revisited later on in the series. So while AD is shaping up to be a living universe that the viewers can become a part of, FG has remained a dull, static world that is constantly disrupted by cut-aways.
    And as for those people who have been saying that the family in American Dad is ripping off of the Family Guy family, they need to remember that when FG first came out, people were equating the Griffins with the Simpsons. The dumb drunk dad, the attractive wife, the son, the daughter, the dog and the baby. People eventually saw that Peter was much different than Homer, Maggie was the polar opposite of Stewie, and Santa's Little Helper lacked something that Brain had. It's only a matter of time until people see that Stan is not fat or drunk, Francine is much more tolerant than Lois, Haylie has much more depth than Meg, Steve is actually interesting while Chris is not, Roger is an alien, not a baby, and Klaus is a fish with a human brain, which is much more original than the talking dog clishe. AD is a show all its own, a show that is shaping up to be a better, longer-lasting show than FG.
    Not that I don't still piss my pants when I watch Family Guy, that is.
  • American Dad! is getting better.

    Last nites show was the funniest by far. It was a great idea by Fox and Global (Here in Canada) to put The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad! all together. Makes for the funniest TV on Sunday as you can possibly get! Sounds like Fox agrees since they ordered more American Dad for next fall.
  • Offensive, disgusting, but damn funny.

    Seth MacFarlane's new show "American Dad!" is great (with some pretty cool occasional guest stars)-- clever, creative. It's just that it doesn't really belong in the same... class as the other Fox Animation Domination shows: "The Simpsons," "Family Guy".

    "Family Guy" and "American Dad" have nothing in common, when you really think about it. Except for being animated shows by Seth MacFarlane. Oh, and the dads are both kind of "dim," but what TV dad isn't?

    If people stopped comparing it to Family Guy, more people would enjoy it, and the people who refuse to watch it would would start, boosting up American Dad's ratings, giving it a second season. Maybe even a third. As Peter Griffin would say, "Win-freakin'-win!"
  • It is getting better

    When i saw the first episode of American Dad, I thought that it would not last for long, but i still watched the episodes. By the third week, it startyed getting better. I started getting used to the charecters and liking the storylines too.
    When looking back, i was expecting the show to be like Family Guy, and at first it wasn't and still is not. American Dad is nothing like Family Guy and never will be. It takes time to get used to the charecters, and i still can not stand the mother, but the dad and the alien are cool. So when you do start getting used to the plot and charecters, it starts getting better as the weeks go on.
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