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  • Why am I watching this?

    I have watched a lot of television recently as i just lost my job. picked up on a few good series like breaking bad, the wire and the sopranos but i could not find a good comedy programme. i watched 2 broke girls which was pure trash. Then the cleveland show, a programme so boring that i turned off after 5 minutes. A friend told me to watch American dad, i had seen it before but it had slipped my mind. I dont understand how people can like this crap. there's no actual jokes or subtle irony like the simpsons. No biting satire or parody like south park, just poorly written comedy for an audience already so dumbed down by the likes of family guy. Seth macfarlane should be put in molten lead and dropped down the marianas trench. This is not comedy, its more money in the pocket of a hypocritical loser. get a life.
  • you now it is true

    american dad is just a knock off of family guy!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I don't understand how people can give this a score over 5

    This has got to be one of the worst shows on Television. Watching this show is like being hit in the head with a stupid stick. The characters are 1 dimensional TV cliches. The writing makes new episodes of the simpsons look like masterpeices. I like how seth MacFarlane makes fun of the simpsons for being out of jokes when his shows, Family guy and American dad have run dry. Go back to Russia you commie!
  • It does have it's moments, however, it just sticks to the Seth McFarlane cliche. Make as many offensive and off color jokes as possible.

    I'll be the first to say that Seth McFarlane is funny. I don't think he's a legend like Woody Allen, Peter Sellers, or The Pythons. But if you can give him stuff to work with he can be funny.

    But American Dad is basically Family Guy rehashed. And while that's not bad, it's just too samey, for a lack of a better word. Now, I will give this show one thing, it's plots are good. It focuses less on the jokes and more on the absurdity of the characters. And while I have nothing against cutaway gags (basically which is what Family Guy is known for), it makes it feel more cohesive. But some of the jokes really fall flat however. Like really, for every point it gets for it's plot and writing, it's really taken back by it's jokes. In the end while American Dad can be funny, it just gets too stupid at times. It's not bad, it's good, but there are better options. It is some solid entertainment for 30 minutes.

    I know, I'll get thumbs downed for this though, so my opinion will likely be shot down by the internet. Aww....
  • Painful and Unsatisfied. What a waste of my time, Hope next season would not be worse than ever.

    Stan is still a compete jackass, he even don't want to spend time with his wife and he refused to say no to his boss.

    Roger is even more self centered as ever including cheating on the smiths with other families.

    Steve had a chance to win Lisa Sliver Heart but his Parents including Roger ruined it. Steve tries to stand up against Lisa Silver and her friends against being bullied but failed, even Stan still abuse Steve on three episodes, no four, wait five.

    and Worse Steve got drunk without knowing that he dated with ugly women and Roger showed it in all of his school students.

    The Season was OK and still horrible, You know that this show doesn't happened in real life, no wait? who knows.
  • Bored to death

    Here lies American Dad which was not funny and annoying. No but seriously, this show is completely ridiculous. It's not that funny and I don't care what people think of my rating.
  • Where do I start on this program?.................

    Well this show isn't exactly a good show but tiny tiny bits of it can make me chuckle. This show is very inapropriat and I am surprised they even let it go on public TV. Even so it is on at like 8:oo PM what about the 5 year olds that are learning swear words?! Then again 5 year olds shouldn't be up so late. Over all rating: 2.5. Yet there are some people who enjoy these shows. I stand by my rating and it isn't so bad that it is worse than South Park. And thanks to anyone who agrees with me.
  • Fox should have quit while they are ahead.

    Fox was thrilled with Family guy (just look at the spin-off series the cleveland show). Fox is trying to keep the animation gravy train rolling. This show has the worst plot on the planet. LOOK at it. The guy is an idiot dad (like all other shows) a smart mom, and heres the kicker it has a talking gold fish. I mean was Brian not enough for them. No it couldn't just be a goldfish it is a GERMAN in a goldfish's body. Please guys dont get me started on the alien. Fox should be happy with the sucess they got from family guy and stop there.
  • Not all bad, just....

    I`m not really into this show. I`d rather watch the Simpsons or Family Guy instead of this. Still, I have to congradulate the creator of the show. The animation is pretty good and the plots are not half bad themselves. Still, it`s just not my cup of tea. Hope you understand.
  • family guy is better

    reasons why family guy is better:

    1. has cutaways unlike shitmerican poop

    2. has funnier plots like peter having sex with children

    3. brian is so freaky roger is so stupid and probably sucks on speedy gonzales' dad's dick becase he has problems

    so watch family guy not this it is an unamerican show and i hope the writers get sued
  • not happy

    I need someone in charge to send me a message! The new commercial you have out almost threw me into a seizure! The one where Roger is flipping the lights on and off saying drama! I have a disorder called epilepsy and flashing lights, strobe lights and many other things can send me into one! I just came out of the hospital after being in there for several days because I broke my back in six different places because of a seizure, I do not want to end up in a wheelchair because you decided it wasn't necessary to put a warning on that commercial and show before it's plays. If I do not receive an email from someone then I'll just have to take farther action. Thank you.

    Rachael Jones

    My email is
  • Not as good as Family Guy, but still enjoyable nonetheless.

    Okay, okay. I know you all think Family Guy's tanked somewhat, but I don't think so, in fact I like the newer episodes a lot. American Dad has potential, but what's keeping it from being more enjoyable is that they seem to use Roger as their trump card because they might be out of ideas. I'm not saying I hate the show, I'm just saying it can do better.
  • A want to be Family Guy

    This is a extremely weak cartoon. It is pathetic and stupid. Its humor is extremely predicatiable and its awful. Its a rip off of Family Guy! its nothing but a stupid, pathetic excuse of a copy. I don't get why this show is on the air and i hope it gets cancelled. I don't get it. I have tried to watch it but i can't. Shows like South Park, Family and Futurama should be airing and not crap like American Dad and King of the hill. I hate all the characters in this show. I don't find any of them clever and if they all died i wouldn't care
  • The Top 10 Worst Shows On TV....

    ...But are still better then American Dad. I don’t understand it everybody watches the show must have a brain deficiency which doesn’t allow your brain to tell the rest your body that the thing you’re watching is garbage and doesn’t allow you to change the channel. So I’ve made a list of all the shows on television that are absolutely brutal but I would still rather watch them than American Dad.
    So here we go at number ten we have

    10. Reba: for all the people who don’t know Reba is a show on country music television with former country singer Reba McEntire. This show is about a bunch of hicks who do dumb crap, it sucks.

    9. The Apprentice Martha Stewart: OK let’s look at this one for a second and it’ll only take a second. So Martha gets out of jail and then gets her own show like this woman is a criminal this is like if they gave Mike Tyson his own show after he got out of prison and for raping that girl. If I was on the show and she said something to me about being stupid or something I would just make fun of her about being in jail or ask her how her girlfriend is doing.

    8. Everybody Loves Raymond: while everybody doesn’t love Raymond, because I hate him, there’s so many things wrong with the show I don’t know where to begin. The characters are not funny, the episodes are not funny and the jokes are not funny. This is an all around not funny show that had no business being on TV. They should’ve name the show everybody should slap Raymond for sucking so much.

    7. Sex in the City: could somebody answer this question for me why would you do a show called sex in the city with four women who look like they’ve all been hit in the face with a frying pan. I don’t think there’s anybody who would’ve one had sex with these women, and I don’t know of that’s just me are not that but some of the woman in the show have a striking resemblance to those big smelly dikes you see on Springer.

    6. The Nanny: can you say the most annoying TV personality of all time. Fran Drescher’s voice sounded like someone was trying to hammer a nail into the wall with a cat, and really and I think that’s all that needs to be said about that.

    5. Survivors: overdone, overdone, overdone really overdone this is the show that started it all the crap pile that we know is reality television. This show has gone one to many seasons long what are they on now the 27th season. And the putting people in countries with hundreds of millions of people and they call it a competition, it’s getting sad. What's next year going to bring survivor in the backyard?

    4, World Poker crap: why do people watch this show like if you really want to watch people play cards why would to get off your own ass get a deck and play with them. How lazy can you possibly be if you would rather watch cards on TV than play it yourself?

    3. Extreme Makeover Home Edition: this show is just a shameless plug by Sears to show their merchandise and get people to shop for their stores, probably because Wal-Mart is kicking their ass. All the people on the show are gay and I think it’s all staged anyway and I can’t wait until it’s all proven that it’s a sham. Sears We should be ashamed of yourselves.

    2. C.S.I: this show is the most inaccurate piece of garbage I’ve ever seen. First of all crime scene investigators are not police officers say they cannot carry guns, they cannot interrogate anybody, and they cannot arrest anybody. The only reason people watch this show is because they think it’s true on they couldn’t be farther from the truth. Come on people why don’t we start using our brains and figuring this out.

    And now when you have all been waiting for the number one worst show on TV next to American Dad is…………………..Family Guy.

    Hahaha you know what I changed my mind a family guy is way worse than American Dad. So there you go the two worst shows on television just happen to be made by the same person and I don’t think that’s just a coincidence. Seth MacFarlane you and both your shows make me want to puke.
  • lame and annoying, but still good

    this show is one of my favorites, but some of the characters are just as annoying as hell, like roger. if they made him less successful and let us see him suffer for once, then I would still watch this. otherwise the simpsons is still the best show ever for me. though this show still makes me laugh, still love the other characters.
  • This is an American Comedy Show for mindless drones who can't understand the better Comedy which is British and or Live on tv.(No offense

    I don't like this show. Not only is it really bad comedy wise(haven't laughed once) but complete vulgarity. The jokes have no punchline. The show is a total bad influence on young children whose parents don't restrict bad tv. The dad/CSI agent, Stan, suspects every imigrant,is racist, and hates obese people. i find this offensive because I haev black people in my family and one of my very favourite hawaiian singers is obese but has a wonderful voice!
    The show should be cancelled with no replays. It's a horrible influence and a somewhat racist/offensive show. I really won't let any of my kids(if ever I have any) watch this.
  • All the animation and none of the humor of Family guy


    When it made its first appearance following the Super Bowl, American Dad filled that needed fix for new Family Guy random and completly senseless comedy that had mad the show such a success on Cartoon Network (and for some reason, not much of a success on FOX). It was possible to overlook the lack of creativity, and the obvious lack of creativity, with only a mixing of personailites to mask even the same figures being used. Almost as bad as most Anime imports, once they are butchered for American audiances, this show has everything you need for success, save creativity, talent, and purposefull humor. While Family Guy continiues to amaze with its ability to randomly make fun in the least appropriate way all that society holds dear, American Dad only seems to be a small and inconsiquential attempt to harnous a rising star.

    That sound you hear is the rush of air, filling the void of what is soon to be an open show slot for FOX. Hopefully, this will not midigate the success of Family Guy.
  • Needs new ending

    the entire episode is great until the end when Steve hires stan's old bully. stan should of taken a fall and let Steve beat him up.
  • This is basically Seth's best show now.

    This show is basically a LOT better than Family Guy. It's not about Fart jokes or 911 jokes, this show is different from that. It's about a CIA agent who has a family. Roger is basically the best character of the show. He's basically an alien who likes to drink and loves to disguise. Stan is basically a dad who is overprotective, but is different from that STUPID Peter Griffin. But now, Seth focuses more on that stupid Family Guy than this. This better not get cancelled. If it does, then Seth is basically a terrible creator of these cartoons.
  • The Show American dad is horrible.....

    I think this show isn\\\\\\\'t funny I saw the first episode the night it aired after the super bowl. I thought it was going to be funny but it was a complete waste of my time. I swear all of my friends were partys for the superbowl and I was watching this crappy show. It was stupid, idiotic, no really storyline, I\\\\\\\'d rather watch Sunday Mass on DVD even though i\\\\\\\'m not Catholic, and above all NOT FUNNY!!! I remember they have a alien living with them? why and that dad is stupid one of the very first scenes was the dad shooting something and i\\\\\\\'m soppossed to laught I think not Replace this show with something better like Malcom.
  • American Dil-a-Weeb

    another bottom of the barrle wich was load of donkey F##K Thanks to actor from Good Boy! (Movie) & Disney's House of Mouse

    Die Bad Voice Actors die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die (Stop Rejecting my contribrution you Fat-ASS) Die Die

  • This show is so stupid!!

    This has got to be the most stupid show ever created. Now i dont like Family Guy very much, but i like it better than this crap. This show uses the same jokes over and over. Stan getting worried about terrorists and freaking out and making his family do stupid things.At least family guy makes an attempt at making things funny even though its usually not. Family Guys one funny point is Stewie, this show has no funny points at all. The alien and the fish is copying off of family guy. Seth just wanted to get more money by making a different version of his already stupid show.
  • Pointless

    This show is a waste of a timeslot. I think the directors and writers went too far and they should just stick with ‘Family Guy’. There’s no point in the story, just a dad in the CIA who come home to his wife and kids and Roger. It’s the same story every time. The show is just a rip off of ‘Family Guy’ Same type of family, and every thing else, only worst. I would like to see this show cancelled and put on a better show. ‘Family Guy is good enough’ American dad is just full of racial slurs and violence. Sometimes I can’t stand to watch it. So this show gets thumbs down from me
  • Yet another clone of The Simpsons and Family Guy for people with the most infantile humour around.

    Ok. Family Guy was good at times, The Simpsons has a few choice episodes which I still relish in to this day for it's writing genius. Futurama, is godly. But American Dad is the bottom of the barrel.

    I watched the first episode of this, and was not impressed at all. It relies on obviously jokes and bland, bland humour to engage the viewer. Like I said, this is just a clone of the now dying Simpsons and the on-the-rocks-because-of-FOX Family Guy. I would rather have these 2 shows, which actually have respect, than have another carbon copy of them.

    Down with American Dad.
  • Not as good as Family Guy, but is still a great show.

    Some of you soccermoms think this isn't for kids and should be canceled, but this is FUNNY! Not close to Family Guy, but again, this show is great. Sometimes I watch this on Adult Swim when I have trouble going to sleep. It's a pretty entertaining, yet funny show! My dad sometimes likes to watch this and Family Guy, but at other times he thinks this show is stupid. I really don't care what he thinks, I care what I think, so in conclusion, you should check out this show.
  • Unoriginal, self-plagiaristic show which steals five characters directly from Family Guy with only minor modifications and then puts nothing but unfunny jokes in their mouths in a very unsubtle attempt to bash the Bush administration and peddle Seth MacFa

    Seth MacFarlane created a brilliant animated show in Family Guy. I loved every episode. Family Guy had political humor, to be sure, but it was actually funny. I want it understood from the outset that I get Mr. MacFarlane's humor and have enjoyed it greatly in the past. This fact is the reason why American Dad is so repugnant to me.

    American Dad is no Family Guy. American Dad starts out by insulting the intelligence of its audience by placing the characters from Family Guy in the show with only minor modifications. This intellectual sloth is an augur of things to come. Mr. MacFarlane compounds the insult by placing dated and unfunny anti-government jokes in the mouths of the characters. The CIA is evil. The Patriot Act is evil. President Bush is evil. Having established these premises, MacFarlane then expects us to like his protagonist who works for and implacably defends these institutions. Since most viewers are not going to be sympathetic to such a character, nothing in this show even has a shot at appearing funny to rational individuals. Viewers are not going to like a character defined as evil by his creator's standards.

    Without doubt, MacFarlane's worst sin is being unfunny. MacFarlane is unconcerned that his political agenda is presented in so rabid a fashion that it is not in the least bit entertaining. The CIA and government stereotypes which MacFarlane repeats ad nauseum were dated when I first heard them in the sixties. Yet Mr. MacFarlane just keeps hammering viewers over the head with them.

    In conclusion, the purpose of American Dad being on the air is allegedly to entertain its audience and thereby earn a profit for its producers. American Dad is so offensive and unfunny that one wonders who Mr. MacFarlane believes he is entertaining. This show is a complete waste of time. Avoid it at all costs. Mr. MacFarlane's career has jumped the shark.

  • just plain bad

    ya i really dont like this show. It is not funny to me and the characters are annoying. Lots of people say that the family is too much like the family in the family guy. But i just dont think there funny. I hate the alien and the talking fish the most. But watch it if u really like Family guy, you'll probably enjoy it.

  • Wow... an unbelievable rip-off of Family Guy.

    After watching "Rodger Codger" for about 5 minutes and turning the channel to something worth watching, a question popped in my head: Why was this show made? It is a rip-off of Family Guy, from the same type of humor both shows use, down to the drawing. This show has absolutely no point in airing anymore, since it resembles Family Guy so much. If you kept track of my reviews, you'll see that I love Family Guy, even though I think it was ripped-off of The Simpsons. Why? Because Family Guy proved itself funnier than The Simpsons. American Dad didn't. Family Guy was, is, and always will be this poor excuse people call a show.
  • Lame, lame, lame, lame. This show tries way too hard, and seems to think that its better than it is.

    American Dad is pure, concentrated, unadulterated garbage. It's painfully obvious from even the most cursory viewing that the makers were trying to recapture the success of Family Guy. Unfortunately, they failed to capture the charm of Family Guy and instead try to cram the jokes down the viewer's throats. Unlike Futurama's improvement over The Simpsons, American Dad is a step backwards from Family Guy.

    The show also seemed to push a left-wing message and seemed very preachy. In one episode, the mother uses pages from the Bible to clean up a mess in the garage. Religious humor CAN be funny, but not when its done with such flagrant malice and bias. At least South Park insults all religions equally. This show needs to be put out of its misery.
  • Family Guy is a good show, this, well, isn't

    Family Guy is better than this. Even if you don't like either, you'd have to say Family Guy is the better one. Yes, I know that this is done by the same creator, but what happened with his ideas? Seriously, the family is just like The Griffins with their two kids, the stupid husband, the over protected wife, the two stupid kids, the talking pet, and... and alien. Plus, the jokes go on for too long. Not like the "This is like the time..." like Family Guy has, but if you see it, you'll know what I mean. It's just, not good. I suggest Family Guy. It's better and is actually worth watching.
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