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  • Why can't Seth make his shows like this?

    Family Guy was once funny but now it's not interesting anymore and not as funny. The Cleveland Show was a total bomb that should never have been made and needs to be canceled. But there is one last show by Seth that is still very good, American Dad. American Dad was Seth's second show after Family Guy, and at first, I have to admit, the show wasn't that good. The first season gave me some great humor, but most of it didn't make me really laugh. I guess this was back when Family Guy didn't suck and that I was used to the humor Seth gave us in that show and was expecting the same in American Dad. As the show went on though, it actually got funnier and it is now one of my favorite TV shows. The humor does not revolve around cutaway gags like in Family Guy, but instead on satires of pop culture that is very funny. There is also the usual talking animal, Klaus, in American Dad, but we actually learn why Klaus can talk, and I think that is good to have an explanation as to why he can talk, not a, "oh, he can talk so just accept it." There is also one thing that American Dad has topped over Family Guy, it doesn't rely on the same jokes again and again. American Dad is given new humor in each episode, which makes me wonder why Seth can't do that in his other shows. The episodes themselves are original and are fun to watch. All the characters are lovable and each bring in their own uniqueness of humor to the show that makes it more watchable. American Dad started out pretty poor in the first season got better as the seasons went on, and is now an excellent TV show. The humor is unique, the characters are great, the episodes are fun to watch, and it doesn't rely on the same jokes again and again. This is really Seth's last good show and hopefully, Seth will not ruin this show at all for everyone who enjoys it.
  • As a non American this show is hilarious.

    As a non American this show is hilarious.
    I am English, and so I find this take on the differences between the liberal Americans and the Republicans very funny. Stan’s antics with using the CIA to help himself and the family are hilarious and the satire of the CIA is brilliantly done, and of course the way the fear of any people from Islam was done extremely well.
    A little quote, Stan talking to the new neighbours who are Muslims.


    "Which part of Islam do you hail from?"

    Mr Memari

    "Well my parents were from Iran but I was born in Cleveland"


    "Really, we also have a Cleveland here in America. And it would be just supper if you didn’t blow it up"

    Of course it’s not a good as family guy but yet is still a brilliantly written and voiced show.
  • At least This Show Did Not Tank After Family Guy Did In Season 9-10-11-12-13-14-15

    Family Guy's recent episodes contain flat jokes and burned out comedy.

    American Dad! recent episodes are pure comedy.
  • Seth MacFarlane's best show now

    In my opnion, American Dad is a great show and I think this show the best Animation Domination show on FOX. This show didn't start out good but It got better after season 3. It's my second favorite adult cartoon now. The first is still Futurama. In my opinion, first three seasons of Family Guy are still better than American Dad but later American Dad got better than Family Guy and Family Guy went downhill but I still like Family Guy too. In my opinion, American Dad has less bad episodes than Family Guy. I think this show is orijinal, funny and very enjoyable. It's also action packed sometimes. I also like all seasons except season 7 (2011-2012 season) because in my opinion there were some mediocre episodes in this season but after season 8, American Dad improved a little. I like all main characters in this show. Roger is my favoirte character because he is so hilarious. Even though he is unlikeable sometimes like in "Ricky Spanish", "Love AD Style" and "Naked to the Limit, One More Time", I still like him. Klaus is my second favorite character but I still think Roger is better. My favorite episodes are "Black History Month", "1600 Candles", "May the Best Stan Win", "Merlot Down Dirty Shame", "100 AD "Wheels & The Legman and The Case of Grandpa's Key" and "Lost in Space". I wish FOX didn't cancel this Show but at least there will be one season before this show ends on FOX and new episodes will start air on TBS. I can't wait to see the next season. I watched the trailer of next season and It looks great. I hope this Show doesn't go downhill like Family Guy did. 10/10
  • 100% Unique!

    This show is it's own little creation,as is every other show created by Seth. The characters are great in this show,Rodger, an alien with multiple personalities, does it get any more unique? I love the story's for every episode, they are the kind that keep you watching, because you know there will be a laugh around the corner, as the same with family guy, and others. I also love how this show just keeps coming back at you with new funny things, just as you may think they are running out, a few weeks later, an absolutely hilarious episode comes out. I can tell this is another show I won't stop watching.
  • American Dad! rapes the new Family Guy. This show is actually REALLY funny.

    Wow what a great show. This show should definitely take over new Family Guy it kicks it's a** to oblivion. The writing is Outstanding the characters are likeable and funny many times the animation is that same distinct style that Seth McFarlane is known for. And the Voice Acting is good along with the Score. This show is good except there is one minor thing but this is so minor it doesn't really matter. I for some reason never though Klause was that funny. I don't know but he just was the one that was just there for me i didn't think he was bad dont get me wrong some thing he does in the show or says in the show are funny but many things he does or says in the show just isnt that funny to me. Anyway American Dad! is a great great GREAT show. Rating: 9.5

    Go f*ck yourself New Family Guy!
  • Just 4 words Better Than Family Guy! This show is better than the Simpsons,and best on animated FOX!

    American Dad Is Seth Macfarlane's Best Show! This Show Kicks Family Guy,The Cleveland Show,and the simpsons A**! This Show is About CIA operative Stan Smith who is not really good at his job!And also faces alot family problems,and their children are funny and f***** up alot in their lives! Here is My Review:

    Plot/Storyline-10 Finally a Seth Macfarlane Show That Is not all made up of random jokes and actually have a plot!

    Humor- 10 Just one word Hilarious

    Romance- 10 ALOT of romantic parts of this Show

    Total- 10 I Recommend This For family Guy Haters And Family Guy Lovers.Either Way You Will Love This Show!
  • Good Morning USA!

    American Dad started off slow. I hardly knew about it and thought that it was just another Family Guy. Three Years ago I found that all to be a huge mistake. American Dad is the show I always watch before I turn in. I think that the whole plot in particular is very funny. Great Humour, we don't so much humour these days, but American Dad brings back the classic humour I love. It's definitely up there on my list with Futurama and Family Guy. My favourite character in the Family would have to be Cluas. He's just so funny and Roger is a treat to watch. Stan is hilarious, he just won't get the message when it's time to stop and that makes me laugh histericuly! The interaction between all of the Family memebers is something to keep in the show at all times! American Dad should be right along with Family Guy and Futurama in the Cartoon Comedy classics in years to come! Give American Dad a go! It took a couple of episodes before I got into it, but After I got through that, I was stuck to the TV!!
  • A slow starter, but a winner in the end.

    This show started kind of slowly. It felt like Family Guy's annoying little brother. By the end of the second season and into the third and the fourth, the show started to develop its own identity.

    Now, at the start of season 5, the show stands alone as a great comedy. Definitely not recommended for anyone under 16, though. This series has less pop culture humor than Family Guy, but focuses more on slapstick and adult humor.

    There are subtle differences between the family showcased here and that of Family Guy. Stan is smarter than Peter, but he is also insane. Francine is not as intelligent as Lois, but is more lascivious. Hayley is more attractive and older than Meg. Steve is more intelligent than Chris. One key difference is that the Smiths have two 'pets', versus the Griffins' one pet. Roger gets more screen time than Klaus, and he is also the favorite of the two pets.
  • American Dad is the kind of show that is just plain uncomfortable to watch, it has a few laughs here and there, but only because it is trying so damn hard.

    First and foremost, American Dad is a clone of Family Guy. A show that has unfortunately turned to junk in season 4, not because it had so much to live up to and didn't, but because it is sadly just not funny anymore, no matter what the fan boys might want you to believe. Both shows are created by the same person, they share the same art direction, voices actors, and in all honesty, the families in both shows could very well live in the same town. American Dad is Seth MacFarlane's attempt at mixing his work with Politics, and although it is possible for a creator to work on 2 prime time tv shows at once, I don't believe Seth is able to accomplish this. Of course I can understand, but he should have just stuck with Family Guy and put all his effort into that show. Instead if having one great show, we now have 2 pretty pathetic attempts at humour. I have watched every episode, and will continue to do so, but so far is has just been one bad episode after another. I'm not even going to bother showing all the glaring similaritys between Family Guy and American Dad (Talking Dog/Talking Fish, etc), but it just feels to me that Fox is, as usual, out to make a quick buck. They know how people think, and they know people will watch American Dad religiously along with Family Guy, eating up the garbage, and begging for more. For the sake of everyone, I hope the show improves, but it won't matter to Fox either way.

    Reviews are opinion, not fact, it will do you good to remember this. If you hate my review, or love it, then haven't you already made your mind up about the show anyway?
  • A lot better than Family Guy

    Family Guy is ok but American Dad is a lot better. The writing is outstanding and the characters are very likable and funny. The animation is also top notch and the comedy is more consistent

    10/10- I recommend this to Family Guy lovers and fans who felt the show went downhill. American dad is easily my favorite animated comedy. You should definitely check it out
  • Better then family guy

    The characters are so much more advanced in this show and do much more interesting klause for one is moody sometimes and always halarious Francine unlike Lois likes her kids and is a great mom family guy episodes are always the same stewie and Brian do one of the two a crazy science experiment or stewie helps Brian with his love life Peter makes fun of meg and then goes to the clam and Lois and Chris are hardly in the show. American dad is my fav show right now like if u agree!
  • This is my favorite show of all time.

    This show is extremely funny and is better then Family Guy because it is funnier, it does not rely on cutaways, and it has better storylines. Also don't think I hate Family Guy it is my second favorite show. I will admit I did not like this show about 2 months ago, I found entertaining but not funny then I started watching it more and I realised it was just so funny and over the past month or two I have watched every episode except for two. Overall a show that I will watch for a long time and it desrves to last a very long time.
  • American Dad!

    Possibly the best show on FOX. Defiantly better than Family Guy and The Cleveland Show.
  • Funnier than family guy

    The greatest show on earth! I love it! Family guy was OK but this. This is down right hilarious. There is NOTHING bad about this show. Everything was perfect! The humor, the animation, the characters. American Dad is truly awesome. I just love Klaus. The talking goldfish. He is HILARIOUS. Awesome show! I hope it's around for a long time! I can't wait to see more shows made by Seth. OMG this is incredible. I am so eager to see more and more new episodes of this incredibly awesome television show! This show is the greatest. I love it SO much.
  • FOX dont screw this one up

    American Dad is another creation from the mind of Seth MacFarlane which has been getting more funny as the seasons go on. Recently Fox moved this show to an earlier time slot the dreaded 6:30 slot the slot that all shows have meet or come close to their doom like Futurama and Sons of Tuscan. American Dad however I feel is a strong enough show to survive until Bobs Burgers gets canceled(which should be soon I hope) and move everything back to place.One of my favorite shows since I dont really watch much T.V. because to me there just isn't much on worth watching except cartoons these days.
  • Better than Family Guy. Yeah, you heard me.

    It's a crying shame that this incredible comedy had to live in the cold lame shadow of Family Guy. The Family Guy fans don't like it because it competes with their beloved show and the Family Guy haters don't like it because they think it's Family Guy Part II. The truth is, this show has surpassed Family Guy, which has become more and more lame over the last few years, and become a comedy unto itself with stories and gags that Family Guy and The Simpsons just cannot touch.

    Yet, this show is still derided because of the Family Guy connection. Truthfully, it's one of the few shows I watch regularly every week. It's amazing.
  • This new show from the makers of Family Guy is very similar to Family Guy, but not as good.

    American Dad is a very interesting new show, by the makers of family guy. It is similar in a lot of ways but is also different too.

    The fact that it uses the same types of characters and aminations is good, because that kind runs smoothly and looks sharp. Also some of the jokes are very funny, while others aren't quite so funny. The characters are original, but do get annoying sometimes. Seth McFarlane (Creator) has used mor non-human roles in this show, which wasn't a good idea. The alien (Rodger) is fine, but having a fish that can talk, and move its bowl and is atracted to his owner, is just plain dumb. It would have been better if they would have used something that could actually move itself, but still just one animal would be even better. This show has it ups and its downs, which is why its not quite as good as something like Family Guy, also created by Seth McFarlane, or the Simpsons which are more experienced shows on TV today. If Seth McFarlane continues to focus on this show, it should grow to be another great, within the next few seasons.

    People who really like shows like Family Guy or the Simpsons should give this a try, there is a chance you won't like it but, why not just try it one time, and who knows maybe you'll like it.
  • American dad is FAMILY

    i come to this when im sad and it makes my laugh. It might not mean much to you but this show is FAMILY to me and this show by far is the only thing keeping me going, so from me to Seth McFarlane thank you
  • American Dad should Renew More Season's

    The show is better then the Simpsons and Family Guy No offences Do not End the show cause it's amazing to watch and there should increase the episode as well Cause season 13 is really less American dad should not be cancelled it should be running like the Simpsons I think american dad should have 30 seasons with increase in episode as well and should make it more funny as well.
  • Seth MacFarlane colpisce ancora!

    American Dad la mia seconda serie televisiva preferita dopo I Griffin e The Simpsons che mi ha saputo coinvolgere dall'inizio alla fine!
  • Quite enjoyed early on

    Many ep (05-14)
  • stan smith has made america look fantastic for the world

    people may know that american dad may be seth macfarlane's best show, but the smiths will always live in langley falls on 43 cherry street. the episodes were well written, and makes the plot stable into the underworld of the animation history. my favorite characters are francine smith, and akiko yoshida.

    besides that, roger smith can disguise as anyone such as bill gates (although the bill gates disguise is nowhere to be found in any episode, just a sample of his disguises).

    i can imagine what the american dad spin off would be like in the future.. if 2018 was here, and all of the planets align, an american dad spin off would be officially announced.

    i wanted to thank seth macfarlane and his "american" work of this great although the show has criticisms similar to other of his tv shows on fox animation.

    This show makes me proud to be an American. I find it funny from start to finish. I laugh more when I watch Family Guy but this show has more of a story. Something about this show makes me want to join the cia or at least look for drunk costumed big wig aliens haha. Good Morning USA!
  • Better than Family Guy and The Simpsons.

    Yeah, I said it. This show is better than both Family Guy and The Simpsons, because it's really fresh, and there is no episode of it that I hate, or even don't like. I love every episode of this show. But, in my opinion, this is one of those shows that you either love or you hate. This show is from Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, and Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman. This show is very unique, and I don't know why everyone calls it a cheap knock-off of Family Guy. They're totally different shows. American Dad! is about a CIA agent, while Family Guy is about a fat guy. How are they the same? While I love both shows, American Dad! is definitely superior to Family Guy.
  • Great TV show

    The show is one of Seth Macfarlane's funniest show to date, I would say that this show is a sometimes funnier version of family guy, but with a storyline. The show stars Stan Smith a family man who works for the CIA, his home-maker wife Francine, his stoner, hippie daughter Hayley, his nerd of a son Steve, an alien named roger who saved Stan's life and now lives with the family and is sometimes Stan's best friend, and a fish named Klaus who was a German skier before having his brain transferred into a body of a fish. this show has good story lines and good humor to go along with it.
  • A cartoon comedy.

    I LOVE THIS SHOW, too badd (for me) that it is bearly ever on TV. am i rightt? I believe that the show needs to be aried more than once a week on fox 8. At first i found this show a tadd weirdd, but once i started to watch it a couple of timess i became obssesed with it andd lovedd it soo much. It is soo funnyy andd cann alwayss makee u laughtt. Trust me. Stan makee the show extremly funny becuase he is a CIA agents and has an alien living in his housee? what the. haha

    ANY wayy i recommend this showw to anyonee whoo feelss likeee a goood LAUGH
  • A great show, but not for the kids....

    This is one of my favorite shows of all time! Yeah, I said it. This show is better than Family Guy!!!!! They don't use any stupid jokes that pop out of nowhere to annoy anyone. I love almost every episode of this show. But, I have to say, I don't think it's better than The Simpsons (although the newer ones are very medicore). This show was obviouly created by the man who made Family Guy, with a few other guys. Roger the Alien is so funny lolz! A show about a CIA agent is such a unique idea. The reason I think it's not better than The Simpsons is because The Simpsons have a movie, Duff Beer, Barney, Bart, and my fave character...."HOMER!!!!!!!" But lets not get into that!!! :p But I just don't understand why this show has much lower ratings than Family Guy, this show's got better plots I tell ya!!!! Better Plots!!!! *gasp* BETTER PlOtS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Family Guy is going downhill for god sake!

    Grade: A+
  • American Dad is an animated show about Stan (who works at the CIA), his family, and the alien they hide in the attic and the talking goldfish they own.

    I never intended to watch American Dad, but one after while channel surfing a joke caught my attention and I've been hooked ever since. I had been a little wary of this show because of the whole talking goldfish and the alien living in the attic scenario that they have going on. I mean, I love Brian on the Family Guy, but a fish and an alien? Come on. It just seems like it would be a bit much.

    I was very wrong! This show is hilarious. It takes a LOT (and I mean a lot!) from a TV show/Movie to get me to laugh out loud, and while watching an episode of American Dad I will laugh out loud at least a couple of times. I'm usually laughing like crazy throughout the whole show, though! The characters are insanely funny and easy to like. Roger (the alien) is one of my favorites! You just have to love and feel sorry for Roger. Some of the story lines are a bit much, but it just makes for an even funnier episode. I believe the show is now 6 seasons strong, and it just keeps getting better and better. This is definitely a series I could own on DVD and watch over and over. If you enjoy Family Guy, I can almost guarantee that you will love American Dad.
  • Stans over thinking things never seems to make things boring.

    After Stand finds out that Francine was once engaged to another man but she thought he had died in a plain crash, she married Stan. Stan unsettled by this decides to find him and find out how great he is, he does and he's great.So he decides to "disapear" for a while and see if she'll rekindle to flame with her ex fiance.

    He disapears, hides camera's, (she knows about the cameras because Stan is a total idiot,as we all know and is one of the things that makes us come back every week) so to trick Stan she gets together with this guy and has sex with him for 3 monthes, and Stan comes back. They talk and Stan finds out that Francine didn't settle.

    The subplot is a rather funny one where Steve sees a cat get run over and it keeps scartching him, it's rather funny.

    Very funny episode, predictable, but there are some very funny weird plot twists.
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